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Five People Faith Never Saved

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Summary: Five crossover situations that never happened to Faith

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Multiple Crossings > Faith-Centered > Ficlet Collections(Past Donor)MhalachaiFR1352,4162158,72710 Sep 0610 Sep 06Yes

Five People: Smallville

Five People: Smallville (in the early seasons of the show)

Lana walked down the darkened street towards the Talon, shivering as the autumn wind blew leaves across the pavement. She loved this time of year, the changing season, the crisp smell of the air, even the way school was so busy.

Tonight, though, melancholy pushed at her heart. She had been speaking with her Aunt Nell, about family. Lana had known her mother had experienced a wild time as a teenager. She'd known that her mother had gone "visiting family" for a year, a common fiction in small towns when teenage girls became pregnant and went away for a while, to have the baby and give it up for adoption before returning to their lives as if nothing happened.

It had been a girl, Nell said. It had taken Nell years to find that little girl, to find a name and a picture of the girl. Lana had seen that picture, had marveled at how much the girl looked like Lana herself at ten.

She'd seen another picture of her older sister, during a recent internet search. A mug shot for a murderer, darkened eyes, so different from that happy little girl. Her sister was out of prison now, having served her sentence, and had vanished into the anonymous masses of the American population. The details were sort of fuzzy, but the only people who could find out more would be Chloe or Lex. Lana didn't want Chloe to know about her sister.

And if Lex found out... Lana didn't know why, but she couldn't quite trust Lex Luthor.

Lana shook her head, and walked faster. Her life was moving in strange directions these days. She had to go over the Talon books once more before the accountant came, and then she had three chapters of reading before class tomorrow. Luckily, tomorrow was Friday, and the first football game of the month at the high school. It would be a chance to relax, and forget the hectic pace of her life for a few hours.

Ahead, the shadows from the empty lot between buildings stretched across the sidewalk. Unconsciously, Lana walked faster.

She was almost at the edge of the lot when she heard a scuffling behind her, like fists on flesh in the dark. Heart in her throat, she whirled around.

The night fell silent. Then someone was coming out of the shadows. Lana backed up some more, until the wall at her back stopped her.

The person stepped into the light, and Lana stopped breathing for a second. Even though she'd never seen that face in her life, she knew who it was.


Faith gave Lana a wry, tired smile. "Hey, little sister."

The End

You have reached the end of "Five People Faith Never Saved". This story is complete.

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