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Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods

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Summary: After the war with Voldemort, the Salem Witches' Institute is host to an interesting array of teachers, students, and visitors.

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Her classes were crazy.

And she loved it. She absolutely loved it. Not at all like school had been for Dawn so far. It was new and fresh and very much that "different" she had been looking for. There were all sorts of things she could take. Professor Sarah Bailey taught Dark Arts Defense. Dawn liked her. A lot. Professor Bailey seemed like she really knew what she was talking about. Dawn was certain she'd been in the trenches, so to speak. Sarah Bailey knew darkness and how to defend against it because she had done so in the past.

Dawn was shocked and a bit nervous to see she had Professor Amy Madison for History of the Craft. Dawn had not been to that class yet, but her gut told her it was the same Amy. Who else could it be? She was nervous because of the way Willow said she had left things with Amy. She was nervous because Dawn remembered that spell Amy had done on Willow and Kennedy where Willow had started turning into Warren. She was nervous because at one time Amy Madison had been a magic junkie like Willow had been. Just thinking about it made Dawn's arm twitch a bit.

There was also a Professor Sukie Ridgemont teaching Herbology... which was just witchy plant stuff and how to grow them. Dawn was excited about that class. Dawn nearly fainted when she saw that Viktor Krum, THE Viktor Krum, was teaching Flying though. She wanted to take that class now, but she already had a seven-subject load. There were so many things she'd like to take. Besides Dark Arts Defense and History of the Craft, she was currently taking Art with a Professor Alex Medford, and that was a fascinating class so far. She also had Spell Writing with Professor Gillian Owens - Kylie and Toni's aunt, Understanding Prophecies with Professor Sean Kilpatrick, and shock of all shocks... Potions with Professor Draco Malfoy.

Dawn had nearly had heart failure when she walked in and saw him, and to make matters worse, the Sons of Ipswitch were all in said class with her. Her hormones just about didn't know what to do with themselves. She at least learned all their names.

Tyler Sims was the one with the reddish-brown hair and blue eyes. Reid Garwin was the one who looked like Spawn of Malfoy, and Pogue Parry was the one with the longer sandy-colored hair and the very surly attitude.

Janice seemed to have taken on the role of social director. She introduced herself and Dawn to the four guys almost immediately. Dawn was glad. Her tongue felt like lead. She could not have worked it to talk with Caleb Danvers so near and looking all how he looked to save her life just then. Janice, though slightly silly at times, realized Dawn's plight and helped like a champ. She linked her arm though Dawn's as if they were bestest buds and steered her out of the class. She was also talking about ninety miles and hour to make it seem like Dawn couldn't get a word in edgewise, so Dawn would not have to stumble over her words. They had almost made it when...

"Miss Summers? A word?"

Her goose bumps got goose bumps. Draco Malfoy had a dead sexy accent.

She turned and somehow managed a quip. "Sure, Teach, have two even."

Three of the four guys laughed aloud. Pogue was the only one who glared ominously and did not even crack a smile.

Professor Malfoy glared. "We are not amused, Summers."

"Some of us were." Reid offered.


There was some grumbling, but the room cleared. Not without a long look from Caleb though.

"Interesting." Malfoy offered.


"Has someone else already replaced me in your heart?"

Dawn blushed.

"I'm joking. It's certainly nice to see you having crushes on blokes your own age."

"You're not that much older than me."

He chuckled. "It is good to see you, Summers."

"You too. Buffy sent you to watch out for me, didn't she?"

He stiffened, and Dawn knew she was right.

"You can do better than a crush on my sister, you know. She's all happy and sugary gross with Harry, and Faith's-"

"Faith? Faith's a bit intense, and I like all my limbs attached, thank you, and I did not come to spy on you, Summers. Sweet Circe. And they say I have an ego. It just so happens my good friend Sarah Bailey teaches here, and Headmistress Spofford has been after me to teach here since the war ended."

"You know Professor Bailey?"

"I do." He smiled a bit. It was a nice smile too, not his smirk. "She and Professor Madison saved my life."

"Amy Madison?"

"Yes, that's right. She does know your sister. She's said so. I'd almost forgotten she was from Sunnydale as well."

Dawn's face must have betrayed her.

"She's different than who you remember, Summers. I'm quite sure Potter or Granger or any of the Weasleys can tell you who I used to be. Who I am not anymore. People change."

"I know."

"Excellent. Now go on before you're late to your next class."

Dawn got up to leave.


She stopped.

"Should you need..." He seemed to struggle.

Dawn turned. "Ok. Thanks."

He nodded at her and seemed glad she had not made him actually say the words. Like she said, she liked Draco Malfoy. He reminded her of Spike. She got him. She loved that he could be wicked as sin... and chose not to be.

Dawn walked out of the class and jumped because Caleb was waiting for her. And it seemed Pogue was waiting with Caleb.

"Thought we'd walk with you."

"How do you know we're all going to the same place?"

Caleb flashed those great teeth at her. "I peeked at your schedule in Malfoy's class. We all have Madison for History of the Craft next."


The three of them ducked into the lecture hall right before the last bell. Janice had made sure to save them seats. Apparently Kit and Kylie has this class too. They were seated next to Janice. Reid was on Janice's other side with Tyler next to him. Dawn slid in next. Caleb sat next to her and Pogue sat on the end of the row.

"So you know Professor Malfoy?" Caleb whispered.

"He's friends with my older sister."

"Did he really kill his own father?" Tyler leaned over and asked, then looked sheepish for asking such a question.

Dawn looked at him. "Lucius Malfoy didn't give him much of a choice. It was kill or be killed."

"You sound like you know." Caleb whispered.

Dawn looked straight ahead and willed herself not to go back in time to that day. "I do know. I was there. Lucius Malfoy would have killed me too. Just for being what I am. You'd think I'd be used to that sort of thing as many times as someone or something has tried to kill me, but funny thing, you don't really get used to it... unless you're my sister. That's why he's friends with my sister. That's why they'll always be friends. He saved my life."

She felt a hand over hers. It squeezed gently. She looked at Caleb.

"Sorry." He whispered.

She smiled at him.

Caleb felt ten times of badness for bringing up something that caused her pain. He was also slightly irritated with Tyler for bringing up the Lucius Malfoy thing, but he knew Tyler didn't really mean anything by it. Tyler was the least likely to stir up any sort of trouble. he liked things running smooth.

She was not what Caleb had thought at first this Dawn Summers girl. She'd seen a lot in her short time. He'd listened. The students and staff here whispered about many that were in the school this year. The things they said about Dawn Summers struck a chord with him. She just might have seen more darkness than he had. She just might have more personal demons than himself. She was a member of the Watchers Council. She'd fought vampires and other such things. Her older sister was a vampire slayer.

His hand was still sitting on her hand as they neared the end of Professor Madison's lecture. Dawn's little hand was so soft. Warm too. The bones seemed delicate. Caleb noticed that Pogue was staring at his hand on Dawn's. He looked at Pogue. His friend just shrugged and went back to doodling in his composition book and pretending he was not listening to Professor Madison's lecture. Caleb knew his friend was retaining every word. It was Reid they needed to worry about. He tended to like to sleep for lectures. Caleb leaned around to look.

He smiled when he saw Janice nudge Reid and nod her head at the professor. Caleb liked her. Janice's skin hummed with good power. She was definitely a white witch. He sensed a lot of water energy in her too, but there was a hint of fire there. Dawn's energy was a little broken and strange, but he was guessing that might be because she'd lived so long on a hellmouth. He reached out to see what he could feel from Dawn's roommate Kit.

Kit bristled and jumped up out of her seat. She was breathing harshly and batting at herself like she was trying to brush bugs off of herself. Reid, Tyler, and Pogue were all glaring at him. They knew what he'd done. Caleb hadn't meant to upset her. he'd been distracted and had used a bit too much power. Dawn was looking from Kit to Caleb as if she almost got it. Kylie was scowling. Janice had a furrowed brow.

"Class dismissed." Professor Madison said. "Except for you, you, and you." She said pointing at Kit, Dawn, and Caleb.

"Are you all right?" Janice asked Kit as she and Kylie left.

Kit nodded.

"What in the hell were you doing?" Pogue hissed at Caleb.

Caleb shrugged him off. He didn't know how to answer Pogue's question because he wasn't exactly sure what he'd been doing.

After the lecture hall had cleared, Amy Madison leveled her gaze at Caleb. "Mister Danvers, don't go probing during my lectures ever again."

"I'm sorry." He looked at Kit. "I'm really sorry. I was just... Janice is like water but with fire energy or something. Dawn's all broken and odd because of where she grew up. I was just wondering what you held. I didn't mean to brush you that hard."

Kit grinned at him. "I don't know you well enough for aura stroking."

He blushed. Caleb actually felt his face flame. Kit might be quiet, but she held bite.

"Get going, you two." When they were gone, Amy looked at Dawn. "Hi, Dawn."

Dawn didn't know what to say. "Hi."

"So... your sister blew up the school again."

Dawn laughed. "Look, what happened with you and Willow... that's you and Willow. She tried to kill me, and I forgave her, so don't worry that I'm gonna hold a grudge or anything, and even if I was, I talked to Draco Malfoy."


"He doesn't like a lot of people. He's friends with you. I like him. I get him, you know? I understand. He says you saved his life, so we're cool. He also says you aren't who you used to be. I get that. I accept it."

"I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't let the other students know who I used to be. The Headmistress and Professors Malfoy and Bailey are the only ones who know."

"It's not my place to tell."

Amy smiled at her. "It's good to see someone from home."

Dawn smiled.


Caleb and Kit were hurrying to the cafeteria in their dorm for lunch.

"I really am sorry."

"It just took me by surprise, is all." She grabbed his arm to stop him.


"Well... go on."



Caleb grinned. So far, he liked her friends too. Kit didn't know him. She was trusting him. He appreciated that. He reached out again, making sure to keep himself with a softer touch this time. Her raven hair fanned out a bit in wind that was not there, and she laughed a little. Like he'd tickled her side. Caleb was unaware that Pogue had doubled back and was watching.

Caleb got a few flashes too. She let him right in her head. Caleb saw how she and Dawn met. He saw the zombies or wraiths or whatever those ghostlings were. That gave him chills. He saw Dawn's sister. He saw this Hispanic guy. The name Carlos embedded into his brain. He saw her leave Sunnydale crying. He saw the girls at that other school, that new one, picking on her. He saw what happened the first time she accidentally did magic. He saw her in England with Dawn and her family. Well, the people Dawn considered her family. Caleb broke contact. He was going too deep, using too much. She had let him know her very well for some reason. Caleb saw how good her heart was, how well she cleaved to those she considered her friends and loved ones.

Kit gasped and stepped back when he broke it off. Her balance wasn't quite right, and she stumbled. She would have fallen but an arm steadied her. Kit looked up into the very brooding face of Caleb's friend Pogue.

"What ARE you doing?" Pogue snapped, glaring at Caleb.

"I let him." Kit offered. "No harm, no foul, ok? Don't be mad at Caleb. I'm just as much at fault."

He looked down at her. Kit swallowed hard.

"One of your eyes has more gray in it than the other one." He released her suddenly and walked off.

Kit looked at Caleb.

"Pogue can be a little... intense."

"I'm getting that."

By then Dawn caught up to them, and they hurried in for lunch.


They became this little group, the eight of them. They hung out a lot, due to Janice being such the social director. They had a study table in the library. Other people knew not to sit there. It was theirs, and at any time one or all of them might be studying and researching at it. There was a swim team. All the boys joined it. Dawn joined the fencing team. Janice and Kit joined the school paper... The Salem Sitch. Kylie and Janice joined Latin Club. Janice mainly joined that because she said the Latin professor who was also the sponsor for said Latin Club was "intergalactic hot". Then again, Janice was in love with the Biology professor too. Rumor had it that he was a werewolf and from an alternate reality. Dawn could agree that Professor Zeeman was hot though.

There was a Quidditch team, but American wizards weren't as into it as the rest of the world. Another weird and slightly disturbing thing was that they has sororities and fraternities like human college. Only instead of Greek letters, they used runes. Dawn was glad she'd chosen this over a regular human college though, sororities or no.

Except that she'd somehow made an enemy. Draco, he'd insisted she call him Draco when no other students were around, had informed her that her nemesis was an upperclassman named Gabrielle Delacour. She was blonde and sort of perfect. For some reason she'd taken an instant dislike to Dawn. Likely because she had set her sights on the most powerful Son of Ipswitch Caleb Danvers, but Caleb only seemed to have eyes for Dawn.

Which seemed to aggravate Pogue.


"Can we talk?" Caleb asked as he shut the door to the dorm room they shared.

Pogue looked up from his Potions homework that was spread mostly over his bed. "Can we talk? What's that? You're not going to go all girl on me, are you?"

Caleb scowled. "What's with you?"

Pogue held up his hands. "Don't worry about it."

"I will worry about it." Caleb said as he set on his bed.

Pogue raked a hand through his hair. "Sarah's faded for you, and you look at Dawn, and you can walk forward."

"What? You want me to pine for Sarah forever?"

"No. Hell no." He paused, then whispered so quietly. "I could smell her on my hands."



Caleb's eyebrows went up.

"She smells like baby powder and girl, and it makes me angry."


"Because I fucking like it!" He all but shouted.

"So what's so wrong about that? You can move on, you know."

"No, I can't."

Caleb sighed. He got up to leave. He could barely stand to see his best friend so without his fire. Kate was his friend, but sometimes he wanted to hate her for what she had done to Pogue. He'd always been the most passionate of the four of them. Tyler was the quiet one. Reid was the impulsive one. Caleb was the levelheaded one, and Pogue had the passion. Pogue was the risk-taker. To see him so passionless was heartbreaking.

"Where are you going?" Pogue asked.


"Why? Dawn there?"

"No idea actually. I just need some quiet to think."

Pogue nodded. He got that. He'd needed quiet a lot. It was not long after his roommate left that Pogue drifted to sleep all over his Potions text.


Kit sort of knew she was asleep and dreaming, but this felt different. It felt like someone was here with her.


"What are you doing here?"

Kit spun around, all too aware that she was wearing her preferred pajamas men's gray long johns, and Pogue Parry was guest starring in her dreams. he'd been in her thoughts a lot since telling her one of her eyes was more gray than the other, so she didn't think much was off with him being here.

"I dunno. I don't think you should ask that."

He seemed confused. Then he got pissed. "Get out of my head."

"Excuse me, hello, my head here."

"I can't get your scent out of my nose, and I'm not supposed to... not yet." He made this horrible pained and anguished noise, grabbed at his temples, and turned away from her.

"What do you mean... not supposed to?" She reached out and put a hand on his shoulder, and whoa, he was only wearing black sweat pants, and his skin was hot to the touch.

She gasped when he turned on her and grabbed her face in his hands. "Would you trust me the way you did Caleb, let me wash all over you like that? Would you?"

"You're scaring me."

"I should. We all should. I was jealous. I was jealous of my best friend because of you. I'm not supposed to be jealous because of you. I'm not supposed to be jealous of Caleb. You let him in though, and damn if I didn't want it to be me. I didn't think anyone would ever make me forget Kate, not even for a moment, but you did. Right then."

"Let me go." Kit said, a bit panicked and struggling.

"Shhh." He whispered as his face got quite close to hers.

"What are you doing?"

"Moving on, I think. Forgetting."

He kissed her then, and Kit melted into him. He was lean and wiry, and she was unsure of how she could possibly know this, but she went with it. His hands were still holding her head. Her rested on his hips somehow. She played with the waistband of his sweats. Thinking this so a dream made her bold. Him as well because his mouth broke from hers as he nuzzled her neck. Kit shivered and pressed herself closer into his body. She closed her eyes and tried to remember how to breathe.

"Would you let me do this when we're awake?"


Kit started awake and sat up in her bed. She was all sweaty and tingly. She could feel his face on her neck still. She could smell his hair in her nose. That had to have been the most real dream she'd ever had. Kit rolled out of bed to head for the bathroom. She needed cold water on her face.


Pogue sat up with a start. He was sweating profusely. She was all over him. Her. She would not go away. Damn her, she was trying to make him forget. He rolled out of his bed and decided the bathroom was needed. He walked a bit awkwardly at first because she had effected him. Dream her. She was not as quiet and to herself in the dream. She'd spoken. She'd been concerned by his turmoil. Most importantly she had kissed him back.

And for some reason he'd gone up the stairs to the fourth floor instead of heading to the rest room like he'd intended.

He froze. She was standing at the other end of the hall about to enter the rest room there. She'd seen him and just stopped. Like a deer in headlights. What gave him pause was that she was wearing gray men's long underwear. Just like he'd just dreamed. It had made sense to him then. He'd not questioned it. It seemed to fit her, it did, but until now he really did not know where that had come from. She really did have them. She really wore then, and it was wonderfully sexy in this unconventional way. More mysterious than scraps of lingerie lace and mesh with matching panties. Not feminine because of what they were, but feminine still because of who was wearing them.

Kit blinked. There he was. Like she had conjured him or something. And only in those sweat pants, no less. He had that perfect pelvic line. It should be a sin.

And he'd spotted her as well and was walking towards her briskly now.

Kit backed into the wall with a startled look in her eyes. He placed a hand on the walk next to her head and leaned in.

"What are you doing?" She asked, feeling some deja vu.

"Moving on, I think. Forgetting."

Definite deja vu. "Oh my-"

He cut her off with a kiss. It was better. Kit swore she heard music. She shoved off of the wall and wrapped her arms around him. Her wrapped a fist around a great chunk of her hair and tilted her head slightly with it. His tongue delved deeper into her mouth. Kit made a very sexy little noise in the back of her throat. She planted her palm against one of his pectoral muscles. Like she wanted to gage how fast his heart was beating. He moved his mouth from hers and buried his face in her neck... like he'd dreamt he'd done. She smelled of baby powder and a feminine scent he was coming to think of as Kit. She let out a breathy little sigh that hit him below the belt. Literally.

"I guess you would let me do that when you're awake."

She lightly scratched her nails on his peck just by curling her fingers in. It actually made him whimper. No girl, no girl had ever made him make such a sound. Not even HER. He rubbed his nose against her pulse, and Kit shivered.

Then wand light hit them.

Kit tried to jump away, but he held her tightly. He would not jump like he was doing wrong when this was the most right he'd felt in a long while.

Professor Bailey was regarding them with a wry grin. "I know we're all of age and adults here, but the dorms do happen to have a curfew, and we also have a policy of dudes staying on the dude floors and chicks staying on the chick floors after said curfew. Also... Mister Parry, unless you want to be attacked, wear a shirt."

Kit was blushing horribly.

"I am going to walk away, finish my rounds. I'll be back this way in about ten minutes. Be gone, and by that, I mean back in your own rooms on your own floors."

Kit bolted away as soon as Professor Bailey had moved off.

"Kit!" Pogue called after her.

But his only answer was the slamming of her door down the hall. Pogue scowled and headed back for his own room. He'd be lucky if he slept at all after this. Well, Caleb was right. He could move on.


end part 2
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