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Finding Jenny

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This story is No. 1 in the series "New York Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Jenny has a past. Having run away from home, she was looked for by the FBI's Missing Person's Unit, only to be labled a cold case when they were unable to find her. Now she's a Slayer, one of many. And the FBI are on her trail. BTVS/Without a Trace.

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Television > Without a TraceheartsarewildFR1857,9232259,88012 Sep 0615 Sep 06Yes

Lost? Found.

AN: This is based on a challenge by BEM. The challenge is:

1736: Vanishing Pre-Slayer (listed because the link won't work)

“This would be a crossover with "Without a Trace" and post season 7. Some years back in New York a young girl (YG) vanishes. Her age at time of disappearance and the circumstances will be up to you. Was she an endangered runaway? Or was she kidnapped and never returned back to her family? Or perhaps she was kidnapped and later ran away from her kidnappers.

Anyway, Young Girl (YG) later becomes a Slayer. She is taken in by the new Slayers and Watchers Council and trained. Where is she trained? In England or does the Council have a place in New York? Where ever her training takes place, most of the action of this story must take place in New York.

One day while patrolling (perhaps with some other mini-slayers or Watchers) YG comes across either a normal mugging or attack or a vampire whom just bit the victim. Either she beats up the bad guy. If it's a mugger/rapist she breaks a few bones. If it's a vamp, she chases the vamp away from the victim.

The police come by and take statement from the victim and fingerprints from the scene.

At the Missing Persons Unit, Special Agent Vivian Johnson is running information/ evidence from past cases through the system. She gets a hit on the fingerprints from a recent attempted mugging. YG's missing file is re-opened and the WaT team attempt to track down her current whereabouts. Of course they find her.

What is YG doing? Is she living with her Watcher or another Slayer? Was she originally kidnapped? A runaway? A throwaway? How you answer that last question will guide the story. If she was kidnapped the WaT team would want to return her to her family. If she was a runaway or throwaway, and she's over 18, they might let her stay at her current residence. But what if she's under 18? The New Council probably would rather not lose her to the foster system. Whom would be her new foster parent/family?

Imagine if they try to question her Watcher. How might the interview between YG's Watcher and the FBI go if her Watcher is Xander? Imagine Jack Malone interviewing Xander! What if her Watcher is Gunn?

The Feds will also question those around YG or whom they think had contact with YG. Imagine an interview between Faith and Martin! (You know her sex 24-7 attitude is going to make him nervous.) Imagine an interview between Faith and Danny Taylor. How might questioning between Faith and Jack Malone go? Imagine if any of the WaT team interview Illyria/Fred. Think on how a questioning session with Angel, Spike, Giles, Buffy, Dawn, Willow or Xander might go. Imagine the WaT team's reactions to Xander and Angel being left in the same room together! Imagine Jack Malone's reaction to babbling!Willow, especially if she's hyped up on caffeine. Or any of the others' reaction to hyper babbling Willow, for that matter.

The path this story takes is up to you. All I ask for is a happy ending.”

To the Story!

Disclaimer: I do not own “Buffy”, I do not own “Without a Trace”.

September 3, 2000

Jenny hid in the corner as her father and mother argued. Every time they got like this, she got hurt. Her father turned to her and grabbed her by the arm, dragging her to her feet.

“This is all your fault, you little twerp!” her father yelled.


September 5, 2000

“Jenny! Get your butt down here, girl!” her father roared. Jenny cringed. No, she wasn’t going down there. She wasn’t putting up with it anymore. She was leaving. She’d made up her mind about that after the last time her father beat her and her mother had only watched. She wouldn’t be missed. She grabbed the duffle and bookbag she had packed with some money and clothes, and climbed out the window before dropping to the ground

“Jenny!” Her father bellowed as he stormed up the stairs. She bolted, not wanting him to see her on the ground below her window. He opened the door on an empty room and growled. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


September 8, 2000

Jack Malone sighed. Jenny Garshwin, a 13 year old girl, had apparently disappeared from her home. Her parents hadn’t even reported it. Her school teacher had become concerned when she hadn’t shown up for the second day in a row and had called it in. Phil was interviewing the parents, though since they hadn’t even noticed, that would probably turn up nothing. Vivian wastalking to any friends that Jenny might have had, and he was going over phone records and such. They looked up as the door to the bullpen slammed open to see Phil dragging in the girl’s father, who was struggling. The mother was right behind them, weeping, red welts on her neck and bruises forming along h er face. Jack sighed. This case was going to be a bad one. He could feel it.


September 23, 2000

Jack sighed and closed the file. Still no trace of young Jenny Garshwin. He couldn’t help feeling that if her teacher had looked a little closer at the bruises she had thought were from rough play, Jenny wouldn’t have disappeared. The father was still claiming that he hadn’t killed her, even though Phil had walked in on him trying to kill his wife, and he confessed to hitting his daughter and his wife repeatedly. Jack sighed and looked out the window. He’d pass this one on to the NYPD, but he’d continue to check in on it. Jenny didn’t deserve that to be handed off like that.


May 20, 2003

Jenny groaned as the dream overtook her. Dreams of young girls fighting and dying against hideous monsters. They came faster than thought, until a young woman, her hair and eyes pure white, a weapon of some kind in hand, appeared.

“Are you ready to be strong?” she asked. She knew the answer. She’d known it as soon as the dreams started.



June 2, 2003

The day had started off bad. First, she had not only broken another cart that she’d used to store her stuff, but she’d been attacked by no less than three muggers. All had broken bones by the time she was able to get away. Now some weird dude with an eye patch was following her. She led him into an alley, the one she had made her home. He followed her.

Xander looked around, confused. Where the hell had the Slayer gone? He knew she was a Slayer. He’d seen her handle that last mugger. No one but a Slayer would have been able to pull that off. Suddenly he felt weight on his back, and he was going down.

Jenny tackled the man who’d been following her, catching him by surprise. She flipped him over and raised her fist, only to be stopped by a hand on her wrist before she could finish the blow.

“Rule number 10 of slaying: Don’t use Harris as a punching bag,” a smoky voice said. Jenny turned to see a brunette in tight leathers standing over her, holding her by the wrist.

“Huh?” Jenny asked.

“What she means to say is that you can use me as a dummy during training, but after that hitting me is out of the question. Particularly at full slayer strength,” the guy on the ground said. The brunette was looking at her.

“I don’t think she knows, Xan,” the brunette said.

“Know what?!” Jenny demanded, getting flustered and angry.

“You’re a Slayer, kid. That means that certain elements will see you as a target,” the brunette said.

“Subtle, Faith. I was following you to tell you what you were. I saw how you handled that Mugger. That was some pretty good work. But you gotta learn what else is out there. Stuff that feeds on humans,” Xan said. Jenny nodded.

“My dreams,” she whispered. The Faith girl nodded.

“Yep. Dreams of thousands of Slayers before you, who fought and died to keep the evil things at bay. Used to be there was only one Slayer at a time. Now there are hundreds. You’re one of them. And we want to keep you alive as long as possible,” Faith said. Jenny went back into the small box she’d called home and began cramming her gear into a few plastic bags she’d scavenged. Her bookbag and duffle had given out the year before.

“Come on. Let’s get you to the Slayer House,” Faith said.

“And I gotta catch a plane to Africa in 6 hours…joy,” Xander sighed.


Present Day

“Hey. Back off!” Jenny yelled when she saw the Vampire pinning the woman against the wall. The Vamp turned and glared at her, then grinned, dropping the woman to the ground. The woman gasped and started fumbling for something.

“Slayer,” the Vampire growled. Jenny spun forward with a kick, catching the Vampire in the ribs. The woman staggered to her feet as the Vampire punched Jenny. Jenny staggered back and fell over a trash can. She used it get herself to her feet.

“You want more, Fangface, come and…” Jenny began, only to be cut off by the woman.

“Freeze! FBI!” the woman said. The Vamp fled, running over Jenny. Jenny snarled and gave chase. She caught him three blocks down and quickly dusted him.


“Sam! You alright?” Danny Taylor said as he arrived at the crime scene. Samantha Spade nodded.

“Yeah. I’m fine. A bit shaken, but fine,” Sam said.

“What happened?” Danny asked.

“Some kid pinned me up against the wall…I think he was a mugger…or…” Sam inhaled as she realized that her “mugger” could have been going to rape her.

“Okay, so then what happened,” Danny said, trying to get her past her sudden shock and realization.

“This girl came up, she told him to back off. He faced her and growled at her. Called her ‘Slayer’. They started fighting, then he knocked her over. She called him ‘Fangface’, then when I identified myself, he ran off. She gave chase. I don’t know where she went,” Sam said.

“Did she touch anything?” Danny asked. Probably a vigilante, he was thinking.

“That trashcan there. She used it to get herself back to her feet. I think she’s some kind of vigilante,” Sam said. Danny nodded, then turned to one of the officers at the scene.

“Dust that trashcan for prints and run them. We gotta find this girl before some innocents get hurt,” Danny said.

“Right away, Agent Taylor,” the officer said, motioning for one of the crime scene people to dust the trashcan for prints, with Sam showing them where the girl had touched it.


Vivian Johnson looked over the stack of old case files she was reviewing. Cold cases, all of them. This one had to be the hardest on anybody. Jenny Garshwin had disappeared 6 years earlier…she’d be nineteen, now. Gone 48 hours before anybody noticed to look for her, and her parents, particularly her father, hadn’t even cared. Her mother had died 2 years later of a drug overdose, and her father had been killed in prison 6 months after that. She ran the case file, looking for a match in the system, anywhere. Photos, fingerprints, anything.

“Which case is that?” Jack Malone asked, looking at the computer.

“Jenny Garshwin,” Vivian said. Jack closed his eyes. He’d taken this case to heart because no one had cared about her. Then the computer beeped.

“Oh my…” Vivian gasped.

“Vivian?” Jack asked. “A match?”

“She’s alive…her fingerprints were found at a crime scene last night. She’s alive.”

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