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Allies Are Stranger Than Enemies

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Summary: Something a little strange offers Buffy its help one night on patrol. Buffy/Clash of the Titans crossover

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Movies > Clash of the TitansElysianFR71666041,25712 Sep 0612 Sep 06Yes

"Allies are Stranger Than Enemies"

"I think it's clear," said Buffy. "If there's a god, and I'm pretty sure there must be, he's out of his goddamn mind."

The strange robotic owl, with its segmented silver eyes with the ruby pupils, just tilted its head and stared at her. It was sitting on a branch of one of the cemetery trees to one side of her. Both its head and its two wings were layered with feathers of more of a golden color.

Finally, the strange owl hooted something unintelligible at her.

Buffy's eyes widened. "What do you mean I asked for you? I don't remember asking for a damn thing. Though I wouldn't say no to some new clothes or a new pair of boots."

The owl tilted its head again, the rubies in its eyes twinkling visibly in the starlight. Finally it voiced another series of mechanical hoots.

"What?! That wasn't wishing. I was venting." Buffy rolled her eyes at the tiny mechanical creature. "Oh heaven forbid that I get upset and someone decides to listen to my nonsensical ranting." Buffy threw her hands in the air. "Okay, okay . . . I might have asked for a little help with the slaying since Spike ran off and Willow was shipped away to England but you aren't exactly what I had in mind."

The owl let loose a melancholy noise and drooped sadly on its perch.

"Don't give me that," Buffy responded defensively. "You're a . . . Well I don't really know what you are but I'm not sure what kind of help you'd be." Buffy stopped and gave the mechanical owl an assessing look. "You are kinda cool though. I could take you home. Dawn'll be thrilled. I know she wanted a pet and you don't exactly look like you'd be all that likely to take a big crap on my floor."

The owl gave a sudden surprised squawk, flapped its wings and slipped backwards on its perch. A second later it was hanging upside down and then it was falling toward the ground where it landed with a loud clunk. The owl quickly righted itself and made a of checking each of its limbs one by one to see if they were still in working order.

Buffy put a hand to her mouth to cover her laugh. Still laughing a moment later she said, "So I take it you heard about Miss Kitty then?!"

The owl looked up at her and gave her a scathing look before going back to checking out one of it wings.

Buffy took a step toward the distressed creature, an apology on her lips, and the owl looked up and squawked loudly at her, stopping her in her tracks.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry. I give. I'll try to keep you safe from Dawn, and, uh . . . maybe I could use a little help."

A few moments later the owl took to the air, frantically flapping its little metal wings. It settled on Buffy's shoulder a brief moment later. Buffy looked over at the creature on her shoulder as she began to walk from the cemetery and smiled.

"So do you have a name or should I just make something up?"

The small metal owl hooted briefly.

"Bubo?" Buffy scrunched her face. "Did your parents not like you or something?"

Bubo gave a soft hoot in response.

Buffy looked over at the owl on her shoulder sharply. "Hey! Keep that up and I'll take you right back to the cemetery where I found you."

Disclaimer: I may have just bought Clash of the Titans on DVD and may have had the Buffy DVDs for quite a while but I'm well aware that neither Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Clash of the Titans belongs to me. Well, they do but they kinda don't. Stop it, you're confusing me. Okay, Buffy, copyright, not mine. Clash of the Titans, copyright, not mine, though I always thought Bubo was kinda cool. **Shakes angry fist at the copyright gods.

The End

You have reached the end of "Allies Are Stranger Than Enemies". This story is complete.

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