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Willow's Witch Slayers

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This story is No. 5 in the series "The key shard realms". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Further adventures of Willow and crew as they track down the scattered multidimensional slayers. Warnings contains f/f pairings, may contain mildly offensive language and some descriptions of violence.

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Multiple Crossings > Willow-CenteredMistofRainbowsFR1852166,366313386,12515 Sep 0625 Oct 11Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Chapter One

Author’s notes: I do not own anything but the plot and any characters you might later see that you do not recognize. This story is in the same world as my other two stories. I suggest you read them first. I’ve borrowed some characters from the Buffy verse as well as the X-men world. This story is starting as a cross between Buffy and The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. I of course do not own any of the characters in his books either.

Neville sat on Lexie’s bed watching her work away at her computer. He glanced around the now familiar though sparsely furnished room. He noted the couch neatly pushed against one wall. He glanced over at Rogue and Dawn who were flopped down on beanbag chairs playing a combat video game.

Dawn frowned after she lost for the third time in a row. “Damned slayer reflexes.”

Rogue grinned, “Ah sugar that has nothing to do with it, I’m just better at this type of thing than you.”

Dawn ignored Rogue’s comments as she looked around the room. Her eyes rested on the vertical metal poll in the center of the room. “I still can’t believe you use that Lexie.”

Lexie smiled and looked up from putting together her latest computer. “I need something to do to keep in shape, besides I like dancing.”

Dawn chuckled at Neville’s blush, “I’m sure other people like your dancing as well.”

Rogue grinned, “I like it, when she lets me watch.”

“Have you given any thought to your magic?”

Lexie sighed in frustration and turned to face Dawn, “Willow and I have been trying things for the past several weeks. I can't use a wand like Neville or Hermione. I can't really do much at all with my magic. I can't even do the simplest incantations. It’s very frustrating. Willow has been researching but hasn‘t come up with much. She has an idea where I could go to get training but wasn’t sure of the details until last night.”

Neville frowned, “So you’re going to go on a trip soon aren’t you?”

“That’s the plan. I wish you could come with but Willow says your magic wouldn’t work.”

“I would still come to defend you but I’m afraid I would be the one needing help. Besides, I also have a lot of work to do on the Hyperion Hotel now that we moved it to our pocket dimension. Willow is pushing for a fountain and I want to redo some of the planters with magical flowers.”

Lexie leaned over and gave Neville a light kiss on the nose. “I know but I’ll have Willow with me. We should be able to keep each other safe. I’m still a slayer even if I have this magic I don’t understand.”

Dawn smiled, “Moving that hotel was worse than moving Harry’s house.”

Rogue frowned and adjusted her skirt, “It is a lot bigger, why wouldn’t it be harder?”

Dawn frowned, “I was just surprised that it was so hard even with the extra help, that’s all.”

“So did Anya and Xander move into the hotel yet?”

“Yeah, we also got most of the computer parts you wanted for your shop as well.”

Rogue grinned, “So how much money are you worth these days?”

Lexie giggled, “So you’re telling me that you wouldn’t love me if I was poor?”

“Nah, I’m just curious.”

Lexie grinned, “I’m doing better than Anya, so at least I have a way to shut her up when she doesn’t stop talking about money.”

“At least you’re doing better than I am for money.”

“Hey, I know that you get a generous pay check from the multi-dimensional watchers council.”

Dawn grinned, “Yeah but having an annual income of several thousand dollars isn’t the same as a net worth of over a million.”

Lexie shrugged, “I expect to increase in wealth the more worlds we run into that need better computers and electronics. Mostly I‘m just happy that it means I can make sure that the orphanage doesn‘t have any more money problems.”

Neville smiled, “Some things never change.”

“Speaking of things that don’t change, can I get you to read me a story?”

Neville smiled and held up a thick hardbound book, “Of course, how about more of the Lord of the Rings?”

Lexie grinned and nodded before she slipped out of her lab coat and crawled into bed. Rogue smiled, turned off the game and curled up on the couch to listen.

Dawn shook her head before leaving the room. “Night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.”


Rupert Giles glanced over the table at Remus Lupin. “How was your honeymoon?”

Remus smiled, “It was nice to not have to worry about dark wizards attacking. The sun and beach were very pleasant as well.”

“I’m glad to hear that you have been enjoying yourself. I wanted to ask your thoughts on the problem of teaching the various slayers magic.”

“I think that is going to be up to the girls themselves. Some of them are not going to want to learn. I don’t think all of them are going to be able to use magic. However, if that is the case we will just have to take it one step at a time.”

Giles took a sip of his tea. “You are an excellent teacher; the students seem to like having you around.”

Remus grinned, “Well to be fair studying monsters is more interesting than history. Have you given any thought on how you are going to deal with history being different on each world?”

“I’ve given up trying to teach them history and switched to focusing on a wide range of research techniques. That way they will have the skills to look up any information they need.”

Remus chuckled, “I’m sure that some of the girls would like to hear your thoughts on magic and demons. You should stop by tomorrow for their lesson.”

“I will stop by, I’m enjoying having some time not having to deal with the council.”

“They still giving you trouble?”

“At every budget meeting, some of the old crowd keep proposing that we stop paying the slayers.”

“I’m glad that you’re there to keep beating them down. I would hate to see the girls going out and having to worry about making a living.”

Giles shook his head, “Buffy had to work at the Double Meat Palace, a crappy burger joint because she needed money to keep the house she was living in. I don’t really want any of the girls having to go through that. So how are you guys dealing with money here?”

Remus grinned, “Tonks, Lexie, Willow and I get a salary for teaching various classes. Dawn gets a salary for transportation services, and the slayers get a salary for being slayers. Ron and Neville get a salary for being watchers.”

“I’m just glad that one of our organizations is starting off right. Now if you will excuse me, I want to look through the library some more.”

Remus nodded, “Be my guest there are some very interesting books in there.”


Willow yawned the next morning and looked around at her friends. “We ready to face the unknown and collect another slayer?”

Dawn smiled, “Just make sure you come back in one piece.”

Willow smiled, leaned over and kissed Dawn on the lips for a few seconds before pulling back. “I will come back in one piece promise.”

“Just make sure to have fun on your trip and get in lots of snuggle time.”

Lexie blushed and looked away from Dawn, “Shouldn’t we be leaving already?”

Hermione smiled at Lexie, “I just wanted a chance to give Willow a kiss before she runs off on her adventure.” She walked over to Willow and kissed her on the lips.

Ron grinned, “That’s still a strange sight.”

Giles shook his head, “Just make sure you two are careful. Be careful using your magic at first Willow it might be a touch unpredictable.”

Willow grinned, “I know, I’ll be careful.”

Harry glanced over at the backpacks at Willow and Lexie’s feet. “Do you think you have everything you need?”

“Yes, I even packed the tent.”

Dawn smiled and raised her hands opening up a portal with a flick of her wrist. “I still say that you both need to get in some decent snuggle time.”

Rogue chuckled and reached up to kiss Lexie on the lips. “You two have fun.”

Lexie blushed, “I will.”

Neville grinned, “Just make sure that you have a good time and find the slayer you’re supposed to.”

Willow grinned and stepped through the portal with Lexie following just a step behind.

Dawn looked over at Hermione, “So when do we get to have an adventure?”

Hermione grinned, “When the children are grown up? Or maybe when we go back to my world to kick Voldemort’s ass.”

“I can settle for that. I’m sort of glad that Willow left Gabrielle here.”

Hermione shrugged, “She didn’t want to put her in danger.”

“I think she just didn’t want to have to change her diapers. Speaking of the munchkins, they are still asleep and Faith is on baby duty. Do you think we could spend the day by the pool relaxing?”

“Relaxing eh?”

Dawn blushed, “Well maybe a bit more than relaxing.”

Giles took his glasses off and polished them, “Ah I think I should go check on those books.”

Rogue chuckled as Giles fled the room, “I think you broke him.”

Dawn giggled, “Nah, any damage is just temporary.”

Willow looked around at the forest they found themselves in. “I guess it could be worse. We could be in a desert.”

Lexie grinned, “Ah, I might be a slayer but I’m very much a city girl. Which direction do we need to go?”

Willow grinned as she pulled out a compass, “I came prepared. I enchanted it to find the direction of the nearest slayer other than you.”

She grinned before looking around at the trees in the forest and swatted a bug on her arm, “I’m glad that someone came prepared.”

“I wouldn’t have guessed that you don’t like the outdoors. You like hanging out in Neville’s garden.”

She blushed, “Yeah, but I like spending time with him. Besides, the plants are pretty.”

Willow grinned and checked the compass. Raising her hand, she pointed towards the darkest area of the forest. “Through there.”

Lexie sighed, “Any idea of how far?”

“Maybe a few hours walk.”

“Couldn’t your sweetie put us closer?”

“She could have but we wanted to not scare our new slayer. I also wanted to get an idea of the environment before we just appeared.”

“Alright I guess we have to start walking then.”

Willow grinned, “I guess.”


Siuan Sanche sighed in frustration as a guardsman blocked her way and sank down into a deep bow.

“Aes Sedai, I was ordered to tell an Aes Sedai if we found something strange.”

Siuan grumbled, “What do you have to report soldier, get on with it, I don’t have all day.”

“My patrol stopped a young lady and her sister on the path, she asked about a girl that might be in the camp. I thought I should ask an Aes Sedai before I told them anything.”

“How far are they?”

“They are just outside the camp being watched by the rest of my patrol.”

Siuan sighed in relief at not having to ride a horse. “Show me where they are please.”

Siuan was still grumbling when she spotted what could only be the two young ladies the guard was talking about. Siuan noted that the older girl was wearing a deep purple silk dress that clashed with her shoulder length auburn hair. The younger girl was taller than her ‘sister’ by a fair degree. She was wearing a simple green silk dress that clung to her young body in ways that might make a Domani blush, her waist length brown hair softly blowing in the wind.

Siuan found herself gazing upwards to look into the younger girl’s blue eyes. With a jolt she realized that the young girl could channel, with a further shock Siuan realized that she was stronger than Nynaeve Al’Meara or even Sharina Melloy. Siuan relaxed slightly when she found the older girl lacking the ability to channel. Siuan nodded for the guardsmen to leave knowing that he wouldn‘t be of any help if the girls weren’t who they said they were. The guardsmen scattered back into the forest to keep watch for other strange visitors.

Willow frowned as she let her senses extend to size up the young lady in front of her for magic. Her thoughts, ‘She doesn’t have nearly as much magic as Lexie or even Amy. At least that explains the strange feeling I was getting off of her.’

Siuan frowned and tried to control her breathing. “The guardsman said that you were looking for a girl that might be here.”

Willow smiled, “I’m looking for Bodewhin Cauthon.”

Siuan frowned and her face displayed her shock at them asking after a novice. “What do you want with Bodewhin?”

Willow smiled, “We want to talk to her about something. Can you take us to her please?”

“Do you have names or do you just expect us to take you to see one of the novices in our care without even a name to call you.”

Willow smiled being careful to avoid showing her fangs. “I’m Willow Rosenberg and this is Lexie. Do you have a name?”

Siuan frowned and raised herself to her full height even though it was less than Lexie‘s height. “You may call me Siuan Sedai.” She glanced at Lexie before gulping, her mind still trying to process the girl’s strength. “Has your sister considered becoming a novice?”

Lexie glanced over at Willow, “What's a novice?”

Willow frowned, “I think she means novice in learning the magical arts.”

Lexie frowned, “I’m not sure, I have to talk to Bodewhin first before making any plans.”

Siuan cringed at the casual dismissal in the girl’s voice at the idea of becoming a novice. ‘The tower isn’t going to let this girl’s strength be wasted, no matter what her wishes. She is too strong to not be guided by the tower.’

Willow kept her face blank with an effort as she listened to the thoughts of the so-called Aes Sedai in front of her. She frowned and knew that leaving Lexie to train with these people would be a waste of time.

Lexie saw Willow’s face scrunch up in annoyance and decided that a quick change of pace would be a good thing. “I don’t suppose you could show me around camp. Maybe answer some of my questions about being a novice. After you have determined that we aren’t a threat maybe you could let us talk to Bodewhin. We really should talk to her sooner than later.”

Siuan frowned ever so slightly, “What do you have to tell her?”

Willow smiled and projected her thoughts to Lexie, “I know where she is, she couldn’t help thinking about her. I guess they don’t have much in the way of mind magic in this world; otherwise, her thoughts would be more guarded. If you want to take the grand tour, I‘ll sneak in and have a chat with Bode.”

Lexie’s thoughts back, ‘Just be careful. Just because this witch couldn’t sense your power doesn’t mean the rest of them are stone cold blind.’

Willow frowned, ‘Hey, I’m doing really well with my shields.’

Lexie grinned at Siuan and lied smoothly. “Just some messages from home.” Lexie tossed a thought at the departing Willow before she grabbed Siuan’s hand. ‘You leak more power than most witches ever dream of having.’ “Shall we leave and go explore the encampment, I’m afraid my sister is hungry she gets a bit cranky when she hasn’t eaten.”

Siuan frowned at Willow and pointed out the kitchen tents off in the distance. “You may have a meal there before you get ready for your voyage back.” Siuan’s thoughts, ‘Anything to get rid of you so I can write your sister’s name in the novice books.’

Willow laughed softly to herself and left to go find Bodewhin.

Bodewhin shivered and turned towards the tent flap sure that something powerful was coming towards her. Her wooden mug creaked dangerously as she fidgeted with it. Bodewhin took a deep breath as she tried to relax and stop her thoughts from running away with her. ‘First you’re having strange dreams and now you’re being scared of nothing. It‘s probably just a sister on some business. No reason to think the presence is coming closer. If Matt could hear me now he would laugh at his little sister being for afraid of shadows.”

She stared as a beautiful pale faced lady with red hair stepped up to the tent flap. She blinked as her senses told her two different things. She could sense that the lady before her couldn’t channel and yet her new senses told her that the lady had more power than any of the Aes Sedai she had ever met.

Willow smiled down at the young lady in the tent. “Bodewhin can you spare me some of your time? I have a few things to say that you might find interesting.”

“You’re one of the girls from my dreams.”

Willow smiled, “I expect that a short blonde is also in your dreams. However, I do believe we shouldn’t talk about such things where others can hear. May I come in?”

Bodewhin glanced nervously at Willow before gesturing her into the tent.

Willow stepped into the tent with a smile. She glanced around at the various cots and personal items. “I’m sure you have questions about your increased strength as well as the dreams.”

Bodewhin nodded nervously. “I wasn’t sure who to tell. Constantly dreaming of shadow spawn isn’t considered normal by any means. I would have told the Amyrlin Seat if she was still here. It is said that she has strange dreams. I was worried that someone would start to question all of the broken mugs. I almost stole one of the heartstone mugs, just so I would stop breaking them.”

Willow smiled, “You’re a slayer, and more specifically you’re a vampire slayer.”

“I’ve seen images in my dreams about vampires but never thought they were real until you showed up. What does a vampire slayer do? And why hasn‘t anyone ever heard of them.”

“I suspect that no one has heard about them because they are from a different world. I come from a world quite a bit different than this one.”

“How do you come from a different world?”

Willow grinned and looked around the room before spotting a stump of a candle. “Mind if I borrow your candle?”

Bode shook her head. “If it will help me understand what you are talking about please do.”

Willow reached out and picked it up from its place on the folding table. She carefully blew on the candle as if she were blowing it out.

Bode gasped as a small flame flickered to life. “I didn’t see you channel.”

Willow grinned and held up the now lit candle, “I used my magic to light the candle. You use your world’s magic. Very different types of magic and yet both a type of magic. I would love the chance to share more of my world with you but I need to leave before your friends get back. It wouldn’t do to have them think you’re “friends” with a strange lady. I‘ll come back as soon as I can to tell you more about being a slayer.” She stepped outside and let the tent flap fall.

Bode rushed out to pull open the tent flap to look to see where Willow went. She glanced around the street such as it was and saw the usual number of girls in white hurrying along but didn’t see any ladies in purple. She looked down at the lit candle and sighed. “This is going to be a long day.”
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