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Scoobies and the Lost Son

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This story is No. 2 in the series "New York Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dawn Summers has been dating SAM Malloy for the last 6 months. He hasn't met her extended "family"...yet. But when he does, he's going to find a few surprises...not all of them nice. MacGyver/Buffy X-Over.

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Television > MacGyverheartsarewildFR786,60332617,52516 Sep 0622 Sep 06Yes


Disclaimer: I don't own "Buffy" or "MacGyver"


Sam came to pick Mac up from the hospital with Dawn. Mac raised his eyebrow when he saw the ring on Dawn’s finger.

“When?” Mac asked. Sam laughed and Dawn giggled.

“Told you he’d figure it out. Last night,” Sam said. Mac nodded.

“When’s the wedding?” Mac asked. The couple looked at each other.

“Haven’t set a date yet. We’re going to wait and see what college Dawn chooses, then we’ll arrange for an apartment and go from there,” Sam said. Mac nodded.

“Have you seen Xander today?” Mac asked. Dawn and Sam shook their heads.

“No…he said he had to pick up some things from the hardware store,” Dawn said. Mac scowled. His youngest was up to something, he could feel it.

“Sorry I’m late. The girls needed more wood for stakes…ah…” Xander trailed off. Mac waved him off.

“You got a houseful of Slayers, you need all the wood you can get,” Mac said. Xander’s jaw drop. Sam’s wasn’t far behind.

“You know…about…” Xander began. Mac nodded.

”Heard about it from Lorne,” Mac said. Sam had to sit down.

“I didn’t think you knew,” Sam said. Mac stared at him.

“You knew?” Mac asked. Sam nodded.

“Since China,” Sam replied. Both sighed. Seemed both were trying to steer each other away from the supernatural, now that they looked back on it. It was amazing they didn’t ‘reveal’ it to the other with all the dancing around the issue they did.

“So, Dad, we getting out of here or what?” Xander asked. Sam and Dawn turned to look at him.

“Dad?” Sam asked. Xander blushed sheepishly

“Uh…Yeah. Forgot you were kidnapped before we could tell you. Willow found out that my mom listed MacGyver as my dad on my birth certificate,” Xander said. "Wait a minute, didn't you hear me tell Murdoc...?"

"I was unconsious!" Sam protested.

"And I thought you were talking about me," Dawn said before bursting into giggles. “I’m sorry. The irony. My sister’s best friend is going to be my brother-in-law,” Dawn laughed. Xander’s jaw dropped.

“You…when…wow!” Xander finally got out. Laughter filled the room at Xander’s disconcertment. Things were back to normal…almost. Mac sighed. It’d be a long time and a lot of hard work before he’d be able to even think of walking by himself again. But he’d do it. Then things would really be back to normal.



Please R&R. Story Three in the Series is in the works.

The End

You have reached the end of "Scoobies and the Lost Son". This story is complete.

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