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Scoobies and the Lost Son

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This story is No. 2 in the series "New York Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dawn Summers has been dating SAM Malloy for the last 6 months. He hasn't met her extended "family"...yet. But when he does, he's going to find a few surprises...not all of them nice. MacGyver/Buffy X-Over.

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Television > MacGyverheartsarewildFR786,60332617,52116 Sep 0622 Sep 06Yes


Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or MacGyver. Brief appearance by characters from “Finding Jenny”.

Summary: Dawn Summers has been dating SAM Malloy for the past 6 months. He hasn’t met her extended ‘family’…yet. But when he does, he’s in for a big surprise.


Sean Angus Malloy, or SAM, straightened the collar of his dress shirt as he stood outside the New York School for Gifted Girls. He looked at the tulips he held in his hand. He was a nervous wreck. He had Dawn Summers had entered a whirlwind romance one summer while he’d been in Rome on assignment, photographing various ancient structures. He’d seen her looking at one of the many arches, and they’d just hit it off. He’d finished his assignment early, and had spent the rest of his time in Rome. He’d met Dawn’s overprotective sister, Buffy, once, and she had laid down the law with him, much to Dawn’s embarrassment. They had continued to see each other, though, and when his time in Rome was up, she had told him that she would be in New York in the fall while looking at various colleges across the states. So here he was, standing at the door to the New York School for Gifted Girls, where Dawn was staying, anxiously wondering if it was actually a good idea to knock on the door. He and Dawn had planned to spend the day together looking at the sights. It was about 6:30 am. Dawn had told him to pick her up then so they could have a full day out on the town before sunset. Sunset always seemed to worry her.

SAM sighed. He wasn’t going to get out of meeting her family, he knew that. He moved to knock on the door when it opened. He fell back a few steps, startled, and the man who opened the door looked him over before nodding a greeting at him. The man turned back into the large building as another man called out

“Same time tonight, right Jack?” the second man said as he came to the door.

“Hopefully sooner,” the man said, before waving good-bye and walking off. The other man stared at SAM. It was then SAM noticed he only had one eye.

“Uh…hi,” SAM said, finding himself trying not to stare. The young man looked him over.

“You’re Dawnie’s boyfriend, huh? You hurt her, and I’ll bludgeon you to death with a shovel,” the man warned. SAM nodded.

“You’ll have to wait in line, because if I hurt her, I would bludgeon myself to death with the shovel,” SAM responded. The young man nodded.

“Xander Harris,” he said, introducing himself.

“SAM Malloy,” SAM responded. The two shook hands.

“ANDREW! You will not serve him Cardassian eggs!” came Dawns very distinct bellow. SAM winced. He didn’t envy “Andrew” the slightest. Xander opened the door wider.

“Come on in,” Xander said. Xander knew SAM wasn’t a vampire. It was daylight out.


Murdoc grinned as he watched young SAM Malloy hesitate before approaching the building, then hissed as the older man came out. The man just screamed FBI. A few seconds later, he could clearly see another, younger man at the door. Murdoc inhaled. He had a strong resemblance to MacGyver. Much stronger than young Malloy’s. He’d investigate the boy’s connection to his nemesis later. Right now he had to cement plans for grabbing Malloy and his date.


SAM knew the moment he stepped into the house that this was no normal school. This place had the same feeling as the family of anagogic demons who’d helped get him out of China…not that he ever told his father. His father wouldn’t believe him because his father didn’t believe in the supernatural. He sighed as the memories of the demon family came back. They’d fled from their home dimension of Pylea, and ended up in China. They’d helped him to Beijing, and some pacifist demons helped him back to the states. SAM sighed. He wondered if these people knew about it, or just had a Ano-Movic demon living among them. He turned as the feeling grew stronger behind him, and a red-headed woman was staring at him.

“You must be Dawn’s new boyfriend. I’m Willow. Hurt her, and I will flay you alive,” the red-head said. SAM forced a grin. Not a demon…a witch. One of his mom’s friends was a fairly powerful witch, though she hadn’t known it. He hadn’t until he’d gotten back from China after…after his mom was killed, and he’d felt her power. But this girl was stronger than her, much stronger.

“Uh…yeah. Right. Um…is there a Ano-Movic demon in the household, because…well…I get the feeling I get whenever there’s a demon around,” SAM said. Willow’s jaw dropped. Dawnie’s new boyfriend not only knew about the supernatural, he could feel demons and supernatural beings like Slayers.

“No…uh…this is a Slayer School,” Xander jumped in. It’s was SAM’s turn to gape. This…was a Slayer School. He’d heard about the activation of all potentials. Many of the demons at the demon bar he sometimes went to were worried that some of the new Slayers wouldn’t follow The Slayer’s live and let live approach.

“Oh…cool,” was all he said, though.

“SAM! You’re here! I was going to invite you to have breakfast with us, but Andrew made Cardassian Eggs again…I see you met Willow and Xander. When’s your dad coming to town? I can’t wait to introduce him to Wills and Xander…” Dawn babbled excitedly. SAM quieted her with a quick peck on the lips.

“He comes in this afternoon. He’s going to join us for lunch on the Federal Plaza,” SAM said.

“We can pick him up and join you guys there. We’re meeting with some friends for lunch their anyway if they don’t have a case come up,” Willow said. She wanted to meet the father of Dawn’s boyfriend before letting him anywhere near Dawnie.

“Thanks. His name’s MacGyver,” SAM and gave the Willow the flight information. She grinned as the two lovebirds quickly left the house. Then she frowned.

“He looked a bit like you, Xander,” Willow said. Xander raised an eyebrow.

“Huh?” Xander asked.

“Around the eyes. He looked a bit like you around the eyes,” Willow repeated. Xander scratched his head.

“Wouldn’t know why. There aren’t any MacGyver’s or Malloy’s in my family tree,” Xander said. Willow chuckled.

“We’ll figure it out later. Come on. We better go save Andrew from the wrath of Slayers,” Willow said.

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