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Doctor And Rose

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Summary: A series of stories and poems about Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Non-BtVS/Ats StoriesJediClaireFR1351,210111,51619 Sep 0626 Oct 06Yes

Chapter Five - The Last stories of a girl

Told like a fariy tale, short stories about Rose.

Episode: ‘Rose’ ‘The Parting of Ways’ ‘Tooth and Claw’ ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’ ‘The Rise of the Cybermen’ ‘The Age of Steel’ ‘The Idiots Lantern’ ‘The Satan’s Pit’ ‘Love and Monsters’ ‘Fear Her’

Written: by me!

The last stories of a girl

A long time ago a man named Clive told a girl something. They were in a shed, and he was telling the girl about a man. He said that this man brings the storm in his wake. He also told her about a constant companion of this man, death. She tried to deny it but she believed the man in the shed. The man in the shed died. The storm was delayed, this time, but death did come. She never forgot what the man in the shed had said.

Not so long ago this man said he was called the oncoming storm. He told this to monsters, who were about to launch a terrible storm on Earth. This storm would have killed everyone. The man might be the oncoming storm, but the girl was the bad wolf, the big bad wolf, and for a moment, she, the Bad Wolf could turn back death and stop it. But only for a moment, the golden girl could not stop it forever. Everything has a time, and everything dies.

A possessed man, a host of the wolf later looked at the girl, no longer golden. He said he could see the wolf in her eyes. The girl said she didn’t know what the wolf meant. But she did know and was scared. Even when the wolf died, she was still scared. She was scared of the wolf, the one that glowed like the sun.

The girl followed the man. (I’ve got to.) She saw many strange things. She had seen different times in different rooms on a ship far in the future, like chapters in a book. She saw monsters without souls, which killed a women who was her mother, but wasn’t. She saw a monster that took her face, leaving her blank. She still followed the man because she loved him.

They went to hell once, and the Beast knew her. He knew she was lost, that she was far from home. But the Beast also called her valiant, a valiant child, and said she would die in battle. They killed the Beast, her and the man, and the girl told the man what the Beast had said. (Then he lied, the man said.) But the Beast did not lie.

To even touch the man, for even a second would destroy you. The girl, not so young anymore, doesn’t have much time left.

(A storm is coming…)

The End

You have reached the end of "Doctor And Rose". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking