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Doyle, Lost.

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Change in the story". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: What happens if you are needed after you die? You jump for the chance! Heaven can be boring. Lost/Angel fic.

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Television > LostJediClaireFR1571,619142,77619 Sep 0618 Nov 06No

Chapter One - A girl, a little demon.

AN> You won't be meeting any of the lost for a while, but you would be getting plenty of mysteries.

*A girl, a little demon.*

*The Cockpit*

He had just reached the cockpit when there was a distant explosion. It sounded like it came from the beach.

The cockpit was tilted, leaning with its nose to the sky, against a tree. There was a lot of ivy and creepers hanging from the trees in swathes. The Oceanic fight symbol, a sun made of circles, look out of place in the dark clearing.

Doyle climbed in. The bodies were still strapped into their seats and looked like they were just asleep. The cockpit shuddered, and Doyle had to grab onto one of the bodies.

He got to the top, next to the cabin. He look to his right and saw the little girl still strapped to her seat.

'There you are.' The little girl was only alive because of the spell her mother had placed on her, and the fact she was a half-demon. He had the vision about her because it was to dangerous for the other survivors to find her, doubly so for the people already on the island.

He unstrapped her and lifted her out of the chair, holding her small bag. She was only three years old, so she probably couldn't use any of her abilities yet, but she did insistently know she could trust him.

It was getting dark when they got out of the cockpit. Doyle had nearly walked them into a tree when a huge roar rang out. It didn't sound like any demon he knew of.

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