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The Earth will never be the same

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Summary: Buffy/World of Captain Planet crossover

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Cartoons > World of Captain Planetcwolf + 1 otherFR1521,202062,66919 Sep 0620 Feb 11No

Worlds Unending by (Current Donor)Shieldage

BtVS by Whedon and M.E., Captain Planet by Turner and DiC.

Spoilers for 'the Gift'

Awesome. I'd forgotten this fic was already set to open. Hope this scene works :)

Buffy hugged Dawn tightly to her chest, tears running down her face. Her sister was bleeding from small wounds and she believed there was nothing she could do to stop the energy vortex pulsing behind them besides taking her own life.

Far below them, Tara was clinging to her restored but completely exhausted girlfriend. Willow had been brain-sucked by Glory into insanity, the damage having been reversed by Tara only a few minutes before. They'd survived the past week with the bearer of the ring of Magic out of commission, which meant, on top of everything else, they'd been unable to summon the essence of the empowered Slayer in the final battle against the Hellgod.

They'd won the battle, but not before apparently losing the war. Glory had been taken down but, in her absence, one of her henchman acting on his own volition - implying he actually served a power far darker than hers - had used Dawn's blood to open a rift that could tear all realities to shreds.

From behind them, a voice yelled 'Fire.'

Blinking her eyes clear, Buffy turned her head to see a red beam shining through the open vortex as monsters appeared and disappeared throughout the shifting landscape of Sunnydale.

"Magma," came another voice. A new beam of a darker red, somehow having more weight shot out of the vortex, wrapping snake-like around the first one.

More shades followed, each with their own call sign. "Smoke." "Steam." "Courage."

Being quick on the uptake, Buffy released Dawn and leaned over the edge of the rickety platform to spot the two witches on the ground far below. 'Strength,' Buffy muttered, sending a thin tendril of diamond blue energy from her ring towards Willow.

Willow's breath became more even and she held tightly to Tara's arms, hope shining in her eyes.

"Go, Team Fire," came a loud cry as a concentrated golden ball of energy appeared in the sky above Sunnydale where the red beams ended.

"Ash," came a new voice as a wild burst of green energy emerged from the vortex a few feet from the red one. It was angled so it met the first set of beams at the golden ball.

"Earth." "Sand." "Time." "Faith." "Go, Team Earth!"

More voices chimed in. A sudden storm brought with it a beam of dark blue. "Firestorm." "Thunderburst." "Wind." "Rain." "Clarity." "Go, Team Wind!"

A fourth set of colors burst from the vortex, adding their strength to the pulsing orb. "Sun." "Growth." "Ice." "Water." "Hope." "Go, Team Water!"

A grin breaking across her face, Buffy pointed her ring towards the sky and shouted. "Strength!"

Willow intertwined her fingers with Tara's and they raised their hands above their heads, Willow's ring glowing brightly. "Magic!"

"Brains," yelled Giles, his hands bloody, his voice holding a bit more irony than usual.

At the first sight of the beams emerging from the vortex, Anya had hauled Xander with her into the cab of the wrecking ball, worried that something might fall out of the sky. They raised their hands as one. "Lust!" "Heart!"

Unlike their usual formation, the force from their rings coalesced into a single solid streak of energy long before it reached the ball.

"Go," they shouted as one. It was different from their normal battle cry but, somehow, they knew how to finish it. "Team Heart!"

The golden ball writhed and molded itself into a towering figure, fifteen-feet high. His skin was blue and he wore knee-high red leather boots. His skin-tight uniform was red as well, a golden earth beating on his chest. His hair was green and his eyes were only as dark as a night with stars. For some reason, he was holding a black riding crop in his left hand.

"By your powers combined," he shouted. His words broke off as he noticed the whip in his hand. Shrugging, a slight look of concern flickering across his massive features, he tucked the item into his belt, before continuing. "I am Captain Multiverse!"

"Go, Multiverse!"

"Well," the Captain said in a more normal tone of voice. "This simply won't do."

He floated in an arc, doing a decent Superman impression, around the densest mass of the vortex, examining it from all sides.

He stretched his arms out as far as they would go, apparently oblivious to the jellied dragon that burst from the portal, dark wings beating in his face.

After gripping the air around the sides of the portal tightly, he relaxed his hands again. With his palms flat and open he began rolling the energy of the vortex between his hands as a smaller man might roll a giant mound of clay.

The energy field writhed at his motions, becoming denser and darker as it shrank. When it had, relative to him, the same size and consistency as a ball of raw chocolate chip cookie dough, he smiled. After opening his mouth wider than was strictly possible, he swallowed it in a single gulp.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Earth will never be the same" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Feb 11.

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