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The Older Magics

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Summary: 19 years ago, Lilly used older magic to protect baby Harry. Ginny and Hermione discover slayer allies, wiccan power and a new purpose for the DA graduates as they search for the older magics to defeat Voldemort. Will contain f/f xover romance.

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Harry Potter > General > Drama(Past Donor)zephyrRSFR1814,414031,34321 Sep 0621 Sep 06No
Title: The Older Magics
Crossover: BtVS-HP
Timeline:BtVS-Post S7 & Chosen/HP-Post Half Blood Prince +2 years
tth100 related: This fic was inspired by my tth100 fictlet entitled “Seeking Deliverance” for prompt “029. Heartache” The original story can be found Because Now, You’re My Way – Chapter 4. That standalone ficlet will be integrated and expanded into chapter two as chapter one below is effectively the HP-verse prequel.
rating: 18
disclaimer: Seriously not my character creations. I just like to play in the jossverse and the potterverse. All characters from those verses and the monetary compensation related to their geniuses stays with them.
(1) This tale will begin a few days after the Scoobies are reeling from the brutal murder of Willow. Please know that Willow is my favorite Jossverse character so starting from that point was a personal challenge.
(2) Ginny/Kennedy Romance. I did not check the femslash box in adding this story because I’ve never write explicit sex scenes…I just don’t have the chops to do it well. The slash categories are defined as actual slash FR21 rated content. This story will conform to FR18 and possibly FR15. I write angsty descriptive narrative. If you like that style, I hope you’ll enjoy this tale.
(3) I wouldn’t be surprised if I someday write a one-shot ficlet related to this crossoververse that is FR21. If I do and your user profile is FR@!, then you’ll know it. ;-)

Chapter One:
The Power of Memory

Ginny had a very good memory of people and places. As she walked down the street in her muggle clothes, she knew that her trepidation wasn’t because she didn’t remember where the restaurant and bar was located. Even though she kept looking up and down the street as if she was lost, she knew exactly where she was headed. It was more that she was mildly surprised with her subconscious. She hadn't consciously planned to arive here when she apparated. She didn't actually question her subconscious for choosing this neighborhood. It made sense. After all, she had been simply thinking that she needed to "get away" from her family. She had felt trapped and enveloped by their definition of what they wanted her to be. This location met both those needs.
Besides, it wasn’t as if she hadn’t planned to come here at some point in the near future anyhow. The fact of the matter was that she had been thinking about it ever since yesterday’s post from Harry. She just hadn’t specifically planned visiting the place today. Ginerva recalled her first visit to this London street and took a deep breath as the memory washed over her.

It had been the weekend before Bill’s wedding, the summer after fifth year. She had been sixteen to the trio’s seventeen. Since the first summer Hermione had visited, she'd always dragged Ginny off at some point to see a muggle movie – a “chick flick” as she called them. Hermione would put her hands on her hips and shoot a look to Ron if he even suggested tagging along with a sharp, “No boys allowed!” Honestly, Gin was fairly certain that Harry would have been fine joining them. While he was baffled by girlish behavior, he did enjoy a decent story. Plus, Ron loved the chance to see movies – regardless of the genre. After all, Ron was ecstatic when Hermione and Harry took him to interesting muggle entertainment in general. Nevertheless, Ginny was always glad to have a bit of girl time after being surrounded by her brothers all summer. Besides, she now suspected that Harry would occasionally drag Ron to a muggle action film while Ginny and Hermione were on girls’ night out. Ginny recalled that Ron had once waxed poetic regarding his first muggle theater experience during that initial summer home from Hogwarts.

For six summers straight Ginny and Hermione had escaped the testosterone heavy Weasley household to catch a romantic chick flick. Two years ago had been the last time they had ventured into muggle London. It had been a lovely movie with several interconnected love stories that had managed to strike a brilliant balance between funny and sad while maintaining a sense of dramatic realism….at least it had seemed that way to Ginny.

After the film, they’d walked around downtown for a few blocks searching for a decent place to eat before heading back to the wizarding world. They had chosen a quaint little restaurant above a dance club with a gourmet menu posted on the windows that appealed to both girls. The hostess had smiled at them as if she knew something they didn’t and had sat them at a small table in a secluded corner. She’d also informed them that unless they had proper ID, Cindy the bouncer wouldn’t allow them downstairs. The girls had shrugged and said that they had chosen the place just to grab a bite to eat and had been rewarded with another smile and the unusual comment, “Like I believe that! Whatever.”

Hermione and Ginny were quick on the uptake…or so they had thought. Regardless of their book smarts, at 17 and 16, they had still been rather naive about certain adult life situations and perceptions. Gin chuckled to herself at the memory. As they had dined and chatted about the differences in muggle vs. wizard entertainment, it slowly dawned upon them the real nature of the restaurant and bar they had so innocently chosen. If they had not spent their teen years primarily engrossed in the backward world of Hogwarts, they might have been a bit faster to figure it all out. They both realized at almost the exact same moment over a sinful chocolate desert they had elected to share. Their sudden raucous laughter drew the attention of the many other couples in the restaurant and they quieted down.

“Oh my god! We would never have lived this down if Ron, Harry or the twins were here!”

“I can just see it now -- my brother would be having conniptions. First he’d be horrified and then he’d be overwhelmed with displaced jealousy and probably go hex himself into a stupor to forget the images his brain would cook up.”

They started laughing again. Ginny loved that their friendship had been like that. Neither was embarrassed. Neither took anything about the situation the wrong way. It was just funny to both that they had been completely blind to the fact that the establishment was frequented almost entirely by a lesbian clientele. Everyone in the restaurant probably assumed that Hermione and Ginny were schoolgirls on a first date or something similar. After all, they had been seated in a secluded corner booth with romantic lighting and selected an aphrodisiac shared dessert.

They’d enjoyed the rest of their dessert and headed home laughing the entire time. That was almost two years ago now. Two very event filled and crazy years. Ginny was once again home, but this time not just for the summer as her Hogwarts years were now complete.

She’d considered fleetingly getting her own place certain in her ability to land a decent job with her strong NEWT and OWL scores. That search had not lasted long. She’d quickly realized that with all the uncertainty in her world and her own desire to spend more of her time with managing the transition from DA to the Order that her activism was far more important than working the hours required to afford a place of her own. That just wouldn’t be the responsible choice… She chuckled at the mixed metaphor. Supporting oneself and living on one’s own was the norm for “becoming responsible” at her 18. For Ginny, responsibility meant being prepared for the inevitable wizarding battles. She’d been busy at Hogwarts, but the world had quieted down. Unlike most of the students, Ginny was sure they were in the quiet before the coming storm. There was little evidence she had to back up the notion, but she knew it was true with absolute certainty.

Last summer Harry had urged her via owl to stay at Hogwarts, finish her seventh year and take Neville’s place as head of the DA. She’d received a similarly toned post yesterday. Hedwig still sat perched in her room waiting to take a reply back to Harry. This time he had urged her to stay with her family and the Order. He had written, “They need your energy there not out here with us.” He asked that she continue to take every opportunity to learn and practice everything while she could do so in relative safety. She loved him and hated him for the sentiment. She wasn’t a little girl. She was a grown woman. She was older and more magically proficient than Harry, Ron and Hermione had been when they set out on their own two years earlier. She wanted to leave the constraints of society behind and join the real fight as the golden trio had two years earlier. She was 18 now and of legal age in both the Wizarding and Muggle World. She would certainly be a better world traveler than Ron – of that she had no doubt.

Working within the confines of the Order was useful to a degree, but Ginny found it difficult when she didn’t share their vision. The Order planned, schemed and built slow spider-webs of information. They were reactive more than they were successfully proactive. Ginny had first faced Voldemort when she was still a shy eleven year old and survived. She did not believe in convoluted planning and scheming. She believed in action. She was ready to lead a strike force. She’d not only taken over the DA -- she’d spent her seventh year turning them into their “army” namesake by expanding the group and creating team exercises. Harry was a lone fighter in his own way while off searching the world for Horcruxes to destroy. Meanwhile, Ginny had blossomed into an active leader. She led two student teams of eleven each over the winter break in aggressive military style tactical maneuvers supervised by only two professors. Her teams had created magical and muggle obstacles for the opposing group to overcome and it had been a truly educational endeavor. The DA had bonded, gained confidence and most importantly learned something that the Death Eaters did not know – how to join their skills into a strong unit. Upon graduation, she’d ensured that Natalie and Jimmy Peakes would work together to continue what she had started with the remaining students. Her work was now on the outside world and she was ready and willing to lead her team of recent graduates in battle.

As she walked through the muggle London streets, Hermione could feel her anger at Harry rise. How dare he tell her yet again to “stay safe.” Did he really still think of her as some damsel in distress? Had he forgot that she could out hex all her brothers even as a pre-teen? She could hex with the best of them and Harry knew that. She had proved herself repeatedly. Now, she also knew she was an excellent leader. The seemingly shy girl had long departed to be replaced with a confident young woman who was far beyond living on the sidelines and being the invisible little sister. That’s why she hated that Harry asked her to stay. Over-protectiveness is what made her leave Dean.

Ginny knew that she wouldn’t leave Harry over his behavior since the truth was that he’d long ago left her first. When he left she’d still been madly in love with him. Every time he treated her this way, she loved him a bit less for it. Being “in love” had long ago faded to something else. She still loved him, but she no longer believed simply having him close by would ignite her passionate love. More than likely, her temper would flare if he decided to reenter her life. She knew in her heart that she was lying to herself about that…but it didn’t stop the well-known Weasley female rage she’d inherited.

Ginny did understand that he wasn’t specifically being over-protective of her – he was being over-protective of his own feelings. Everyone knew that Ginny would not shy away from battle. She knew it was why Harry loved her – though he’d never told her that and probably never even admitted it to himself. However, it was her bold nature that also made her a weapon Voldemort could easily wield. If Ginny fell in battle or was used as a hostage to hurt Harry, he would be devastated by guilt. Everyone knew it. Harry wanted her safe so he could fight unencumbered by imaginary guilt and fear. It was the only way he still let her know that he cared. “Bloody Moron!” she muttered under her breath as she passed the movie theater from two years ago.

Harry’s need to feel Ginny was safe had driven a wedge between them a mile-wide. Add to that Harry’s infrequent and uselessly vague owls and Ginny’s love for Harry had cracked. She knew he was purposely vague for fear of the post being intercepted, but that didn’t make it any easier. She had seen him twice in two years and both times had been with a house full of Weasleys at the holidays. He hadn’t even made an appearance at Hogwarts graduation…although Ginny had suspected that she “felt” his presence. Her anger flared again as she automatically paused at a stop light and fingered the wand hidden inside her muggle denim jacket. Harry really had picked a bad time to ask her to lay low.

Regardless of the events in the past few weeks since moving back home, she’d had a tough day. This morning had been her second meeting as a full member of the Order. All the Weasleys had seen Hedwig arrive the previous evening and they’d wanted her to report on any news from Harry. Ginny should have known they’d back Harry’s request. The worst blasted part was that it wasn’t even a majority – it had been unanimous. Every member of the order had actually agreed with Harry! “Idiots – all of them!” She couldn’t help let that one escape her lips causing a few people close by to turn their heads.

Ginny had wanted to use the meeting as an opportunity to discuss integrating the offensive strategies of the DA – her DA – into the Order. They still treated her like a child who needed protecting! Even McGonagall and Moody, who’d supervised her DA, hadn’t supported her. Everyone knew about the prophecy now. It was no longer Dumbledore’s little secret. They all thought it was more important to give Harry every advantage for his individual battle with Voldemort than try to dwindle the opposition.

She suspected her face was as red as her hair at that moment. She really did need to calm down or she was likely to accidentally hex a muggle as she weaved in and out of the evening London crowds.

Back at the Order she had not held her temper. She’d yelled at the lot of them in a most unladylike fashion and told them all to go to hell. She would not “lay low” -- she would take her trained DA team and circumvent the lot of them. It was time to stop hiding in the shadows. Wasn’t the saying that the best defense is a good offense? It was time to bring the battle to the Death Eaters and not wait to be attacked! If Harry wanted to face Voldemort alone he could bloody well do so, but Ginny’s team wanted to make sure that no Death Eaters remained who could get in the way.

OK, she really had to calm down and get herself out of this spiraling tantrum. Ginny took a deep breath and crossed the street. The reason she was here in the middle of muggle London was the need to cool down and get away from her family for a few hours. She should have sought out Luna or Neville, but she knew her temper was worse than her mum’s. All her friends were DA teammates. If she went to one of them, she’d likely continue this uncontrollable venting…except it would be out loud instead of only in her head. Plus, she’d probably hex something….blow up a lamp or a table. At least she could control that urge while amidst the muggle population.

She needed to separate herself from everything that kept reminding her why she was in a state of fury. She wanted to be alone – away from her family and the Order until she cooled down. She couldn’t go to her usual haunts as her brothers would know where to find her. Instead, her subconscious had guided her here. She’d apparated into the crowds of London. While she was far from alone in the physical sense, there was a comfort in being somewhere none of her family would think to find her. She wasn’t stupid. She knew she shouldn’t be alone. She didn’t plan to abide by Harry’s definition of “staying safe” but that didn’t mean she would ignore precautions. Certainly any suspected Death Eater wouldn’t look for her surrounded by people she didn’t know in downtown muggle London. Besides, she seriously couldn’t imagine any of them passing for muggle. Amidst a crowd of muggles, Ginny was more likely to spot or sense an old-fashioned wizard or witch long before they attacked.

From memory, she walked the two more blocks forward and two to the left before seeing the sign for “Gingerbeer’s” with arrows pointing up for the restaurant and dance music pouring out from below.

As she walked closer, she was a bit surprised at her own naiveté of two years earlier. Perhaps it had simply been earlier in the day and the club hadn’t opened for the night. With all the women walking hand-in-hand into the place, she and Hermione would have had to been blind to miss the implications. Either that or they’d subconsciously not noticed. Perhaps they had noticed and chose to eat in the restaurant because of it….she pondered that for a moment before dismissing it. Hermione was more like a sister than anyone else. An annoying know-it-all sister. Yes, she was attractive but there wasn’t an attraction.

If not for leaving the wizarding world behind for a day with Hermione two years earlier, it was entirely possible that Ginny would never have realized that she wasn’t straight. She’d had what she thought was a schoolgirl crush on Luna back in fourth year, but she had never truly thought of Luna as anything other than a friend. She had never wanted to kiss her. After that night in the Pub, Ginny realized she hadn’t been embarrassed because she had felt completely natural around all those other women. She hadn’t blinked when she’d realized almost all the other couples had been holding hands and that two women in another somewhat secluded romantically lit corner had been snogging. It hadn’t fazed her because a part of her had been intrigued. Yes, she’d thought about kissing girls…but not any particular girl.

Now, here she was approaching a muggle dance club of all things. Hermione, Harry and Ron were out in the world somewhere fighting the good fight without her. For her own safety, they didn’t even tell her a bloody thing about what they did or what progress they might have made in two years! Occasionally, she’d get a short owl of information but it was rarely detailed and rarer still of merit. Last week, she’d received a thank you for the birthday token she’d sent Harry. He’d told her it made his day to get something from her, but that didn’t help the constant emptiness she felt. She loved Harry and she knew that he would love her back if he just stopped being so bloody afraid to care. However, she also knew that it just wasn’t going to happen until Voldemort was eliminated beyond any doubt. In the past year, Ginny had found an inner strength to accept the fact that Harry might never let himself truly love her back. That Harry would likely die or grow old trying to defeat his nemesis.

While no one told Ginny that it was time to move on….she could read it in everyone’s eyes. Her mother was probably the only one who didn’t want her to move on from Harry. After all, Harry was already like a son to mum, why would she want a son-in-law that might come between mother and daughter? The problem was that there was no man in the wizarding world who would ever live up to Harry in her heart. She’d tried to date again in seventh year but it had been an utter failure. She couldn’t even snog another boy without thinking about Harry.

Then, the brilliant plan had occurred to her when she’d received an owl from Hermione on her birthday. Hermione had sent her a small magical amulet she’d found. It was from the Amazon region. Hermione had somehow convinced Ron and Harry to seek out communities that reputedly used forms of magic that differed from the wizarding world norm. At least that’s what Ginny figured out reading between the lines of the letter.

They’d shared a conversation back at Christmas about Harry’s mum. Everyone agreed that “older long-forgotten” magic had been used by Lily to save baby Harry. Yet, in the intervening years not one of the Order members had tried to explore these magics. Hermione suspected that the old magics were still used today…somewhere outside the normal wizarding world.

Normal & Wizarding World…Ginny chuckled at her herself while looking around at the people walking in and out of various London stores. The wizarding world wasn’t even remotely normal when 95% of the people on the planet lived outside of it!

Regardless, Hermione had asked Ginny to have a chat with Dumbledore’s portrait and find out if he knew anything about the magic Lilly had used to shield him from the killing curse. As usual, Dumbledore had been cryptic and not entirely useful. However, he had sounded regretful and confirmed that it was something that bore investigation. Granted, Dumbledore’s portrait said that about pretty much anything. Ginny suspected that it had been painted with a few more protections than the average portrait. She shook her head to stop herself before falling into another temper. This one geared at her old headmaster.

As she slowed her walk and neared her destination, Ginny pulled the amulet out of the snug denim watch pocket of her jeans and closed her fist around the stone. Hermione’s note indicated that the amulet was spelled to protect a woman warrior from monsters. Mione’s note asked, “Do Death Eaters qualify as Monsters?” She had written that the “old” woman who gave it to her was a “seer” and said that it was meant to be passed on to “your sister of the flaming hair who would wield it from the heart.” Hermione had sent it with a thin leather rope apologizing that she couldn’t find something stronger to support the ancient magic.

As she fingered the amulet in her palm, she smiled. Hermione certainly knew how to drop hints – old, seer, ancient and woman warrior. It was a shame that Harry couldn’t give her any similar clues regarding his efforts. Ginny opened her palm and stopped to look at the stone a moment. She had managed to break the rope the first time she’d worn it and had carried the amulet in her pocket since.

If Ginny was interpreting Hermione’s hints correctly, they’d discovered an Amazon enclave that used older women’s magic. Magic that was of a nature Voldemort could never wield. Hermione really was exceedingly bright and per usual – correct as well. Ginny wouldn’t knock this gift at all. Every time she touched the stone she felt a warmth flow through her fingers, into her arms and throughout her body. There was power embedded underneath its dark surface and the magic felt completely different from anything Ginny had ever touched. The stone itself felt like pure and polished agate. Its color was a deeper red than Ginny’s hair shaped into a smooth and perfect almost flat egg shape only slightly larger than a sickle. Carved on one side was an ancient rune that she suspected meant protection and the other held the image of a stylized axe.

As the power surrounded her, Ginny’s anger seemed to transform into something else. The warmth of the stone turned her temper into an impression of stored pent-up energy. Ginny always felt strong. When she held the stone in her palm -- she knew she was. She also didn’t feel like a small 18-year-old girl – she felt like a large powerful woman.

Ginny slipped the stone back into her pocket and opened the door that would lead her downstairs to a club filled with women seeking the comfort and power of another woman’s touch. While Ginny knew it wasn’t Hermione’s intention to recall their dinner together two years prior, the amulet had reminded Ginny that she had not yet explored this aspect of her womanly heart. It was time for her to move on. Move on beyond the confines of the Order and move on past her obsession with Harry as the “one” meant for her.

It was time for Ginny to move past the usual confines of who she allowed herself to love. To Ginny, the amulet was a message from a far-off and powerful seer of the old magics. It was time for Ginny to explore the power that her heart could wield unburdened by its previous ties and expectations.

Author’s Notes: Please leave feedback!
I have a plot line laid out in my head but there are numerous thematic holes that I can still change. For instance, should the golden trio come into play much at all or stay out of the tale until the “big confrontation” with Voldy? How quickly should Ginny uncover the slayer world? Also, who from the DA do you want included in Ginny’s little army? I need to include at least three from her year in addition to Luna and Neville. On that note, is there a secondary character you’d like to see in a battle or romantic situation?

Finally -- this story currently has no beta-reader. Are you interested?

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Older Magics" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Sep 06.

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