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Summary: Multiple crossover. The sequel to Next In Line.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredavidreaderFR1868316,0321512399,86921 Sep 0622 Jan 09Yes

Chapter Forty Two

Disclaimer. As before…Only the bits you don’t recognise are mine..

Authors Note. Okay. For the Stargate bits I’ve set it in the region of Season Eight, somewhere around ‘Prometheus Unbound’, and here is a reason that Hank hasn’t been detected by all the Goa’uld, Jaffa, and the Trust members running around out there. Nuff said for now…

Oh, and there are some naughty bits in this one……

Chapter Forty Two.

Belgravia Police Station.

“Flattery will get you nowhere. You wanted to talk to me?” Said Buffy.

“My, my things have changed. Young ladies weren’t so abrupt in my day. You will have to excuse me, I don’t get out much these days. I take it the detective told you why I was sent here.” Replied the Shadow.

“He did. So, why didn’t you just do it and leave?” She asked.

“Because of the situation it would have left me in. Don’t misunderstand me, if I thought I could have got a way with it, I would, but it would have put these officers under suspicion, and as they have knowledge of you, there would have been a point that you would have searched for me. This man Royce and his cohorts are evil, they did what they did without remorse and therefore they deserve to die.”

“They’ll be prosecuted to the full extent of the law…” Cut in Dan.

“…No doubt they will. However, mine is a more…permanent solution.” Countered the Shadow.

“They’re human. Event though they were under direction of one who’s nature is as yet undetermined, they must be tried under human laws.” Said Giles. “The crimes they committed were against other humans.”

“Alright. I’ll give you that.” Replied the Shadow. “The problem remains as to what happens when Hecht finds out I haven’t kept my end of the deal. I mean you no harm, you must understand that.”

“We’re gonna have to trust you on that one. For now.” Said Buffy. “How will he know? All you’ve got to do is tell him that the job is done.”

“That I don’t know. Perhaps he has spies here. His wife isn’t all she appears either. She was my travelling companion over here.”

“She’s a demon?” Queried Willow.

“Her aura is human, I do know that. Although I couldn’t join with her as I have with this man Royce, and that only happens with demons.”

“When is she expecting you to contact her, when the job’s done, or at some other time?” Said Buffy.

“Upon completion. She’s at a hotel, she also intends to see an old school friend whilst she’s here. A man called Joe Portman.”

“Jo is short for Joanne. She’s one of Harry’s operatives, isn‘t she?” Queried Dan.

”I believe you’re right, Daniel. Perhaps we’d better contact him and advise him of the situation.” Suggested Giles.

Buffy pulled out her cell phone. Dialling Harry’s own mobile number she spoke briefly with the MI-5 man. He’d already had contact with his team with regard to Emily Hecht, however he hadn’t factored in the possibility that she might be a demon. This put Jo and Zaf in an awkward position.

“I won’t have her compromising or killing two of my operatives, I’m dangerously thin on the ground as it is.” Said Harry.

“Okay. Harry, if you can get these guys into that Cotterdam place I’ll help out with keeping an eye on Emily Hecht. Only problem is, we need to make it look like the Shadow has succeeded in killing them.”

“That I can arrange. Although if the media get hold of it there’ll be a stink in the papers. Perhaps they might be killed as part of an attempted escape plot?”

“I’ll see what I can do from this end…”

Buffy and Harry made their arrangements. As she ended the call she saw the look on Dan’s face.

“I know. Rough justice. They’re not getting away with it though. I’m not letting them go.”

Dan sighed. He knew she was right, although it wasn’t the way he would have liked it.

“What will happen to me?” Enquired the Shadow.

“I presume that if you return to Hecht you’ll get re-bottled.” Said Willow.

“I don’t doubt it for one minute.” Said the Shadow.

“Then how about we make you disappear too?”

“How? He has ways of finding me.”

“Well I’ve kinda noticed that your accent has been changing over the last few minutes. When you first spoke you had a New York accent. Now you’re more British….”

“Oh you notice that too. I thought it was just me.” Said Dan.

Willow continued. “…My guess is that you’re getting a better control of his body. If you stay in there for a while, maybe you could get the lawyer to change the story he’s going to tell, when they all disappear.”

The shadow cleared Royce’s throat at Willow’s comments. “Yes you’re right. But then what. I’m a demon, you’d let me go? I noticed that you‘ve avoided getting too close to any cast shadows, so that I‘m trapped in here.”

“We don’t kill demons just for the fun of it. There are demons out there that aren’t evil at all. What I’m getting from your aura is something else. You were taken and turned into a demon against your will. Right?” Said Willow.

“I was. By Clayton Chambers, in 1945.”

“Well he’s dead now. Got rid of him a few weeks ago. No, I was thinking more like, you helping us.”

“How? I have no physical form, and I can’t affect a demon in the same way that I can a human.”

“There are other ways that you could help. I’m quite sure we could come up with something.” Said Giles. “Whatever it was would ultimately be better than being shut up in a bottle, wouldn’t you say?”

“Definitely.” Replied the Shadow.


The Pentagon

Hank didn’t know how long he sat there staring at the face on the screen. All sorts of thoughts running through his head. His eyes flicked down to the corner of the screen at the date and time log… 22:45. 06-17-2000.

Almost five years ago. How had he let so much time pass? That answer was easy. He’d been off world for most of the last six years. Various mining operations on other planets, evading capture by the system lords and trying to find out who was working for the other factions of the NID had kept him busy. Then there was the question of is own identity. Sometimes he had to think twice as to who he was when he woke up in a morning.

But how had Buffy got involved with that project. When did she get so strong? Back to the files. There was the answer…Secret underground operations centre in Sunnydale….Soldier enhancement.

Why, oh why hadn’t he opted for some other way of keeping them safe other than engineering a divorce and…wait, that had been Hennessey’s idea.

Had Hennessey out manoeuvred him somehow. Got him to place Joyce and the girls into Sunnydale so that he could recruit Buffy, alter her somehow….No, not possible. Buffy had always hated him, he’d never have gotten close.

Well he’d never know now, Hennessey was dead. So was Joyce….

Joyce. That was his biggest regret. That he hadn’t been able to confide in her. He hadn’t even known she’d died until he’d returned to Earth for a short period in 2001. He’d phoned the house to see if they were okay, but Dawn hadn’t been much of an informant. A typical teenager. Buffy had been ‘out’ and she didn’t know where, or when she’d be back. He’d pretended he was calling from Spain, but before he could arrange anything further, he’d got called back to base again, to go and check out another Naquadah mine found on some distant world….

He rubbed his hands through his hair. They must have felt so abandoned. He looked back at the screen. His finger hit the rewind button and the video played backwards for a few seconds. He saw the group she was with, and recognised the other three… Mr Giles. The librarian from the high school… How come he was there? And the other two were Buffy’s friends. This didn’t make sense?

“He needed to know what was, or rather, had gone on. There would be one person who might know. He picked up the phone and dialled the central switchboard.

When it answered he asked. “Can you connect me with Homeworld Security please. General George Hammond…”


Later that afternoon there was a knock on his office door. He gave a quick glance over of the room to make certain it was somewhat presentable. There was a pile of flattened boxes in the corner awaiting collection by the archive people but otherwise his unpacking was complete and it was tidy. The files and tapes from Hennessey’s box were still arranged in piles on his desk. This project had become his priority.

He opened the door. The bald Texan at the threshold gave him a huge smile and stepped inside.

“Hank. It’s good to see you made it back. How long have you been here?” He said shaking Hank’s hand.

“George. Thanks, it’s good to be home. I think I’ve had my fill of space exploration for a while.”

“Did you ‘gate home or…”

“The Tok’ra gave me a ride as far as P3-G572. Then the Korolev picked me up on the way back from their hyperspace trials. I couldn‘t ‘gate home because I don’t have a current iris code”

“I see. Now what’s this big thing you’ve discovered. You sounded quite disturbed on the phone.”

“Have a seat George. Tell me, what do you remember about my namesake, James Hennessey….”


Sometime later, Hank’s briefing of the 314 Project was almost complete….

“…And then I realised that the young woman on the tape…was my eldest daughter.”

“I see. I take it you had no idea?”

“None. You know why I cut ties with my family, George. I wanted to keep them safe while I was trying to help take down the rogue elements in the NID. Looks like it still backfired on me.”

Hammond eyed Hank as if assessing his integrity. After a pause he spoke. “Can I use your phone Hank?”

“Yeah, sure, help yourself.”

Hammond picked up the receiver and dialled the switchboard.

“This is General Hammond. Put me through to the President, please.”

There was a short delay and the line connected.

“George, what can I do for you?”

“Mr President. I’m at the Pentagon with Hank Summers of the NID. He’s shown me some rather disturbing footage and files of what he believes to be a foothold situation that occurred approximately five years ago. We need to meet with you to discuss it, and it might be best if General O’Neill was there too.”

“I see. I have a slot free in an hour, can you get here by then? Can O’Neill?”

“We can Mr President. I‘ll call Jack now.”

“Good. I’ll see you then.” There was a pause. “Wait. George. Did you say Hank Summers?”

“I did Mr. President.”

“Does this have anything to do with that other person of the same surname?”

“It does, sir. We’ll see you shortly.” Said Hammond.

He replaced the phone. Hank hadn’t heard what the President had said, and he had the strangest feeling that Hammond hadn’t told him everything.

“We’d better pack this up and get over there then.” Said Hank.

“Certainly. I have one more call to make.”


Hammond nodded, and dialled Jack’s number at the SGC.


The Melia White house Hotel, London.

The Burrach demon inhabiting Emily Hecht’s body looked appreciatively at her naked form in the full length mirror. Her hands massaged and caressed her breasts, tweaking the nipples into hard, erect buds, moaning softly at the pleasure it gave her. She needed sex more now that she had a human form than she ever needed it before.

She’d gone out the previous night, partly to try and attact a suitable hunk of human meat to sate her desires, but hadn’t had any luck. A vampire in a bar had sidled up to her, obviously sizing her up as his next meal, and even if he’d been anywhere near good enough to sustain her needs, the shock of tying to eat her would have been enough to dust him. As it was, a quick flash of her burning red eyes had him backing down quicker than you could say Slayer.

That had been the other part. She knew that there were slayers in the city, she just didn’t know where. Part of her job here was to get as close to them as possible to test whether she could be detected. She hadn’t sensed any nearby, so obviously she would need to try again. Tonight. In the meantime she needed to relax, slake her desire.

She sauntered through to the bathroom and turned off the taps that were threatening to overflow the foam filled bath, and slipped into the inviting suds. Once in, her hands went to work under the aromatic, tingly covering. Before long her moans and ecstatic screams echoed around the sumptuous bathroom….


Zaf’s Flat Old Kent Road

Harry pulled up onto the driveway and got out of the car. He glanced up at the first floor flat that Jo and Zaf shared. This wasn’t going to be easy. He needed to make them aware that Emily Hecht might after all be a dangerous threat to them, and convince them that they were to have backup at all times.

He wasn’t sure whether Buffy herself was going to be the backup, perhaps it would be one or more of the young ladies that had so quickly relieved him of that briefcase the other day. Either way he needed to tell the pair just enough to make them aware that any parties other than Emily that they may encounter, were on their side.

He pushed the intercom on the door. A man’s voice answered, “Hello?”

“Zaf. It’s Harry.” He said.

The buzzer sounded and the door clicked as the release switch activated. Harry pushed the door and went inside, climbing the stairs to the upper floor. As he approached the door to the flat opened and a grinning Zafar Younis greeted him.

“Harry. What’s this, a spot inspection?”

Harry stepped over the threshold and Zaf closed the door.

“Not exactly. Is Jo in? I need to brief you both on Emily Hecht.”

“Trouble?” Asked Zaf.

Harry sighed. This wasn‘t going to be easy. They entered the small lounge, Jo emerged from the kitchen at the far end of the room, cup in hand.

“Ah, good. You’re here Jo. I need to talk to you about your friend Emily.”

”So I heard Harry, but shouldn’t we be doing this at the office?” She asked.

“Normally, yes. But we have a slightly unusual situation here.” He took a deep breath. “Information has just been offered to me that suggests that she is more dangerous than we first suspected. In fact I’d go as far as to say she’s lethal. I’m not one hundred per cent positive, but you both need to be aware of that fact before you go to meet her tomorrow. I want you on the highest alert, scrutinise everything she says and all that you know about her; and if you suspect anything, get the hell out of there and the backup will take her down.”

“But, she’s Emily. She can’t be that dangerous…”

“No buts Jo. I’m serious about this.”

“Who’s the backup. Adam?” Asked Zaf.

Harry shook his head. “No. A Special Ops team are onto her. They’re the ones who gave me the information.”

“When do we meet them? So that we can recognise them.” Asked Zaf.

“You don’t. They’ll know you.” Replied Harry.

“Are they the same group who sent the two agents into Switzerland last week, the ones we worked the legend up for?” Asked Jo.

“Yes, and no.”

“The Americans?” Asked Zaf.

“Some are, some aren’t.”

“You’re being a bit cryptic here, Harry. Why can’t you tell us?” Said Jo.

“It’s complicated. Just do as I ask, and you’ll be safe. I’d hate to think of the alternatives.” Harry glanced at his watch. “I have to go. Good luck tomorrow.”

He swept out of the room leaving a puzzled Jo standing there. Zaf let him out of the flat and he set off down the stairs at a rapid pace. Zaf returned to the lounge to find Jo staring out of the window.

She turned and looked at him, worry etched across her face.

“What’s going on Zaf? What the hell’s going on?”


The Oval Office.

As the President replaced the receiver, a column of white light appeared in the centre of the room and deposited Major General Jack O’Neill in it’s wake. He had a slightly worried look on his face, and patted his chest and sides before he spoke.

“Something wrong, Jack?” Asked the President.

“Mr. President. No, sir. Just checking. Thor sends his regards, he made some wisecrack about…never mind, you know what a card he is sir.”

“Ah, yes. The famous Asgard sense of humour.” Said the President. “Have a seat Jack, we have some things to discuss.

Before he could start, there was a knock at the door.

“Come!” Called out the President.

The door opened and a female aide entered.

“General Hammond and Mr. Summers are here sir.”

The President beckoned his acceptance of the information. “Show them in, please Sally. And no interruptions for half an hour, if you would.”

“Yes Mr President.”

Hank and George were ushered in. Jack got to his feet again and George waved him down, as the President welcomed the two men.
“Still not used to it yet huh, Jack.” Said Hammond.

“No Sir… Gener… George!” Flustered Jack, eventually getting the name out.

Hammond gave him a grin. He glanced at the President. “With your permission sir?“

“Be my guest George.“ Said The President, and sat in the chair behind his desk.

“Jack, this is Special Agent Hank Summers of the NID. He’s just returned to Earth after quite a few years trying to infiltrate and identify the off world rogue elements within the organisation. He has come across some footage and files that you should see, regarding a now defunct operation carried out some years ago by those same rogue operators here on Earth.”

Jack and Hank shook hands, Jack cocked his head on one side and looked curiously at him. “Have we met before?” He asked.

“Possibly. I also go by the name Hennessey. James Hennessey.”

“Ah. Yes. And I should trust a guy who has two names because..?”

“Jack…” Said Hammond, warningly.

“It’s okay George.” Said Hank, placating the Texan. “I feel a little ‘wigged’ by it all myself sometimes. It wasn’t that simple General. I needed an alias to get inside the clique. Hennessey was a former colleague of mine back in L.A. It’s kind of a long story but we used to swap identities back then, and it became a sort of office joke. He went rogue some years ago apparently, even had me fooled for a while. He was killed a couple of years ago in Spain, while he was using a slightly altered form of my identity, so it made sense to keep up the pretence.”

“I see. And they say I’m a little weird.” Said Jack. “So what does this earthbound operation have to do with the SGC? I take it, it is earthbound.” He added.

Hank passed the files over to Jack whilst Hammond placed the video tape in the machine. Jack flicked through a couple of the files, scan reading the contents. As the tape got to the interesting part of the battle scene Jacks attention shifted to the screen, his seasoned eyes assessing the situation, and the possible outcome of the assault.

As it ended Hank paused the action just as Buffy’s face was captured on screen. He looked at Jack.

“Well what do you think, General?” Asked Hank.

“Please Jack‘s just fine. Did I spot an Unas in that fight? Tell me that wasn’t on earth.” He replied.

“It looked like an Unas, but I don’t think it was, and I’m afraid it was on earth. Sunnydale to be precise.” Said Hank.

Jack glanced back at the screen. “Who’s the girl? The way I see it if, she and her friends hadn’t come along when they did, I’d say that there would have been a total loss of personnel in that fight. They did all get out, right?”

“Yes they did. File number ten gives a full breakdown of the losses.” Said Hammond.

“So who’s the girl? She looks like a civilian…”

Hank was about to reply when the President spoke for the first time. He glanced at Hammond who nodded his consent.

“Hank. Have a seat for a moment. I think you’re gonna need it. Jack. The young woman in the video is Buffy Summers. Hank’s daughter.”

Jack’s eyes widened and he cocked an eyebrow at Hank “Buffy!” He mouthed.

Hank shrugged. “My wife named her.” He said.

“What neither of you appear to be aware of is, and until a couple of years ago, neither were George or I, that there have been battles like that one waged on earth for millennia. The First Lady was fortunate enough to be rescued by one of Buffy’s team a few months ago when her motorcade was attacked by some of those monsters. We lost three secret service men that day and the young lady, Faith, took out the demons with a sword and her bare hands. Guns had no effect on them…” The President paused and Jack cut in.

“Her ‘team’? Did you say demons?” The President looked at him. “I said that out loud, didn’t I? Sorry. Please, continue Mr President.” Jack said, looking uncomfortable.

The President grinned. “My point exactly, Jack. When I came into office and was briefed on the Stargate Project, I had a hard time getting to grips with it all. The fact that we are definitely not alone in this galaxy, being the main point. When I was told about all this, vampires demons, magic, witches and slayers, I almost had an aneurism….”

Jack kept his mouth firmly shut, but it didn’t stop him thinking. “Okay. Weren’t the Wraith supposed to be some sort of life suckers. That’s kinda like a vampire. Demons… could be anything non human and extra terrestrial. And it might look like magic, probably some sort of advanced technology that Carter could babble on about for hours…..”

This time it was Hank who interrupted. His eyes widened as he heard the word. He shook his head in disbelief.

“Mr. President. Did you say….Slayer?”


WSC HQ. Tate Modern.

Buffy paced in front of Carly, Mel and Janine who were seated around the conference table, her arms folded as she explained the information that the Shadow had given them about Emily Hecht.

“Okay, you’ve got photographs and her background, you know who the MI-5 people are and this is your town. So I want a detailed plan drawn up on how you’d take her down. Remember she might not be a demon, but the odds are, she is, and she’ll sense you as well as you sensing her. You’ll need to cover all the exits and be aware that she might have others nearby that she can call on if need be. Remember, at the moment this is a capture, not a kill. I want some answers.”

She looked them over, watching for any sign of uncertainty in their faces.

“Any questions?”

“No Mum!” They chorused. A slight smirk crossed their faces.

Buffy rolled her eyes and Dan stifled a giggle in the corner.

”Not funny.” She admonished.

The three put their heads together and began throwing ideas into the pot. Buffy and Dan left them to their plotting and walked out into the exercise area.

“They going to be alright planning this by themselves?” He asked.

“They’ve got a heads up, so why not. I was planning my own campaigns like this when I was their age. It stops them getting bored. Besides, I’ll be there and Willow and Kennedy are going to stick around, so they’ll have some extra help if they need it, they just don’t know that yet.”

“Won’t they be mad if they find out?”

“I’d rather have them mad and alive, than dead. I hate funerals. I had my friends, and Giles when we were in Sunnydale, but when it came down to it. I was alone. I don’t want that for them, they deserve all the help I can give them.”

Dan smiled at her and pulled her into a gentle embrace. “Spoken like a true mother.” He said.


The Oval Office.“

“You mean she told you! And you had her committed!”

Jack’s voice showed his incredulity at the confession that came out of Hank’s mouth when he told the group of his eldest daughter’s admission when she was fifteen.

“Actually it was a joint decision between Joyce and I. You have to understand Jack, she’d just been accused of arson at her high school, and to avoid the courts throwing her in a juvenile detention centre, we had no option but to commit her to some form of therapy, especially with what she was saying.”

Jack saw the logic in Hank’s statement. “So what happened afterwards?”

Hank sighed. “She gave up after a couple of weeks. Stopped telling the stories and toed the line. It was just after that I was persuaded by my superiors to become a Special Agent. That required me to be free of any ties that might be used against me, so the ’nasty divorce’ was arranged with me as the ‘bad boy‘; and Joyce and the girls moved to Sunnydale. Then I was seconded to the Stargate Project, and well, you know the rest.”

Hank turned to the President. “Do you know where she is? You say that you’ve known about her for a couple of years. How is she? Is Dawn okay?”

“Well, if you go by the sightings reports we get from CIA field operations, she’s in about five different countries at any one time. We still haven‘t worked out how she does that. However, according to a note I received yesterday from the Embassy in London, she’s engaged to a British Policeman. As for Dawn, last I heard, she was enrolled at Oxford University.” Answered The President.

Hank rubbed his eyes. “God, I’ve missed so much. Wait a minute, why are they in England and not Sunnydale?” Hank said, looking at the other three seeking his answer.

Jack shrugged. The President glanced at Hammond, who in turn gave Jack a slight glare, as though he should know the answer he was about to give.

“You’re telling me that neither of you know about Sunnydale!”


Geneva, Switzerland

It was getting late. Darkness was creeping like a black veil over the mountains, as Riley and Sam came out of the restaurant and got into the rear of the limo that had pulled up for them. They were alone, no dignitaries, no fading rock stars in their company, and no Arthur Maguire. For the first time in a week they were alone.

Their meal had been enjoyable and as they sat in the rear of the car Sam whispered amorous phrases into her husbands ear.

Riley grinned at her comments about what she was going to do to him when they got back to their hotel suite. Their car soon pulled up at their own hotel and, as they got out, a car pulled up on the far side of the street, its lone occupant watching their every move.

It was one of Maguire’s security men. Ellis allowed them time to enter the foyer before picking up his phone.

“They’ve just got back. Unless they go to the bar they’ll be up in about two minutes.”

“Okay, we’re ready for them.” Came the reply.

He got out and entered the hotel himself, cautious that they might still be around the bar area, and spot him. No sign of them. They’d obviously gone straight up. He headed for the stairs.

Taking the steps three at a time he soon reached the penthouse floor. He heard the lift doors open at the far end of the corridor and his acute hearing picked up the footsteps of two people walking along the thick carpet to their suite. The sound of the woman’s giggle as they opened the door told him that he had the right couple. He waited for a count of three and then cracked open the stairs access door. Their suite was almost next to him, and as the suite door began to swing shut, he opened his door fully and dashed for the closing one, getting there in time to avoid it clicking shut. No lights were put on in the room as yet and he heard the flick of a lamp switch in at the end of the room and a “Damn” as the light flickered briefly and then went out.

That was the signal. With the room in total darkness he slipped silently inside as his fellow demons emerged from their hiding places inside the suite.

They all leapt on Sam and Riley before they knew what had hit them, and within a few seconds the pair were secured, gagged, and sat onto two dining chairs.

Then the lights were put on. Both of the Initiative operatives glared at their captors and struggled against their bonds.

Gardiner put his finger to his lips and whispered. “Shhh.”

They both stopped struggling but continued to glare at them. Maguire stepped out of the bedroom where he’d been hiding and stood in front of them.

“Samantha, Riley. So nice of you to come home early. I might get to see the second half of the opera now.”

Riley muttered something from behind his gag. Maguire indicated to Ellis to remove it.

“Don’t call out will you. Samantha has such a pretty face. We wouldn’t want it disfigured in any way, would we?” Hissed Ellis.

Smith pulled out a knife and put the blade close to Sam’s eyes.

The gag removed Riley managed to curb his anger just enough to feign fear.

“Wh- what do you want. Arthur, why are you doing this? Is it some kind of sick joke?”

“No, not a joke. Deadly serious. You thought you could play me! What was your plan? Lure me out of the country so that you could take me in. how stupid do you think I am?” His voice began to get a little louder as he spoke each sentence.

Riley blinked. “What?”

“I know you were sent here. I have a friend here in Geneva. One who got back from a trip to Paris just over a week ago, and he described to me a scene that took place just off the Champs Elysees. Two people. You two to be exact. Took down a suspected terrorist and not so much as a word mentioned about it in the news. Why was that? Let me see….Probably because it‘s true!”

His face didn’t show it, but Riley’s heart sank. They were screwed. He braved it out.

“So, what are you going to do? If we don’t report in, they’ll send more people to look for us…And you.”

“Not a problem. Because you’re not going to disappear. You’re going to be here, play the part, and infiltrate the Slayer’s organisation for me.

“Dream on.” Said Sam, as she managed to work her gag loose enough to speak.

“What she said.” Added Riley.

“Oh there’s no choice in the matter, and you’ll be doing it willingly. For five days now you’ve been drinking water that I’ve had doctored ready for an opportunity like this.” He said, pointing to the mini bar in the corner of the room. He looked at Gardiner. “Prepare the ceremony, and let our two friends in.”

Ellis went back to the entrance and opened the door. He went to the door marked ‘roof’ and opened it. Two more Khazic demons stood there holding hands. One, a female, was slightly smaller than the other, and by their demeanour they were a couple.

When they returned to the suite both Sam and Riley turned up their noses in disgust at the smell. The ceremonial goblet, knife, a jug of water, and a jar containing white powder, were already laid out on the table

“What are you going to do, stench us into submission?” Coughed Riley as the larger demon bent down next to him for a closer inspection of his face

“No. They are going to be you…or should I say, be in you.” Laughed Maguire.

End of Chapter forty Two.
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