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Superman Returns: Motu Corporum

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Summary: A series of events after the movie dealing with the principle players and their lives after the movie. SPOILERS FOR SUPERMAN RETURNS. CROSS-CANNON(sort of) SHIPPING EVENTUALLY AS WELL

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Chapter five of five

The wedding reception of Lois Lane-White and Richard White....

Lois danced with her husband. Her hus-band. Hus-band. Hubby. Ugh, definitely not that last one. But still, the word sounded very nice all around. Life really had been strange for the last few years, but the ups and downs of this last year....well, they had made all of the pain and joy even more worthwhile. She laughed heartily when Richard said something to her about their honeymoon, and realized how much she was truly ready to be with Richard for the rest of her life.

After Clark had come clean and the subsequent conversations about her and Richard had been had, Lois had seen Richard in a new light. Clark pointed out that the things that had initially attracted her to Perry's nephew may have been a sub-conscious desire for the things that she had sought from Superman, but that Richard himself was of such quality and fiber that Lois would be an idiot to reduce Richard to a set of skills or a “type”.

Once again, the big dumb alien had been right.

In the last seven months, Lois and Richard had returned to each other, a fire to their love that had been fostered by the most unlikely person of all. More than ever, Lois decided that she really did love Clark. He had become one of the best friends that she'd ever had, now or till the end of her life. That he had stepped aside and done what he wasn't hard to see why Clark and Richard had become best friends. Which shouldn't have happened, she knew, but the kind of faith and trust that Clark had given to her and Richard and how Clark had gone about it, made any other kind of relationship impossible. it made her heart swell to know that she was blessed with this amazing family.

Of course, now she just needed to figure out how to get Chloe and Clark to quit being so stupid so that she could live the rest of her life happily.

The reception was over and Clark Kent remained. He had taken off his bow tie and jacket, and enjoyed the memories of the day as they played lightly across his thoughts. Lois and Richard had flown out earlier for their honeymoon (Perry had sternly told both not to work while on vacation) and Jason was spending the next week with his grandfather, retired general Sam Lane. The catering staff had left a few remaining bottles of champagne and Clark enjoyed the feel of the bubbles going down his throat, even if it would take a whole warehouse to feel anything. Normally he refused any kind of alcohol, but tonight seemed like an appropriate occasion.

The one thing that he hadn't done tonight was taken the chance to dance with Chloe. He realized that he had blown the opportunity, badly on top of that. Wasn't there supposed to be a dance between the Best Man and Maid of Honor? Clark slapped his forehead with a touch that could have calved a glacier. He remembered those times Lois had teasingly referred to him as a “big dumb alien” and he couldn't agree more right now. As he avoided trying to brood too badly Clark turned in surprise as he heard footsteps behind him.

Chloe Sullivan stood there with a CD and a smile on her face, still in her dress from the wedding.
As the maid of honor, Lois and Chloe had found a dress that had been breathtaking. A soft creamy shade of off white it darkened in color to a peach shade near the bottom edge. Fastening over Chloe's right shoulder in a toga style, the whole design accentuated how beautiful Chloe was to Clark. The smile that she was gracing Clark with was definitely not one he'd seen before, a gentle Mona Lisa kind of smile that he felt turning his insides to a mess of sunlight and terror.

Chloe moved close to Clark and ran her hand across Clark's jaw, her touch setting him on fire. They hadn't had any time together since they had met, and at this moment all of Clark's defenses were torn away like a scrap of cloth in a hurricane. For one moment Clark had this image in his mind of Chloe as she must have been in high school and he wished that he had gotten a chance to know that girl...but all of those thoughts vanished as she ran her hand through his hair. While he sat, powerless, Clark tentatively reached out and ran a gentle hand down her side, over her hips and down her leg, feeling her warmth beneath the silky soft fabric of her dress and he liked the sound of Chloe hissing inward at his touch.

Pleading to her with his eyes, stormy behind his glasses, Chloe saw his need and whispered into Clark's ear, “May I have this dance?”

Chloe led him to the dance floor, still unswept, covered with flower petals and streamers from the party. She found a the stereo and dropping the CD in she came back to Clark. He cautiously embraced her and she pulled him close staring at his face, almost positive it was the one that haunted her dreams.

Soft music filled the air, a simple guitar followed by a smoky voice that Clark had never heard and the lyrics started to fill the space between them.

You can't know, oh no
you can't know
how much I think about you, no
It's making my head spin
Looking at you
and you are looking at me
and we both know what we want
hmmm, so close to giving in

Feel so nice
oh yeah you feel so nice
wish I could spend the night
but I can't pay the price
oh no, no

But I'm flying so high
high off the ground
when you're around
And I can feel your high
rocking me inside
it's too much to hide

Chloe looked into Clark's beautiful face and knew that he felt like she did. Terrified of everything he was feeling but totally unable to stop his feelings and where they were taking them.

She briefly thought of what it would have been like to be around Clark in high school and dismissed it out of hand. Gods knew that who you were then were not who could become and she decided that now was the time they should have met. Moments were rare things and while she would have been afraid to seize something this powerful when she was fifteen, she wasn't that person anymore. They probably would have been friends and had some awkwardness as she would have absolutely been head over heels for him, but she felt like it would never have worked, especially if he had ever gotten a chance with Lois before now. Chloe knew that despite her bluster, Lois would have pounced on Clark if she had seen him the way Chloe did now and she was glad that Lois had found Richard, and that Clark and Lois had worked out where they were.

Losing herself in his eyes, Chloe rested her head on Clark's chest and breathed deeply, not wanting to think anymore, just to exist in this moment.

I know, oh yes
I know that we can't
be together
but, I just like to dream
It's so strange
the way our paths have crossed
how we were brought together
hmmm, it's written in the stars it seems
Feel so nice
oh yeah you feel so nice
I'd love to spend the night
but I can't pay the price
oh no, no

And I'm flying so high
high off the ground
when you're around
And I can feel your high
touching me inside
and it's too much to hide

Clark relaxed as Chloe settled into his embrace and he found himself holding her more firmly, committing every second with her in his arms to his memory. The lyrics would trickle through into his thoughts every once in a while and he realized how true they were. He was terrified of this woman in his arms. She represented a life that he had thought was behind him and he didn't know if he was strong enough to face what his feelings meant. He had already fallen in love with Chloe over the three short weeks she'd been in Metropolis and he knew that he wouldn't be able to deal when she left town again, but part of him almost longed for that day. If she was gone, then he wouldn't need to let anyone in and then he would be safe. Safe from the pain that he'd felt when he'd come back from his journey and found that the world had moved on. Safe from the truth that he wasn't human, that he should live a life among them but never be too close.

He breathed in the sweet scent of Chloe's air and bit his lip hard, the desire and longing she created in him was a palpable force. She smelled like Jasmine and Autumn somehow, despite the June night, and she made Clark think of October days on the farm, drinking a mug of tea in his loft, watching the leaves turn...she made Clark think of a home of his own that he had never found, but was achingly close.

The part of his brain that wasn't afraid suddenly seized on a thought. Despite Jor-El's admonishing Clark that he wasn't an earthling, what did that mean? He had a son, he had a home and parents, he had a dog for Rao's sake. If earthling also meant human, then Clark realized that he was as human as he could be. And the woman in his arms, his heart swelled for her, she had come to Clark, not Kal-El. She saw Superman as a civil servant, not an object of adoration...if she had fallen for the man as opposed to the “Super”....

Back to earth
where did you take me to
I know there's no such thing
As painless love
well it'll catch us up
and we can never win
But ohhh
I feel so alive
Just wanna hold you
hold you so tight

And I'm flying so high
high off the ground
when you're around
And I can feel your high
touching me inside
and it's too much to hide
And I'm flying so high
high off the ground
when you're around

The song ended and Chloe and Clark looked into each others eyes. Each could feel the other's heart racing in their chests and knew that this was it. Clark had lost moments in his personal life due to inaction but he wasn't about to let this be one of them. Chloe had worked through her life, looking through her camera for a face that she knew in her heart but hadn't seen with her eyes...she knew what she had to do.

Reaching up slowly, Chloe ran her hands through Clark's hair and touched his face, slowly she wrapped her fingers around his glasses, feeling totally locked into this deeply intimate moment. Clark never made a sound as she pulled his glasses away and she saw the face of her future looking back at her, uncluttered and open to her in it's promise.

Clark saw no shock of recognition in Chloe's amazing eyes and while he wondered what it was that she was seeing exactly, he decided he didn't care right now. All he knew is that he need to taste her, feel her lips on his.

They came together, softly, but before a single moment had passed, the sensation of each other electrified the two and the began to intensify the passion in their kiss. Chloe felt a tingle run through her body to her core as she captured Clark's lips, sucking on his lower lip before running both of her hands through his hair.

She sighed contentedly as he groaned quietly into her mouth and Clark felt the tension run out of him as she melted into his arms, Clark deciding that no matter the risk to his bruised heart, this was where Chloe should be.

Hours later, the pair of reporters had moved to Clark's apartment. Shelby had looked up sleepily at the two when they had stumbled in, scarcely able to keep their bodies apart, and the loyal dog had opted to go back to sleep and worry about getting a walk in the morning.

Chloe pulled Clark onto the couch and straddled him, their clothes an agonizing prison. She couldn't help herself as she ripped his shirt open and started caressing his incredible body. Dimly, Chloe felt as if there was something she had missed when she had pulled off Clark's glasses and it seemed as if her mind was trying to cut through the passion that currently consumed her thoughts.

Clark for his part, was totally lost at sea. His life and jobs being what they were, Clark had been with exactly two women in his life and that was the limit of his experiences with another person. Superman was a relatively non-sexual being in the eyes of the world, “Metropolis Clark” too shy to have ever been on any dates, no matter if any women had approached him, but despite his inaction, Clark Kent was a passionate soul. His dreams had always been filled with images that left him breathless and there really wasn't an easy way for a man who could hear a microbe shuffle to not hear the world around him.

Having this passionate, beautiful, oooh very tactile, woman working all of his senses right now and Clark couldn't stop himself from submitting to his passions. He reached up and undid Chloe's dress, it the dim light of the city night her flesh glowed in the darkness and he began to explore her body with his mouth.

Chloe felt Clark's mouth on her neck and shoulders, felt his lips moving around the edges of her lacy bra and she fervently whispered for him to never stop. Gods, she felt like she burning up, his hands and mouth causing a torrid reaction in her. But still, her damn instincts were howling for her attention, if only she could – screw it, there was no way she could think when he was doing that to ear earlobe.

Clark was hyper aware, his every thoughts focused on Chloe's hands as she puled his shirt off and caressed his shoulders. The way he was straining to have more, more of her, it felt as if he'd never been touched by another soul. But finally one of the desire wracked minds between the two of the would be lovers found a purchase with it's warning and Clark realized that he couldn't do this with Chloe, not until she knew everything.

His whole life, Clark had kept those he loved at arms length so as to protect them from his world, but Clark realized that he knew these people because they already were part of his world. Women like Lois and Chloe weren't exactly content to be covering county fairs and the mayoral race all the time, they wanted the action, the stories that changed the world. This put them in sticky situations, whether Superman could be there or not. That was why he loved these women, they would never back down from life.

He didn't know if she hadn't cared or just hadn't recognized his face after she had gotten his glasses off (strangely magical camouflage that they were) but he decided that she needed to see, especially since Chloe was one of the vociferous opponents of superhuman adoration, and Superman was the poster boy for people thinking too much of in Clark's opinion. He just couldn't wait until they had gone any further to tell her.

Clark decided that a subtle reveal was all he could do right now, there was absolutely no way he was putting on tights in his current state. Wrapping his arms around Chloe, (to which she smiled in their kisses and murmured appreciatively) Clark began to float up off of the couch out into the center of the room. He found himself glad that Richard had helped find a place with high ceilings and a nicely obscured balcony.

Tortuously, Clark pulled his lips away from Chloe's and caressed her face. She was flushed and her eyes had a wild look in them that made Clark want to not stop but he wouldn't forgive himself if he hurt her by omission of the truth.

All Chloe could see were Clark's eyes, and she saw that something was bothering him, a twist of fear in her stomach, she worried that maybe she had read him wrong or that she had rushed him in some way, then she pulled back a bit and looked at where they were.

Clark had moved them by the balcony doors and through the windows she could see the south side of the city. This was a pretty mean feat she decided since she hadn't felt them move and the unobstructed view of the city was through windows that were ten feet off the floor of Clark's apartment.

In a flash Chloe realized what her mind had been trying to tell her despite her best efforts.

She knew Clark's face. She had gotten at least a dozen solid action shots of it last week when she and Jimmy had scooped Superman battling the Atomic Skull a.k.a Albert Michaels, who had hit a tech firm downtown with the intent of cleaning the place out..

She could see in his eyes the fear that she would be angry, that she would hiss and spit and revile him, and her heart went from intense passion to immense compassion for this sweet, silly, man. Lois had taken great pains in the last two weeks to assure Chloe that Clark hadn't meant to leave her in a delicate condition, that he had found something out about his real parents and had been unable to ignore the trip. She and Lois had talked about Lois and Clark and where they had arrived at, how Clark was an invaluable part of the family, was an amazing father for Jason, and how Richard trusted Clark more than the younger White could say.

Chloe could see why they had worked all of these angles now, all of the pieces coming together in between heart beats. She felt the strength from the man she was wrapped around and felt how warm he was, even despite the heat of the June night, Clark Kent was a delicious warmth that filled her and completed her in the way she'd sought her whole life.

Even though these revelations had taken but seconds, they were an eternity for Clark. He could see a myriad of emotions flashing behind Chloe's eyes and he found himself holding his breath as to the outcome. Granted he could hold his breath for fortnight these days, but it didn't mean that he was breathing easy now.

Slowly a grin came across Chloe's face and she leaned in dangerously close to Clark, causing him to gasp out for air at her proximity and he heard the magic words that soothed his soul and sent his heart racing once more.

“We'll talk about it over breakfast, handsome.”

The first of all the tomorrows....

The next morning Chloe felt sunlight pouring in through Clark's eastward facing bedroom window. She stretched contentedly and reached out for the man she had spent last night with but found only a white rose with a note:

“Took Shelby for a walk and am getting breakfast as ordered. Love, Clark”

Love. Love.

Chloe felt her heart doing back flips in her chest at how amazing that word looked in Clark's formal handwriting. After his amazing revelation last night there hadn't been any more words (well, none that were party to a coherent thought) and she knew that anyone who was as honest as Clark Kent probably didn't bandy emotions around lightly.

Chloe wandered Clark's apartment while waiting for him to return after she had thrown on a “Smallville High Phys Ed” tee shirt and some of Clark's sweatpants(cinched to a ridiculous degree) she thrown her hair into a ponytail and tried vainly to find more clues into the man who lived here.

At one point this place must have been like a museum for what a professional urban dweller should have. It was a lot of muted greens and tans, nice woodwork in the bookshelves, a huge television. Lois had lamented to Chloe that before she and Richard had started “helping” Clark come out of his shell (which Chloe now recognized as making the reporter persona more warm, less shy) it was a virtually featureless apartment, even for a man who lived with a dog.

Now though....what a difference a year must have made. There were pictures of Jason and his parents all over the place, Jason at the park, Jason in a very cozy looking kitchen with a beautiful silver haired woman making cookies. Her godson's drawings covered the refrigerator surface and the apartment almost hummed with a vitality that she recognized as what drew her to Clark in the first place. It felt like the sun burning through the clouds, warming the world below and nourishing all.

Keys rattled in the door of the apartment and Chloe suddenly found herself attacked by a gold blur as Shelby barreled into the visitor to his home. Any shyness Chloe might have had in this first meeting with Clark post intimacy dissipated under the happy hound's onslaught and Chloe was grateful.

She felt a strong hand pluck her deftly from the floor and Chloe found herself seated neatly upon Clark Kent's palm, his grin making her weak in the knees.

“Show off,” Chloe laughed and pulled Clark into a warm kiss, both of them feeling a little dizzy as their lips gently caressed the others.

After sliding onto a more conventional seat on a stool at the island in Clark's kitchen, Chloe took a moment to take in his appearance. He had on jeans combined with a dark blue flannel shirt with a white tee shirt underneath. The clothes were slightly over sized it seemed until Clark stripped away the vestiges of his city look and removed his glasses. Some where just short of the overly sold looking square frame that he had in his tights, Chloe found the non slouching, shoulders back, carefree smile, Clark to be a mix of the man she had come to love and his flying alter ego. Desire and love crashed through her in waves at the simple transformation and she saw the man, literally of her dreams, standing before her.

“I brought you bagels and a, uh, grande triple caramel latte,” Clark offered up shyly.

Now she knew he was perfect. And she told him as much.


A/N #2: So that's it kids. The basic idea behind this fic was that I wanted to do a non-Smallville Chlark relationship in the Superman Returns universe and I think that I accomplished that. I intentionally left a lot of what happens to the characters to the spaces between the parts we get to read because I thought that many of the cute moments were beyond the need to map out. “Flying High” by Jem was the song that bore the fic, simply because I could see Chloe and Clark dancing somewhere and both of them terrified of being hurt but wanting so badly to trust the other person. I may do more with my take on this universe at some point, but I have no concrete plans as of yet, you can assume however that everybody lived very happily ever after, minus a few superhero related crisis here and there. Special thanks to Miella for pointing me in a direction or two. Thanks for reading and please drop me a line with you thoughts on this!

The End

You have reached the end of "Superman Returns: Motu Corporum". This story is complete.

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