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Saving Superman

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Summary: Just because you know all his secrets, it doesn't mean he'll choose you in the end. Spoilers for SR.

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DC Universe > SupermanJmariaFR1545,6380249,83621 Sep 0623 Mar 11No

Don't Forget to Remember Me

Title: Saving Superman
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: DC owns Superman, Joss owns Buffy - Bryan Singer owns some of the plot - I own nothing.
Spoilers: Superman Returns, all of Buffy
Summary: Clark Kent had two women in his life that loved him, except only one knew all of his secrets.
A/N: A lovely little plot that popped into my head after seeing Superman Returns.

Saving Superman

1. Don’t Forget to Remember Me

A slim brunette watched as the bulb in her desk lamp flickered. She hadn't’t been able to concentrate on much today, and even she recognized it. Not only did she recognize it, she knew that her co-workers were noticing it. And she was noticing the noticing.


She recognized Willow Rosenberg’s I’m-trying-to-be-comforting voice. Dawn Summers was not in a good mood, and while she loved Willow like a sister, she really didn’t want to put up with Willow’s I -have-guilt cookie face. Of course, her Resolve face wasn’t all that appealing either.

“Do you maybe want to talk about it? Get it all off your chest - you know, vent?”

Dawn snapped her attention back to the file of fifteen year old Carmen Rhimes. Carmen was a lot more interesting that Superman’s return after five long years. No matter what it had done to her and that other two-bit floozy that had wooed him.

“Well, damn,” she could feel the tears welling up in her eyes.
“Dawnie -”
“Willow, this is my resolve face. I DO NOT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!” Dawn gritted the end of the sentence out.
“Dawn, you don’t have to be alone right now.”
“I won’t be. I’m never alone! I’ve got Carmen Rhimes running away to Metropolis, I’ve got Izzy Malone three months pregnant and expecting another slayer junior, I’ve got Buffy’s wedding to help plan and run, and I’ve got -”
“Superman on the mind?” Willow prodded.
“Unfortunately,” Dawn sighed, her bottom lip quivering just a little. “But I - I need to deal with this issue on my own.”
“If you’re sure.”
“I’m positive.”

Willow kissed the top of her head before leaving, casting a worried glance back at the littlest Scooby in the gang. Dawn smiled at that, because it was hard to stay mad with Willow around.

This wasn’t the first time - hell, it wasn’t even the second time - that Dawn had found herself in a funk over a guy. And this time it was really over two guys - if you believed the angst-ridden pieces of slop written by one of Metropolis’ acclaimed and arrogant reporters. It wasn’t even the first time she’d glared into said slop written by said reporter. Why the World Needs Superman hadn’t been the first or the last she’d glared at, but it was certainly the most recent . . .

Five Years Earlier

Dawn Summers slammed the paper down with a furious bang, startling the others in the relatively calm London based Council Headquarters. She didn’t even bother to apologize to her co-workers because she was too furious to care. The emotions surged through her. This was what he’d chosen, after all. He’d chosen his path in this whole affair from day one. And yet, it wasn’t him that she was most angry at. It was her, the other woman. Of course, if that back-biting, two-bit reporter even knew about Dawn, she might be considered the other woman. That made her stop a few seconds, and the rapid eye twitching start again.

“Dawn, is this completely necessary?” Rupert Giles asked from the door of her office. Dawn blushed a little, mainly because she hated getting caught being a brat in front of the Senior Council member. It didn’t help that he was as close as a father to her, and probably remembered a lot of the stupid things she’d done as a kid.

“Sorry, Giles. It’s been a weird few weeks,” Dawn murmured, her hand going to her throat. She knew this pose made her look like a little girl, and she was milking it for all it was worth.
“I know it’s been stressful, Dawn, especially for you,” Giles said quietly, wrapping his arm around her protectively. “But it doesn’t excuse you from being a brat.”
“Thanks, Giles,” Dawn sniffled a bit. Honestly, she couldn’t help being emotional. Clark was gone, she was alone, and Lois Lane was bad-mouthing Superman. Her world had gone topsy-turvey.
“Enough of that now, you don’t want to upset the baby,” Giles pulled her in for a hug. “My godchild needs a strong mother.”

“I’ll try.”

There was also her seven month pregnancy, and the teeny fact that her child’s father was somewhere in outer space oblivious of the fact that she was even pregnant. Dawn had at least one or two consolations. One was the fact that she was going to have a baby. Another was the fact that at least her ex-boyfriend had come to say good-bye to her. Clark hadn’t been able to bring himself to say goodbye to Lois. So that was two up on Lois.
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