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Past Comes Haunting

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This story is No. 3 in the series "New York Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Jack Malone's past is out to get him. Striking at those he cares about. Can he stop it before he loses everything he loves? Buffy/Without A Trace X-Over after Ch. 2

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Television > Without a TraceheartsarewildFR1867,246076,42222 Sep 0629 Sep 06Yes

Past Meets Present

Disclaimer: I do not own "Buffy" or "Without a Trace"


Danny Taylor turned around as he heard footsteps behind him. He looked around, but didn’t see anything. He turned and continued on to his car. He’d had to park close to three blocks away from his apartment the night before. He sighed as he finally spotted his car. He bent over the door to undo the lock when he heard footsteps hurrying up behind him.

”Can I help…” Danny got out, starting to turn around, when something hit him hard on the head, making him slam into the car window. Blood smeared the window from where the skin had broken on impact as he continued to crumple to the ground. His attacker stared down at his unconscious form, then looked up as a white paneled van pulled up in front of Danny’s car. Two men leapt out of the back and grabbed Danny under the arms, dragging him upright before dragging him into the van. They threw him down between two seats before one tied his wrists behind him with thick cord. The other man tied Danny’s ankles together. A third man, the driver, gagged Danny and pulled a hood over Danny’s head. The man who had attacked Danny climbed into the van and nodded at their handy work. The doors to the van shut, and it left the scene, leaving Danny’s car with the keys on the ground next to it and a bloodstained window.


Jack Malone had the worst headache imaginable. His wife had kicked him out of the house a few days earlier when he had finally told her that he was a werewolf, and all he’d managed to find apartment wise was a seedy little place on the other side of town from where the New York School for Gifted Girls was. The knock on his down seemed unnaturally loud, and he winced. He glared at the knocker, Vivian Johnson.

“Viv, what is it?” Jack asked.

“Danny hasn’t come in this morning, and he isn’t answering either his home phone or his cell phone,” Vivian said. Jack groaned.

“Tell Martin to go check it out,” Jack sighed. Danny had probably overslept and not heard his phone ring. Danny had worn himself out on the last case, traveling all over New York to find any trace of Dawn Summers and her new fiancé, SAM Malloy. Jack was just glad they didn’t have any new cases right now.


Danny groaned as he slowly regained consciousness. His head throbbed, and he didn’t want to open his eyes. He knew he had to though. He had to get his bearings, find out where he was. He slowly opened them a crack, and immediately groaned as his headache worsened. Between the gag he could taste in his mouth and the ropes he could feel cutting into his wrist and ankles, Danny knew he was in a bad situation. He could feel the hardness of the pole he was tied to behind him. He could feel something metal chaffing his skin around his neck. Danny tried pulling against the ropes that held him fast, but there was no give. He heard a door open and turned his head to try to see who held him prisoner. He didn’t recognize him. He grunted against the gag in his mouth as the man circled him.

“So, we meet at last…Danny Taylor,” the man said. Danny glared at him. How did this man know him? He’d never seen him before.

“You don’t know me, but I know you,” the man continued. “Special Agent Danny Taylor, assigned to the New York office’s Missing Person’s Unit under Jack Malone.” The man leaned right over into Danny’s face. “Jack Malone put my baby brother away for life, and now he’s dead! My brother was everything to me. Now Malone’s going to pay.” Danny swallowed. This man was insane. And that did not bode well for him.


Jack was resting with his eyes closed when the phone rang. Jack sighed, and reached for it.

“Malone,” Jack said, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Jack, we got a problem,” he heard Martin say. Jack groaned.

“What is Martin?” Jack asked.

Danny’s not in his apartment, and when I went to check to see if his car was around…Jack, there’s blood on the window,” Martin said. Jack sat up straighter.

“You sure it’s Danny’s blood?” Jack asked. He heard Martin take a ragged breath.

Yeah. I called the Slayer House as soon as I saw it. Willow…Willow said it’s Danny’s,” Martin said. Jack sighed.

“Right. Go by the book. Get what information you can. And relax, Martin. I can hear how tense you are over the phone. We’re going to find him, okay?” Jack said. He knew how close of friends Danny and Martin had become, so it was no wonder Martin was worried sick. Plus, with Danny’s blood at the scene…Danny was hurt and missing, and they didn’t know how hurt he was.

Got it. Go by the book. Right…got…” Martin trailed off. Jack looked at the phone.

“Martin? Martin?!” Jack said frantically into the phone. Suddenly, there was a screech of tires, a panicked yell, and the thud of a body hitting the ground.

“Martin!” Jack yelled into the phone. He continued to yell into the phone as he was met with silence. Finally, there was an answer…but it wasn’t Martin. It made his stomach drop. He knew that voice…it was a voice that swore revenge the day his younger brother went to prison.

“Let them go, Garretson,” Jack said with a growl.

“It’s only just begun, Malone,” Garretson snarled. Then the line went dead. Jack lowered the phone back to its cradle. Garretson was insane to have attacked his agents. His brother had been insane, too. Jack closed his eyes. If anything happened to any of his agents…he didn’t know what he would do.


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