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San Greal ou Sang Real

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Light and Hope". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy has to save the galaxy from the Ori. A quest for the Holy Grail begins... will it be enough to save them all. Or is their something out there better suited for the job. Buffy/Digimon/Stargate.

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Anime > Digimon
Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Action
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Chapter 1: The First Problem

Disclaimer: I own neither Buffy or Digimon or Stargate. They belong to whoever made them respectively.
Note: the person I have that checks my spelling and grammar has been busy and I really wanted to post. So this is the completely unchecked version of this chapter. Sorry I did my best.

(Here put the song ‘He Lives in You’ from Lion King 2… Since I’m trying to do this TV stylish I needed a theme song)
Chapter 1: The First Problem
Who, What, Where, When, How, Why…. And May I Add a HUH!!? Part 1

The darkness has not been conquered, and it will continue to fight against the light. But as long as people remember to follow their dreams, evil will be kept at bay. And on days like these, it's hard to see any darkness anywhere. Now it's up to our children, and children everywhere, to follow their dreams. Who knows where they'll end up? But the only way to find out is to take that first step into adventure. (In case you don’t know this is TK’s line at the end of the series.)

A plane somewhere over the USA

She could be on her way to Vegas.

Or Hawaii

Oh!! Or that place that with cute waiters that she couldn’t understand.

Hell!! She could be slaying some Big Bad.

But No; she had to baby-sit the geek who was on his way to a nerd convention.

Now to be fair going to San Diego isn’t that bad.

She may even get to go to that zoo or one of the shopping areas; it’s been awhile since she’s shopped in good old California.

But she hasn’t quite decided if it would be worth being seen at a… what did Andrew call it? Dinimin convention; no that wasn’t it, what was it?

She shifted in her seat and thought about it for a second before putting it to the back of her mind as unimportant.

The important thing was she had been drafted into going. She didn’t even get a choice. She was supposed to have choices now.

They so owed her.

She shifted in her seat again and looked over at the geek in question. He was asleep right now; how he accomplished that feat she’d never know; their cheap seats were anything but comfortable. One would think that with all the money they got from the old Watchers Council and various other sources they would be able to get better seats. I mean she was going to this dig-I men convention out of the kindness of her heart. It wouldn’t hurt for them to put in a bit more of the mula for her comfort. On the other hand they probably should use the money sparingly… I mean it did have to last from now until eternity.

She shifted again and groaned in displeasure. ‘Stupid seats.’ She quickly jabbed the seat with her elbow causing it to throw her forward. It her twisted up state she lost her balance. She would have fallen right out of the chair if it hadn’t been for the hands that gently caught her by the shoulders. A masculine laugh caused her to glare in the direction of the blue haired man who’d caught her.

“So; what’d the chair do?” He said with a sly grin. She had to admit he was cute. Blue black hair, tan and a great smile. Cute. She vaguely noted that he was Asian. Chinese; maybe Japanese. But what struck her the most and put her slayer side on alert were his eyes. They were silver. But not in the unnatural way… barring the fact that silver in its self was odd. She shook her head when she realized she had been staring. He; of course, looked amused by this. She blushed and turned her face away.

“Very funny.”

“I thought so.” He settled down into the seat across the aisle from her to continue their conversation in a more comfortable position.

“Business or pleasure?” He asked; Buffy frowned in confusion at first not sure what he meant. Then almost hit her self when she realized how simple the question was. With an annoyed look at Andrew; still totally asleep she responded;

“Well not really pleasure for me; but so definitely not business… how ‘bout yourself?” He looked thoughtful for a second and then torn as if he didn’t really want to say. Just as she was about to say he didn’t have to answer he sighed;

“Well… I’m here on business… but I do enjoy my work.” His smile was as though he was enjoying some inside joke at his words. Confusion and the urge to know what was going through his mind caused her to ask;

“What do you do?” She almost winced at how it came out. She sounded way to mean. But he just smiled… she was really beginning to hate that smile. It was one of those ‘I know something you don’t know’ ones that just got on her nerves.

“Sorry I have to get back to my seat.” He was looking down the walkway at a red haired man. How he knew that was the owner of the seat was beyond her and she had been sitting next to him the whole flight. Before he walked away however he turned back and asked;

“Do you believe in fate?” She started at him again, unsure where this question came from. But she wasn’t sure how to answer anyhow. Sure she had been chosen to be the Slayer; but that wasn’t really fate as much as The Powers. But then wouldn’t her defeating The First be considered fate. What about that deal with The Master… and what’s up with all the ‘The’s.’ Before she could answer he laughed.

“Sorry didn’t mean it to be such a deep question… my friends up front dared me to ask you that… see you around.” With that he bowed and walked away just as the red haired man got back to his seat and dropped a bunch of his belongings. Buffy helped him get his stuff in order and with quick thanks he settled into his seat. It was then that Buffy realized she never got that guys name. Just as she was about to get up she noticed the red haired guy staring at her with a thoughtful expression. Honestly; what was it with her and guys today.

“Sorry Miss but I over heard your friend and you talking earlier about the digimon convention…” Hold it right their. That was it! The name that eluded her moments before. It took her a moment to realize that her joy at figuring out the name was a little less then private being that the man stopped talking to stare at her with a look of shock and amusement. That’ll teach her to happy dance in public. Unfortunately for him she was quite annoyed so she snapped at him.

“And why were you listening in… don’t you know anything about privacy?” He quickly put up his hands and waved them animatedly. As Buffy really looked at him she noticed he was pretty cute too. Short red hair, black eyes, and light skin. Surprisingly also Asian. What were Asian’s doing on a Roman fight.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to it’s just your friend was talking so animatedly about it… anyway I’m one of the ones in charge of the convention and was wondering if you two would like some tickets for a conference that is taking place on the second day?” He seemed sincere enough; and Andrew would like it. A smile came to her lips. This would be just the leverage she’d need to get him to let her go shoe shopping for a whole day.

“Oh.. yes we would love some,” He paled and sweatdropped at her devious smile but handed over the tickets… if somewhat reluctantly. Then Buffy realized she never got this guys name either.

“So… I’m Buffy… thanks for the tickets Mr….” She held out her hand and he took it answering;

“It’s Dr actually and my name is Izu… oh sorry I keep forgetting to say my family name last… my name is Koushiro Izumi.”

Now why did that name sound familiar?

Another plane landing in a Japanese airport

Xander was brought out of his slumber by a sudden shaking motion.

Oh god the plane was descending he was going to die!!!

“Relax Xander… The plane is landing.”

“Well that’s good to know… wouldn’t want to end up tofu.”

Willow smiled, shook her head, and playfully rolled her eyes.

“Xander, tofu is a vegetable food… we’d be hamburgers… we couldn’t possible be tofu.”

Xander smiled but quickly sobered up at the next jolt of the plane. He hadn’t always been scared of flying. But to make a long story short he had been on a plane that had a pretty bad crash. He is still ok enough to get on a plane… but Willow or one of the other Witches have to put a spell on him so he won’t wake up during it. That is until the plane starts to land or an emergency occurs. Willow noticing his distress says;

“Don’t worry we’ll be in the airport and on are way to Shinguku in no time. So what do you think of all those supposed Digimon sightings all those years ago?”

Xander smiled. Buffy was on her way to that convention right now. He’s pretty sure no one would want to trade places with her… except maybe Willow. The man who supposedly started the frenzy way back when was supposed to be their. Dr. Koushiro Izumi. Also the Game creator would be there too. Mr. Taichi Kamiya. He’d never admit it to anyone but he had some of the games. Hell would freeze over before he’d admit to liking the same thing as Andrew. Though a lot of the Asian Slayers seemed to love it and Dawn seemed to too. Even Willow was intrigued by the sightings of ‘real’ digimon. Buffy; however, could care less.

“It’s probably just demons taking advantage of the fact that there are so many different looking monsters so they can go out during the day and cause havoc.”

“I don’t know Xan. It seems like it might hold some truth; 12 years ago was the last of any major sightings… and those occurred all around the world. New York, China, France, and others all claimed that digimon… well actually they claimed monsters appeared… and that they were stopped by another group of digimon with children helping them. Some governments even had information on digimon from previous attacks.”

Xander thought about that for a moment when he recalled something Willow had said earlier on the matter during a different discussion.

“But didn’t you say that when you ‘visited’ all those government sites you found nothing on them?”

“I said ‘had’ didn’t I…. That was weird though. After Sunnydale and when things cooled down that was one of my major projects. You know… to find other problems that we had to work on. The strange thing was that the governments themselves had no clue what happened to all their data… it just up and vanished… poof… after that you couldn’t find anything on digimon anywhere. Then two years ago… wham… an influx of toys, games, and shows… mighty fishlike if you ask me.”

People started getting up from their seats and gather their things to leave the plane. Even though he and Willow were both going to the same part of Japan; they were going to different places. Xander was going to the address that he had on a piece of paper to speak with the parents of a new Slayer. If things went good she would be enrolled in one of their programs. The first was the Summer one; for parents who didn’t want their kids gone long, and the School year one. Willow was going to a research facility to look up more on possible digimon sightings to confirm if the sightings had been demon related. It always surprised him how small the demon population was here. If you discard the digimon sightings. After their meetings they would both go to the hotel and spend the rest of the week off.

“Hey maybe you’ll be lucky and meet one of the kids who worked with the digimon” Xander said with a shrug and a teasing smile. Willow pouted;

“Don’t remind me while I’m here Buffy and Andrew are at the one place were the two top figures in the digimon community are”

“Well we’re in digimon land so… there you go… I’m sure there are people here who know about that stuff.”

The next day Digimon convention San Diego, California

Buffy was going to cry.

It wasn’t fair just as she was starting enjoy that digumun; god why can’t she get it right, marathon everyone got kicked out because the film broke. Mr. Yagami came out and profusely apologized then went back behind the curtain and started yelling at someone named Daisuke in his native language. If she was going to suffer she’d at least like to understand what the culprit’s punishment would be. Now she had to find Andrew and go back to going from one boring booth to another.

‘Cause that worked so well last time.

‘Stupid convention and stupid brown haired boy.’

At least in the dark theater room no one would have seen her. God forbid anyone she knows is here.

As she was walking around looking for Andrew she noticed Koushiro’s booth. The conference thing was tomorrow; she still remembers Andrew’s face when he found out they had been sitting next to the number one expert on diimon (still wrong!) for the whole plane ride. He was real mad at her for not telling him; but she wouldn’t have done that to poor Koushiro. Nobody deserved to be on the receiving end of Andrew’s admiration. She barely survived it. However all was forgiven with Andrew when he found out she got tickets to the conference he had been dieing to go to. Now all she had to do was get the shoe shopping out of him.

As the group that had been around Koushiro’s booth left Buffy sauntered over and jumped up onto his table picking up one of the props for his speech and started tossing it up and down. Koushiro was a pretty cool guy it was him who suggested she watch the shows; which she had like. Though she wouldn’t admit that. He looked surprised to see her at first but smiled in way of greeting and then proceeded to ignore her.

He ignored her!

Does he have any idea how offensive that can be to a girl?!

“Having fun Buffy?”

Ok maybe he wasn’t ignoring her. But he still wasn’t looking at her. And what was with that annoying grin he has now. Anyway since she couldn’t find Andrew at the moment she thought he would at least be of some company. While it was true that they just met Buffy knew that she already considered him one of hers. Meaning he was a friend. He reminded her so much of willow… only a man and not so much with the gay. Also he was way better with computers. Which was surprising. It was like Willow was a baby vamp to his Master. Ok bad imagery.

“About as much fun as a sword in my gut… But I’ll live.” He grimaced at the image.

“So what brings you to my booth?”

As before she realized that this new friendship she formed quickly with this man was based mostly on how comforting his personality was. This in its self was hard to explain (not to mention the fact that it wigged her out a bit). In fact the second she and Andrew got here (which had been 5 in the morning 2 hours before it started) he had been their and talked with them… much too many of the fans disappointment. Then when Buffy had been bored following Andrew around he allowed her to hang out at his booth. Despite his intelligence the way he spoke to her and those who came to his booth showed that he had a good understanding of speech and that he spoke in a way that anyone could understand… it was an endearing trait. Though she did notice every now and then he’d get into what he was talking about and move into the land of blah and yak. She would be happy to truly call him her friend and; Willow will love this, since she knew he was important to current investigations with the council. A friendship would be highly encouraged.

Ok so her motives weren’t 100% pure… sue her.

“The movie thing I was at died… I’m pretty sure Mr. Yagami was in tears and his assistant is getting an earful”

Koushiro smiled at that and then went about packing up his things; every so often he would look at Buffy and at the item she carelessly through up and down in worry but did nothing to take it from her. When Buffy put the object down her hands fled to her back pocket and she frowned. The first reason for this being the piece of paper she found in it. The second which deepened her frown was the memory of what happened right before she went to the movie.

She had been complaining about being here to Andrew; after a very boring explanation on how to play the jiggyman card game, when all of a sudden a guy ran right into her and groped her. What was worse was he obviously thought he had gotten away with it. His apology had been half hearted at best. Arrogant male thinking he could just smile a heart stopping smile and get away with it. However what bothered her most was when she had chased after him; because of her slayer speed, she had been right behind him. She should have caught him too. But when she followed him around a corner he disappeared. No trace. Nothing. There hadn’t even been a crowd for him to get lost in.

“Hey… you know what this is?” She handed Koushiro the odd blue card. She was pretty sure he would just hand it back saying it had been a fake playing card but his face took on a concerned glint. Man if something supernatural happened because of this card she would find and kill that brown haired idiot… or laugh. Cause a card about jijimun causing her trouble would just be hilarious in a way that’s not.

“What’s the dire?”

“This card is not normal.” His voice was deceptively calm.

She knew that look.

It was the same one Gile’s got when there was an apocalypse to be averted.

Yep. When she found that idiot…

She would slay him.

Human or not human.

Shinguku Park Shinguku, Japan

Xander wondered through the park and thought about his meeting with the parents of the girl he came to see. They were very understanding to the point that he almost thought they didn’t understand him right. But then most of the parents from countries not of Europe and America took the info well. So this was one more girl for the School session. Also another digimon addict if her belonging were anything to go by.

After he left the house he came to the park to meet Willow for lunch. They’d been here for a few days; him meeting with slayers and her with Mr. Yamaki, and now they would finally have the rest of the time to themselves to enjoy the wonder that is Japan; a nice stress free time. As he walked in the shade under the trees he heard laughing coming from a point up ahead. As he got closer he found him self in front of a child’s play ground.

On it and laughing were two young children; a boy and a girl. He briefly wondered if this girl would be one of the ones who became a slayer. He always wondered at what point a slayer became potential. Before it was said that they had been trained from birth so the potential was always their but it seemed that they; the new council, can only find the active ones. Which occured from ages 13 to 15. That was the oddest thing now; that they couldn’t figure out who were to be slayers from birth like the old council could. The line had changed; and he had a feeling so had the rules. Only thing is the scobbies didn’t know the new ones.

Xander sat down on a park bench to watch the kids play. Ever since Sunnydale he enjoyed watching normal people do normal things. It made him… everyone… remember what they were fighting for. They were fighting for the light; for a hope that one day they would beat the darkness. It was then that he noticed something wrong. Well more like missing. There were kids on the toy; but no adults. These kids were way too young to leave alone.

He fought with himself for a few seconds. If he talked to them he could get arrested for a misunderstanding. Also his Japanese was good but the kids still might not understand him.

‘Aw what the hell’

He got up and walked over to the closest kid; which just so happened to be the little girl.

“Hey… I know you’re probably not supposed to play with strangers… but where is your mommy?”

The girl stared at him for a few seconds before pointing to the sky.

‘Uh oh’ today was not his day for tact.

“Ok… how about your dad?”

The girl looked confused for a second but then shrugged.

‘ok now what’ before he could say another word a woman ran into the clearing.

“Oh there you two are… I’ve been looking all over for you. I told you not to run off like that” Her tone was scolding but the relief was evident in her voice. Xander looked at her carefully for a few seconds. He may be missing an eye but can still ‘see’ very well.

“Hey… I’m Xander… you watching these two?”

The kids seemed to know her. They winced when she scolded them and looked properly ashamed. The woman who had not noticed him until then nervously glanced between him and the girl. She couldn’t be the mom… maybe the aunt or something. But she didn’t really look like them. Well maybe the girl. While the woman had an odd pinkish brown the kids were red and brown.

“I’m not going to try and take them… I just found it weird they were alone. Guess their not though.”

Yeah, he decided it was ok to leave them with her. They were her responsibility. It was clear on her face.


And then she really looked at him or more precisely behind him. A second later he felt a hand go down his pant pocket so quick he could have missed it. But since he didn’t;

“Ok what the…”

He spun around quickly and came face to face with a man about his age. He had brown hair, blue eyes, and looked like he just came from playing in dirt.

“Not to be offensive but I don’t go that way… I mean I thought about it; but me and my friends all concluded it wouldn’t fix my problem.”

The guy smiled at Xander hit him companionably on the back and moved forward and waved at the kids who waved back.

“Good for you I don’t play with boy’s either.”

“Then what was with the whole pant pocket deal?”

The guy put on an innocent smile as the red headed girl ran over to him calling ‘daddy.’

“What do you mean… what pant pocket?”

Xander was crossed between being amused and frustrated.

“You put your hand in my pocket.”

The guy sighed. Then the playful face he had left so quick it scared Xander to the bone. The serious face he had on now was deep. Even Buffy; with all that she’s been though, didn’t have eyes like this guy. At this moment Xander felt as though he stepped out of his reality and into another filled with danger of a different kind. He wanted to go back… take back what he said. But deep down he knew that the second he meet this guy… it was over. His life was going to change; big time.

“Later today… check what’s in the pocket. I gave you something… something important. So don’t… you know… lose it.”

The whole group then turned to walk away. To say Xander was confused would be an understatement. Just as he was about to check his pocket the guy turned around and said;

“Oh later bring it to a Dr. Ichijouji… tell him Ryo sent you.”

After they were gone Xander pulled out of his pocket a shiny Digimon card. It was all blue. Except one side had the yellow digimon product logo.

Meanwhile with Willow in the Hypnos Building

In was frustrating.

No matter what she did she couldn’t get the computer to tell her what she wanted to know.

“Can I help you ma’am?”

A young man with long black asked from behind her.

She almost jumped right out of her shoes.

“Uh yeah… I’m trying to find stuff on digimon… the sightings that is”

The man seemed troubled by her inquiry and for a second she thought he would turn her down and kick her out but then;

“Ok come back tomorrow ask for Dr. Ichijouji… that’s me… I’ll tell you whatever you want to know.”

Willow could have jumped for joy she was going to get the information she wanted.

Thank the Goddess.

If only she knew.

Next time: Buffy, Xander, and Willow learn something new and Xander and Buffy make a big mistake that gets them started on an adventure to save the galaxy.
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