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San Greal ou Sang Real

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Light and Hope". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy has to save the galaxy from the Ori. A quest for the Holy Grail begins... will it be enough to save them all. Or is their something out there better suited for the job. Buffy/Digimon/Stargate.

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PlutronFR1839,463042,99523 Sep 0631 Dec 06No


This is the second story in my Light and Hope series.

This story takes place (mostly) post S7 for Buffy. Post S2 for Digimon with AU S3 (What’s AU will be revealed in time). Now As for SG1 it takes place during the end of 9 and goes on through 10(after ep. 10 totally different… more or less).

Disclaimer: I own neither Buffy or Digimon or Stargate. They belong to whoever made them respectively.

San Greal ou Sang Real


“There is only one belief that can rob death of its sting and the grave of its victory… For without that you cannot be born again.”
~ George Bernard Shaw

September 2001 Somewhere Someplace

“Coming or going?”

“Huh… where?”

A dark cloaked figure looked at the softly glowing blonde in front of him.

“Coming or going?”

“I thought I had already come.”

The girl’s white dress billowed in an imaginary wind as did her hair. Her face held a look of puzzlement at her predicament and her eyes a trace of fear.

“Yes, this is the end of the line… but you are being called back. coming or going?”

“You mean I get a choice, no destiny… no people choosing for me?”

Happiness now filled her eyes. The prospect of having control of what she did and where she went was appealing.

“Death cares not of what you do or who you were… or could be, only that when you reach the end of the line you stay there unless you desire to go back when called. Coming or going?”

“Uh… coming?”

“Very well.”

As she was about to be put back, a man who glowed a bright white appeared. He was so bright that he hurt the eyes of both the figure and the girl whose light was only a pale blue white. He dimmed his brightness and smiled at the girl and it was a sinister one.

“I have come to escort your soul back to your body.”


A few meters off unseen by everyone around him, except for Buffy, another man smiled. He looked familiar to her and kind. He said something but all she could make out was the movement of his lips.

September 2001 Sunnydale, California

In the middle of the Sunnydale woods there was a grave marked with a tombstone. Demon bikers had just finished circling around it leaving in hopes of catching more versatile prey. So compared to a few moments earlier the grave site was quite calm but it didn’t last long. Without warning the ground started to push up. It was slow at first and barley noticeable. In fact it was more of a thump. If you were to put your head to the ground you could hear the sounds of wood splintering apart and dirt falling. Suddenly the ground started collapsing in on itself and something began to come out of the small hole that had formed. At first it was hard to tell what was coming out but soon a whole hand emerged, covered in both blood and dirt. The knuckles on this small hand were torn and blood still poured out of it. The nails looked as though they could have been long but now most were ripped and broken.

As soon as the hand had shown up it disappeared. With the hand’s absence more of the ground started to fall into the hole. Then two hands shot up and pulled down on the earth around them. The hole was still too small for whatever was inside to come out but the diameter was quickly expanding. When the hole was finally big enough a dirt covered body wrangled its way out of the hole and with a huge gasp collapsed onto the ground. Even though the body was past exhausted it gulped in air that burned the newly reformed lungs.

The girl who newly reentered the world looked around with eyes that could only see blurry shapes of the trees surrounding her. Her scent and hearing were amplified by the hindered sight and the touch of the ground was most uncomfortable. A snap of a twig made her head snap around looking for something in the blurry darkness. In fear and frustration of not being able to see what was there she slowly tumbled to her feet. Then she took what strength she had, balanced herself and left the area.

She was very confused. The last thing she remembered was floating in a cocoon of warmth and safety. Now she found herself surrounded by strong smells and as she got closer to the city there were loud brain wracking sounds. Then there was the fire. It was so bright. It hurt her already confused eyes.

Where was she?

All she could think to call this place was hell.

Meanwhile back at the grave site a blue haired man shook his head in frustration. This whole thing that was going on was so confusing to him. He knew she was ‘chosen’. Even he didn’t realize on how many levels that was a fact. He wished there had been something he could have done for her like stop her friends from doing the ritual or helping her out of the grave.

‘Wow never thought I’d be thinking that.’

But it was fate. If he were to interfere then things could go wrong.

He didn’t know much about her world (1) and from what he has seen he doesn’t think he’d like to learn. But he had to be here just in case something went wrong with the time line.

With that he disappeared into the night leaving a tombstone that read:

Buffy Anne Summers
Beloved Sister
Devoted Friend
She Saved The World
A lot

May 2003 Just outside of Sunnydale, California

It was finally over.

Well relatively speaking.

She still had a bunch of moody baby slayers.

And everyone had a nice helping of some wicked looking wounds. Through her thoughts she was vaguely aware of a conversation going on around her. Finally a comment from Giles brought her back to reality but not from her happy mood.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us.”

“Can I push him in?” Faith responded to Giles’ downer attitude and unneeded reminder that this, in some sense, was only the end of a new beginning. To the question Willow responds with a tired;

“You've got my vote.”

“I just want to sleep yo for like a week.” ‘We all could… It was an odd feeling; this peace and this emotion I had no name for that came to me now.’

“I guess we all could, if we wanted to.” ‘Dawn said my thoughts for me. I knew I was. Nothing Giles said would stop me. We’ll all have a week long snoozefest once we find a safe place that is.’

“Yeah. The First is scrunched so... what do you think we should do Buffy?”

“Yeah you're not the one and only chosen anymore. Just gotta live like a person. How's that feel?”

“Yeah Buffy. What are we gonna do now?”

Buffy couldn’t help but smile in response. They finally had a choice. She finally had a choice. Maybe not the best ones but they were there.

Yet through her happiness, at the back of her mind she was unclearly aware of something within her shelf shifting or to be more precise growing.

The sand that had been beneath their feet and the sky above their heads would be the only things to observe this victory. But where there is light there is; inevitably, darkness. And the stronger the light becomes the deeper the darkness grows. But there is no need to despair for no matter how deep the darkness gets there will always be the light within the darkness. Its always small at first… but hard to extinguish. Hope. (2)

Next time on San Greal: Buffy and Andrew go to a Digimon convention where strange things occur. Meanwhile Xander goes to Japan to meet with a new slayer only to have some strange encounters himself.

(1) When I say world I don’t mean planet; but the life she lives.
(2) this last paragraph was a mix of lines from digimon and either one of the .hack shows or kingdom hearts. And not all my endings will be this sappy… I hope.
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