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Summary: Poor Xander got himself into trouble again this time he was kidnap by demons and placed in a slave auction. Slash Sesshoumaru/Xander,

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Anime > InuyashaSpiritravenFR2124,7970214,69623 Sep 068 Oct 06No

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Chapter One

Title: Auction
By: Spiritraven
Disclaimer: I don't own anything here.
Warnings: Slash, sex, and slavery.

Chapter One:

Xander couldn't believe he was so stupid as to be caught by two demons while walking home from patrolling with Buffy and Willow. The girls had plans at the Bronze with their boyfriends otherwise known as Deadboy and Oz. Xander wasn't really paying attention to his surroundings and was caught by the demons, he didn't even have the chance to scream as he was knocked out. When he awoke he was in plain room with at least fifteen more human boys around his age or a little older. Xander had a bad feeling about this and wondered what trouble he was in now. One of the other boys came up to him a small smile on his face, he wasn't very tall and looked more female then male. "Hi, I'm Danny."

"Xander, do you know where we are Danny?" Xander asked as he sat up from his place on the floor. He was surprised to see how clean the place was no dirt anywhere. All the boys were dressed in what looked like a white towel wrapped around their waist. Xander saw that he was dressed in the same thing and now he was really freaked.

"I don't really know, but I over heard one of demons talking through the door." Danny wrapped his arms around himself. "We're at a auction."

"Auction." That sounded bad, very bad and there was no one around to save him.

"They are going to sell us as slaves to demons." Danny was afraid in it showed in his eyes. "It's tonight."

Xander felt like slamming his head into the wall. He was going to be sold as a slave to some demon to do with as he pleased. He could only hope something good will happen knowing Buffy wasn't going to be any help this time. They thought he was home safe and sound. "I'm not going to be some demon's house maid."

"Xander we are being sold as pleasure slaves." Danny saw the color drain out of Xander's face. He too was very worried having a ten-year-old sister to take care of since their mother didn't care. "I need to get home, but that's not going to happen. I can only hope the demon that buys me isn't so evil."

"We need to find a way out of here." Xander stood up and studied the room that he was in finding no way out. There were no windows and they had only one light bulb giving them light. There was only one steel door and Xander was sure there were guards waiting on the other side.

"I've already looked there isn't away out." Danny looked around when he first woke up with no luck.

Xander dropped his head in defeat, there was no way out of here and it looked like they ran out of time. He raised his head when he heard the door open and three blue skinned demons entered the room. Each grabbed a human and dragged them out locking the door behind them. "Looks like the auction has started."

"Yes, it does." Danny stood next to Xander his body shaking. "It was nice knowing you."

"You too, Danny." Xander felt like crying in sadness as he thought of being sold to a demon as a pleasure toy. He prayed that he would be the last one brought out not wanting to face the crowd out there. Xander was scared at the thought of being sold to a demon he didn't know and could very well kill him once they were tired of playing with their Xan toy.

Danny was glad to have a friend with him during this time even if they only met. Xander seemed like a cool guy who really cared. "Maybe your parents will find you."

Xander snorted, his parents would be too far down in their whiskey bottles to worry about their only son. "My parents really don't care what happens to me. My best hope is Willow my best friend and Giles another friend of mine."

"My mother doesn't care about me either and my old man left when I young." Danny didn't miss his father at all knowing what kind of man he was when he was a child of six. "I worried about my sister though without me there won't be anyone around to protect her."

"I'm so sorry man." Xander could picture a scared little girl calling for her big brother and it made him sick. He hated demons even more now then before. "Maybe there is still away out of this."

Danny smiled at Xander knowing he was trying to give him hope where there wasn't any. He also jumped out of his skin when the door slammed open and the same three demons entered this time coming for him and Xander.

"Why are we here again?" Inuyasha asked his mate Kouga who was sitting next to him at the table. "At a human auction, you do know if Kagome finds out she's going to kill us."

"Sesshoumaru's birthday is coming up and you're the one that wanted to find him the prefect gift." Kouga told his mate with a smirk on his face. "A pretty male slave is just what Sesshoumaru needs."

"Sesshoumaru hates humans." Even after all these years and raising Rin, his brother still hated humans. Because of the time they lived in Sesshoumaru stayed in his home on the Western Lands unless he had business. Inuyasha would hate to buy a human only for his older brother to kill him. "I don't think this is such a good idea."

Kouga wasn't fooled like his mate was he knew Sesshoumaru was lonely even with them living with him. The all mighty dog demon has been on his own since Rin died almost five hundred years ago. It was about time that Sesshoumaru had a mate or a least someone to keep him company. "Trust me Inuyasha, this is what Sesshoumaru needs."

"It's your funeral, wolf." Inuyasha leaned against his chair. "We'll get Sesshoumaru a slave, but I warned you."

"I think it's a good idea." Shippo was sitting on the other side of Inuyasha a small smile on his lips. The kit had grown up and was now a very beautiful kitsune. "Sesshoumaru needs someone to keep him on his toes and make life interesting. All he does now is run his lands and his businesses, it has to be boring."

"That human would keep Sesshoumaru interested." Kouga said as two weak demons pulled a young dark haired human boy onto the stage. He was fighting the creature and calling him names. The kid was a hand full and just what the Prince of Ice needs in his long boring life. "He'll be a good present for Sesshoumaru."

Inuyasha studied the dark haired human on stage and noticed how he fought the demons holding him captive. He would be hard to handle and Inuyasha didn't think that would be a good thing. Sesshoumaru would kill him without a second thought. "Sesshoumaru would kill him, Kouga. My brother needs a submissive not a fighter."

Shippo snorted at the thought of a submissive lover, Sesshoumaru would die of boredom. "I like the boy lets buy him for Sesshoumaru."

"We agree on something fox." Kouga started to bid on the human boy with his mate glaring at the back of his head.


Xander fought trying to get the demon to let go of him, but the demon was strong and keeps tight hold of him. The bidding had begun and Xander's eyes widen at how much money was being offered for him. Xander always thought he was worthless and got in people's way, but the demons here seemed to find him desirable. There were three male demons not far from the stage that kept their eyes on him. One had dog ears on his head with long silver hair, he seemed a little rough around the edges. The one sitting on the right side of him was very beautiful and Xander couldn't tell if he was a male or female with all that long red hair. The third one Xander knew was a male and a muscled bound one at that, it was that demon bidding on him. At least he wasn't bad looking.

"Sold! To Prince Kouga of the Wolves." Great Xander was now the pleasure slave of a wolf demon. It was the first he had ever heard of wolf demons and wondered if they were anything like normal wolves.

Xander watched as the dog eared demon and the wolf got up and paid the cashier before coming to him.

"I told you he'll be perfect for your brother, Inuyasha." The wolf demon was grinning at his companion showing fang. "What's your name boy?"

"Xander." Xander glared at the demons as the wolf grabbed him by the arm and pulled him to their table.

"I'm Kouga and this is my mate, Inuyasha." Kouga sat him between himself and the red head to make sure he doesn't run. "You're a birthday present to his brother."

"I feel sorry for you kid." Inuyasha said leaning back against his chair smirking.

"I'm Shippo." The red head was a male, Xander could tell by the guy's voice. It was too husky to be a female.

"We better go." Inuyasha didn't want to stay here any longer then he had too. They were in enough trouble like it was when Kagome learned what they have up too.

"Danny." Xander said as he watched his new friend being forced on stage and the bidding start. He was worried about the blond and his sister.

"You know him?" Shippo asked studying the blond boy with blue eyes. He was very pretty and was so scared standing up there being watched by so many demons.

"He's a friend." Xander noticed Shippo's interest in the blond and hoped this could work his way. "He has a young sister that needs him."

"You better not do what I think you're doing, Shippo." Inuyasha glared at the younger demon. "Kagome is already going to kill us for buying one slave."

"I want him." Shippo had his own money from working for Sesshoumaru running some of his businesses in Japan. "Xander said the boy has a sister and do you think any of these lowlifes will let him take care of her?"

Inuyasha sighed knowing he was going to win this battle. "Fine buy him so we can go. I don't want to stay here longer then I have too."

Xander was relieved that Danny would be coming with them so he could keep an eye on his new friend. Next he would have to find a way to get away from the demons or hope that Willow and Buffy would notice that he was missing.


Xander was amazed as he watched a young woman not older then eighteen yell at Inuyasha, Kouga, and Shippo about buying human pleasure slaves. And the funny thing was the demons seemed afraid of her, which was weird since she seemed like a normal human girl, but he could be wrong. Xander knew she wasn't a Slayer because of Buffy, but what else could she be?

"How can you guys do something like this?" Kagome was fuming glaring at all three demons. After the jewel was completed Inuyasha made the wish to become a full blood dog demon. He hasn't changed much still having the same doggy ears the only difference was he gained the marking of his father. "I can't believe you've bought Sesshoumaru a pleasure slave, Inuyasha."

"Hey, it's not all my fault." Inuyasha yelled right back, he was used to Kagome's reactions. "It was Kouga's idea."

"What's done is done Kagome, there is no going back now." Shippo wasn't going to lose his slave. Kagome was going to have to get used to the idea.

Kagome sighed knowing her adopted kit was right there was no going back. She turned her attention back to Inuyasha and Kouga. "You both know that Sesshoumaru is going to kill you both?"

"He'll like his gift." Kouga was so sure of himself. "The dog is lonely and this is just what he needs."

Kagome knew Sesshoumaru was lonely because he would spend more time in his office then anywhere else, but she didn't think this was such a good idea. Sesshoumaru still didn't care much about the human race and giving him a human pleasure slave, as a birthday present was sure to set him off.

"Can't you just let us go?" Sesshoumaru's birthday present spoke calmly with a hit of anger in his voice. "No offense, but I really do want to be a pressie for this Sesshoumaru guy."

"And I need to get back home to my sister." Danny spoke quietly not wanting all the demon's attention to him. "Please let us go."

Shippo smiled softly and bushed a finger down Danny's cheek not wanting to scare the young human. "We can't let you go because if you do they will kill you."

"Techa demons use spells on the humans they capture. If we let you go they will find you and kill you because they are afraid you will tell others about their business." Kouga seen what Techas do to runaway slaves and it wasn't pretty. They would tear the poor humans apart to make sure they don't talk. "They will also go after your family and friends."

"We'll get your sister and bring her here, Danny." Kagome had a sad smile on her face wishing she could let them go, but like Kouga she knew what would happen to them. "You'll be safe here and Shippo is very kind."

"How can we trust you?" Xander wasn't going to give in so easily. He wasn't about to be owned by some demon he never even met. Xander would rather be the sex toy of Angelus. "We don't even know you guys."

Inuyasha studied the dark haired human and smirked at the way he was being glared at. The human had guts that were for sure and he was going to need them when he meets Sesshoumaru that's if his brother doesn't kill him. "Sesshoumaru arrives in an hour so we need to get ready." Inuyasha winked at the human. "Ready to meet your master?"

Xander glared at Inuyasha wishing this was all a bad dream and he would wake up in his room in his home.


Sesshoumaru arrived in Los Angeles without any trouble on his personal jet with Jaken at his side. His birthday was tomorrow and his brother along with his mate wanted to celebrate here in the States saying he needed to get away from Japan for a little while. Sesshoumaru agreed with him and decided to visit Los Angeles for a short time. He couldn't leave his businesses for too long.

"Hey Sesshoumaru over here!" Sesshoumaru saw his brother waving him down with his mate Kouga at his side. It was very shocking when his brother decided to mate with Kouga five hundred years ago. Inuyasha was a special demon one that was able to give birth to pups. They have six pups and all are grown and living their own lives. Only Inuyasha's two daughters are mated his sons are stubborn and still single. Akio, Inuyasha's oldest was just like his father Kouga and Sesshoumaru pitied the one to mate him. "It's about time you get here."

"Where are Kagome and Shippo?" Sesshoumaru expected the fox and miko to greet him with his brother and brother-in-law.

"They're watching your birthday present." Inuyasha let slip before he caught himself. Kouga shook his head at his mate's stupidity.

One perfect eyebrow shot up. "Watching my birthday present?" Narrowed eyes. "And why would they have to watch my birthday present, Inuyasha?"

"You'll see when we return to the hotel." Inuyasha couldn't wait to see the look on his brother's face when he met Xander. "You'll be surprised."

"We'll see." Sesshoumaru knew his younger brother was up to something. He couldn't wait to see what Inuyasha had waiting for him.
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