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House's Key

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Summary: When Dr. Gregory House's personal relationship collides with his professional one, how will the doctors of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital handle meeting his new 'friend'? And how will her family handle the older, cynical, drug addicted doctor?

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Television > House, M.D. > Dawn-Centered(Past Donor)sevangelFR212079,787143577166,96625 Sep 064 Apr 08No
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Chapter One

Title: Chapter 1
Series: House's Key
Author: Sevangel
Disclaimer: BtVS-Joss Whedon & House-Created by David Shore, owned by Fox
Rating: R
A/N: I have currently only at this time watched about ten episodes of 'House' so I know my voices are probably completely off. But I find myself loving the show and wanting to do this weird ass pairing. So, for canon information, it takes place a four years after 'Chosen' (Dawn is newly 21) and a few months after the episode 'Failure to Communicate'. This will not be as long as my current series (My daughter…the what?, which I am currently drilling out the next chapter on), probably no more than ten parts.


"So the fact that I have a none existent relationship with my father means that I'm using you as a replacement?" Dawn Summers crosses her arms over the hairy chest under them and rests her head on them. "Can I just point out the fact that I've never wanted to boink my father?"

"That's beside the point." Doctor Gregory House replies as he runs his hand through the tangled brown, red, black, and pink locks lying across his chest. He picks up a chunk of pink and studies it with a severe frown. "Why pink?"

Dawn shrugs. "Boredom."

"Read a book." House says.

Dawn nips his nipple. "Hello, I'm in college; all I do is read."

House pushes the colored hair over her shoulder and traces the Chinese symbol on her shoulder. "I'm guessing boredom."

"Yep." Dawn chirps.

"Why 'key'?" House asks.

"Cuz." Dawn leans her head back to look up into his face, her eyes automatically drawn to his bright blue ones. It's the reason she was first drawn to him; the reason she walked up to him in that bookstore to begin with. That and the yummy stubble. "You never finished your diagnosis, Dr. House."

"It's a clear example of a young woman being drawn to an older man to replace the spot her absentee father left." House says. "You're looking for a father figure and I fit the criteria."

"First off, I was 'drawn' to you cause of your eyes and stubble." Dawn corrects. "Secondly, I have a father figure."


"Giles." Dawn sits up and straddles his belly. "He's like ten years older than you and he's pretty much been a dad to me since I was like ten. And I never wanted to boink him, even with the sexy British voice added in. So your whole theory just went out the window."

"No, just because…."

Dawn leans down and nips his bottom lip. "You're just gonna have to face the fact that I like you."

"Nobody likes me."

"I do." Dawn licks the seam of his lips but when he opens his mouth to deepen the contact, she licks her way to his chin to nibble on the hair-roughed skin. "And you like me."

"Do not."

Dawn runs her hand down his body to grasp his now hardening cock. "Mmm, little Greggy likes me."

"Little Greggy likes anything softer than my hand." House bites his lip to keep from groaning. His leg is throbbing but her hand distracts from the pain.

"And the fact that you've spent every night you've had off in the past month with me says the rest." Dawn licks her way down his face to his collarbone and nips it sharply with her teeth. "Wanna hickey?"

"Don't you…." His sentence trails off on a groan as she sucks on his neck like a vacuum cleaner. He wraps his hands in her hair, trying to get that mouth somewhere else. Then she moves against his leg and he gasps from the pain.

"Oh god, I'm sorry." Dawn pulls away from his mouth to sooth his furrowed brow. Her hand reaches out to grab the bottle of pills next to the bed and she dumps one into her hand. "Here, baby."

"Don't call me baby." House growls as he reaches for the pill.

"C'mon, you know me well enough to know telling me not to do something will only get me to do it." Dawn pulls the pill away. "Baby."

"Fine." House says through clenched teeth. "Don't blow me."

"Actually, I was planning to ride you until we both passed out but I'm thinking you need a little time first." Dawn places the Vicodin between her teeth and smiles at him.

House tugs her mouth down to his and sucks the pill from her teeth. He swallows it easily and then snakes his tongue into her mouth. He's knows this isn't going to last; she's too damn young and bright and there's no way she's going to want a permanent relationship with an older, drug addicted, cynical man like him. But for now, he's going to ride it out as long as it'll last.

Dawn kisses her way down his chest, her teeth nipping harshly at his belly button before continuing to his now hard cock. She blows warm air on it, giggling when he groans and wraps his hand in her hair.

"Don't play." House growls, his hand fisting in her hair.

Dawn licks his cock from balls to tip. "I'm playing?"

"You know you are."

Dawn wraps her hand around the base of his cock and begins to pump while her mouth takes in as much as she can.

His head tilts back and his eyes close, his hand releasing the death grip on her hair. Her mouth is unlike anything he's ever felt before, so unbelievably warm and wet, and she gives head like a pro. He can feel the familiar relief the Vicidon brings him but that takes second place to the mouth wrapped around his cock. After a few moments, he tugs on her hair, wanting to be in her body when he cums.

Dawn snags a condom out of the ripped box and fits it over him before dropping her wet body onto his hard one. They both moan at the action, Greg's hands coming up to grip her waist tightly as she slowly but deeply rides him.


House taps on his boss's door with the tip of his cane before pushing it completely open, not waiting for an invitation. "What'd I do now?"

"House, I'm in the middle of something." Doctor Lisa Cuddy says, her head nodding to the woman sitting across from her.

"Your point?" House sits down beside his ex-girlfriend, Stacy Warner, barely casting her more than a glance. "How's Mark; still rolling about, I hope."

"You're such an ass." Stacy glares at him, her arms crossed over her chest.

"I know." House agrees. "So, Cuddy, you summoned me?"

"I just wanted to make sure everything was okay." Cuddy says.

"Oh, I'm touched." House says, touching his hand to his chest dramatically. "Are we going to hold hands and sing songs now?"

"I was worried about you, though I can't figure out why now." Cuddy replies.

"Well, I'll let you puzzle over that mystery." House stands up. "I have things to do."

"Patients?" Cuddy questions, a little startled that's he's so anxious to see patients.

"No." House replies. "Why would I do that?"

"I don't know." Cuddy says sarcastically. "Maybe because it's your job."

"Isn't she so cute?" House asks Stacy. "So naïve." He cracks his head to the side, twirls his cane, and starts to leave.

"House?" Cuddy asks, standing up, looking at him in shock. "Is that…"

"You have a hickey." Stacy says evenly.

"And?" House asks as he opens the door. He doesn't wait for their answer, instead just heads down to the hall towards his office.

Stacy and Cuddy glance at each other and then jump to their feet to chase after the retreating doctor.

"What's going on?" Doctor James Wilson questions, looking between the two women and House. "What'd he do now?"

"He has a hickey." Cuddy replies.

"Who has a hickey?" Doctor Allison Cameron follows her colleagues' gaze to House who is now walking into his office. "House?"

"Is he seeing someone?" Stacy asks Wilson, figuring the oncologist might know.

"Not that he's told me." Wilson replies. "Are you sure it's a hickey?"

"Positive." Cuddy replies. "I'm fairly certain I know what a hickey looks like."

"Hickey?" Doctor Robert Chase steps up beside Cameron though he's careful to keep a few feet distance between them.

Cameron glances up at Chase, trying not to remember what he looks like naked. It's hard though; even through her drug induced fog she experienced that night, she still remembers what he looked like. "House has a hickey."

"House?" Chase repeats. "Do hookers even give hickeys?"

"I don't know." Doctor Eric Foreman says as he walks over to the huddled group. "But if you're really curious, ask House; he'll probably know."

"House is the one that has the hickey." Chase explains.

"Oh." Foreman shrugs, not really caring. "Maybe he has a girlfriend."

"What kind of girl would date him?" Chase questions. "No offense, Stacy."

Cuddy sighs. "Everybody just get back to work." She orders. "House's business is House's business." She's curious though, very curious as to what kind of girl House is screwing around with and how it's going to effect the clinic.


"Look, I don't need to be examined, I don't need to be bandaged, and I don't need you poking at me." Dawn Summers glares at the cute, young, Australian but really annoying doctor. "I don't even want to be here…"

"Miss, you were attacked." Chase smiles lopsidedly at the twenty-something year old. "Just let me check you out."

"I don't like doctors." Dawn says, mentally adding except for one. "No offense, but you guys give me the creeps and I really, really just want to get out of here, so, if you'll just give me some bandages and stuff, I'll patch myself up and be on my way."

"I can't do that." Chase replies. "I can attend to your wounds…"

"Isn't it like against the law to keep me here against my will?" Dawn interrupts. "Aren't my rights being violated or something?"

Chase sighs, his smile turning into a frown. "I'll be right back."

Dawn waits until the doctor leaves and then walks over to the door, holding her scarf against her neck. All she wants to do is get back to her apartment to patch up the vamp bite on her neck and the bruises from where she was tossed into an alley. She doesn't want to be in this hospital, hell, she wouldn't be if it weren't for the 'concerned citizen' that she saved from being attacked, she wouldn't be. It kinda pisses her off but at the same time shocks the hell out of her; most people, when you save them from being attacked, take off. She slowly pushes open the door to the room she's staying in and moves to step out.

"Going somewhere, young lady?" A big, tall security guard questions.

For a second, Dawn debates cold-cocking him, having no desire to stay in this hospital, but knows some place this nice, will have security cameras. She closes the door with a sigh and plops back onto the table, hating everything about the place she's in.


"House, we need you."

"I'm kinda busy here, Cuddy." House very carefully places a CD case on the top of the eight foot elaborate castle he's currently building.

"We have a female in her early twenties that is refusing treatment." Cuddy says.

"Then don't give it to her." House replies.

"House, she was attacked." Cuddy explains. "Actually, she saved some pregnant lady from being attacked and the attacker dragged her down an alley. The pregnant woman's husband, who was parking their car, practically had to drag her here."

"Maybe she's actually okay." House turns to grab another CD and ends up knocking the castle over. He stares at the remains of his hours of hard work and turns to face Cuddy. "Why do you need me?"

"She won't accept treatment from any of us." Cuddy replies. "She's tried to get us to let her treat herself and when we wouldn't, she started questioning if it was legal to keep her here against her will. Stacy's down there right now, trying to talk her into letting us treat her but she's stubborn. It's almost like she's saying no just because we're telling her to."

"Still doesn't explain why you need me." House says.

"Talking nice to her hasn't worked." Cuddy replies. "We need you to come in and…."

"Be mean?"

"Be yourself." Cuddy corrects. "Hopefully, she'll accept the treatment just to get away from you."

"Well, I had a condo building I was going to work on but I guess it can wait." House grabs his cane and follows Cuddy down the hall. "I like the pants; they don't make your ass look too big."

Cuddy grits her teeth but doesn't say anything. She really wants this girl treated and out, pissed that most of her specialists have spent the last forty-five minutes trying to treat her. She knocks on the door and then opens it, not surprised to find Chase and Foreman both still trying to talk the girl into cooperating. The girl, who they just found out first name is Dawn, has her head turned from them and is talking to Cameron about a movie they've both seen. Stacy and Wilson are leaning against the wall, watching the scene in amusement.

Stacy glances up at the opening door and then back at the girl on the table. She just doesn't understand this girl. She's clearly in pain and has clearly been attacked but she won't let them help her. It's not for religious reasons, she's already answered that. And it's not out of fear, she answered that. She's not embarrassed or nervous, she's just being a stubborn pain in the ass. She hears the tell-tale sound of her ex-boyfriend walking into the room and clenches her hands to keep from looking his way. It's been four months since those kisses in Maryland and nothing's been the same between them. Especially in this last month; he's been completely avoiding her, actually hasn't even been bothering her at all, which kinda worries her.

"Okay, who did we bring in now?" Dawn turns her head towards the door. "You've tried the overly sweet doctor, the bossy doctor, the charm-y doctor, the boy-band doctor, and the condescending doctor. Who's next?"

"That would be me." House walks over to the bed, looking at his…he's not actually sure what she is, but he looks at her with a raised eyebrow.

"What, are you going to turn me over your knee and spank me with that cane if I don't obey?" Dawn leans back on one hand, her other hand still holding the scarf to her neck.

"I might." House replies, gently smacking her on the right leg with his cane.

Dawn spreads her legs apart, leaving room for Greg to stand between them.

"House, you can't beat a patient into letting you treat them." Stacy warns.

"I wasn't planning to." House replies. He steps between her legs, resting his cane on her thigh, and reaches up to grab the scarf. "Let me see, Dawn."

Dawn rolls her eyes and pulls the scarf away, wincing as fabric pulls on the wound.

"You should have let them examine you." House says, tilting her head to the side to examine the bite mark.

"They were being all bossy." Dawn complains, wincing as he pokes at her neck. "See, this is why I don't like doctors. Do you have to poke?"

"Do you have to be so damn stubborn?" House uses the curve part of his cane to pull a cart towards him.

"If that isn't the stubborn pot calling the kettle hardheaded." Dawn says.

"House, do you know this young lady?" Wilson asks.

"Whatever would give you that idea?" House cleans her wound, getting all the dried-up blood and cotton fibers off it, before studying it again. "It's what you get."

"For saving a pregnant woman?" Dawn asks.

"Yes." House replies. "You're not a superhero."

"She was pregnant." Dawn defends. "What, was I supposed to let her let her get taken down some alley?"

"Yes." House replies as he squeezes some antiseptic cream onto sterile pad and gently applies it to her neck.

"Way to be sympathetic." Dawn pinches his side and sighs with frustration. "Are you about done yet?"

"No." House grunts, smacking her hand away. "Hold still."

Dawn rolls her eyes and looks over his shoulder to see the entire room staring at them, mouths dropped open in shock. "Greggy, you're freaking your peps out."

"Don't call me Greggy." House orders as he bandages the wound.

"Okay, you do know I'm taking that off the second I'm out of this hospital." Dawn announces.

"No, you're not." House argues. "So, where else did you get yourself hurt at?"

"My side." Dawn sighs, leaning back completely on her hands.

House pulls up the bottom of her shirt, his fingers unconsciously skating over her belly button ring, before moving to examine the marks on her sides.

"House, can I talk to you?" Cuddy asks, unable to process what she's seeing. She looks over at Stacy to see the woman's face completely white, her hand held against her chest. "Now."

"I'm in the middle of something." House's thumb rubs against Dawn's un-bruised side while the fingers of his other hand inspect the bruises covering her right ribs. "You, know, the job you always say I'm neglecting."

"They're not broken." Dawn says. "Just wrap 'em and let me go."

House raises an eyebrow in question but dutifully wraps her ribs. "Have many broken ribs?"

"One or two." Dawn replies.

"You'll have to tell me about that." House says.

"Maybe." Dawn smiles and then grunts when he pulls the ace bandage tight. "Okay, I do need to breathe."

"Keep jumping in the middle of assaults, you're not going to be breathing for too much longer." House finishes wrapping her rips and then soothes her shirt down. "My office is down the hall; go wait for me there."

"Since you asked so nicely." Dawn replies sarcastically.

It's House's turn to roll his eyes.

"So, which theory are you going to give them?" Dawn asks curiously. "The one where you're going through a mid-life crisis and I'm the 'Vette you're driving or the one where I'm banging you to make up for the fact that I don't have a relationship with my father?"

"I haven't decided yet." House replies.

Dawn starts to reply when her phone rings. She leans over to the side to grab her bag and pulls out her cell. "Oh, I have to take this." She hops off the table and throws her book bag over her shoulder. "I'll be in your office." She leans up to kiss him on the lips, her tongue snaking into his mouth briefly. "You stole my bubble gum."

"I didn’t steal it." House defends. "It was in your purse."

Dawn shakes her head and then blows a bubble as she turns to walk out of the room. She flips open her phone and presses it to her ear. "Why do you want, Andrew?"

Five doctors and one lawyer watch the twenty something walk out of the room, her hips swaying slightly in the tight, low rise pants she's wearing. Her multicolored hair reaches the small of her back, actually rubbing against her skin from where her shirt and pants don't meet. Her black top is tight, the front scooped low to reveal a cross between her breasts. High heeled, pointy toed boots clad her feet and a studded belt is wrapped around her waist. The diamond in her belly sparkles as she passes and the group waits until she is gone before turning back to look at House, who's head is currently cocked to the side to watch Dawn's ass.

"House, please tell me you're not sleeping with her." Wilson practically begs.

"Okay, I'm not sleeping with her." House replies.

"You're lying." Stacy accuses. "She gave you that hickey, didn't she?"

"I can't put anything past you." House replies sarcastically. "I wonder what gave it away. Was it the kiss…no it was the gum, wasn't it?"

"Has she even graduated yet?" Stacy tries to keep the venom from her voice but doesn't succeed. She can't believe that he's sleeping with her and can't help but compare herself to the young girl.

"High school and college." House replies. "She went to Oxford when she was seventeen and graduated when she was twenty. Then, she moved back to L.A. with her sister and recently moved out here to get her doctorate. Anything else?"

"So she's twenty." Wilson says. "You're dating a twenty year old?"

"No." House twirls his cane, growing bored. "She turned twenty-one two months ago."

"You're unbelievable." Foreman says. "Does she even know…."

"About my addiction." House interrupts. "Well, seeing how she held one between her teeth and let me suck it out, I'm guessing she knows."

"Is she stupid?" Cameron asks and then promptly slams a hand over her mouth.

"No, she's actually very intelligent." House walks past the group and towards the door. "Too damn smart to be with me."

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