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Chosen Two: Demon Hunters

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Summary: After Mary's death John deals with it by getting drunk once a year, but the previous years activies come back to haunt him in the form of two little twin girls, Faith and Buffy Winchester. At 18 the girls come together to find the family that they lost.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real Family
Supernatural > Faith-Centered
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Title: Chosen Two: Demon Hunters:
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or Supernatural so forth and so forth. They belong to people who get paid for their brilliant ides.
Pairings: Buffy/?, Faith/?
I will be taking requests on the pairings cause I can’t make up my mind.
Spoilers: BtVS Post season 2, Supernatural Post season 1
Summary: John Winchester has twin daughters, Faith and Buffy Winchester.

A/N: So here I give you chapter 2, really I’m on a roll right now and I have Spring Break coming up so instead of partying like any normal teenager I plan to write, have a fic you want update let me know, this is for supernaturalfanatic. Oh yeah, read and enjoy and please review.

Banner made by the very talented Dhfreak

Chapter 2 Blame

“Stay inside, lock the doors, salt the windows and door, and whatever happens don’t leave.” John ordered sternly kneeling on the floor so he could be eye level with a pair of dark hostile brown eyes and a pair of scared green ones.

His two little girls, one light blond and all around soft and sweet as cotton candy.

The other harsh, dark, foul mouthed, and as quick as a snake with a devious smile and come get it attitude.

To look at the two vastly different six year olds you would never think they were twins, but they were and they were fiercely protective of each other.

“We’ll be fine Daddy,” Buffy told him solemnly her eyes still red rimmed from when she had begged him not to go earlier “Dean will be here and he won’t let anything happen to us.” Buffy had every confidence in her big brother.

Faith crossed her arms and grumbled “Sure and we’ll just sit here while you and Sam get to hunt, I don’t see how that's fair.”

John reached over to mess with her hair knowing how much it annoyed her and grinned “Life’s not fair Princess, take care of your brother and sister.”

“Hey.” fourteen year old Dean pulled himself up straight from where he’d been sulking in the doorway. Dad was taking Sam on his first hunt so Dean had been left behind to baby-sit, him and Faith shared similar opinions on that.

“C’mon Sammy.” John straightened up and tossed his sullen ten year old a shotgun “lets go take care of an angry spirit.” Sam was just as displeased at having to go as Dean Faith were at being left behind. Honestly it baffled Dean how half of his kids were so bloodthirsty on the other half were so normal.

He felt small arms wrap around his legs and looked down to see a blond head burrowing into his side her muffled voice filled with tears “I love you daddy.”

“Love you too Sweetie.” John lifted her up in his arms to hug her knowing she had been having bad dreams lately and feeling bad about going on the hunt. His baby girl had always had that effect on him and sometimes John suspected that was her intent.

She was still a Winchester and scheming to get her way was in her blood.

He set her down and impulsively scooped up her darker haired baby girl holding her close “I love you.”

She buried her head in his neck her arms returning the hug “I love you too Dad.”

He set her down and turned to Dean.

The oldest of his brood snorted shaking his head and holding out his hands as if to stave off an attack “I’m fourteen pops, I don’t need to be cuddled.”

“Actually I was going to remind you to lay down the salt once we leave.” John remarked offhandedly a grin forming on his face at Dean’s fallen face.

Dean’s eyes narrowed “Real funny Dad, take care of Sammy.”

“Yes Sire.” John said mockingly and ushered his youngest boy out the door not knowing when he came back that night it would be to broken glass and Dean slumped in front of the door a shotgun in his hands and his skin so pale that he had feared the worse.

Whistler watched with a sinking stomach as the dark haired little girl was bundled in the back of a van her body unconscious, sedated by a number of powerful drugs.

He knew he couldn’t do anything about it, that he had done his jobs but still he felt like a bad guy as little faith Winchester was taken away to live out her life under the Council’s rule.

The bundle in his arms let loose a whimper, a desperate cry for her twin and Whistler smoothed the blond hair whispering to her sleeping form sadly “I’m sorry kid this is the way things have to be.

The Watcher’s Council had discovered that both of John Winchester’s daughter were Potentials and a team had been sent to retrieve them and relocate them so that they could be trained for their possible destiny.

The Powers had sent a messenger to make sure that the youngest of the two was given a chance at a normal life. Because they knew one day she would be called and how she was raised would determine the lives of thousands.

She would be placed with a young couple in L.A who desperately wanted children despite a rocky relationship.

Everything had to fall into place, not only did her destiny lye in the balance but so did that of her sisters, her father and brothers, a vampire with a soul, and a group of people residing on the Hellmouth.

As the child gave another whimper Whistler was reminded of why he sometimes hated his job.

A Week Later....

All he felt was pain. It was sharp and it was dull. It filled him completely and he knew it would never go away.

Dean opened his eyes slowly blinking against the bright artificial light of the hospital room.
He saw Sammy huddled in a chair his still small body folded into itself, he noticed that the chair was the farthest one from the door.

His eyes finally locked with his fathers and he looked into the face of a different man.

In the course of one week John Winchester had been through Hell with one child hooked to machines barely holding onto life, another she still and quiet, and his two little girls no where to be found.

Seeing your children broken and torn away tended to change a man and not for the best.

“I’m sorry Dad,” Dean whispered out hoarsely pain in his eyes “Its my fault.”

“No its not.” John bit out firmly grabbing his sons hand and holding it tightly his eyes bearing into Dean’s “This is not your fault so don’t even think it, these were human monsters Deano and they kidnapped your sisters, they almost killed you so don’t think this is your fault.”

Dean nodded but for the first time in his life he didn’t believe his father’s words. He was suppose to protect them and he had failed.
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