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Chosen Two: Demon Hunters

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Summary: After Mary's death John deals with it by getting drunk once a year, but the previous years activies come back to haunt him in the form of two little twin girls, Faith and Buffy Winchester. At 18 the girls come together to find the family that they lost.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real Family
Supernatural > Faith-Centered
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First Come, First Killed

Banner made by the very talented Dhfreak

Title: Chosen Two: Demon Hunters
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of playing with them.
Prompt: #140 – first come, first killed at tamingthemuse (LJ)
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Buffy, Faith, Missouri
Spoilers: BtVS season post season 2 AU season 3, SPN season 1 Season 2 AU
Summary: After Mary's death John deals with it by getting drunk once a year, but the previous years activies come back to haunt him in the form of two little twin girls, Faith and Buffy Winchester.

Author’s Notes: It has been a long time since I’ve even looked at this fic but I needed something for ttm and after going through old WIPs this one stood out. I have lost all my notes for it so I am reworking a lot of things.

Chapter 7 First Come, First Killed

“Hey B,” Faith grinned stake in hand and she nodded to the vampires racing their way expecting an easy snack “first come, first killed.” Her eyes were bright with the potential fight and Buffy couldn’t help mirroring her twins grin.

This was what they were made to do. Side by side.

“Isn’t that how it usually works?” A stake slipped into Buffy’s hand from where she had stashed it in the sleeve of her leather jacket and she watched as Faith took the first vamp to reach them. She flipped him over her shoulder and plunged a stake into his heart dancing out of the way as the second rushed past and right into the wooden point of Buffy’s stake.

Dust surrounded them and the half a dozen or so snarling blood suckers were quickly dispatched by the twin Slayers. Faith was laughing as she shook dust out of her dark hair and Buffy just rolled her eyes twisting to frown at the new tear in her shirt. She stretched out the material to see it better and her sister swatted her hand voice playful.

“Oh quit being so uptight, it’s just a little rip.”

“But I liked this shirt.” Buffy pouted biting on her lower lip and falling into step with the other Slayer as they walked back to their car. They had stopped by the local cemetery in Lawrence, Kansas to let off some steam before heading by the psychic’s place.

They pulled up to the house and Faith grimaced upon seeing the sign cutting the engine as she did. Buffy nudged her as they walked up to the door and she knocked softly. “Looks like she’s still open.” Buffy commented softly indicating the sign that declared the place open to nine at night.

“Come right on in.” a voice yelled from somewhere inside the house and Buffy and Faith shared a look eyebrows raised before Buffy’s hand closed over the door knob and she pulled it open entering the house with Faith behind her. A plump black woman appeared from what has to be the kitchen whipping her hands on a washcloth and Faith couldn’t help the bite to her words as she told the psychic.

“You know you shouldn’t go around inviting just anyone in, might get the wrong sort of people.” Faith snorted moving over to look at the glass figurines on the shelf her voice holding just the right amount of polite scorn “But I forgot your psychic.”

“I am.” Missouri Mosley’s voice was matter of fact “And I can tell you unless you would to pay for the unicorn you should stop touching it child.” Faith pulled back her hand looking put off and Missouri looked between Buffy and Faith “Now what can I help you girls with, it’s late and I reckon you’ve come a long way.”

“Don’t you know already, that’s your gig right?” Faith came to stand beside Buffy folding her arms across her chest.

“Sometimes yes,” Missouri drew out softly curiosity in her eyes “but I’m not getting a lot off of you girls.”

“We’re looking for someone,” Buffy offered softly speaking to the woman for the first time “we were told you know them, the Winchesters.”

“Now what would you want with the Winchester’s?” Suspicion was immediately in the woman’s eyes and voice and her body tensed.

“We just want to find them.” Faith’s voice was flat.

Before Missouri could deny them, or lie to them. Something Buffy could tell the woman was ready to do she took a step forward “My name is Buffy, this is my sister Faith. We really need to find them.” She had counted on a small fact, that Missouri would know of them if she knew the Winchester’s and by the widening of the woman’s eyes she was right.

“Well I’ll be, if it isn’t the baby girl Winchesters.” she set the rag aside coming to stand in front of them her eyes taking in their features sharply “I can see it now.” Her eyes locked on Faith’s a smile touched her lips “You got your daddy’s look, and the attitude, and you,” she turned to Buffy “got his softness, rare as it was, and his strength.” She shook her head looking dazed “Your daddy and brothers think you’re dead.”

“False advertisement.” Faith shrugged under her jacket uncomfortable with the woman’s sharp scrutiny and she stood closer to Buffy holding her body rigid “We’re still breathing, and we need to find them. Got lead to you by mommy dearest’s pops.”

“Well of course,” Missouri shook her head “you girls had to get your smarts from someone and it certainly wasn’t the woman, and it wasn’t John either. I adore the man but he is dumb as a post.” She picked the rag back up and headed into the kitchen tossing over her shoulder “Well you two get your skinny asses in here and get something to eat, we’ll talk while you do.”

Buffy and Faith exchanged another look and Faith shrugged. Buffy let her lips quirk into a small smile and she followed Missouri into the kitchen Faith behind her. They sat down at two of the chairs around the kitchen table and watched as Missouri prepared two plates of spaghetti setting them in front of them. “Now eat up and I won’t ask you what happened all those years ago and what you’ve been up to, that story is best left to tell to those boys of yours.”

Faith looked down at the food hesitating at first before digging in with relish appreciating a home cooked meal for once. Buffy ate at a slower pace twirling the noodles on her fork and she asked Missouri.

“So how do you know them?”

“You could say I’ve helped John from time to time, after his wife died he came to me for answers...”

“About the thing that killed her, the demon right?” Faith interrupted her reaching forward to grab the tea that the psychic had poured for them.

“So you know about that?” Missouri looked surprised.

“We were pretty young,” Buffy danced around the subject carefully “but we remember.” And those memories were backed up from years of experience, for the confirmation that their calling gave them that what the witnessed when the where children hadn’t been just some nightmare.

Missouri smiled sadly “Yes, about the thing that killed Mary Winchester. He still comes to me occasionally, to see what I’ve heard or seen.” She paused before speaking again her voice hesitant “And not too long ago I saw those brothers’s of yours, they did a job in town and stopped by.”

“So they’re okay?” Buffy breathed out relief evident in her voice her hand clasping Faith’s tightly. Her sister returned the squeeze, they both had been worried. Three normal male hunters didn’t last long, especially given how reckless they tended to be.

“They’re fine,” Missouri reassured them gently “Stupid and foolish at the moment fine.”

“What happened?” Faith asked catching on to something in Missouri’s voice that Buffy hadn’t.

“Well,” the psychic sat down across from them her hands reaching out for theirs, one holding Buffy’s and the other’s Faith. “There was a wreck a few days back, it was pretty bad. It happened right after they had a tangle with the demon that killed Mary. They got banged up a bit.”

“How bad?” Buffy asked her voice soft.

“Well your daddy and Sam are fine, it’s Dean that they’re worried about. He took the brunt of it all. But he’ll be just fine.”

“Because you see it right?” Faith’s lip curled into a half smile her voice perfectly polite but there was no denying the disbelief in her words. She had pushed her plate aside and stood Buffy coming to stand beside her “Thank you for the food,” she forced out “but we really need to see them.”

Missouri stood understanding in her eyes “I’ll get you the address, and pack some of this for you to take along. You girls need some proper food.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Chosen Two: Demon Hunters" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Mar 09.

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