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The End Of Everything

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Summary: Logan's quest for his identity leads him to a small town in Southern California . . .

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Willow-CenteredEenaAngelFR181770053,0671 Jun 031 Jun 03No
***Tenth Teaser for the Upcoming Fics poll at my group: ***

**Major X2 Spoilers**

Title: The End Of Everything
Author: eena_angel2001
Rating: PG-13 to R-ish
Disclaimer: Don't own any of them.
Category: BTVS/Xmen
Pairing: Willow/Logan
Spoilers: Season 6-7, but no spoilers for the finale. X2 spoilers for sure.
Summary: Logan's quest for his identity leads him to a small town in Southern California . . .
Notes: I'm taking my own spin on the ending of X2.


He walked to the edge of the treeline, squinting in the bright rays of the rising sun. He looked down on the tiny town, so pristine it was like it was from some sort of postcard. Just one look at the town and you could dismiss it as one of those hick towns with nothing really special to offer.

But he knew different. This wasn't just some picturesque town with a cute name. It was something else, there was something else there. He could feel. Or more accurately, he could smell it.

The whole town smelled of death and decay. The scent of it just wafted off the ground itself and made its way to his nose. This wasn't a normal town in the middle of Southern California. It held some sort of secret.

He was just hoping that the secret was his.

Logan grunted, dropping his cigarette to the earth and grounding it out with his boot. He glared down at the small town before him, wondering how in the hell he was supposed to find out anything about himself here. The place didn't feel right, even if you could ignore the stench of death all over it. It was almost like the whole town was a cover for something else, something a whole lot more sinister.

He shook his head, turning away from the sight of the small town waking and making his way to his bike. Well, Scott's bike. Storm had warned him that he was going to have to stop stealing Scott's things pretty soon, but he just didn't see that happening. Besides, it's not like Scott minded that much. Hell, he was probably expecting it by now. Anyway, it was a form of compliment. Scott had all the best vehicles, Logan just couldn't help himself.

He hopped on top of the seat, minding going back to the mansion and its inhabitants for just a second. Marie had been upset to see him go, especially so soon after the loss of Jean and John. But he had no choice. His window of opportunity was closing more and more by the day. He wouldn't have long to figure out who he was before the whole of the X-Men would be dragged into another battle with someone or the other. Though Magneto and his Brotherhood seemed to be the most likely possibility at the moment.

He hadn't been sure what Striker had been trying to tell him back in Canada. He had assumed the man was making a last ditch effort to save his own skin, but that wasn't likely to happen. Logan had left him there, just like he deserved. But Striker's words never left him, the last clue in the quest for who he was:

"You're just going to have to make your way to the Boca Del Inferno."

He hadn't understood at the time, and when Storm translated it for him, he figured that was Striker's weird way of telling him to go to hell. After all, how was he supposed to find the mouth of Hell?

He would have totally forgotten about it, if it hadn't been for Kitty that is. Attentive little thing that girl was, jumping onto her computer and referencing anything she could find on that little phrase.

Imagine everyone's surprise when they figured out Boca Del Inferno was the original name of some hick town in the middle of California. The translation of the name made Marie just a tad bit nervous, but he wouldn't be stopped anyway. He had to find out anything he could about who he had been. Even if that meant going to Hell.

He was quick to be on his way, but now that he was here, he wasn't sure what to do. This place didn't even have a military base nearby. And while the stench of death made it odd, it didn't make it the solution to his problems.

He supposed he should make an effort at it. Go into town and ask around. Maybe just walk up and down the streets in case someone in this town remembered him. Hell, this might have been the place he had been born for all he knew. Whatever the case, there was only one way to figure it out.

He was going into Sunnydale.


The End?

You have reached the end of "The End Of Everything" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Jun 03.

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