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A What in Law?

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Summary: Xander goes to meet the parent.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other HetTjinFR1365,54614034,77628 Sep 0615 Jul 07Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Chapter 6 (Final Chapter)

“So, my son the conqueror, Lord of the seven realms and slayer of the Lords of Babylon.” Illyria said before sneering at the massive red demon before her. “And after all of that, after all we did to run those usurpers from our realms, you go and join them. A Demon Lord of war.”

“What choice did I have, Mother.” Trigon spat out the last word in contempt. “I returned from the abyss victorious to find all my kin trapped within the well of souls and those disgusting ‘Powers’ in control.” Trigon explained to his parent. “I was given a choice, banishment for all eternity to the lands beyond shadow, join you in the well or join the demonic forces.” He said before shrugging. “I believe they expected the demons to destroy me for the damage I caused to their realms.”

“And what of Ktulu? Did you forget about him or Hasture? You know very well that Asside would always accept you in his realms.”

“I never forgot them Mother, but going to them would bind me to my banishment for all of time. The demonic hordes are encroaching on the mortal realms each day. When I conquered Earth’s forces I would free you and the rest from the well and together we could destroy the vermin that dared defy us. Demon and Powers both.” The Demon Lord said as Illyria resisted the urge to growl at her spawn.

“Trigon, Child, listen to my words.” The Old one said before looking at her child. “You are a Demon lord, the fates we would mete out to the powers and demon hordes would be your fate as well. Destruction of form and spirit.” The God-King of the Ancients said before turning her head as Faith started to wake up. “Come, we shall speak of this.”


Xander blinked as he woke up to a face he was sure he would never see again.

“Faith?” he rasped out as he tried to remember what had happened.

With a smirk the oldest consecutively living Slayer pulled him to his feet. “Yeah, Welcome to hell X, Andrew and me will be your companions for the rest of eternity.” Faith said with a near demonic grin at the paling Xander’s face went through.

“S-stuck with Andrew.” Xander mumbled as his mind brought up terror images of spending the rest of time with the younger man. He was almost ready to find a way to end it all when the humor from the second part of the equation brought him back to reality. “So you’re telling me that you’re going to spend all of time with me and Andrew?” Xander asked as Faith’s cackling came to an abrupt end.

“Don’t ever even Joke about that, Harris.” Faith growled as her good mood evaporated at the thought of being stuck with the two geeks forever.

Xander chuckled at her glare before groaning in pain as the memories of where he was returned. “What are you doing here?” Xander asked in confusion as the Boston born slayer shrugged, embarrassed.

“I came to save you.” She admitted and Xander stared at her as if she was crazy.

“Then I’m sorry you came all this way for nothing,” Xander said as he sat back down and watched the scorched lands sadly. “You can’t save me.”

“What the hell are you talking about? You’re being held hostage by a demon lord, of course I’m gonna save you.” Faith said in shock as she reached down to get a grip on him again only to jerk back as he lashed out at her with a broken fragment of rock. Stepping back, Faith felt the scratch on her cheek the rock had caused and scowled as her fingers came back bloody. “What the fuck is your problem X, I don’t know how long Illyria can keep Big Red busy and we need to get out of here.” Faith said as she tried to ignore the urge to simply thump him on the head and drag him back home with her.

Xander, for his part, moved to a crouch so he could better defend himself against the Slayer. “I can’t leave here Faith. Raven is supposed to be used to open a portal back to earth, I’m a part of Raven. Enough that I can take her place and nowhere near enough that Trigon can us me to open a portal back to earth.” Xander explained to one of the few slayers to live straight through to twenty five. “If I go back with you, or ask Trigon to be returned, then he can use Raven to open a portal and turn our world into this.” Xander said as he indicated the burned out lands around them.

“So by sitting here and getting tortured, you’re saving the world?” Faith asked in disbelief as she glanced over at the arguing family of Xander’s wife.

“Screw Earth, to hell with it and every man, woman, child, demon and alien on above or below its surface.” Xander growled as the past months tortures finally wore through his ‘nice guy’ mask. “The only thing I care about is her, and if I have to fight the combined forces of Heaven and Hell to save Raven you had better believe that’s exactly what I’ll do.”

Faith took a step back from Xander as his eyes glowed green at his promise against the universe.

“Did you really expect to break that will?”

Xander and Faith both turned to stare at his in-laws as the two old ones watched their argument.

“I could not believe one of my spawn was capable of inspiring such an all consuming obsession.” The demonic conqueror admitted before shrinking to simply tower beside his mother at a mere three meters tall.

Resisting the urge to sneer, Illyria settled for a disgusted sigh. “It is love, a disgusting emotional attachment the ‘Powers’ allowed to manifest and quickly lost control of.” The blue skinned God-King growled to her child before turning back to the two mortals.

“Trigon has agreed to relinquish his claims to your world for the entire lifetime of this newborn.” Illyria said as she held out her hand and created a brilliant ball of fire and light in her hand. “On the day of its death Trigon’s claim shall return and he may ‘Attempt’ the conquest of your realm.” The blue being declared as the two humans watched the birth of a star in her palm.

“So… I can go home?” Xander ventured carefully as the red skinned demon nodded.

Reaching out the demon summoned the monochrome form of his daughter. “She shall return you to your realm thus releasing any claim on your world or my child.” The horned lord of war said before turning away from the lone male.

Turning to Xander, the colorless form of his wife smirked under her hooded cloak. “It’s a shame lover, we could have had tons of… fun.” She hissed before summoning her soul form and swallowing the trio into the shadows.

With a flash of light the three dimensional travelers were returned to their home.


Raven opened her eyes slowly and focused on her husband for a second before grabbing him in a hug. “I thought you left me.” She whispered as she tried to forget the cold loneliness she had felt when he disappeared through that portal so many month’s before.

“Just for a second Rea, I had to make sure you were safe.” Xander said before pulling back to look at her. “Ready to go home?’


As the two moved past the happily dancing Tamaranian and trio of mages no one noticed a pair of red eyes watching them from the shadows.


(A/N) END! Full stop, no more, finished.

I had hoped for so much more from this story, I had wanted a great big showdown between the Trio and Illyia, a big fight between Raven and Shadow Raven and a ton more… all fell by the wayside as I felt the muse leaving this story to die in the dust.

So here is the end people, if anyone wants to continue this go right on ahead just tell me where it is.

Hope you all enjoyed my fic.


The End

You have reached the end of "A What in Law?". This story is complete.

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