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Journey to Another Hell IV

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Journey to Another Hell". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A familiar face makes an appearance as a lackey of the Council, and he brings some friends with him. *SLASH* [Xander/Jean-Claude/Asher]

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Anita Blake > Xander-Centered > Pairing: JeanClaudeFeyganFR181520,93275044,13128 Sep 064 Jun 14No


Anita could feel Jean-Claude's worry down the Marks and it burned her a little to know that that worry wasn't for her. Ever since Xander came around... the dynamic of all of her relationships had changed, and not in ways that benefited her.

When she felt a flash of Jean-Claude's fear, she had to wonder for a second if maybe Edward had managed to put an end to Xander. But that fear quickly faded and it was less than fifteen minutes later that she was experiencing the echoes of others' passion jolting across her nerves.

She grit her teeth hard and slumped down further on her couch.

For the first time in a long time she regretted her night off and though it was probably a terrible thing she couldn't help wishing that maybe Dolph would call with a case. Then at least she'd have something to take her away from herself.

Once again, she wondered where Nathaniel and the others were. They hadn't been by all night, which was just a little weird. Though it wasn't like she owned them or anything. Really.

She sighed again.


Nathaniel was floating in a world of endorphins and spent pleasure.

Vaguely he was aware of Micah and Zane trying to get him to his feet, but they really didn't matter to him at all. Right at this moment, all he could feel was the echoes of pleasure vibrating throughout his whole body.

Xander had long since left him, but the mark of his passions was burned forever into Nathaniel's skin, and it made him glad.

It felt as though Xander had reached right into the very heart of him and rewired everything that had always been so fucked up about him. And even he couldn't honestly say that he had been made better, but he had definitely been changed by the experience.

"Come on, Nathaniel, we really need to go now," Micah said in his most gentle voice.

Nathaniel didn't consciously resist the hands trying to pull him up, but he didn't help them either. He just laid their limply, so wrapped up in the memory of bliss that he didn't want to do anything else but wallow in all that he had felt.

"Nathaniel, can you hear me?" Micah sounded worried now. His hands on Nathaniel's shoulders squeezed tighter, forcing him to pay attention.

Nathaniel blinked, knowing that if he didn't show that he was still here, none of them would leave him alone. "I... fine," he murmured. "Just feel so go-ood."

Micah let out a relieved puff of breath. "He's going to be all right," he said.

"Well, then let's get him the hell out of here before Xander comes back. I really don't want to watch a repeat," Zane said.


Nathaniel mewled a little in protest, wanting to stay where he was lying, but they wouldn't let him drift back into sleep. They'd been here too long already; should have left that morning, and now it was almost one in the morning of the next day.

They'd been trying to get him to leave for hours now, but he'd just been unable to let go of all that he'd experienced. He'd fought them tooth and nail, knowing that they wouldn't use their full strength against him, not after they had seen his transcendence.

He knew that all the things he had done with Xander had shocked and horrified them. Sure, they'd all experienced some form of rape and horrible torture at various points in their pasts, but what Xander had done to him... It had been the most beautiful torment he had ever experienced, so life changing that even now he thought he could still feel the vampire's touch against his skin.

They didn't understand that the pain made him feel real. They didn't understand that most of the time he sleepwalked through what he laughably called his life, never quite able to touch anything and know that he somehow affected the world around him. It was like he was constantly in a state of dreaming.

But when Xander was peeling the flesh from his bones, skewering him with his cock, devouring his blood and maybe his very soul... the pain made him somehow whole. He felt every instance of the exquisite agony, and it was the most wonderful thing ever. And he wanted more.

He didn't want to leave the bed that was still stained with his blood, tears, and both their semen. He didn't want to leave the memory behind because maybe he would never be allowed to have Xander again. Maybe he was forever to be denied the heights of ultimate pleasure.

Nathaniel knew that some people thought he was fairly simple. They looked at him, and even though he tried his best to get them to believe he was real, they only saw him as some kind of poseable doll. Especially Anita.

He knew that she didn't really see him as a person at all. He was her plaything, solely created to do her bidding. He fucked her when she wanted it, cooked and cleaned so she didn't have to, and when she didn't want to play with him he retreated back into his box to wait for her to want him again.

It hurt to admit that he had tied all his hopes and dreams to someone that was so utterly selfish. She thought that she could top him, never understanding that there was more to a proper relationship than him just constantly giving so that she could take and take and take.

She was supposed to take care of him, protect him from the world and from himself. She was supposed to be his strength when he was too weak to stand on his own feet.

Instead, she was so wrapped up in her own wants and needs that he had ceased to even be a person to her anymore. She had forgotten that Nathaniel Graison even existed. All she ever saw was Nathaniel, her sweet little pet that was willing to do whatever she wanted and not demand anything.

Once upon a time he had hoped that she would grow into a real top. That she would give him everything that he not just wanted, but needed. But it had never happened and he had felt himself fading away a bit more with each passing day until he was sure he was about to disappear entirely.

But a night with Xander had brought him back into his own flesh. So for the first time in years, he actually felt alive. And he really didn't want to let that go.

Those insistent hands were on him again and finally he just gave in to their demands, let himself be lifted and carried away.

More than anything he wanted to stay where Xander had left him, wanted to be there waiting when he came back. But he had to force himself to know better, to not be so stupid all the time.

Xander had left his mark upon him, not just on his skin, but on everything that he was. So he had to believe that they would meet up again, that he would experience the magic at least one more time before he died.

He had to have hope, or else he would never be real again.


Xander knew he had been a bad boy and that Jean-Claude wasn't exactly happy with him.

Maybe he should have felt repentent. Maybe he should have been pacing the floor with guilt and worry eating away at his belly. But hey, that whole lack of a soul thing kept him pretty much on the rosy side of things.

He figured he was going to be yelled at, punished for being such a bad, bad boy. And he was fairly slavering with anticipation of the punishment to come.

Lounging on the limo's backseat, he could see the driver peeking at him through the rear view mirror. It made him want to put on a little show, but he knew Jean-Claude was coming and he didn't want to make the other vampire really mad.

Just the fun kind of mad that led to awesome sex and many happies for all the good little Xander's of the world.

He felt a smirk forming on his lips, but quickly wiped it away when the door opened.

Jean-Claude's face was expressionless, but Xander could see the delicious burn of fury in his eyes. It made him get hard in his pants.

"Hey baby, what's happening?" Xander licked his lips.

"Shut up," Jean-Claude said, slamming the door behind him.

"Please don't be mad at me," Xander pleaded, making his eyes go as puppy-kicked as possible. He knew Jean-Claude had a soft spot for fake-innocent Xander. It made the other vampire all hot.

Jean-Claude just looked at him for long moment, fire burning in his eyes. Then he reached out his hand and pushed the button that raised the partition between them and the driver.

With rough hands, Jean-Claude grabbed Xander's legs and jerked them apart. "Do you understand how disappointed I am in you right now?" he demanded, going down on his own knees.

Xander let his hips be jerked off the seat when Jean-Claude ripped his pants open, superhuman strength splitting the zipper with no real effort. "Don't be too mad at me," he mock-pleaded, though he couldn't completely keep the delight out of his voice.

"I told you to shut up," Jean-Claude growled, leaning forward.

Looking down at his lover's head in his lap, Xander smiled and let himself go with the moment.

It was nice to know that his breaking the rules and being naughty was as much of a plus in this dimension as it had been in his own. He liked being an object of desire.

He groaned and tilted his head backward, pressing the back of his head against the seat back. "Ooh, you know I love you, right?"

Jean-Claude mumbled something that might have been agreement, but it was too hard to tell, and Xander wasn't even listening anyway.

If there was one person with a perfect mouth in the entire universe, it had to be Jean-Claude.

"So nice... beautiful... mine," he moaned.


There were moments in his new life that really caused Asher to wonder whether he should be jealous or not.

He knew that Jean-Claude was completely wrapped up in Xander, and he couldn't hold it against him. There was just something so utterly charming about the younger vampire. Still, it kind of hurt not to be the center of someone's world himself. But even if that never happened again, he was closer to happy than he had been for most of his life, since Julianna had been ripped away from him.

Neither Jean-Claude or Xander seemed to care that he was covered in grotesque scars. They looked at him and actually seemed to see him and nothing else.

He had been self-conscious about what had been done to him for the longest time. It was almost painful to let that go, but he just couldn't hold onto it anymore, not when there were two gorgeous men constantly telling him that he had an amazing amount of worth.

They made him feel real.
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