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Journey to Another Hell IV

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Journey to Another Hell". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A familiar face makes an appearance as a lackey of the Council, and he brings some friends with him. *SLASH* [Xander/Jean-Claude/Asher]

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Anita Blake > Xander-Centered > Pairing: JeanClaudeFeyganFR181520,93275044,16228 Sep 064 Jun 14No


Title: Journey to Another Hell IV
Author: Feygan
Fandom: Buffy/Anita Blake
Pairing: Xander/Jean-Claude/Asher
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Anita Blake Vampire Hunter.
Curled up on a bench-seat, Xander wore an amused smile as he watched the show. There was always something so coolly thrilling about Jean-Claude lording it up over the other vamps. The rush of power and the thrust and burn of danger. Anything could happen at any time, but Jean-Claude was always the one in control.

Xander had always been kind of resentful of people telling him what to do. He really didn't enjoy being the second banana, having to do whatever the Master ordered of him. Sure, there had been fun violence and murder and death, but... he didn't do the submissive real well, that alpha in him rising to the surface with a burst of rage.

But there was something hot about Jean-Claude being the boss, all dominant and in-charge guy.

"While you are in MY city, you will show the proper respect." Jean-Claude glared at the mass of vampires in front of him. "You petitioned me for entrance into my domains and you will follow the rules that have been set or you will leave."

"What about him?" one of the bolder vampire girls asked, jerking a thumb at Xander.

"What about me?" Xander asked, sitting up in one smooth motion.

"He is a child Jean-Claude, but you allow him to disrespect you with everything that he does. We have known each other for a long time, but it is this boy that you lavish your love and attention on, and for what? He is a mindless thug with no grace whatsoever. He makes you look weak and feeble in the face of your enemies, yet it is to you that we turn for protection? How can you protect us when all of the other masters of the world are laughing at you behind your back?" She gave a derisive snort. "You should get rid of the boy, or at least put him in his place."

Xander turned to Jean-Claude, whose face was an expressionless mask. "Do you want me to handle this?" he asked.

Jean-Claude gave a single nod of his head, and that was it.

Xander blurred into motion. One second he was comfortably seated on the bench, his muscles loose and lazy. The next he was across the room, slamming hard into the female vampire and riding her body to the floor, a manic grin stretching his lips. This was what he lived for, or unlived for, whatever.

Looming over her, larger than life, he felt that rush of power that only the best violence brought. "Hey chickie, what's up with you?" he giggled, an oddly high-pitched sound.

She glared at him and began jerking her arms and legs, her eyes going wide with surprise when she found that even with her preternatural vampire strength, she couldn't unseat him. "Get off me, you brute, or I will skin you alive."

"That's what I like in a good bitch," he cooed, "a bit of the fire. I bet you're a tiger in the sack, all clawing fingernails and gnashing of teeth, yeah?" He leaned forward and licked his tongue across her cheek. "Um, you taste like old blood and sex. All you need is some candy and you'd be the perfect tribute to that song from the nineties."

She slammed her head forward, thudding their foreheads together with as much force as she could manage in her position of weakness.

Xander grunted. "Ow, you made me bite my tongue." He raised a hand to his lips and traced the faint trickle of blood with his fingertips. Then he brought it down to her face and drew a circle in the middle of her forehead, slashing a cross through it. "I don't really like it when I bleed my own blood and there's no sex involved. I think I'm gonna have to teach your little friends a lesson," he glanced up at them through the fringe of his air, "and you're gonna be a reference tool."

Things were a blur of whooping, high-pitched laughter and screams after that. Blood seeped into the wall hangings and stained the clothes of those watching in swatching splatters that no one dared to duck away from for fear of drawing down his terrible attentions. Jean-Claude's enforcers kept the crowd back, boxing them in so that if someone decided to be stupidly brave, they wouldn't get very far with it.

And when it was all said and done, Xander fell back on his old tried and true favorite. The scritch of a match, then the helpless screams were even higher pitched and piteous before they finally fell away into silence.

Wiping his hands on the legs of his jeans, Xander strode stiff legged to stand in front of the new vampires, a smirk tugging his lips. "Well, now that was fun, wasn't it? Does anyone else have an objection to my and Jean-Claude's relationship, 'cause if you do I'm totally happy to hear whatever you've got to say. Honestly."

They looked at him with blank faces, though their eyes blazed with that vampire fire that spoke louder than a thousand words. They were angry and upset and probably a bit freaked out, no matter what crazy shit they'd seen other masters do, but they weren't going to show any of it in front of him, not when they were in a position of weakness. They weren't that stupid, which gave him hope that they would eventually learn what he had to teach them about pain and control and how to be a real vampire rather than the pansy assed versions they had let themselves become.

"Cool," Xander said, letting his face smooth back into the innocent schoolboy look that had done him so well back in Sunnydale before people finally figured out that he wasn't just the Master's lapdog and fucktoy. "Jean-Claude is gonna speak and you're gonna listen and it's gonna be all good."

He turned away from them, drifting across the room to lean close to Jean-Claude, breathing the words directly into his ear so no one else can hear. "I'm gonna find Asher now. That whole thing got me all hot." He flicked his tongue out, brushing it against the edge of Jean-Claude's ear, making the older vampire hiss and shudder, the aurdeur suddenly flicking to full-on mode, filling the entire room with a warm heat.

Xander stepped back. "There. I brought on the terror, and now you show them that working for you can be awesome and hot. Seduce 'em baby, make 'em burn your way so I don't have to burn 'em later in mine."

Jean-Claude's eyes were drowning pools of dark blue, swirling with heat and desire, and when he pulled himself away from Xander and turned to speak to his new vampires, his voice was a seductive purr, dragging them into his web, turning them to his cause with the promise of great rewards. The tension in the room rose to delicious heights, vampire cool skin moistening with desire as their eyes burned with sudden want.

Walking out of the room, Xander could only shake his head and smile at the magnetism Jean-Claude exuded with his every word or gesture. And the terror he had brought on earlier was being subsumed by the desire Jean-Claude had woken, but it wouldn't be forgotten and it would grow with the telling.

Soon the voices on the streets would tell that working for Jean-Claude was the greatest reward ever as long as you didn't go against him. Loyalty was rewarded in pleasure and power, disloyalty was punished in pain and death, and there would be no waffling allowed.

Xander rolled his shoulders, better settling his blood-spattered shirt. Now that his work was done, he was going to get his own reward for a deed well done, just as soon as he found Asher.
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