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The Werewolf and the Angry Drunk

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Summary: Oz/Mckay. FFA.

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Title: The Werewolf and the Angry Drunk

Author: Xandra the Shameful

Disclaimer: I don't own any of characters, and after you read this you'll be glad I don't.


FFA: Oz/McKay


Notes: Haha so this is the first of many things I have never done. This is the first fic I wrote for FFA, this is my first slash fic and also the first fic I ever wrote three versions of. Trust me the other involved Russia and the band being famous, I went with this one cause well there was kind of an end. I usually pride myself on probability of my crossovers but I've been really stuck at write lately and I wanted to do something different and difficult. Mostly I had this on my hard drive for a month and thought maybe someone else would want to read it. But if your looking for something good this isn't it.


This takes place in the buffyverse anytime post show and Stargate Atlantis between episode 2x01 and 2x02 when they were on earth… for stuff.



Rodney wasn’t sure what he was doing. One moment he was sitting through a set of what he thought was possibly the worst band on earth and the next minute he making out with said band’s guitarist.


Actually Rodney knew exactly what it was: interstellar travel, beer and complete distain. The team from Atlantis had only been back on earth seven hours before Sheppard had a bright idea they all should go out for a drink. The bar they had chosen had live music. Some of it was decent but the rest was total crap as Rodney pointed out many times.


"We’re back on Earth, you should be in a better mood." Elisabeth told him.


"Yeah, I’m floating on air." Rodney shot back. He didn’t know why he was in such a bad mood. Maybe it’s was Ford disappearing or maybe it was the fact that he really had no one back on Earth to come home too. Not like he was just going to stop by his sister's house after three years.


Elizabeth left first, Sheppard was next saying he needed to be in early tomorrow, Carson was the last to leave saying he didn’t need to take anymore abuse. Rodney stayed continuing to mutter comments to himself  and continuing to drink. The last band up was "SunnyHell" a group of four twenty-something guys. Even before the first note came out Rodney hated them.


By the time the band finished Rodney had been cut off by the waitress. With the bar being pretty empty Rodney’s rude comments could clearly be heard on stage. His coworkers had long since left and no one was around to knock some sense into him.


"Why don’t you just shut the fuck up?" Devon, the singer, yelled.


Surprised Rodney turned to the stage. "Because I can say whatever the hell I want. Just like you can call what you were doing singing!"


With that Devon jump off the stage and pushed through the empty chairs and sucker punched him. Rodney fell off his chair. Devon went to hit him again. The bar tender was too slow to stop it but the guitarist caught Devon’s hand before he could strike another blow.


"Devon, stop." Oz told him.


"But you heard what he called the band!"


The bartender goes to Rodney helping him off the floor.


"Yes I did but you aren’t Scotty and he isn’t talking about the Enterprise so cool down." Oz said in most mellow and amused tone he could muster. He knew what the rest of the band knew Devon was just as shit-faced as their heckler.


"I’m so going to have him arrested." Rodney spews as he stands up, pushing the bar tender off him. Oz told Devon to go home, he’ll take care of it.



"Are you alright?" Oz asked him. The bar tender got back to work closing down the bar and let Oz take care of it.


"Your friend is going to be sorr-" Rodney stumbles while still staying in the exact same spot. Oz catches him.


"He didn’t mean it, and you were provoking him."


"I was…" Rodney tries to defend himself and fails.


"You should probably get home and get some sleep."


"Like I’m going to take advice from a punk in a shitty band." Rodney sits down defeated. "I still want him arrested." He slurs.


"Why don’t I take you home and we’ll call it even." Rodney nods after a moment. Oz was thrilled this was the easiest of the messes he had had to clean up for Devon. He was always getting into fights.


"Where do you live?"




"I mean in Colorado Springs." Oz helps him to his feet leading him out of the bar.


Rodney mumbles and address as Oz puts him in the front seat the van. He was used to this enough with Devon.


"You really need to control your anger." Oz says as they get on the road. "Something like that can consume your entire life." Since he understood his werewolf-ness he was big on spreading the love, and just by looks this guy needed it. It didn’t matter the guy fell asleep.


Oz didn’t mind ditching the band for the night. He needed a break. He left Sunnydale and Willow to regain his control but it wasn’t long before Devon called him up hoping to get the band back together. A new name and drummer later they were back in business, except the business didn’t go far and years later they were still no where, but he liked the traveling life and being successful was not a good thing for a person with his malady. Since Willow he had decided to keep himself away from relationships which left him living like the monks who taught him to keep control in the first place. Slowly that life was eating away at him and started having thoughts about not just all the women he met but them men too. It was their scents mostly that attracted him. In a crowded bar he could pick out one person and become infatuated. It was distracting and his mellow exterior was starting to slip. He snapped out of his thoughts and turned his attention back to driving, especially because even thought he found the man sleeping next to him positively annoying his scent reached him back stage at the bar.


Rodney woke up not to long after falling asleep. He was disoriented, thinking he was on a Puddle Jumper with his team. Before opening his eyes he took a deep breath. The smell of the driver got caught in his noise, he wasn’t sure what it was but it felt good to him. Even more intoxicated. He couldn’t have been more surprised to open his eyes. He opened his eyes and jumped back to reality. Yes it was a surprised to realizes that he was back on earth but also that the smell that started turning him on was coming from this red headed young man.


As a knee jerk reaction Rodney shot up straight in his seat.


"Welcome back."


"Yeah." Breathless. There was something animal about this young man, something that attracted him.


"We’re almost there." Oz says keeping his eyes on the road. Rodney stays quiet; worried anything he said would give away his thoughts of mauling him.


Rodney perks up when they get to the gate of the building. Oz is concerned when he sees the US Military sign over the key pad. "Military?" Oz feared the military since he had been taken by the Initiative, but this should be fine, he wasn’t in anyway wolfy.


"Consultant." Rodney says slowly pulling out his key card. He hands it to the driver. "78…5…96." Rodney remembers his pass code. The gate opens and Oz is careful to obey every traffic rule. He parks in a spot near the building.


Rodney takes back the card and undoes his seat belt. "Thanks." He says pushing himself out the door. He wanted to get away from this guy as quickly as possible. Of course he lost his footing and fell out of the van.


He was content to just wait there and wait until morning but no the kid was determined to be good and quickly hopped out and went to his aid. Rodney tried to keep calm which was becoming impossible when Oz came so close to help him up.


When Oz pulled the inebriated scientist up there face were inches from each other. Oz was the first to flinch. There was something in his eyes that Oz picked up on, even in the dark. It didn’t disturb him as much as he expected.


It wasn’t until they had made it to Rodney’s door that anything happened. Rodney failed twice to get the key in the lock. Oz, who was quickly feeling uncomfortable took the keys from his hand and opened it himself.


"Hey!" Rodney ripped the keys out of Oz’s hand. "I could have done that myself."


"God do you know how much of an asshole you are."


"I know exactly what I am and you’ve just a kid in a wannabee band!" Wow this guy knew how to make people throw a punch, Oz thought. Rodney started to open the door and Oz started to leave but Rodney didn’t want to shut up. "Can’t even defend himself."


Oz lost his cool for a moment and turned back quickly to go at the older man. He was considering hitting him the Rodney was ready and pinned him to the open door. Oz thought he was in trouble, that this man was gonna beat him up. What he didn’t realize was he was in more trouble then he thought when Rodney leaned in and laid a long hard kiss on him.




Oz woke up in the strange man’s bed, he looked at his watch. It was ten in the morning. He looked over at the naked man sleeping next to him and it slowly occurred to him he didn’t even know this guys name. Oz carefully pulled himself out of bed and got dressed hoping not to wake him. He was going to act like this never happened.


Oz was successful in let the guy sleep, quietly picking up his clothes from all over the generic two room apartment. He dressed next to the door, looking back at the bedroom every few seconds. Finally dressed he grabs his car keys last and opens the door. He thought he was in the clear…


"About time-" A voice said when the door opened. "Oh?"


Oz froze when he saw two men outside the door. He recognized them; they had been drinking with the guy earlier in the night. Oz stumbled his response. "He’s, um, sleeping."


"Who are you?" a man with a strong Scottish accent cuts off his retreat.


"Oh, I was in one of the bands… he was drunk I gave him a ride home." Oz said quickly trying to leave.


The Scottish guy stayed in his way but the other one spoke up. "Carson, let him go." Oz didn’t get a chance to say thanks; he was dashing down the hall holding back from running.




Rodney awoke to voices in the hallway. His bedroom door was left open and he could see the front door was slightly open from there. He could hear Carson’s voice outside, questioning his visitor ‘whatshisname’.  Quickly he got out of bed pulled on some clothes, damn his head hurt but he pushed through. He didn’t want to explain this to anyone, not until he figured it out for himself. After a few minutes, Sheppard and Carson entered his apartment.


"Rodney, you okay?" Sheppard called into the room.


Rodney came out fully dressed, trying to hide his hangover. "Yeah, I’m here."


"Are you alright?" Carson asked, noticing Rodney’s black eye.


"I’m fine. Let's go." Rodney confidently walks to the door.


The End.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Werewolf and the Angry Drunk". This story is complete.

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