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In My Time of Dying

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Summary: After the crash Dean is haunting the hospital and meets up with another displaced spirit with a secret agenda. Dean thinks Buffy Summers is just a normal girl. Buffy/Dean pairing

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterChosenfireFR1858,13934110,84429 Sep 0610 Aug 08No

This Is Getting Old

In My Time of Dying
By: chosenfire
Summary: After the crash Dean is haunting the hospital and meets up with another displaced spirit with a secret agenda. Dean thinks Buffy Summers is just a normal girl.
Disclaimer: I own nothing from either show and YADA YADA YADA.
Spoilers: Buffy up to season 7, Supernatural season 1 and the In My Time of Dying season 2
Pairings: Buffy/Dean, Sam/?



AN: I can’t help it, I’m obsessed with Buffy and Dean. Since in my other fic Beer Bad Sam is paired with Dawn I’ll let you guys make the decision between Faith and Willow, so if you didn’t get your way last time review and you may get your way. Remember one review could decide it all.

AN2: Also I saw the season premiere of Supernatural and didn’t like how it ended. It wasn’t fair.

Chapter 1 This Is Getting Old

Buffy Summers groaned as she stood up rubbing the purple bruise on her forehead. She winced remembering the demons fist that had plowed into her face. The wince turned into a full on glare when she saw where she was, the hospital.

It was a well known fact that she hated hospitals, always had always would.

Her friends knew that so why in the hell had they stuck her in here.

They worked for the Council now. She could have gotten a private room at Slayer Central or Willow could have laid some healing mojo. Magic wasn’t misused if it healed the head Slayer right.

Buffy looked down at her plain white hospital gown and her nose wrinkled. C’mon honestly, it looked like she had a big shirt on. Totally unfashionable.

She walked out of the room and ran to catch up with a nurse “Hey were am I.” The nurse continued reading her chart and Buffy frowned “Helloooo!!!” She waved her hands in the woman’s face. When she didn’t react Buffy took a hurried step back dread descending.

She rushed back to her room and with her stomach sank as her suspicions were confirmed. There in the bed her body laid attached to a machine that was breathing for her. Somehow her spirit had pushed out of her body.

And she had no clue how to get back in.

Buffy walked down the hall way bored out of her mind. Two days had passed and Dawn or none of the Scoobies had showed up. Two days of not being able to communicate with no one. This was getting old quick.

Buffy turned the corner and stopped suddenly her eyes narrowing on the figure at the end of the hallway.

“Oh you.” she yelled and walked purposely to the thing that could clearly see her. Known other then the Power’s own personal lackey Whistler.

“Hey kid.” Whistler smiled nervously .

“Remember hat ribcage,” Buffy gritted out “Haven’t I done enough for you people, what in the hell do you want now?”

“The Power’s have a job for you.”

“When do they don’t?” Buffy rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. Resigned she sighed “Okay, I’m listening.”

Whistler gave her a faint grin relieved “Sometime a day a family will be coming in, a dad and his two adult sons. They’re demon hunters and the creature that they’ve been after started hunting the. The dad and the youngest son are in good shape but it’s the oldest the Power’s are worried about. A Reaper has been sent to get him.”

“So what does that have to do with me?” Buffy asked puzzled.

Whistler’s grin widened “Cause you do work miracles and if anyone can get him to hold on it’s you.”

Buffy’s eyes narrowed “What aren’t you telling me?”

Whistler took a quick look around at the place avoiding her eyes and muttered “It’s destiny Kid, you’ll figure it out.”

He faded out and Buffy cursed under her breath.

Dean Winchester left his father and Sammy to argue and walked down the hallway frustrated. Damn those two for being so predictable.

Still he couldn’t help but agree with Sam, Dad didn’t seem to give a crap about him.

Dean gritted his teeth in frustrating and walked into the lobby. He ran into someone and that someone yelled at him “Sheesh ever think you could watch were your going.”

He looked at the short blond (who was kinda hot in the ditzy California girl way, okay really hot) and his eyes widened.

“You can see me.” they shouted at the same time wearing matching stunned expressions.

“So were not dead.” Buffy asked him slowly and sighed relieved. At least she hadn’t died again. It got annoying.

“As far as I can tell.” Dean reassured her touching her arm comfortingly. They had went somewhere quieter to talk.

He had found out that Miss Buffy Summers had been mugged and no family had showed up. She’d also been haunting the place for a couple of days without running into the Reaper so that gave him hope. Hope he could find a way to beat this thing, the both of them.

Buffy knew who he was. He was the guy Whistler wanted her to stop from moving on. After talking to him for over an hour Buffy didn’t think she would have to work that hard. Dean Winchester didn’t seem to eager to cross over.
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