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Summary: FFA. On his return to the UK after the destruction of the watcher's council Giles is picked up by MI5.

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Television > Spooks (MI-5)XandraFR712,150062,03430 Sep 0630 Sep 06Yes
Title: Interrogation

Summary: FFA: Rupert Giles & Harry Pearce. On his return to the UK after the destruction of the watcher's council Giles is picked up by MI5.

Man I love Spooks… so happy season 5 has started. This fic is not slash just a conversational character pair up. I like my response to this FFA challenge then my last one, hope you guys do too. Happy reading.


Giles knew the minute he got off the plane he was being followed. He hadn't been back to the UK since Watcher Headquarters had exploded and there was no doubt in his mind he had been flagged the moment he booked the flight. He let the Middle Eastern agent follow him to baggage claim and quickly spotted the blond woman that was waiting for them. They wouldn't take him here; they would wait until he got his bag and usher him quickly and quietly into a waiting car.

He kept in their sights, no reason to make this difficult. Being interrogated by MI-5 wasn't anything he couldn't handle, he had nothing to hide. As he waited for his bags to come around the belt he gave the woman a smile. He felt proud when he caught her off guard, she must be new.

He had only grabbed the first bag off the belt when his traveling companion rejoined him. "Ooh goody that's mine." Dawn took the bag out of his hand. Playing spy he forgot he was not alone, Dawn had practically ran off the plane when they landed and went to the bathroom. This would complicate things. He hoped that everyone would be very professional about this and leave the underage American alone.

Rupert carefully collected the rest of the luggage. He whispered to Dawn. "No matter what happens just stay calm and don't speak." Dawn was confused as Giles turned and headed for the exit.

The two agents closed in their flank behind him as they reach the door. Dawn takes notice. Giles attempts to keep her calm by taking her hand tightly in his own. They walked though the doors…

Seeing the car waiting, Giles stopped. "I'm going with you willingly." Giles says the agents while still looking straight ahead.

"Good" A new agent joins them from the side. He was older then the other agents, blond and had a slight beard. The three lead them to the car.

"Giles?" Dawn squeals.

"It's alright." Giles tells her helping her in. Their bags were still on the curb.

"Put them in the car." The new man directed his underlings.

"Where are we going?" Giles asks him. The man doesn't answer and Giles is not surprised he gets in the car, the man joins them.

The doors close, the luggage is loaded, and the car drives off.

"The other two aren't coming?"

"They are in the car behind us." The Agent responds. "How was your flight?" he tries polite conversation.

"Wonderful, it's always thrilling to be stuck in coach for 12 hours." Keeping up the niceties.

"Giles," Dawn speaks up in dark and angry tone, "what's going on?"

"You have nothing to worry about, Miss…"

"You weren't prepared?" Giles is surprised. "This is Dawn."

He smiles. "Hello, Dawn. My name is Sam." Adam Carter tells her.

"What's going on?"

"We just have some questions for Mr. Giles."

"Who are you people?"

"MI-5" Giles tells her.


Giles sighs. "They are like the FBI but more covert."

"Spies." Adam adds.

"Oh." Dawn is content for the moment and remembers Giles words for her not to speak.

Giles turns back to the agent. "How far?"

"Not far." Adam assures them.

"I assume Harry will be meeting us."


"What about her?"

"He'll decide when we arrive." Adam puts on his 'father' hat for a moment. "I promise if you are separated we'll take good care of her."

"You better or my sister…." Dawn mutters. Adam chuckles.

As Adam had said it wasn't far. The car took a turn into an underground parking structure. When it stopped Adam left, returning a few moments later.

"Both of you come with us." The two from the airport had returned. Dawn and Giles were lead through the cars to a hidden meeting room. Dawn was surprised that the room was dressed up with a table, chairs and refreshments. It looked like a restaurant. Waiting for them was an older bald man. Dawn stayed at Giles side, her guards were way up.

"Rupert, it's good to see you again."

"I wish I can say the same, Harry, being greeted at the airport by MI-5 isn't always the most exciting."

"Well I thought it would be best, considering you missed our last meeting several months ago."

"He was busy." Dawn butted in.

"Dawn, please."

"It's nice to meet you Miss Summer." Harry asserts his knowledge. Giles sees the plug in Harry's ear. Someone was watching them, feeding him information to keep Harry with the upper-hand. It wasn't much of a surprise but no doubt they know all about Dawn by now. "Why don't you both have a seat?"

At Giles' direction Dawn sat and waited. She didn't like this not one bit. Giles sits as does Harry. "There was a concern that if we didn't bring you in now we would have to wait another six months before we found you again."

"I wouldn't think finding me would be that difficult. But she was correct, I have been busy." Giles takes a toothpick of cheese off the serving plate.

Harry nods to the three younger agents and they file out. He waits until they are gone to respond. "So I've heard. It doesn't change the fact that only days after we last met the Watcher Council was blown up."

"Is that what this is all about?" Dawn says. Giles hand instinctively goes to her arm, shutting her up.

Harry says nothing and reaches for the wine bottle chilling next to the table. He pours three glasses and hands them off. Dawn stares down the glass. When she finally reaches for it Giles moves it away while lifting his own.

Harry is taken aback. "It's not drugged." He takes a sip to show good faith.

Giles takes a sip of his own glass, leaving Dawn's in the middle of the table. "She's a minor." He tells him. Dawn roles her eyes. "Can we get on with this we have places to be?" Giles moves the cheese platter closer to Dawn. She doesn't touch it.

"When we are done we will provide your transportation to your flat in Bathe."

"Good. What are your questions?"

Harry sat back with his glass still in hand. "Who?"

"A man named Caleb. He's been taken care of."

"And his followers?"

"He was the follower. His… leader has been neutralized."

"Why did it happen?"

"You don't want an answer to that question."

Harry waits a few seconds. "I didn't want the meeting we had in the first place."

"Well we don't get to chose what we get. You needed to know and know what to expect. This time it's done, and many have died to make it so."

Giles could tell Harry was receiving new information on his ear piece. "California… that was you?"

"That was us."


"The new Council you'll have to deal with."

"And you're in charge?"

Giles looks to Dawn. "As far as you're concerned."

Harry turns to Dawn dubiously then quickly back to Giles. "Her sister-"

"Will be left out of this." Giles tone becomes darker. "All the names your efficient little agent is feeding you will be left out of this."

"You will still be fair game?" Harry attempts to regain his upper hand.

"You need me, you need us." Giles finishes his glass. "You don't want to take on the world we deal with. Ask the Americans." Giles finishes his glass and takes Dawn's.

"I suppose your right. Our double duty as of late has put quite a strain on the office."

"We are setting up a new office and we will be more than happy to take it off your hands."


In another room Adam watched the exchange on a monitor. Zaffer and Jo watch from behind him. "What is all this about?" Jo asks.

Adam takes a deep breath. "I have no idea."

"Harry wouldn't even tell you."

"He said this was a need to know operation. And so far Ruth and Malcolm are the only ones with the need." Adam was annoyed that they weren't in the loop. They weren't even supposed to hear the information Ruth was feeding him. Harry usually kept him well inform. He turns his attention back the screen, "what is she doing?" They turn their attention to Dawn.

Zaffer presses his ear piece. "Ruth…"

"Will-" Harry stops quickly and looks over at Dawn. "I won't work."

Giles sees Dawn attempting to dial out from her cell phone. Dawn looks up nervously. She stops what she is doing a looks up with a shrug. "There's no signal anyway."

"Yes." Harry nodded.

"You guys can do that?"

"Have you live with magic so long you forgot about technology?" Harry smiles.

Dawn says nothing and returns the phone to her purse. Giles takes this break in their banter to change the subject. "Why me?"

"What do you mean?"

"There had to be others. Other Watcher's you could have found."

"You were the last liaison we've had. Five and Council don't exactly publish our agents. Your predecessor died in the explosion and before that… it was you before you left for California."

Giles sits back, trying to hide his exhaustion. "I will remain your liaison, and so will she."

"What?" Dawn was just as stunned as Harry.

"She's in training, and now you've met her, it's the obvious choice."

Harry nods. No doubt the voice in his ear was confirming it was a good choice. Dawn was connected to anyone that would be helpful in confronting the forces of darkness. Thanks to the US government all of this will be found out quite easy.

"Are we done?" Giles asks finally.

"For now." Harry stands. Giles and Dawn follow. He leads them out back into a car. Dawn gets in but Giles hangs back.

Harry removes the intercom from his ear and closes his hand around it. His tone and mood change. "Sorry we had to do it this way, needed it sounding official and all. For my bosses."

"I understand."

"We will send you over files on we've run into. Dealing with Vampires and Demons is not as fun as it sounds."

"It's my life."

"I don't envy you."

"It's the world I know."

"It was almost the world I knew."

"Well aren't you glad you weren't the older brother."

"I would be dead now."

"We are short of Watcher, would you want to job."

"I couldn't even if I wanted to."

"I know, I just thought I'd ask." Giles hesitates and carefully chooses his words, "Caleb's death was not a pleasant one, if you could take solace in that."


"Sliced in two."

Harry raises his eyebrows. "Yes, some."

"Next time I come to town we'll have a drink… not in an interrogation hopefully."

"Sounds good." Harry pats him on the shoulder.

Giles gets in the car. The door is closed and soon they are on their way.

The drive was very quiet, Dawn being very aware the driver worked the men who had just interrogated them. Giles puts up the divider.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I guess… What just happened?"

"Nothing… it never happened." He attempts to joke.

Dawn ignores him. "You want me to work with them?"

Giles looks out the window. "Yes, but it's not really work. You will be a contact for them to pass information to concerning-"

"Got it."

"It's an old arrangement, but a useful one. It goes both ways. Every so often we find something that interest national security and we give it to them. This was to confirm the new Council would comply. They prefer to live in denial about vamps and demons. Harry is one of the few that know they exist."

There were once again quiet. "You knew him…"

"Harry. Yes I did. Longer than you think." He had Dawn's complete attention. "Most of my life, actually. His mother and older brother were Watchers." Dawn had not expected that. "His brother died in the explosion."


Harry returned back to Thames House and met with his unit in the conference room. Adam, Jo, Zaffer, Ruth and Malcolm all waited in anticipation for the briefing. Usually this would happen before the mission but it was better late then never.

Harry doesn't sit down but stands at the end of the table. "This is going to be brief. From now on all information classified Victor Alfa and Delta Echo will be passed along to Rupert Giles or Dawn Summers. That's all." Harry turns and leaves. It was like he was never there.

"I guess you always want to leave them wanting more." Malcolm concludes.

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Interrogation". This story is complete.

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