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Edge of Disaster

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This story is No. 4 in the series "New York Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When a witch disappears from the coven she's visiting, and a new prophecy is found detailing the opening of the new hellmouth, the local New York Slayers and Jack Malone's team swing into action...and they bring some friends along for the ride.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralheartsarewildFR1866,921194,3811 Oct 069 Oct 06No


Disclaimer: I don't own "Buffy", "Without a Trace", "The Sentinel", or "MacGyver".


"Oh…ouch!” Martin groaned as he slowly regained consciousness. His head throbbed from where he’d been hit. He struggled to remember what had happened. He had been sitting with Danny in the hospital…then what? Danny groaned nearby.

“Argh…and I thought the hospital smelled bad,” he heard Danny groan. “What happened?”

“You poor dears. They didn’t have to hit you. The cretins,” they both heard a woman growl. Martin slowly rolled over on to his stomach and made his way to his knees. Danny could only lie on his back.

“Okay, so we were hit. That doesn’t explain how we got here. We were in a guarded hospital room, for crying out loud,” Martin complained. Danny moaned as the painkillers they gave him at the hospital began to wear off. Martin winced in sympathy. Danny was going to be in so much pain, and there was nothing any of them could do.

“I think it was some sort of teleportation spell,” the woman said. Martin could barely see her in the dim light, but Danny gasped.

“Naomi Sandburg,” he said. Martin turned to stare at his friend.

“How...Do I know you?” she asked. Danny shook his head, then gasped in pain.

“No…we were…investigating your disappearance,” Danny said. “Where are we?”

“Some pig building,” Naomi said offhandily. Martin groaned at the choice of terms she used.

“Please don’t use that term. We’re federal agents, for…” Martin cut himself off with a shake of his head.

“Oh, sorry,” came a mumbled reply.


“How did this happen?” Jack growled. It was bad enough that the full moon was approaching…the Waxing Full Moon was that very night, in fact…but now two of his agents were missing as well. That ritual was due to take place the very next night, and he couldn’t help because he had to sleep in a damn cage.

“Apparently the perps used a fairly powerful teleportation spell to get past the guards and kidnap Danny and Martin. Then they teleported out of there. Beyond that, nothing,” Willow said.

“Do we have any clue as to where the ritual is going to take place?” Jack asked. Willow shook her head.

“No…unfortunately. It’s to open the Hellmouth though, so it’s probably somewhere near here,” Willow said. Vivian nodded.

“Based on what I could find out about the ritual, it needs to be done near the Hellmouth. So it might be done here in the building,” Vivian said.

“Okay…still no clue as to who the Consort might be?” Jack asked. Sam shook her head.

“No. It’s probably the either the girlfriend of one of the guys or a boyfriend of Naomi’s we don’t know about,” Sam said. Willow looked down.

“And still no clue about the Jaguar and the Wolf and the city in the clouds,” Willow said. Blair groggily raised his head.

“Oh, that’d be me and Jim,” he said. Jim groaned.

“I beg your pardon?” Willow said with a growl. If these two knew something, she was going to hurt them. Jim slapped Blair upside the head.

“He didn’t mean…” Jim began. Willow’s eyes glowed pure black, and her hair began to darken. The FBI agents cleared out, well aware of what that meant. Jim and Blair backed up.

“All this time, you’ve watched us, observed us doing things no sane unit would do. We’ve been dissecting a prophecy that could mean the end of the world if it comes to pass, and you’re holding back information?!” Willow roared. Jim winced.

“It wasn’t his secret to tell,” Jim said. Willow’s eyes flashed.

“Whose is it? Yours?” Willow asked. Jim nodded. “You’d better speak up because lives are on the line.”

“Like we told you at the hospital, I’m a Sentinel. Blair is my Guide. Sentinels and Guides tend to have Spirit Animals that represent them. Mine is a Jaguar. Blair’s is a wolf,” Jim said. Willow snarled.

“And Cascade is cloudy, wonderful. You two are staying at the School tonight. No two ways about it. You’ve got a lot to learn and you gotta learn it fast, if you’re going to survive tomorrow night” Willow said firmly.


“Let me get this straight. Demons, Vampires, werewolves are real. And these girls are the only thing that have kept the world from ending for thousands of years. Somehow, I don’t believe that,” Jim said.

“Jim, I did find mention of girls with…” Blair began.

“It’s impossible Chief. Werewolves and the like don’t exist!” Jim said. Willow shook her head.

“They do exist. If you want proof, wait until nightfall. We’ve got one who sleeps in a cage here on full moon nights,” Willow said heatedly. “And the only reason we’re telling you at all is because of that stupid prophecy.”

“These things don’t exist!” Jim yelled.

“Jim, after all that we’ve been through with your senses…” Blair began.

“Detective Sandburg,” Willow said, being more formal that she’d been thus far. “Allow me. While you were in Peru, Detective Ellison, certainly you came across things that you couldn’t explain conventionally.” Jim froze as those haunted memories came rushing back to him. Bad memories of his chopper going down, his team dying.

“Some things…but…” Jim trailed off. There were things he couldn’t explain, that Inchacha had said it wasn’t his job to face. “Inchacha never wanted me to face them.”

“Because you were too valuable to risk. He was the Shaman, the magic-practitioner of the tribe. It was his job to make sure the supernatural threats were taken care of. Yours was to protect the whole tribe,” Willow said. Then her brow furrowed. “That didn’t sound right. I just made you sound like a living advanced warning system.”

“I was about to say…” Jim muttered. Willow shook her head.

“The fact is, you’ve seen the supernatural, even if you never faced it directly,” Willow said firmly.


Please R & R. It may be awhile before I get the next chapter up, as I'm suffering from a fairly severe case of writers block. I am attempting to work through it, however, I'm using this time to work on some other plot bunnies that won't leave me alone.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Edge of Disaster" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Oct 06.

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