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Edge of Disaster

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This story is No. 4 in the series "New York Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When a witch disappears from the coven she's visiting, and a new prophecy is found detailing the opening of the new hellmouth, the local New York Slayers and Jack Malone's team swing into action...and they bring some friends along for the ride.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralheartsarewildFR1866,921194,3811 Oct 069 Oct 06No

Missing Witch

Disclaimer: I don't own "Buffy", "MacGyver", "Without a Trace", or "The Sentinel".

Summary: A witch visiting the local coven goes missing. A prophecy fortelling the opening of the new Hellmouth in New York City is discovered. All this at the beginning of the Slayers busiest time of year...Apocalypse season. As they fight to keep the Hellmouth from opening, with the help of their FBI allies, Jack Malone's Missing Person's Unit, they discover new things about themselves, each other...and the past.

(AN: I just felt like having a summary like that in at least one of my stories.)


Jack Malone yawned. It was a Thursday, and for once, no one needed to be found…make that no one needed to be found, yet, because he’d just jinxed them all. Jack let out a soft chuckle. He didn’t use to believe in things like jinxes, or things like magic, werewolves, vampires, and demons. Was it only four months ago that he’d been bitten? He shook his head. Seemed like a lot longer. Danny Taylor knocked on the door before sticking his head in.

“Willow just called and gave us a heads up. A witch visiting the coven for a few days vanished last night,” Danny said. Jack nodded. Danny grinned as the fax machine started up. Jack rolled his eyes.

“Get everyone together and meet up in the bullpen,” Jack said.


“Naomi Sandburg, 45 years old. She was visiting the local coven, but that’s off the record. Officially, she was visiting a spiritual retreat. Uh…one son, a detective in Cascade, Washington. She’s not married,” Samantha Spade said. Jack frowned. Why did that name sound familiar?

“Any other relatives? Ex-husband, boyfriend?” Martin asked. Sam shook her head.

“None mentioned. Does look like she’s traveled a lot, though, so maybe that’s a factor,” Sam said. Jack sighed.

“Alright. I’ll call and talk to the son. Martin, you and Danny go check out where she was last seen, see what you can find out. Sam, Vivian, go talk to the coven, see what you can find out about her activities there,” Jack said. Almost as one, they stood up and went about their assignments. Jack sighed. He’d given himself the hardest task…talking to the family.


“Cascade Police Department, Major Crimes Division, how can I help you?” a perky woman asked on the other end of the line. Jack inwardly grimaced.

“Yes, I’m Special Agent Jack Malone with the FBI. I need to speak with Detective Blair Sandburg regarding his mother,” he said. With his werewolf hearing, he thought he heard somebody say “What’d she do now?”, but it was distant and he couldn’t be sure. A second later, his call was transferred.

“Detective Sandburg speaking. How can I help you?” the man on the other end asked. Jack was surprised by how young he sounded.

“Uh, yes. I’m Special Agent Jack Malone with the FBI. I work in the Missing Person’s Unit in New York City. Your mother went missing last night…” Jack began. There was a muffled shout and the crashing of a chair. Jack winced.

“Naomi went missing?” he heard the young Detective rasp out. Jack’s brow furrowed. If Detective Sandburg was in shock, who had bellowed?

“Yes, last night. She left the retreat to volunteer at one of the local shelters, but she never got to the shelter,” Jack explained. There was the sound of a muffled argument, then Detective Sandburg was back on the phone.

“My partner and I are coming out there,” he said. “I’ll fax you our flight information if you want somebody to meet us. Otherwise, we’ll meet you at your office,” he said. There was a click as the Detective hung up. Jack stared at the phone, thoughtful, then sighed. Xander had to drop one of his Slayers off at the airport anyway for some symposium in Europe later that day, probably when the two detectives arrived. Jack reached for the phone.

“Xander. I need you to pick someone up at the airport for me,” Jack said.


“Sandburg? I met Naomi when she was at the House that day. Are we sure we want her son running around New York?” MacGyver asked his youngest son. Xander shrugged as he changed lanes.

“Jack knew I was taking Charlene to the Airport. He asked me to pick them up and make sure they made it to his office.

“Them…two Sandburgs?” Mac asked. Xander shook his head.

“Detective Sandburg and his partner, a Detective Ellison. According to the flight information that Jack finally got to me, their plane is landing just as Charlene’s takes off,” Xander said. He finally pulled up at a skycap. Charlene was out of the car almost before it stopped. Xander put the car in park then helped Charlene with her luggage. Mac looked around. He had so badly wanted to get out of the Slayer House, he had volunteered to accompany Xander to the airport to drop of Charlene and pick up the Detectives. Charlene had kissed Xander on the cheek and was through the skycap before Xander had even pulled out the sign Willow had magiced up one time after discovering how much cardboard they went through while waiting for various people at airports. He bent over it.

“Sandburg and Ellison,” Xander whispered. His father snorted. Xander shot him a look and stood up, turning the sign around so that the words were facing outward. A tall man tapped a shorter one on the shoulder and pointed their way. Xander almost burst out laughing.

“What?” Mac asked.

“They’re already here,” Xander replied.


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