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Strangers Like Me

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Summary: Fin’s new partner raises some questions and Kathleen Stabler finds herself part of a world she thought belonged only to horror movies.

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Television > Law and Order: SVUgesundheitFR1823,8933328,8371 Oct 062 Oct 06No

Prologue: Nightmare Come True

Alright, my first real try at fanfiction will be answering a challenge made by fayetonic:

Alright, here's my challenge to you.
It must be a Buffy or Angel crossover with Law and Order SVU. Character A meets Character B somewhere and they fall in love. One of Elliot's daughters finds out that she's a slayer, your choice on how..She does the whole secret-identity thing, but one of her family members find out.

I ask that you do not have Elliot/Olivia as a pairing.

Have fun!

I intend to follow the parameters asked, adding a few of my own to spice it up. Here’s what you need to know before starting:

1. This fic will contain femslash pairings. If you don’t like it, if it’s against the laws of your country or something, don’t read it.
2. On the SVU ‘verse, it’s set just after RAW, but with a twist: the shot Munch took left him without much use of his leg, thus forcing him into retirement. Fin will have a new partner from now on. (Sorry guys, I do love Munch, and he’ll be in the story, but I need this little plot device)
3. On the Buffyverse, it’s set ten years after Sunnydale’s big bang. The Scoobies rebuilt the Watcher’s Council, but now they man the ship.
4. Tara did NOT die. I didn’t like how or why she died, so she’s very much alive in my fic. Thus, Willow didn’t go all Darth Willow and they’re still together.
5. There will be no Stabler divorce, no big Elliot the weekend dad drama, and sure as hell NO Olivia/Elliot subtext/maintext. It’s icky and disturbing, sorry E/O fans.
6. Anya didn’t die either. That was a completely stupid ending for her.

I guess that’s enough for now, if I tell you more it will spoil the real fun. I hope you like it and I hope I’m not biting more than I can chew.

By the way, I was reminded of the real disclaimer I forgot to add: I don't own anything here but the occasional original character I might add later. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit belongs Dick Wolf. No copyright infringement meant. No meanie lawyers knocking on my door, please. Oh yeah, and I’ll use some song lyrics to illustrate the story, they also belong to their respective creators, not me. No siree.

And like a little girl cries in the face of a monster that lives in her dreams
Is there anyone out there ‘cause it's getting harder and harder to breathe
- Harder To Breathe, performed by Maroon 5

There was no way to describe what she felt as she watched the horrifying scene. The blonde girl couldn’t be much older than she was, with light eyes filled with defiance. Kathleen felt a sort of morbid fascination at the girl’s courage before the monster’s wrath. Bald, with sharp fangs and cruel eyes, like it just came out of a bad horror movie.

They fought fiercely, but it was clear who had the upper hand. Kathleen gasped, wanting to scream as the monster tore at the girl’s throat with his teeth. She couldn’t move, couldn’t scream, couldn’t do anything but cry when the blonde went limp. Yellow eyes full of evil trapped her, fangs dripping with the girl’s blood.

The world spun and Kathleen found herself on the familiar streets of New York, running, being chased by something she could not see. Her legs carried faster than she thought possible, but she could sense whatever was pursuing her was gaining in. Tears streamed down her face and she desperately cried for help.

At that moment she tripped, but instead of meeting the hard asphalt she slammed face first into something soft and warm. Strong arms steadied her and she felt hundreds of presences around her. Somehow she knew those presences were friends, they would never harm her. Kathleen felt incredibly protected, much like when her father embraced her. She looked up and met enigmatic brown eyes.

A smile. “Welcome, sister.”

Kathleen’s eyes snapped open and she immediately sat up. She was sweating and panting as if she had ran a marathon. Blinking, she looked around her room and saw nothing out of place.

“What did you think you were going to find? A monster in the closet?” she muttered to herself. “Stupid dream.”

But it had seemed so real. Kathleen shook her head, berating herself for entertaining such thoughts. Monsters alright. She needed some warm milk and then back to bed. It was 3 AM but she felt wired. That wouldn’t do, she had school in the morning.

The young teen tried to be as quiet as possible as she walked into the kitchen. Her father had just come back from the hospital and she knew he needed his rest. Kathleen shuddered at the thought that her father could have been killed that day.

“What are you doing up?”

“Dad!” Kathleen yelped, startled by his sudden presence beside her.

“Shh! You’ll wake everyone.” he scolded. “Now what are you doing out of bed, young lady?” he nudged her playfully.

Kathleen giggled. “I just want some warm milk.”

“Can’t sleep?” he asked with a worried frown.

“I’m fine, dad. Just had a stupid nightmare. Too many horror movies before bed.” she shook her head, putting her milk on the stove to warm.

“Want to talk about it?”

“Not really.” she shrugged. “But what are you doing up, dad? Shouldn’t you be resting?”

“When did you become my mother?” he teased.

Kathleen sighed. “I just worry about you, daddy. We could have lost you…” her voice cracked.

Elliot’s eyes softened and he took his daughter in his arms. “You don’t need to worry, Kath. I’m just fine. It takes more than a lousy bullet to take me down.”

She buried her face into his neck, basking in the comfort of her daddy’s embrace. “You’re not invincible, dad. I know you’re good, but… Someday, it may not be enough and…”

“Hey, hey. No thinking like that, alright? I’m here and I’m not leaving any of you.” he said firmly, disturbed by his daughter’s uncharacteristically pessimistic line of thought.

“Sorry, I… I don’t know what’s gotten into me.” she pulled away from him.

Elliot watched in concern as his Kath turned off the stove and poured the warm milk into a mug. He stepped forward and put a protective arm around her shoulders.

“Kath, what’s going on?”

She sighed, sipping her milk. It was just like she liked it, plain and hot, she mused. She was different from her siblings, who preferred overly sweetened drinks.

“I think it’s just catching up with me, you know? The shooting, you getting hurt. Daddy, I’m not ready to lose you.”

“You won’t, Kathy.” he squeezed her shoulder. “I plan on spoiling my great-grandchildren yet.”

She looked at him sideways and smirked a little. “Are you encouraging us to have-”

No!” he interrupted hastily. “I’m not. You can’t. Not until you are… 30, at least.”

Kathleen couldn’t hold her laughter. She’d never seen her father backpeddle so fast. It was just like him, really. His greatest fear was his daughters’ discovery of the big bad “s” word.

“You…” Elliot shook his finger at her, but inwardly sighed in relief. It was good to put back the smile on her face.

“You’re too funny, dad.” she chuckled, putting her now empty mug on the sink to be washed in the morning.

“Yeah, I missed my calling. Should’ve been a clown instead of a detective. Ha-ha.” he smirked sarcastically.

Kathleen tapped her chin thoughtfully. “You know, that’s not a bad idea. The big red nose would look so-”

“To be with you, young lady.” he swatted her butt playfully. “You have school in a few hours, get some sleep.”

She giggled, pecking his cheek. “Night, dad.”

“Good night.”

Moments later when Kathleen snuggled into her bed, she felt all was right in her world. Her dad had the power to make it all better, it was one of the many things she loved about him. Her eyes felt heavy, the milk doing its job. Soon she was asleep once again, her disturbing dream mostly forgotten.

Alas, it wouldn’t stay that way for long.
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