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Original of the Species, the Slayer and the Saiyan

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Original of the Species". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Multiple Crossover (mostly DBZ, some Eddingsverse and SG-1) A new Super Saiyan comes to Earth. But can he cope with the madness that are the Scoobies?

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Anime > DB/DBZ
Literature > Fantasy > Author: David & Leigh Eddings
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Original of the Species

Part 1 The Slayer and the Saiyan

This story starts out a bit complicated. It is a BtVS/DBZ crossover, pure and simple. Yet it started out as a DBZ/Eddingsverse crossover. Along the way it changed to a DBZ/SG1/Eddingsverse crossover. Then I abondoned it because me and SG1 are only lukewarm friends at best.

Then I was introduced to two great Buffy fanfics, Far beyond Normal, which is a Buffy/SG1 crossover and Buffy Z, which is a Buffy/DBZ crossover and divine inspiration hit again. I took the main character from my earlier story and smacked him right into Sunnydale and pumped out 21 chapters plus ideas for a long time to come. The story still needed an introduction though so I took what I had, adapted it and stuck it in front.

So there are some stylistic changes between the first four chapters and the rest. Buffy won't show her face until chapter 4 with more focus on DBZ and SG1 until then. I'll say this in advance, the SG1 angle will drop out almost completely after chapter 4. To be frank, the only reason I kept it was to help rationalize the whacked up DBZ universe into a more rational universe. Now when I first published this story on the Spacebattles forum many readers quite liked the SG1 angle. So I've decided to re-introduce it in the next part. But to the observant reader there are subtle (or maybe not so subtle) hints that it's still going on in the background.

I would like to thank my readers at where I beta posted this story before.

So now that i've explained some stuff, without further adieu, on to the prologue!

PS. Occasionally I sneak in some f***ing good quotes from other shows/verses. Cookies to those who can identify them.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the material written in here. They all belong to their rightful creators. Probably not even to them any more but to their corporate overlords. I hereby pledge allegiance to our corporate overlords and promise to buy their DMCR infested products like a good little slave.


Unknown world, 1977 AD

He was sitting in his study room, not really studying. He had never been big on studying. Except for military history, target data exploitation of known weaknesses. And the martial arts. Always the martial arts. Still, over time he had managed to pick up some general development, learned the way of things, the university of life stuff. The deep stuff however, that he left to his brethren.

He got up in disgust and threw the scroll he had been reading into a corner. It was boring anyway. He was about to go his gym for some training when he felt a familiar presence. His master was here. He went to the living room and there he was.

“Master,” he said and bowed. A visit from his master was a rare occurance these days.

“Well met,” his master replied gently, then he gave a stern look, “I have a task for thee.”

Of course, social visits weren't really on the roster. On the plus side, finally something to do he thought.

“What would you have me do, Master,” he asked looking up.

“I will have thee leave this world and travel to another world far from here,” his master replied, “a small group of warriors, great and small there who will come to fight a great and terrible danger have need of thy assistance. The danger they face is so great it will consume us all, even the great dueling Necessities itself. Thou are't lucky that for now their great struggle is at a standstill, so thy can'st expect aid from both of them. For once the great game is halted and there will not be a Child of Light nor a Child of Dark. In this venture thou are't the Child of Grey. This will be thy great purpose of thy life. Dost thou accept?”

Anything because I'm bored senseless was my first feeling. Then the words sunk in. If this wasto be his great purpose then it would also mean that all his past burdens would be dwarfed. Not a decision to be taken to lightly. Of course, one never says no against a God.

“I accept, master,” he sayd and bowed in respect. Then he looked up again.

“But how can I go? My ship has layed here for thousands of years, broken! Unless either you or the Necessities can open a portal to that place I could not go even if wanted to,“ he asked hopeful. He didn't relish repairing that 4000 year old hunk o'junk. That's what techs are for and this world didn't have any.

“Fear not, for the Necessities have already made thy ship whole,” the Master smiled, “al thou has to do is enter and go. Thou are't free to say thy goodbye's to your brethren but thy must go in one month time.”

Crap, no portal shortcut. Which meant lots and lots of time spend in stasis. But at least some time to put things in order. Thank the Gods, especially this one, for small favors.

“What is my destination, master,” HeI asked

The Master told him where he had to go. He couldn't believe his ears. It wasn't that far from where he had come, a galaxy at the most. But he knew he was very far from home these days to begin with. The master showed him a presentation of the universe and the trajectory he had to take. By the Gods, he thought, he'd be in ship stasis for decades. It would be over in a blink thanks to stasis, but he would feel it afterwards.

The master reached out an ethereal incoporeal hand and touched him on his forehead to bless him and then said his goodbye. And then he was gone.

He sat back on his chair and went over everything again and again. Damn, he could use a drink. A real one. That left only two places to go. The Twins always had great ale, they brewed it themselves. But he also needed a good ear to talk to and that left only Belgarath. And he always had a keg stolen from the Twins stashed somewhere anyway.

It was after a month of preparing that he entered his old ship, indeed restored by the Necessities and lifted off, his friends seeing him off on his great journey. From the viewport the world he had called home for 4000 years quickly sank into the distance and he activated ship stasis for the remainder of the duration. Everything turned to blank as it went on.

And while our traveler traveled things on Earth progressed on their own.

Only 5 years before his departure a certain tailed boy found his way to a lonely old man in China's wilderness, seeking refuge from the turmoil of China's cultural revolution.

6 years into his journey a girl destined to be chosen was born and that tailed boy met another girl, exploiting China's recent liberalization under its new leader to find seven mysterious objects. Adventures and wackyness ensued

In the 8th year of his journey that tailed boy entered his first Tenkaichi Budokai and nearly won.

In the 11th year of his journey that boy entered his 2nd Budokai and fought the Demon King afterwards.

In year 14 of the journey, on his 3rd Budokai, the boy, now almost a man, fought the offspring of that Demon king and won. A year later a tailed son was born to him.

In year 18 of the journey a certain Egyptologist in disrepute joined a secret US Airforce project and mankind began its first controlled journeys to other worlds. Learning along the way that it is easier to make enemies then friends in the process. And so started Earth's first interstellar war.

Year 19th marked the arrival of two alien incursions to Earth, one was detected at the last minute and dealt with by the US government, another went unnoticed but to a select few, who dealt with him. As the offspring of the Demon King took the offspring of his greatest rival for training, said rival started training in the afterlife.

In year 20 a special girl became chosen as her predecessor was killed during the arrival of two tailed aliens on Earth. One of them was killed in return, the other only barely made it back home.

In year 21 while others journeyed to a world called Namek to meet destiny, she made a shorter journey to meet hers. A great tyrant of worlds was defeated in one place of the galaxy, a master vampire snuffed it elsewhere as an insignificant boy defied both great danger and infallible prophecy for a girl who didn't even quite think of him in that same way.

It was in year 22 however that they came.

The first was the supreme warlord Frieza, race unknown, world of origin unknown. Not even the mighty Goa'uld dared defy him, seeking both his favor and services instead.. Yet he had been severely mauled in a battle with what he had called an insignificant monkey called Goku on a distant world called Namek. Which now no longer existed. Courtesy of Frieza. Rescued by his father King Cold he had decided to come to Earth and either destroy it, or go for another round with Goku and then destroy it.

The second to arrive was a mysterious youth who surprised Frieza and his father by revealing himself to be a Super Saiyan and going medieval on their alien ass. He would later tell Goku that he had come from a dark and terrible future and was on a mission to play Terminator on his future rivals.

The third to arrive was Goku. Who had taken his sweet time to return from his fight on planet Namek, having taken the scenic route. It was to him that the mysterious youth confessed he was the offspring of Goku's arch rival and fellow Saiyan Vegeta and Goku's oldest friend, scientific female genius extraordinaire Bulma. Although it was also clear the mysterious youth had not been told the fairy tale of the Big Bad Wolf when he was little. Cause then he would have known what Piccolo's big ears were meant for.

The fourth to arrive arrived a little late, but better late then never. It had taken him almost 22 years to get there after all.

There were even some fifth arrivals that day.... A busy day indeed on the deserts of Turkmenistan.
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