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Unwelcome help

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Summary: Everyone needs help, unfortunately for Harry he's has help that he never expected or wanted in the form of a mysteriously ensouled half-sane Drusilla.

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Harry Potter > Drusilla-CenteredEffieFR1332,5700234,8232 Oct 0630 May 07No

Chapter One

Title: Unwelcome Help
Author: Effie
Crossover: Harry Potter
Disclaimer: I would only claim ownership if I had the rights, in which case I would be doing something else in several instances, but since I own no rights to either and any crossover used, I must state that I own neither BtVS/AtS and Harry Potter. I'm pretty sure all of you already knew that though.
Summary: Everyone needs help, unfortunately for Harry he's has help that he never expected or wanted in the form of a mysteriously ensouled half-sane Drusilla.

Harry Potter thought he was going to die at that moment, or at least be taken to Voldemort and then die. He thought this as soon as the stunner hit him and he Death Eaters crowded around him. He was glad to be proven wrong because the Death Eaters started to pay attention toward someone he couldn't see. He heard spells, cries of pain, and then silence. He, then, found that he could twitch. Slowly he sat up only to find a woman, who looked to be in her twenties, in a dress that looked a few centuries out of date, surrounded by the unconscious forms of his attackers.

"He-hello." He said not sure if she was also going to try and do something to him. She was beautiful but something about her had him wary of her.

She smiled at him. "Hello," She said in an eerily calm voice. "You've been a naughty kitty. Kittens should be sleeping in their homes away from nasty snakes." She said nearing him. An insane look passed over her face before vanishing. "Miss Edith told me one last thing before the stars fell silent, Miss Edith told me:

“‘Mummy Drusilla, you've got you a soul now.’

“I didn't believe it but Miss Edith went on.

"’Oh yes! Yes you do mummy! You've got to find Mr. Harry, mummy. That's the reason you have the soul!’ She told me.

“Then she went silent." She neared him. Harry felt he couldn't move again as her eyes peered into his. "So, tell me Harry Potter, why was I punished with a soul for you?" She growled changing into her vampire face.

Harry wanted to scream but could only stared in mute horror. "I'll tell you Harry Potter." She crooned softly, her face shifting back into her human facade as she laid her hand on his face. "You need a seer, and not just one that can't remember a word she says when she does and..." She spoke softly her eyes flashed briefly. "and speaks riddles, lies, and of death, when she doesn't see." She moved her hand over his faced and feigned stabbing his eyes with her index and middle finger. "She's a naughty girl, shouldn't lie about what she cannot see." She giggled before her face her eyes flashed again.

"So now I'm all alone, Miss Edith and I can't ever go back home, kitten." Harry fell down. "So kitten, what are you going to do with me?" Drusilla asked looking over him. Harry screamed.
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