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Learning The Hard Way

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Summary: New Yorks Missing Persons Unit was blissfully unaware of the supernatural...until one of their own wakes up in a sewer as a vampire. Now, they've got to learn all about what he is and fast...before he ends up as dust. Buffy/WAT X-Over

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Television > Without a TraceheartsarewildFR1843,355043,9482 Oct 066 Oct 06No


Discliamer: I don't own "Buffy" or "Without a Trace"


“Dawn…Dru’s missing,” Dawn heard Angel said. Dawn groaned loudly.

“Well that’s just wonderful. How in the world do you lose an insane vampire…no, don’t answer that, I don’t want to know. Maybe one of the local slayers dusted her,” Dawn said.

“No. Wes said he didn’t find any dust anywhere, so she wasn’t dusted. I think I would sense that. Where are you, anyway?” Angel asked.

“In the FBI building,” Dawn said. She could hear Angel curse.

“Federal buildings…okay. Lorne and I are on our way over. Wes’ll probably be looking for more clues as to Dru’s whereabouts. Knowing her, she just forgot she was supposed to stay in one place,” Angel said. Dawn rubbed her forehead.

“Yeah. I guess I’ll see you in a little bit then,” Dawn said.

“Yeah. See you in a few. If Wes doesn’t find any sign of her, I guess I’ll have to file a report. That’s going to be a nightmare. I don’t even know her last name,” Angel sighed before hanging up. Dawn rubbed her forehead again, then looked down at her Turned co-worker.

“You’re lucky that your Grand-sire called to say that his Childe called to tell him she somehow screwed up…wonder what she did this time? Spike was just more human that…never mind,” Dawn trailed off, shaking her head. Jack was finally able to get up, but he had to lean against the wall. While the pain was receding, it was still there.

“Do you make…a habit of answering the phone in the middle of a fight?” Jack asked. Dawn shook her head.

“Nope. Only if I know I’m relatively safe. Even then, I usually just check who it is and the text code…like, if it’s Xander, and it says 233, that means I gotta move fast because Xander’s date is trying to eat him again,” Dawn said. Jack shook his head.

“Why were you trying to stake me?” Danny asked. Dawn snorted.

“Maybe you didn’t know this, but when you saw me, you vamped out…your face changed into what we call ‘Game Face’. I thought you were going to attack me,” Dawn said. They all stared at her. “Vampires and other demons have a tendency to want to attack and/or kidnap me because I’m related to The Slayer…I’ll explain that later,” Dawn said at their looks.


“…And still no sign of Dru!” Angel complained as Dawn escorted them up to the twelfth floor offices. “How do you make a Missing Person’s report on a vampire?”

“Probably the same way you would on any other person, but emphasize the sunlight allergy,” Dawn said. “You should probably ask Agent Malone.”

“Ookay. And my Grandchilde…Dru said she screwed up,” Angel said. Dawn shrugged.

“If he hadn’t vamped out when I first saw him, I would have thought he was a normal human. Hmm…His name is Danny Taylor. His kinda tall, dark hair, dark eyes, Hispanic, and cute,” Dawn said. “His got this grin that just…if he weren’t a vampire I’d date him.”

“I think someone has a crush,” Lorne whispered.

“My grandchilde, Dawn. Personality?” Angel asked. Dawn giggled.

“Sorry. Um…flirtatious, definitely. I guess a little bit cocky, but knows when to back off. He’s an FBI agent, obviously. And somehow, he seems to have retained his soul. He just doesn’t have regret. I think that’s bothering him, though,” Dawn said.

“Okay,” Angel said thoughtfully, thinking. There were only two options he could see for Dru’s screw up comment. Either she hadn’t drained him enough before giving him her blood, or his personality was simply too strong for the demon to take over completely…or both, really. Probably both. The elevator doors opened into a wide hallway. Dawn proceeded to lead Lorne and Angel down them, talking excitedly about her new job until they reached an interrogation room, tucked well out of the way of any windows.

“Agent Malone will be with you in a minute. I’ll send Agent Taylor in to talk with you. He’s got questions,” Dawn said. Angel nodded and sat down. He waited until Dawn had left before turning to Lorne.

“Okay, what is it that you want to give my new Grandchilde?” Angel asked. Lorne reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring. Angel gaped at it.

“Is that the Gem of Amarra? I thought I destroyed that,” Angel said. Lorne shrugged.

“There’s more than one. I figured that since he’s an FBI agent and he needs to go out in the sunlight…” Lorne shrugged again.

“Do you realize how dangerous that thing is?” Angel hissed. Lorne nodded.

“In the wrong hands, yeah. Somehow, I don’t think your Grandchilde is that kind of person, though,” Lorne said. Angel sighed, then straightened as a Hispanic man entered. Dawn was right, Angel thought, sizing him up. He was good looking. He was also nervous and confused, Angel could smell it.

“So. You’re my new grandchilde,” Angel said, then winced. So not how he had planned to start this conversation.

“Uh…” the other vampire said. Angel waved his hand.

“Sorry. That wasn’t how I’d planned to start his conversation,” Angel said. The younger vampire nodded.

“Okay. Um…So…what do I need to know?” he asked. Angel leaned forward.

“Okay. You need blood to live, now. You can get it one of three ways. Blood bank rejects, butcher shops, or you can act like most vamps and attack people to get it,” Angel said. Taylor shuddered.

“The first two sound like better options to me,” he said. Angel nodded.

“Yeah. I agree. Okay, next, sunlight, holy water, any type of holy object, fire, and stakes are on the avoid list…I don’t mean meat steaks I mean wooden ones, get that look off your face. This ring though…” Angel picked up the Gem of Amarra and dangled it in front of Taylor. “Gives you immunity to those things. The only reason I’m giving this to you rather than destroying it is because you need to go out in the sun for your job. But if I hear of you hurting innocents, I’ll come back and stake you myself, got it?” Angel warned. Taylor swallowed and nodded.

“Last thing is a bit of family history. You and I are members of the Order of Aurelius. The founding member was Aurelius, thousands of years ago. He sired the Master. The Master sired Darla in the 1600s. Darla sired me about a hundred years later. I sired Penn first, then Drusilla not long after. Drusilla sired William the Bloody, so named because he was a bloody awful poet. William became Spike. Dru also sired you,” Angel said. “Those are just the basics. I’ll send you a copy of the texts later.” Taylor’s mouth dropped open.

“Danny, shut your jaw, flies are going to get in,” a voice came from the doorway. Angel and the young vampire turned to see Dawn and another, middle-aged man with a bandage on his neck

“Angel, Lorne, this is Special Agent Jack Malone…our boss,” Dawn said.


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You have reached the end of "Learning The Hard Way" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Oct 06.

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