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It's not the end of the world

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Resist or Serve". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Krycek wants to propose to Faith but Bringers, two Apocalypses, an aspiring James Bond ex-watcher and the coolest Sunnydale High principal ever, keep getting in his way. And what's up with Marita and Oz?

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Television > X-Files, The(Past Donor)KiwikatipoFR181573,4935305,2462 Oct 0620 Nov 06Yes

The Killing Time

AN: all thank you speeches at end of story.

16th April 2006

Buffy’s ex bedroom
Summers residence

Faith lay in Alex’s arms in bed. Cordelia’s vision had not been promising. They were going to die in two days time she knew it. Alex knew it too.

“Do you believe in destiny Alex? Fate and all that crap… that some things were just meant to be?” Faith asked Alex sleepily.

“You know I think it’s a load of B.S. baby.” Alex sighed, pushing her hair back from tickling his nose.

“I used to as well. But I think I’ve changed my mind. I mean if we hadn’t met… if you hadn’t hired me as your driver… you’d be dead by now huh? An alien would have got you or Skinner would have killed you back in Washington. I’d be rotting in a women’s prison outside Los Angeles.” Faith reflected.

“Pryce would have busted you out by now to resoul Angel, the a’holes a fanatic.” Alex reminded her. “But yeah I’d be dead.”

“Well maybe you were always meant to die saving the world from invading forces Alex, that’s your destiny. Maybe I was too or be in prison, I’m not sure about that part.” Faith nuzzled his chest with her chin.



“If that shit is for real, I think that we were always meant to be together.” Alex stroked her hair lovingly. “Now let’s go to sleep, before I start telling you that I think your astrology books have fucking merit.”

Master bedroom
Brown House

“Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer to be making end of the world love to Harris?” Wesley asked Cordelia teasingly in the darkness. She lay in his embrace as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Sweating after having had sex, Cordelia chuckled sadly. “No. We’re here now… together. Everything is the way it’s supposed to be for once. I don’t want to lose you Wes or die anymore. I never did, I was only prepared to. Oh god and not now. Not when we’re just starting… whatever it is or could be.”

“Don’t make it harder than it is Cordelia.” Wesley kissed her bare shoulder. “Spike is still plan A for the amulet wearing.” Perhaps thought Wesley whatever weapon the amulet was could possibly save them all in two days time but he doubted it.

“Spike’s insane Wesley!” Cordelia sighed, holding him as tightly as she could. “That hardly makes him a champion.”

“All champions are mad Cordy, look at you my friend.” Wesley informed her tenderly.

Living room
Brown House

Buffy stood watching Spike sleep. Sean had come to keep her company and watch over Spike too in case he flipped out again. Sean too drifted off to sleep.

The First Evil stood in front of her wearing her body again. This pissed Buffy off no end when it did that.

“I’m gonna overrun the earth you know?” the First Evil taunted.

“Talk on. I’m not afraid of you.” Buffy told her.

“Then why aren’t you asleep… in your dead lover’s arms? Or in his arms.” The First Evil indicated to Sean asleep in an armchair. “I notice everyone else is desperately hooking up in these end of days. I envy them isn’t that the strangest thing? Why don’t you do that with O’Malley?”

Buffy looked over at Sean, why didn’t she?

“Because he can’t help you.” The First Evil answered it’s own question.

The First Evil continued triumphantly. “Nor Faith, nor your friends or hers. Certainly not your wanna-slay brigade. None of those girlies' will ever know real power unless Faith is dead. You know the drill. “Into every generation a Slayer is born. One girl in all the world. She alone will have the strength and skill to…There’s that word again. What you are. How you’ll die. Alone.”

Buffy shut her eyes and leaned against the wall.

“Where’s your snappy comeback?” the First Evil asked nastily.

“You’re right.” Buffy said shortly.

The garage
Summers residence

Giles was shaken awake by Anya at that morning. “Wake up Rupert!” Anya told him excitedly and with her normal humility. “I’m a genius!”

Anya had remembered a potion she used to make back in Dark Ages Sweden, that stopped flux. She had administered it to all the girls with Gastro at first light.

The Gastro epidemic had stopped abruptly. Anya felt incredibly and justifiably proud of herself.

“Well done Anya. Good show.” Giles admired later on in the day, as he stood on the back porch with her. The previously stricken girls were having a burn off of their soiled bedding once more, in the neighboring property.

“I’m big with the groveling here, you are a good witch Anya. You have definitely the mojo I gotta say.” Willow admitted, leaning on the porch railing beside them.

“But you’re the most powerful witch that ever lived Willow.” Buffy told her friend as she came up behind them. “And that’s why I had this sudden realization last night we’re going to win. Call everyone into the living room. I promise this is gonna be the final meeting and the final speech.”

10.00 am

Buffy faced her audience confidently. This last plan of hers was totally going to work. They were going to save the world. She was going to pull it off. People were unfortunately going to die but that was what war was all about sadly. Buffy didn’t make the rules.

“Okay. None of you girls will know the power Faith and I have, unless one of us dies.”

“Unless Faith dies Buffy.” This foolish misconception had been preying on Wesley’s nerves. It was obvious only Faith dying would bring about a new slayer. Or there would be two more fully fledged slayers in the room. His idea of killing Faith and then reviving her had had practical merit.

“In any case, why should a group of witch doctors have decided that?” Buffy went on coldly. She pointed to Willow. “This woman is more powerful than all of them combined. She is going to unlock the power in the scythe and all of you will be slayers. All of you will share the power.”

Yeah, that sounded good, Alex thought. But why did that mean they’d win?

17th April 2006

Sunnydale High School

Part One

The walk to the Sunnydale High school that morning by Buffy’s reluctant and unconvinced army, brought about a few final conversations and revelations.

“So how did you spend your possibly last night on Earth last night?” Xander asked Anya, as they walked over to Sunnydale High School together with everyone else in the breaking dawns light. It was a chilly spring morning.

“Um, praying for the cannon fodder.” Anya looked at the road ahead unblinkingly. “Yes that’s what I did.”

“In spite of what you might think I always liked your honesty Anya. Don’t lie to me now.” Xander told her. Although the girls did look incredibly young and vulnerable to Xander. They needed praying over.

“I was having sex with Giles.” Anya confessed to him. “You?”

“D & D Role playing with Andrew, Wood and some of the slayerettes.” Xander laughed at himself.

Alex found himself walking beside Wesley. “I was always planning on killing you.” He told the Englishman cheerfully. “The moment was never quite right.”

“He who hesitates is lost.” Wesley replied back. “If it’s any consolation I’m quite expecting to die to day anyway.’

“Yeah that helps.” Alex smirked. “It’s crap that I’m thinking the same thing about myself unfortunately.”

The werewolves found themselves landed with transporting Spike to the school.

Oz drove Spike up to the doors of the school in his mini van, backing it in as closely as possible to the entrance. Spike dashed out covered in his blanket into the safety of the school halls’ shadows.

“I always thought any sunlight killed vampires.” Marita observed puzzled, squashed in the front seat of the van between Oz and Brad.

“I think the repeated exposure to solar rays has obviously affected Spike’s freaking brain in some way Marita.” Brad shared. “I mean Christ, what a complete asswipe the guy is, even for a vampire. And it’s okay with Buffy because Spike’s got a soul. But who gives a shit? So does Osama Bin Laden have a soul.”

The three werewolves began to unload the explosives from the van.

The blocked vents and exits prepared yesterday were rechecked. Everyone gathered in the school corridor for yet more final goodbyes.

Faith and Wesley found themselves standing in front of each other.

“I forgive you Wes, do ya think you can return the favor?” Faith requested of her ex watcher. She needed to make peace with herself about this. Didn’t he?

“Faith, is this some last minute bloody Catholic guilt appeasement ritual on your part?” Wesley sighed.

“Well yeah sure… I mean fuck… one of us is probably gonna die.” Faith said gloomily. “But hey hopefully you, not me lover.” She ended on her customary upbeat note

“Feelings mutual Faith, on both counts.” Wesley touched her on the shoulder with his hand for a second. He had needed to make peace with her as well.

The O’Malley brothers and Brad came up to her. Faith kissed them and hugged them. Her best friends. “It’s not a decent fight without youse guys in on it.” Faith told them.

“Hey Faithie.” Seamus winked at her and chanted the South Boston anti busing slogan from the seventies. “Here we go Southie, here we go.”

Faith chuckled. The O’Malley brothers went to join Dawn and Xander. Brad went over to get Oz.

Marita and Oz embraced quickly. “My whole life... I've never loved anyone more than you Marita.” Oz whispered in her ear. He meant it.

“Just leave this hell hole alive Oz.” Marita instructed her fiancé firmly, before he went off to join Brad.

Alex and Faith stood in a corner kissing good bye desperately. His hands threading through his lover’s hair one last beautiful time. Alex pushed her away. “Listen up Faithya, I changed my life insurance policy over a year ago without telling you, it’s to be divided equally between you and my parents. Don’t give me a religious funeral and don’t waste money sending my body back to Russia. Cremate me okay? So you have to survive Faith, to follow through on this.”

“You named me in your life insurance policy?” Faith gazed up at him. Alex was so protective of her in his own anal way. “Yeah, listen up yourself. You better live too, Alex. Because I was kinda keen on the whole baby making plan.”

“Yeah, me too now, believe it or not. Good luck Faith. Don’t you dare try and be noble baby.” Alex began to move away with Marita to guard the front entrance of the school.

“You too Alex, not that there’s much danger of it with you, pal.” Faith went over to join the potential slayers.

Spike went over to Cordelia who was arguing with Wesley. Cordelia was holding the amulet possessively in the palm of her hand.

Spike came over and held his hand out. “The pretty necklace thanks Cordelia. I believe I’m the more qualified party. We arm wrestled for it yesterday remember? I’m more physically strong than you.”

“It’s gonna kill the bearer.” Cordelia warned him, passing it reluctantly over.

“Well I’m dead already, aren’t I luv?” Spike shrugged. “It’s not going to affect me that much.”

“I guess I’m with the medieval weapons appreciation society then.” Cordelia joked to Wesley, as they walked off with Wood to take their place in the teachers lounge. This had worked out fine, she’d rather be with Wesley at the end.

Giles looked over to see Anya and Andrew walking off to take their places. He had said good bye to Anya as they woke up this morning. He didn’t want to say anything now. He joined Wesley, Wood and Cordelia.

“Don’t be afraid to use Wells as a human shield, Anya.” Xander joked semi seriously.

“Hey, I’m carrying grenades and I’m not afraid to use them Harris.” Andrew protested.

Part Two.

Faith cut her hand with the blade. Thanking her lucky stars she had undergone therapy to overcome her knife aversion. Thank Christ, she hadn’t just freaked out in front of everyone just then, instead she was able to calmly let her blood drip onto the seal with everyone else.

Faith had a good life in the past three years, she reflected. She had known love and friendship and now she was gonna die in a kick ass fight, in spite of Buffy’s fucking cheerleader optimism. So all the kids got to be slayers, wow! That was now instead of two experienced slayers, against thousands of super strong vampires, um thirty odd inexperienced slayers against thousands of super strong vampires. Jesus Christ on a stick, that wasn’t gonna make a blind lick of difference at the end of the day B.

The seal opened, allowing everyone to walk into the Hellmouth proper.

Red better hurry up and do her stuff, Faith thought, thankful she was not the 'crap herself with fright' type, upon seeing the hordes of vampires massed below the cliff they stood on. Thank god, they had grenades at least.

Part Three

Alex and Marita stood together outside the main entrance checking their weapons yet again.

“Covarrubias, do you remember the coke we did together in Amsterdam that time?” Alex asked his ex lover. “That powder was value for money alright, sparkly white flakes of instant euphoria.”

“Yes, what about it?” Marita asked shuddering with fright. She could hear the vampires cries floating up from the Hellmouth, as they spotted Faith, Buffy and the slayerettes and started to scale the face of the cliff.

“I could do with some of it right about now.” Alex informed her.

Part Four

“If I ruled the world, everyday would be the first day of spring.” Seamus O’Malley sang nervously, trying to ease his nerves. Their position in the school corridor could be better he thought.

Sean clipped him round the ear. “Would you shut the fuck up!”

Xander frowned at Sean’s language in front of Dawn. It was bad enough the teenager was going to die. Without his beloved young Dawnie having to hear coarse language on top of everything else in her final moments on the planet.

Xander held his sword at the ready, he could hear explosions and the slayerettes screams starting down in the Hellmouth.

Part Five

“You’re a goddess!” Kennedy said in awe to Willow. The two women knelt in the deserted classroom around a pentagram outlined in enchanted chalk.

Willow’s hair had turned white as she had preformed her ultimate spell to release the magic in the scythe. Now all the potentials were slayers.

Kennedy felt different already, it had worked. Unless Faith or Buffy had just died in the Hellmouth of course.

“And you’re a slayer.” Willow announced with pride. She handed the scythe to Kennedy. “Take this to Buffy.”

Kennedy raced down the stairs. An Ubervamp blocked her path to the Hellmouth entrance. Kennedy swung her blade and beheaded the demon on the spot. She could get used to this.

Willow lay on the floor weakened but happy. She had done her part to save the world. She just needed to recover her strength enough to walk outside, awaiting the outcome of the battle.

After a few minutes Willow felt strong enough to rise to her feet. She leaned against the wall of the upstairs corridors slowly making her way to the stairwell.

She clutched the railing for support as she went down the stairs. She was easy pickings for the Ubervamp which came across her.

Part Six

Wesley had never fought against such strong demons as the Ubervamps before. Even Cordelia with her superior strength was having difficulties. Cordelia and Wesley had had over three years of practice fighting alongside each other against demons’, they worked well as a fighting unit.

Giles and Wood were not so fortunate. Wood was injured first. Giles badly wounded second.

Wesley would have wondered how Faith and the others were getting on. If he had had a second to spare from fighting for his life.

Part Seven

Faith caught the scythe Buffy threw to her. Buffy went down with a mortal wound in her stomach.

Faith had kind of being enjoying herself in a weird way until that happened. She attacked the Ubervamps surrounding her with renewed berserker rage. It was so easy to kill them with the scythe. A pity Willow wasn’t able to make twenty more of them, so all the slayers left could have one each.

Being hopelessly outnumbered, it was inevitable that Faith was knocked to the ground with six Ubervamps on top of her. She threw the scythe to Rona for no other reason than she knew her better than any of the other surviving slayers.

For some reason the only thought that came to Faith in her obviously final moments was not about Alex, but the memory of Angelus asking her if she wanted to die.

Faith had a lot to live for, something urged her, her subconscious as Alex would say, or spirit as her Grandmother would have said. It was the only thing that gave Faith the inner impetus, to successfully push the Ubervamps off her and jump to her feet again.

She noticed out of the corner of her eye, Spike had picked the dying Buffy up. The vampire was holding her in his arms. As if everything down in the Hellmouth wasn’t bad enough, Spike switched back to being William.

“I love you, you know.” Buffy whispered.

“I know.” William answered smiling, trying to blink back tears at the fact, this brave, lovely, young, woman was dying in his embrace. “You must have, to have done the things you did with me.”

Buffy closed her eyes.

“Buffy!” Faith screamed furiously. No, no, no!

William deposited Buffy’s corpse gently on the ground. He stumbled backwards as shooting rays of ultraviolet light shone forth from the amulet around his neck.

The light penetrated every Ubervamp it came across and crumbled them into ash.

Thank Christ, thought Faith, as she staked an Ubervamp, a fucking break at last.

The seismic rumble of an earthquake, began to shake the foundations of the Hellmouth.

Oh come on Big Guy, Faith fumed at heaven. You have to got to be kidding!

Part Eight

As werewolves, Oz and Brad, were preternaturally sensitive to Earthquakes. They stopped fighting the Ubervamps that were coming out through the seal. They loped towards the main entrance of the high school.

They heard explosions coming from their right, caused by Anya and Andrew, lobbing hand grenades at oncoming Ubervamps.

Werewolves didn’t like hand grenades, they took the left turning.

Part Nine

Cordelia and Wesley struggled to the nearest exit with the wounded Giles and Wood.

The ground shook, causing Wesley to drop a bleeding and beaten Wood on the ground. Cordelia slammed against a wall with Giles.

Fleeing slayers started to stream pass them in the hall.

“The school buses,” muttered Wood. “Get them on a bus!”

“Where are the keys?” Wesley asked urgently. “Wood!” Wesley slapped him on the face. “Where are the keys?”

“I can’t remember.” Wood groaned, lapsing into unconsciousness.

“Can’t we carjack a bus Wes?” Cordelia suggested in passing. She went by with a profusely bleeding Giles, draped on her shoulder.

“What, hotwire it?” Wesley grunted with the effort of lifting Wood fireman style over his shoulder. He raised an eyebrow at her sarcastically “Naturally, I learned how to do that in the Watchers Academy in First Form. Wasn’t that covered also in the Sunnydale High curriculum?.”

“I'll do it, Pryce.” Giles winced. His skills picked up from his Ripper days had always come in handy.

Part Ten

Sean dragged a sobbing Dawn away from Xander’s corpse. “I’m sorry sweetheart, but we have to fucking go.” He ordered the distraught teenager urgently. The ground shook beneath their feet once more. Cracks appeared in the side of the building.

Seamus clutched a wound on his neck. “Just fucking carry her Sean.” He snapped.

The O’Malley brothers dragged Dawn to the main entrance. They dashed outside, joined by Anya.

Anya was white faced with survivor’s guilt. “I used the annoying little monkey as a human shield. I used him as a human shield.” She kept repeating to herself.

Alex peered anxiously over the heads of the evacuees flowing past him. Where was Faith? Please don’t let her have been a heroine.

Marita was chewing her nails beside him. Her concerned gaze searching for Oz.

A chair and shards of glass landed on the ground three meters away from them. Marita looked upwards.

“Oz!” Marita yelled in ecstatic relief and joy. A naked and bleeding, Oz and Brad, crawled down a drain pipe from a jammed second story window to join them below.

Dawn leaned out the bus window. Where was Buffy?

Sean and Wesley were having an argument over who was going to drive the bus. Wesley had a cut hand, that was making it painful for him to hold the wheel. Sean won.

Everyone was on the bus now, apart from Alex. The building was starting to collapse, the tremors were growing greater. He shook his head and sprinted to the bus as well.

Alex would survive without Faith, but life wasn’t going to be as much fun. Hell on earth for him most probably, the inconsiderate selfish little bitch! He’d mourn for Faith properly later, when his life wasn’t in immediate danger anymore.

Sean started the bus and moved it off.

“Wait!” Screamed Dawn frantically, she had never given up hope and had been watching the entrance intently. “There they are!”

Faith and Buffy fell out a broken ground window. They sprinted towards the moving bus. Sean slowed the bus down so the pair could leap on board.

Alex narrowed his eyes in caution. It looked as if Buffy had received a knife wound to the stomach. Yet he could see her skin had healed over through her torn blouse. He’d never witnessed Faith healing so rapidly. Was Buffy the First Evil?

His doubts were put to rest by witnessing, the always clumsy Buffy, jumping on the bus, tripping to fall on top of a wounded slayer.

“Shit!” shrieked Vi in pain, as Buffy sprawled on the injured slayers wounded shoulder.

“You started to take off without us, O’Malley, you frickin’ retard?” Faith snapped when she passed Sean behind the wheel. “Where was your faith and B. come to that?”

Alex felt like throwing up with relief as Faith walked over, clutching the bus hand rails as it jerked on the road. Faith flopped onto the unscathed Alex’s lap as the bus bounced. Alex was sitting beside Brad. Brad was modestly wearing Alex’s leather jacket around his waist.

“And as for you lover boy… planned parenthood too daunting a fricking prospect huh?” Faith teased Alex, determined to get a lot of mileage out of this in future. Alex was a survivor, Faith had always got that. She wasn’t perturbed, she knew he’d be prepared to die for her if it ever came down to it, albeit unwillingly.

Alex put his arms around her gratefully. “Yeah that was it, plus you took your sweet time Faithya. Why the hell were you out last?”

Faith grinned. “It was B. I thought Blondie was dead but then she pulled a frickin’ Highlander on me at the last minute. I had to help her up, drag her away from her disintegrating vampire boy toy, that she wanted to hold hands with for fuck’s sake.”

Alex stared at Faith confused. “I’m not following… sorry baby.”

Faith explained about how Buffy had miraculously recovered from her mortal stomach wound. She described how the amulet had shot forth ultraviolet rays and consumed Spike.

Wesley and Cordelia in the seat behind Alex and Brad leaned over their seat. Both extremely interested in the explanation on how the amulet had worked in the field. Both thankful that Spike had perished and not Cordy.

“Well thank Christ, the Sid Vicious clone is finally out of the picture.” Brad said in a low voice. “He was an accident waiting to freaking happen wasn’t he just?”

The group of adults furtively checked on Buffy's whereabouts. She was busy consoling a sobbing Dawn at the back of the bus.

“Yeah.” Everyone agreed.

31st October 2006

Faith and Alex Krycek’s apartment
Gubei District

Thirty seven year old Alex Krycek unlocked the door to his apartment. He had had another interesting day in his now completely desk work job. Alex headed the department of the FSB that filtered intelligence about smuggled drugs and weapons, going into Vladivostok, from the ports of Shanghai.

His twenty five year old wife, was sitting on the floor with their one and a half year old son Ivan. Faith was reading a story to him.

The Krycek family cat, who was unimpressed with Shanghai, compared with Boston, fast asleep on the couch.

“Papa!" The brown haired green eyed toddler squealed excitedly, reaching his arms up to his father.

Alex reached down and up and swung him round. “Were you good for Mommy today?” Alex asked his chortling son.

“Well the kid showed frick… um real inappropriate behavior, when he got into my jewelry box and dropped my engagement ring down the toilet bowl.” Faith smirked as Alex kissed her cheek. “But I spotted it thank Chr… um goodness, before I flushed the can. I gave it a soak in Lysol. Don’t have a nervous breakdown about it. How about you?”

“Same old B... er stuff as normal, had to approve a hit today on that Triad leader I was telling you about.” Alex said, placing Ivan back on the floor. “What do you want for dinner, steak and salad okay?”

“Yeah.” Faith yawned, shaking her head to be more alert. “God, so tired. Man, it was a near miss with my engagement ring today, I’m telling you. It made me get all gooey thinking today about the ultra romantic way you proposed to me Alex.”

“What?” Said Alex going into the kitchen and washing his hands. “How once the bus stopped, I dragged you past Wood. Told you to stop wasting your time trying to give him first aid, because he was history. Took you outside, and then shoved the ring on your finger. Begging you to marry me because I couldn’t live without you?”

“Is that how you remember it Alex pal?” Faith quirked her mouth, coming into the kitchen to join him. “Because I remember the in between bit, of you trying to give me a list of conditions that came with the ring, and me telling you to go fu… um go away and think again, before you came to that action.”

“They were suggestions Faithya.” Alex pretended to be hurt. “You can be so suspicious sometimes.”

“Fuckin’ piece of B.S!” Ivan pounded his angelic chubby fists on his immobile toy car, it’s wheel stuck in a loop of the shag pile of the living room rug.

Faith and Alex winced guiltly. They had been trying so hard to watch their language recently, for their son’s sake.

“I gotta another letter from B. today, by the way. Asking if I was free to stop the Beijing apocalypse happening in May next year. I called Buffy up, told her I’ve just found out I was pregnant again. Gonna be waddling in Spring instead of fighting, so no can do.” Faith sighed disappointed.

Faith couldn’t believe she had accidentally got pregnant again. She and Alex had been planning to give Ivan another brother or sister when he was four, not two.

Alex kissed his cherished young wife on the head consolingly. The forthcoming apocalypse was exactly why he had slit and peeled off the foil that covered Faith’s low dose hormone pill packet one evening. Faith had been absent taking out a nest of Chinese vampires, with the newly called slayer who lived in Shanghai. Alex had proceeded to shake Faith’s contraceptive pills down the bathroom toilet. He had deviously replaced them with identically colored sugar pills, carefully adhering the foil back in place.

“Yeah well, don’t beat yourself up about it baby.” Alex went back to preparing dinner. He had decided three years ago he enjoyed cooking, found it relaxing. So why be an asshole, and force Faith to take lessons? “I’m sure they’ll cope without you. Pass me that chopping knife please? After all Faith, it’s not the end of the world.”


Authors note:

An Andrew Wells moment (pass the sick bag)

For all of you who have been following this series the whole way through and I estimate there were
one hundred of you at least, thank you so much.

I really want to thank Chaja Alive, Ann of Midnight, Cutiepie, Jenny lal, Ajax for their encouraging reviews and suggestions. Kribby who has the good taste to keep her constructive critique private and has helped me so much become a better writer.

And finally and most importantly Muses Inspiration. I never would have written more than chapter one of Resist and Serve in the first place if it hadn't been for her and I might still not have finished this story if she hadn't encouraged me to keep going.

Her art work inspired me to go on. Check out her latest art work by the way.

The End

You have reached the end of "It's not the end of the world". This story is complete.

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