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It's not the end of the world

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Resist or Serve". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Krycek wants to propose to Faith but Bringers, two Apocalypses, an aspiring James Bond ex-watcher and the coolest Sunnydale High principal ever, keep getting in his way. And what's up with Marita and Oz?

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Television > X-Files, The(Past Donor)KiwikatipoFR181573,4935305,2462 Oct 0620 Nov 06Yes

Under blue moon I saw you

It’s not the end of the world

Author: Kiwikatipo
Rating: FR18

Disclaimer: Characters and ‘verses aren’t mine. BtVS and those characters still belong to Joss Whedon, and The X-Files and those characters belong to Chris Carter.

Story Intro: This story is the last in the 'Resist or Serve' series. Russian Secret Agent Alex Krycek wants to propose to his girlfriend Faith the Vampire Slayer. If only Bringers, two Californian Apocalypses and his rivals for her affections, an aspiring James Bond ex-watcher and the coolest principal Sunnydale High School ever had don’t get in his way first. And what’s the deal with his ex lover Marita Covarrubias and Werewolf Oz anyway?

Part One

10th December 2002
Faith and Alex’s apartment.
South Boston

“Alex?” Faith said, as she lay beside him in bed that night.

“What.” Alex said dozily as he drifted off to sleep.

“Can I get a kitten for my birthday? Father Flanagan’s stray cat has had kittens.” Faith requested tentatively, turning over to face him. “There was a real cute Tabby one in the litter.”

“Some stray as a mother and an alley cat as a father? No way Faith, you’re asking for a potential ten years of vet bills for some undiagnosed feline medical problem. That’s on top of how much a cat would cost us in inoculations and neutering.” Alex mumbled pessimistically into his pillow. “Cat’s live for sixteen to twenty years as well, how would you look after it when the Aliens take over Earth in ten years time?”

“But the tabby one was so cute Alex.” Faith snuggled up to him persuasively.

“Too late to convince me sexually Faith, we’ve just made love.” Alex reminded her. “Ask me before the main act to get what you want, not after remember?”

Halting their cat acquisition conversation the couple’s home phone and Alex’s cell rang at the same time. Faith reached over to get their home phone, while Alex groped for his cell phone on the bedside table.

Faith answered the phone to Alex’s ex girlfriend Marita.

“Faith? It’s Marita Covarrubias, excuse me ringing this late, is Alex there?” the sophisticated European blond asked her in Russian. Marita sounded eager to speak with him.

“I… he’s on his cell. Can he call you back?” Faith sat up and listened to a now wide awake Alex conversing excitedly in German on his cell. German? Faith never knew Alex could speak German. Alex switched on the light.

“Yes, immediately, thanks Faith.” Marita hung up.

Alex hung up. “That Marita just then?” he checked with Faith. Faith nodded. Alex pressed his cell phone on speed dial. Faith stiffened automatically. How come Alex still had his ex girlfriend’s number on speed dial?

“It’s Alexis. I’ve heard, is it true? My god, what a fortunate fluke of nature.” Alex was saying. “Yeah, I’m telling Faith now.” As soon as he was off his cell it rang again. Alex answered this call in Russian. “Yes, I’ve heard. I know… thanks… you too.” He hung up.

Faith turned to him expectantly. Alex’s cell phone beeped with a message. Alex scanned it rapidly and laughed out loud.

“What the hell is going on?” Faith demanded to know.

“The Aliens’ home world was struck by a meteor four hours ago or mega light years away. Depending on your viewpoint, anyway it’s gone. The gray abducting sons of bitches are gone. The rebel movements on their occupied planets are mopping the survivors up.”

“So there’s no Colonization gonna happen in 2012?” Faith was stunned. If she was still alive then she had planned to spend her thirties being a resistance fighter against the Alien invasion. Faith had already started to extol the virtues of Alaska to her family and friends. Aliens didn’t like the cold.

“No.” Alex hugged her fiercely. “This changes everything in our lives Faith. Everything, Christ, I can hardly believe it. I’ve got a future, so do you Faithya, our whole fucking beautiful planet does.”

Faith thought over the ramifications of this earth shattering news. “So a kitten would be okay now huh?” Faith was slightly in shock at this incredible information.

Alex kissed her rapturously on her mouth. “Yes baby, you get your kitten.”

He had yet more exciting news to impart. “That last message was from my counterpart in the British Secret Intelligence Service. The Watcher’s Council Headquarters was blown up last month by party or parties unknown, one hundred percent mortality rate. The Watcher’s Council is finished. You’ll never have to worry about those bastards again.”

“Oh god Alex, this must be the best night of our lives!” Faith exclaimed excitedly.

15th December 2002
Marita Covarrubias Apartment.
Manhattan Island
New York.

“This is the best night of my life!” Marita opened a bottle of champagne she kept in the refrigerator and poured Oz a glass.

“I’m happy for you, can I ask why?” Oz inquired, sitting at her kitchen table in his normal relaxed way.

“Because I suddenly have the rest of my life to live. How old did you think I was when you first met me?” Marita suddenly demanded. “Forty?”

“No,” Oz was quick to deny this. He had thought she was probably thirty five or thirty six the night Krycek had brought her round to his apartment, and asked if she could hide out at his place for the night. “Twenty nine to thirty three.” He ventured diplomatically.

Thirty two year old Marita poured her champagne bitterly. Being tested on by the Consortium to find a cure for the Alien virus had almost killed her, the experiments had definitely prematurely aged her.

“I know I look older. I’ve sacrificed a lot for a cause. Health, love, truth. I don’t need to do that any longer I’m free.” Marita drank her champagne and gave herself a personal toast. “Free to live.”

“Free to come to my bands concert tomorrow night, supporting Nerf Herder?” Oz persuaded her.

“I’ve never heard of them but yes why not?” Marita shrugged.

16th December 2002
Goliath Nightclub
Greenwich Village
New York

Red Riding Hood’s friends had come down from Boston to support their big break.

Faith frowned at Alex in disappointment. “You’re gonna to sit at this table all evening and not dance once tonight?”

“Faith when have you ever seen me dance to Red Riding Hood’s Friends music?” Alex told her firmly. “Usually I drink one beer slowly, I lean on walls. It works for me and I don’t fix what isn’t broken baby, never have.”

“Yeah, but it’s the guys first big gig huh?” Faith wheedled.

“I’ll clap loudly. I think they’re great you know that.” Alex assured her. “But at thirty three my mosh pit days are over. Someone has to mind the drinks. You dance with Marie, before she disappears off into the wilds of Central Park to screw someone she’s just met from the Bronx. Or blows Brad between sets. Seeing how his girlfriend Karen couldn’t make it tonight after all.”

“Hey that’s my best friend Alex!” Faith reproved him. ”You’re outta line pal.” Alex always was aware with what was going on with her friends. Faith found it amazing he could work out people’s dirty secrets the way he did.

“I’ve always liked Marie but she’s notching up the score on her bedpost these days, Faith you have to admit.” Alex told her coolly. “I notice she’s goes out of town now every full moon as well.”

“She’s careful.” Faith lied. Marie had told Faith she and Brad chose parks that had no humans in them. Faith knew Brad had his wolf side under total control. Faith had her doubts about Marie. Marie had just learned last month how to not change under a full moon. It had taken Marie over a year of struggling to do that.

“If you say so. Hell, I don’t care.” Alex shrugged unconcerned. Alex carried a cartridge of silver bullets beside his gun these days, just in case. He hadn’t shared that information with Faith.

“Neither do I, she’s my best friend she gets the benefit of the frickin’ doubt.” Faith snapped, guilt crossed her face for a second. “I’m the worst vampire slayer that ever lived aren’t I?”

“Don’t beat yourself up about it.” Alex spotted Marita across the room. He waved her over to their table.

“Hey, Marita looks hot for a change. What’s she doing here?” Faith clicked. She raised her eyebrows at Alex in surprise. “God, are her and Oz still doing each other? I wondered about that.”

Marita came over wearing a body hugging black velvet shift dress. Years of stress had disappeared off her face.

Alex stood up and kissed Marita on the cheek. “We’re saved.” He told her in Russian.

“I know.” Marita leaned over and kissed a surprised Faith on the cheek. “I can’t believe it Faith. We can all start to live, we have a future.”

“Yeah, it’s wicked good frickin news alright.” Faith wasn’t sure if she had a future sometimes. It was why the concept of Alien Colonization had never affected her that badly. Faith in her darkest hours before the dawn was sure she would never make it to thirty. She hadn’t heard of a vampire slayer that had. It was one of the reasons Faith liked to daydream of having a husband and kids one day, a denial of death.

“Red Riding Hood’s friends are on stage.” Alex alerted his present and past lovers. He smirked at his ex-girlfriend. “You being a groupie tonight Covarrubias? You never used to like this kind of thing. I suppose people change.”

“Why haven’t you stopped being a son of a bitch?” Marita smiled sweetly.

“Takes a bitch to know the son of one,” Alex replied back as charmingly.

“Can you guys stop with your frickin issues? It’s kinda boring to the outside observer.” Faith complained. Faith hated being reminded of how these two had been lovers. Faith guessed correctly Alex had been more in love with Marita than he had ever been in love with her.

“Sorry Faith.” Alex and Marita both apologized simultaneously.

Great the ex alien resistance allies spoke in unison, that made Faith feel really secure.

“Let’s go up huh?” Faith suggested to Marita shortly. “It’s gonna be a riot to see ya get your groove thing on.”

Alex looked at the two women go off. Thinking things over. Marita was looking good these days. Faith was sex on legs as usual in her red clubbing dress. The torch he had carried for Marita had well and truly burned out years ago. Betrayal did that to a relationship.

Thank god he was with Faith now.

Their sex life was as always incredibly satisfying to both parties. Faith was sensible, non dramatic, never irritating. She had matured, not being constantly on the verge of insanity had helped with that. She was totally in love with him and willing to do almost anything he suggested. Christ she was the perfect woman to get married to! And Alex could get married, there was nothing stopping him from doing that now. Alex was at heart a completely monogamous conservative. He just happened to be an efficient killer by necessity to survive in his chosen career path as an FSB agent.

Alex sipped his beer contemplatively, what were the cons of that idea? There were always cons.

Faith’s slayer crap, Alex hated magic. Faith wanted to have kids. Well Alex had frozen sperm put aside, after his work required vasectomy. It could even be reversed. Alex was willing to have one non annoying child. A bonus to that idea was Alex didn’t see how Faith could keep on slaying with a kid. Faith would have to be willing to live in Russia. Faith spoke Russian a little now, had kept up with it at her community college after all. Would she get on with his family, they would be an important part of her support system in a strange country? Would she like St Petersburg?

There was only one way to find this out. Alex needed to take her home to meet his parents. He’d decide after evaluating how successfully she fitted in at home. Alex chuckled ruefully to himself, he had no idea he could be such a romantic impetuous fool.

Part Two

4th February 2003

Kryeck Household
Vasilievsky Island
St Petersburg

Faith swayed to her feet. “I really need the bathroom.” She said thickly.

God she had to make a good impression on these people. She couldn’t come across as a slut or deranged. She mustn’t gulp down her food at lunch. Faith had such an empty tummy she felt giddy. She hadn’t been able to eat anything on the plane because of her nervousness at the thought of meeting Alex’s family. Hadn’t slept much on the airplane either, a screaming toddler with earache had kept the whole cabin awake.

“Through there.” Alex’s mother told her kindly. “Are you all right Faith?”

“Fine,” Faith tried desperately not to appear as wasted as she felt. Why had Alex’s dad insisted on plying Faith with wine while they all waited for lunch to be cooked?

Faith felt quite dizzy. She went to the bathroom and saw there was no toilet. What had Alex warned her? It was in a separate room. She staggered out and went into the closet next door. Success a toilet.

Faith used it with relief. She went back into the bathroom. Alex was in there washing his face and hands.

“Are you okay?” he asked concerned. Alex had dark circles under his eyes too.

“Your dad keeps refilling my glass all the frickin time.” Faith hissed slurring. “I’ve got a wicked buzz going pal. I’m worried I’m gonna pass out.”

“Just hold on baby, lunch will be ready soon and then you can nap.”

“Thank Christ. Your family seems real nice Alex.” Faith yawned, as she washed her own face and hands.

“Yeah, watch out for Papa.” Alex warned her. “He can be…devious.”

Faith came back and saw with an inner groan her glass had been refilled in her absence.

“To your good health young lady.” Alex’s father smiled at her benignly.

Faith took a polite sip.

“Don’t you like the wine?” His father asked hurt. “You don’t seem to be drinking much.

“I’ve had half a bottle Mr Krycek.” Faith disagreed woozily.

“Nonsense this is a celebration having Alex home for ten days and meeting you for the first time my dear. Drink up.”

“Papa please.” Alex protested from across the living room. “Faith’s tired after our flight.” He was drawn back into conversation with his brother.

Faith had another sip of wine to appear polite. Alex’s family had to like her. Faith always wanted approval in unfamiliar situations.

“So you and Alex have been living together for over a year now correct?”

“Yeah,” Faith said. She gulped more wine out of nervousness. Did Alex’s dad disapprove of people living together? Her family did.

“You met as his driver nearly three years ago?”

“Yes.” Faith was starting to feel on trial. Mr Krycek laid forth a barrage of questions about her background, education, career prospects, religion.

“I’m a Roman Catholic all my family is.” Faith was starting to feel the room spin.

“You realize Alex and our family are atheists?”

“I… yeah. It never comes up between Alex and me.”

“But if you had children it would.’

“Alex doesn’t want children.”

“He used to.”

Faith put her hands to her head, why wouldn’t the floor stop moving? “He doesn’t now. He can’t now. And if he did it wouldn’t matter, the kids could make up their own frickin’ minds.”

“Are you alright?” Mr Krycek asked sounding concerned.

“No.” Faith passed out into Mr Krycek's arms. He laid her carefully on the couch.

Mr Krycek turned to Alex accusingly as his son returned from the kitchen after talking to his mother. “What did the American girl mean you can’t have children?”

“Jesus Christ Papa, you had to do it didn’t you?” Alex picked Faith protectively up off the couch. “Once a KGB agent always a KGB agent with you, every girl I’ve ever brought home has to get the fucking third degree. Faith’s not an enemy of the State.”

“Alexis, she seems a lovely girl.” Mr Krycek soothed placating. “I approve of her whole heartedly.”

14th February 2003

Ex KGB agent Vassily Peskow’s Dacha (country cottage/house)
Outskirts St Petersburg

“Good night.” Alex bade his trusted mentor as they sat in front of a roaring fire in the rustic cabins living room.

“Good night Alexis.” Peskow said, winking at his young friend. “I know you have important things to attend to. Good luck.”

Ten o’clock was early for bed. Faith had already retired half an hour ago saying she wanted to be rested for their flight home tomorrow night.

Alex went confidently to their shared room. He had an engagement ring he had picked out in a St Petersburg jeweler’s store, nestled securely in his jacket pocket. Alex had enlisted his sister in law’s help to find out what Faith’s favorite stone and shape was. He had taken a ring out of Faith’s jewelry box for size back in Boston. Alex had left nothing to chance. Now he was just waiting for the perfect moment to propose.

Faith was sitting up in bed reading her prescribed Russian text novel for college.

“You’re sure they never made a movie of this?” Faith said holding up the cover. “It would save a lot of frickin’ time.”

“No. I’ll get my mother to double check the stores for you just in case.” Alex climbed onto the bed with her. He stroked her hair. “You’re so beautiful Faith.”

“I know what you want.” Faith smirked. She tossed the book aside carelessly. “You’re in luck pal I want it too.”

“You always want me to make love to you.” Alex lifted her hair back caressing the nape of her neck. “It’s one of your many charms.”

“Many charms? Christ you must be horny tonight.” Faith chuckled, she pressed her lips to his softly. Alex fisted his hands in her hair, kissing her hungrily. He was going to ask her to marry him as soon as they’d made love. Faith was always suggestible after multiple orgasms he’d learned after three years together.

Faith pulled back and look at him wide eyed for a second. Normally when Alex kissed her like that it always meant he was planning to screw her over in some way.

As if reading her thoughts Alex slowed down his kisses to his normal sensual pace. Faith relaxed in his arms, returning his kisses with love. Faith loved Alex so much. She lived to please him. That was another reason why it had been so important to her his parents liked her.

Alex undid the buttons on her silk pajama top gently. Her lithe body always did it for him. Spending the rest of his life with her was a brilliant plan, the best he had ever had. He moved his mouth over her breast lasciviously. Faith gave a sigh of carnal contentment.

A loud crash resounded throughout the house, as the back door to the Dacha was smashed off it’s hinges. Faith and Alex jerked apart. Alex reached for his trusty automatic Sig Saur P228 9mm. He flicked the safety catch off with his thumb.

The sound of running feet came down the passage to their bedroom. The door burst open, seven sightless mutilated men in medieval garb bore down on them with knives.

Alex shot the first one through the head immediately. The second one he winged. The remaining five were intent on Faith. She kicked out hard, disarming her attacker immediately.

Peskow stood in the doorway of their room holding a Gyurza-SR1, shooting the attacker in front of him in the back. Neither he nor Alex could fire another shot without risking hitting Faith.

Alex waded in and joined in the hand to hand combat.The bastards were good, but Alex nine years a trained undercover operative easily held his own. He disarmed the attacker nearest to him throwing him over to Peskow who shot him in the leg. Alex used his assailant’s captured knife to stab one in the back.

Standing over the body of one attacker whose neck she had snapped, Faith coolly stabbed one attacker in the chest and slit the throat of the last remaining one standing.

“If you’d jumped out of the way we could have shot them all for you.” Alex grumbled crossly. She would take risks. Alex as always, now felt rather ill after having being in a physical fight,

“I prefer the old fashioned way. I could have taken on all seven wicked easy. I feel frickin’ deprived.” Faith’s eyes danced over him lustfully.

Damn, Alex thought, now Faith was sexually excited in the way she got sometimes after killing.

Faith’s psychologist had told Faith this was nothing to be ashamed of, it was a natural life affirming response to her close shaves with death. Alex knew instinctively her life affirming response was going to interfere with his proposal plans for her tonight.

Faith looked at the bloody gore on the carpet. “Oh damn, I can’t believe the frickin’ mess we’ve made in your guest room. I’m sorry Comrade Peskow.”

“My dear it is nothing.” Agent Peskow assured her. “My grand niece has just joined Amway, she has a multipurpose cleaner she wants me to try. Apparently it cleans the toughest stains.”

“So who are these guys? They’re human.” Alex asked, kicking the one he had winged in the stomach as he tried to get up. “Thought it was rebel aliens for one awful second, but I think these mutants are your department Faith.”

“No fucking idea.” Faith held up a knife one of the bringers had studying it. “Looks mystical. They were definitely after me weren't they? Must be my either my good looks or new deodorant that attracted them.”

“Let’s question them and find out.” Agent Peskow said cheerfully.

“Good idea. You dispose of the bodies Faith.” Alex suggested to her.

“You’re going to rough the survivors up huh?” Faith made a face. She hated torturing humans which these mutilated freaks obviously were, It reminded Faith too much of what she’d done to Wesley still.

“Yeah, I think they’re called bringers, agents of some demon or another.” Faith shrugged. “You got any body bags in the house by any chance Comrade Peskow?”

“Try the back shed. I have lime, shovels, everything you’ll need.” Agent Peskow suggested. “We can bury them all in the woods tomorrow morning.”

Part Three

“Tongues cut out and eyes missing. Pisser yuck.” said Faith, taking off her clothes she had been digging graves in and carelessly flinging them in a pile on a chair. “I can find out what they wanted in Boston I guess.”

“Who are you going to delegate the bookwork to on that project, Brad?” Alex asked rudely. He knew Faith hated looking at old books, they made her sneeze.

“You coming to bed pal? We were rudely interrupted remember?” Faith got into bed naked. She had sensibly turned the electric blanket on before leaving the room.

Alex put his gun under the pillow and felt the engagement ring box in his pocket. Faith patted the space on the bed beside her in eager invitation. Alex found this little side effect of slaying was some nights a bonus.

Not tonight however. He met her ardent kisses with his own, pouring out his frustration with the situation in rougher love making than usual. Faith climaxed quickly in response to it. Alex followed her with his own release. He stroked her hair tenderly, he cared for her deeply it was just…

“Kiss good night?” Faith suggested. She snuggled in his arms. “I love you pal.” She yawned, kissing him softly.

Alex felt Faith relax against him trustingly, her breathing deepening as she fell instantly asleep. Her lover kissed her on the forehead ruefully. He’d propose back in Boston.

15th February 2003
The Menshikov Palace
St Petersburg

The First Evil garbed in the form of Catherine the Great looked at her Russian bringer minions in disgust. It was fun to play act being an imperious despot. Not being able to take material form meant the First Evil could never go Bungee Jumping for amusement.

“No dunderheads you don’t kill the Eastern Seaboard Slayer! Faith’s so wrapped up in her boyfriend, she’s the most low key slayer the supernatural world has ever known. If she dies then we’ll just have a potential take her place won’t we? Maybe in a place we haven’t spotted one. Perhaps the Solomon Islands or the Sahara Desert harbor a pimply pubescent potential you numbskulls!

We leave Faith and Buffy till last. Once all the potentials are dead we’ll kill them both then. I said I wanted Faith Lehane put out of action not killed. Are you deaf as well as dumb and blind? Faith can’t be allowed to join Buffy Summers in Sunnydale understand?”

The bringers nodded obediently.

16th February 2002
Logan International airport.

Faith took out her passport in readiness for the customs line. A customs dog snuffled past her with it’s handler.

“I can hardly wait to see the cat.” Faith mentioned to Alex. “He’ll be so big after two weeks. He was the best birthday present ever Alex.”

“Glad you liked him.” Alex kissed the top of her head affectionately. “It was a good idea getting pet insurance. The furry little parasite can run up all the vet bills he wants now.” Alex yawned. “Be good to sleep in our own bed again eh?”

The customs dog started to sniff at Faith’s suitcase eagerly. Scratching at the side zip.

Faith looked down disbelievingly. This had never happened to her before.

“Come this way ma’am.” the custom’s officer said to her.

“Alex?” Faith asked worriedly.

“Go with them Faith.” Alex nodded in compliant agreement, as customs officers asked him to accompany them also.

Alex was unimpressed at his full bag and body cavity search. But he’d had worse happen to him in the past with customs in other countries. He wondered how Faith was getting on.

Faith was shaking her head frantically in denial as the customs officers brought Boston Police Department officers in. The Souvenir Russian nesting doll she had brought for her young cousin Bridie Sweeney was empty of all the little dolls inside. Instead there was an unexpected bag of heroin.

“I’m not a junkie!” Faith argued passionately with her interrogators. Being internally examined had shaken her. It had taken all her self control not to lash out physically at her examiners. “I don’t know how the pisser heroin got there!”

“You said previously, you packed your bag yourself.” The B.P.D. officer repeated.

“Yeah I did, but I didn’t pack a fucking class A drug. I mean what kind of god damn retard do I look like?” Faith was getting more distraught by the second.

“The kind that’s going to be charged with possession if not trafficking in heroin,” The B.P.D. cop announced to her with zero sympathy. “I wouldn’t say you’ll be traveling much anywhere for sometime to come.”
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