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Vivid Colours

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Summary: Standard Buffy-lands-in-Middle-Earth, but in the First Age?

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Theme: First AgeSousakeFR1543,4570136,1573 Oct 0611 Nov 06No

Calm before the....

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I cannot stress this enough.

Thanks to every who reviewed, I do find them helpful.

Chapter 4

Evening drew in, casting a red glow over the hills surrounding the Himring. Buffy looked about her chamber, an obvious guestroom, with something of an impressed look. These people, no Elves she reminded herself, obviously are fairly civilized. There were several drawers and a mirror on top of them against the wall opposite the door and a comfortable looking bed. Nothing amazing but at least she wasn’t living with cavemen. There was a window next to the mirror which looked to the west. At least she assumed it was the west as that’s where the sun was setting. Assuming the sun sets in the west in this world. This presented her with a chance to gather her thoughts before dinner.

“Okay,” she thought. “I’m in a world with Elves, and apparently Men too. I’m in a palace with some hotshot leader and the first thing I do is lie to him? This won’t end well.”

Through, in truth it wasn’t Maedhros that was on her mind. He seemed to have made his distrust clear enough. She knew where she stood with him. It was his brother, Maglor that had her worried. She didn’t know how to deal with him and he’d kept any thoughts he had to himself, although given by the save he’d made for her when Maedhros had let his views be know, he wanted her around a little longer. But why?


After Buffy’s exit, Maglor had followed his brother into his room. It was a large bedroom of obvious comfort. A very large bed was against the wall and Maedhros’s armor was hanging from a clothes peg. A large mirror and many drawers were set against the walls and a large rug severed as a carpet on the stone floor. Books and an empty glass sat on a table next to a chair. The glass still had traces of wine where it had not been cleaned from the night before. And there, stood in the middle of the room was Maedhros, with a look of annoyance on his face, not anger but the look of someone who’s been embarrassed in their own home.

“Tell me brother,” He ground out. “Why exactly did you feel the need to question my judgment in the own home?” he asked with some annoyance.

Maglor sighed and moved towards him.

“I felt it as you were being irrational as you since have been after the Dagor Bragollach,” he replied. “The defeat there showed us that the might of the Noldor alone cannot end Morgoth’s malice, nor can it even contain him any longer. We must look to other races to aid, not just the Sindar. Dwarves also, and importantly this new race of Men. We cannot reclaim the Silmaril without the help of others. Morgoth’s might is too much for that of the Noldor alone. You know this to be true. This girl is obviously different from other Men. Did you not feel strength in her when she entered?”

“I did,” Maedhros confirmed.

“Then surely you must see that she may be an ally in the fight, and Valar knows we will need all of these if this ‘Union’ you have proposed is too succeed. Men and Dwarves we have spoken with and the talks go well and the agreement you have from Fingon could bring absolute reunion to the Noldor if the campaign is a success.”

“There can be no ‘if’,” was Maedhros’s sudden reply. “We must be victorious. My concern is where the Sindar stand. We have yet to hear of a reply from the messengers we sent to Doriath and Nargothrond. Without Thingol and Orodeth it will be harder still to achieve victory. Beleriand must unite if we are to bring Morgoth’s ruin.”

“Indeed,” Maglor answered. “This is why anything that could help us must not be lightly cast aside without through inspection. Hence this is why we must learn more about this girl.”

“Very well,” Maedhros agreed. “We will do as you wish for the time being. I do not sense the taint of Morgoth on her, so I see no harm for the meantime. Anyway, let us disscuss such heavy matters another time. Dinner is almost ready and I have not eaten all day. Caranthir arrives in a few days and such matter will be discussed them. I also wish to be calm as our meetings with Caranthir are always……difficult.”

Maglor smiled in agreement. “Yes, lets us continue that when we must. Caranthir will no doubt have something to…add,” he agreed with a simile on his lips. “To dinner then.”

With that, Maglor left to prepare himself.


Buffy had dressed herself in one of the dresses that had been left in the draws when the Elf maid arrived to escort her to the dinning room. As she entered the massive hall she saw a great chandelier obvious her of wood with fire in cups on it that lit the room and torches on the walls. Many Elves were seated and chatting amongst each other giving it a friendly, albeit loud, atmosphere. Many had already begun drinking but judging by how clean the table was none had eaten yet. Neither Maglor nor Maedhros were anywhere in sight.

“I’ll bet anything they come in last and make a dramatic entrance,” she thought to herself.

The maid led her to a seat and promptly left. She was seated at on end of the table and one of the chairs nest to her was empty, as was the one next to it at the end. There was an Elf next to her, who was listening to a conversation around him. Boy, did she feel alone despite the room being full. The Elf in question who was dark haired, like Maglor but unlike most of the other Elves in the room who were blondes, turned to her in that moment and Buffy noticed that while all the other Elves had the Star on their clothing somewhere, this one had a Sun rising from under a hill of sorts. Obviously he wasn’t of Maedhros’s house, so who was he. Noticing her confusion he spoke gently and politely to her.

“Greetings, Lady,” he said I am Salgant of the house of Fingolfin. I have come to this house on an errand from King Fingon. I did not know any of the races of Men would be here, through it is a delight to meet one prettier than the Men of Dor-lómin.”

Buffy smiled and introduced herself. At least he was talking to her without examining her every move.

She listened to him tell of his long journey and the dangers which he had faced (although she was sure he’d exaggerated some of it, ‘rode through an Orc camp, slew their leader and escaped?’ Did she look stupid?) and nodded politely to him and hid the fact she knew he couldn’t be telling that absolute truth until everyone around them suddenly stood.

“Oh looky,” she thought with distasteful irony. “I was right.”

She and everyone else’s attention was focused on the arrival of the Brothers, meaning the feast could finally begin. It was then it occurred to Buffy who the empty seats next to her were for. Maedhros positioned himself at the head of the table and Maglor moved to the side of him, the empty chair next to the Slayer. And there was the look from Maglor again, the one that had unnerved her before.

“Ah, bollocks.”


A/N: For those among you who may have noticed, yes, Salgant is the name of the Lord of the Folk of the Harp in one of the various versions of "The Fall of Gondolin", however he is no relation to the coward in the tale. I just wanted to introduce someone who could see things from a view other than the Son's of Feanor's. Plus I like the name.

Thoughts and/or opinions? Review and let me know.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Vivid Colours" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Nov 06.

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