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Summary: Standard Buffy-lands-in-Middle-Earth, but in the First Age?

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Theme: First AgeSousakeFR1543,4570136,1523 Oct 0611 Nov 06No

Of Awakening and Glowing People

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Buffy or Tolkien’s work. NOTHING.

Summery: Standard Buffy-lands-in-Middle-Earth, but in the First Age?

Chapter 1

She looked down in shock. Had that vampire actually turned her own stake on her? So shocked hat she didn’t even register when it began to close it’s teeth around her neck….

She awoke, through her vision was hazy. Was she in a……..forest? It was dark but the rustling of leaves in a strong wind gave it away. Buffy heard someone talking, far away in her mind the voices seemed, yet near at the same time. Musical the voices they were, and comforting to listen too. She turned her head into what appeared to be a blinding light as something reached out and grabbed her, she slip out of mind again.

She was moving now, when she came around again. She was looking downwards as the ground moved forward on big brown legs. She tilted her head to see…….she was on a horse? Buffy moved up and positioned herself as the rider turned to her. Her jaw dropped. He was beautiful. Long blonde hair onto a slim face and muscular body but…. are his ears pointed?!

“Ah, you have awaken, Lady. With due respect, you sleep like a Dwarf. We have been riding for some hours since we found you in of the Nan Elmoth just west of the River Celon,” said the creature gently.

What he received was a blank look as a response.

“So, do you have a name, Lady? Or speak a word of Westron?” He pressed again.

“Yes, I speak……..Westron,” Buffy replied with a flash of annoyance. “I speak perfect….Westron,” she said with a slight scowl on her face. “Buffy’s my name, now mind telling me who the heck you are and where I am?”

The creature looked some what surprised by this sudden outburst by maintained it’s composure hardly showing it.

“I am Galerion of the Knights of Himring,” He replied with a proud look on his features.

“Well, Galrion, mind telling me where you and your three buddies are taking me?”

“But of course, Lady Buffy. We are headed towards Himring, where the Lord’s Maedhros and Maglor will give their verdict and judgment of you.”

“So is that anywhere near LA?” She asked. “What year is it?”

“Oh my,” answered Galerion “You must have hit your head harder than we first thought. It is 468 of the First Age of course.”

And with that Buffy passed out. Again.

A/N: Please Read and Review, this is only my second ever fic. Galerion is a completely made up character on my part as of all the elves who lived in Himring only Maedhros and Maglor were actually named.
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