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Trick or Treat

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Summary: [Psych non-crossover fic]: As Halloween nears, a murder in Santa Barbara links directly to Shawn and Gus, but even more directly to Shawn's past.

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Television > PsychNatalieKushnerFR13919,098194,3243 Oct 0631 Oct 06Yes


LEGAL A/N:Psych and all characters belong to Steve Franks, Tagline Pictures, NBC Universal Television Studios, GEP Productions and USA Network.

2: Candyman

“This is bad, Shawn,” Gus bitterly declared. He and Shawn sat side-by-side in Karen Vick’s former office, now temporarily used by Lassiter. Shawn and Gus were alone with bitter faces, just a few hours after discovering the body and the message directed at them. Nervous sweat was beginning to form around Gus’ neck. “I mean, what if they think we’re behind this?”

Shawn sat and stared straight ahead with a calm, yet thoughtful expression. “We’re not suspects in the murder,” he coolly stated.

Gus flashed him a look. “How do you know?”

“Lassiter doesn’t think I’m dumb enough to kill someone then write myself a memo for the police to find,” Shawn answered. “Or at least he doesn’t think I killed that guy. He’s not that dumb.” He reached over and picked up the clear glass paperweight sphere off of the desk, rolling the orb back and forth in his palms. “We’re here because Lassiter thinks I’m some sort of mastermind since he definitely doesn’t believe I’m psychic. He’s trying to figure out how I knew about the dead body, wrote the message on the wall, then left no evidence that I was there and made it look like the real killer is somehow calling me out.”

“He is calling you out,” Shawn snapped, not as composed about the situation as Shawn by far. “‘Trick or treat, Spencer?’”

“My last name is Spencer. There are plenty of other people with that name.” He counted on his fingers. “Spencer Tracy, Luke and Laura… wasn’t there a Spencer somewhere in that zombie game?”

Resident Evil,” Gus nodded affirmatively. Suddenly realizing he’d been sidetracked, he shook his head in frustration. “That’s beside the point, Shawn.”

“Would you quit freaking out?” Shawn lightly chuckled as he glanced over at Gus. “Look, I’ll tell you right now, the other thing Lassiter wants is to break us down and discredit me right here and that’s not gonna happen.”

“I don’t care whether you want to accept this or not,” Gus seriously declared. “We’re involved in this. Directly this time. Have you thought about the fact that he could’ve been killed because of us?”

Shawn turned away, shaking his head. “That’s a stretch.”

“Well, then let’s agree to disagree and solve this,” Gus declared. “So we know he didn’t choke?”

“Without a doubt,” Shawn nodded. “Not far from the body there was a glass of water – full and untouched.”


“So? What do you do when you start choking besides act embarrassed? If there’s a glass of water, you start trying to drink.”

“The coroner said that the trauma done to the esophagus looks like he choked on the candy corn.”

“Gus,” Shawn blinked, staring at his friend with pity. “Please. He was at least 250 pounds. How ridiculous is it for a grown man of that size to choke on candy corn?” Shawn’s hazel eyes glanced over at the window, catching a reflection of the office behind him. The angry, machine-like movements of Detective Lassiter were unmistakable as his silhouette moved towards the office from behind.

“So how did he die?” Gus asked.

Shawn glanced over at him. “I thought you'd never ask.”

The second that the door to the office opened Shawn bellowed with agony, another absurd vision racking his head. “AAAHHhhhh! Ooowwww!” Lassiter paused in the doorway, rolling his eyes with disgust and frustration. Shawn could be heard throughout the entire police station as people, even those in handcuffs, stopped and watched ‘that guy’ do ‘that thing.’ Shawn began to roar like a lion as he rolled his head around his shoulders.

Gus glanced back at Lassiter, hiding his embarrassment with a bemused shrug. Juliet appeared at Lassiter’s side in a few seconds, anxious to know what Shawn saw. Lassiter stared down at the ground stubbornly, still standing in the doorway as Shawn’s lion roars turned into the squawking of a crow.

“All right!” Lassiter snapped, coming unhinged. “What is it?!?”

Shawn silenced himself, still sitting with his back to Lassiter as a smirk of victory and mischief formed his face. His face regained its seriousness as he came to a stand and whirled around towards the detectives. He closed his eyes and held his temples. “I’m seeing… a field…”

“Another body?” Juliet interrupted.

“Shh, girl, wait for it,” Gus told her. Juliet nodded and was patient again.

“No, there… are birds… black birds… Flapping around…” Shawn began to gracefully flap his arms in an Angels in the Outfield-type portrayal. “Caawww,” he sounded out, like a crow. “Caawww…”

How is this relevant?” Lassiter sighed.

“I was right,” Shawn whispered, his eyes squeezed shut as he continued to flap his arms. “He was murdered.”

“CSI reports that he died of asphyxiation,” Lassiter snapped.

“Yeah, well, CSI isn’t the highest-rated show on TV anymore,” Shawn blurted calmly, still flapping his arms and rocking back and forth smoothly.

Juliet said to Lassiter informatively. “That would explain why there wasn’t any food lodged in the throat of the body.”

“What?” Gus chuckled. “Did you guys think that he swallowed it after he died?” He let out a laugh as they turned and flashed him an unappreciative look.

“Then how do you explain the trauma to the throat, Miss Cleo?” Lassiter asked crossly.

“Ooh,” Shawn grimaced as he remained in his flapping trance. “Why don’t you go carbon date that joke, because I see a field of flowing stocks… There’s Mel Gibson and M. Night Shyamalan! Flowing stocks of corn… A field of corn! The candy! It’s the candy corn!”

Shawn opened his eyes with revelation as he stared at Juliet and Lassiter ominously, stretching his arms out. He whispered intensely, “The candy was poisoned.” Juliet and Lassiter looked at each other worriedly.

Gus leaned in closer and whispered, “Candy corn isn’t made of actual corn—” Shawn smacked him on the shoulder with one of his outstretched hands, silencing him.
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