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The Man in the White Suit

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Summary: Xander gets a job offer from a group stranger than the Scoobies

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Comics > Wildstorm UniversexxmagexFR712,1280168,0515 Oct 065 Oct 06No
Author: Mprattky
Disclaimer: The Buffy the Vampire Slayers are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar, Kuzui, WB and UPI. The comic Planetary is the property of Wildstorm and Warrne Ellis.No copyright infringement is intended and not one red cent is being earned from this story
Warnings: none, really
Main characters: Xander, Andrew, OC
Setting: Takes place after season 5 of Angel
Classification: Angst, Crossover
Author's Notes: Thanks to Starway Man for betaing this story.

The man in the White Suit

Xander was angry.

Well actually he was 100% full bore pissed off.

And Andrew Wells could tell this as he hurried to try to catch up to the former carpenter.

Andrew had no doubt both Buffy and Giles did regret what both had blurted out within minutes of each. Well, given the stress of the moment it was understandable their self-control would slip; after all it was the annual end of the world event for the Scoobies.

Giles, once he'd realized what he implied by his statement had started stammering and trying to explain and apologize. Xander had waved him off, things to do after all.

Buffy had slipped up a few minutes later when everyone was getting ready to go save the world. As soon as she had said it, her hand had gone to her mouth, seemingly trying to force the words back in.

But coming so soon after Giles slip of the tongue, well - Xander had not been in the best mood. The words had gotten to him.

But only Andrew knew how much Xander clearly was seething over them.

Seething to the point where he didn't even want to talk to about what had happened. Both of Buffy and Giles had tried to, of course, but since they had to run off and prevent the apocalypse again Buffy had just ended up saying they would talk when she got back.

It looked as if Xander didn't want to take up Buffy on her invitation to talk though, as he stalked through the corridors of the London headquarters of the new Watchers Council.

"Xander, nervous energy? I know I'm the same way, can't sit still until I know the world is safe...." Andrew started to babble.

Xander looked at Andrew behind him, when the former member of the trio spoke up. His silence was more ominous than any shout or rant could ever have been.

Andrew glanced nervously at the one-eyed man, when there wasn't an answer to his question. "Xander..."

"Not now Andrew" Xander hissed in fury.

"Okay, um. Yeah. I'm sure you're upset Xander, m-maybe a nice cup of tea?" Andrew managed to stammer out.

Again Xander didn't answer as they came to some stairs and the older male started walking down them. "Xander where are you going?" Andrew asked as he followed his target.

"Out." was the single word response from the man in question.

"Uh, I don't think that's such a good idea..." Andrew started to say

"I don't give a rat's ass." Xander tossed over his shoulder.

"Xander, look - I know you're mad. But, uh, you really need to come back upstairs with me and calm down, I mean, Buffy wants to talk to you when she gets back- ."

"Too bad for her it ain't going to happen." Xander shifted the coat he was carrying from his left to his right hand. They reached the bottom of the stairs and walked out into the lobby of the Council headquarters. The doors to the street were on the other side.

Xander started across the lobby, with Andrew in tow. Then he noticed his unwelcome shadow was still there "Where do you think you're going?"

Andrew inwardly cringed as the teenage girl sitting at the reception desk spoke up as Xander approached her. "Mr Harris."

'It would have to be Chantelle' he thought. She had been one of the slayers discovered after Willow had done the awakening spell. She hadn't been in Sunnydale and hadn't really encountered a big bad yet.

In other words, she really wasn't ready for field work yet. The French girl had the technique down, no doubt about that. But the problem was her atittude.

Chantelle had completely bought into the whole idea that it was power that truly mattered in this world. An unfortunate echo of Buffy's big 'who's got the power' trip during 2002 and 2003. Buffy had seen her error and was trying to change her ways, not Chantelle .The only people she really listened to were the other slayers.

Well really only Buffy and Kennedy.

She treated everyone else like dirt. Including Xander as was clear from the sneer on her face as she looked at the Scooby. "Mr Harris, where do you think you're going?"

"Out." Xander said without really slowing his pace.

"No you're not." Chantelle said, crossing her arms as she said so. "Buffy said you weren't to leave until she got back."

"Really. Too bad for you and her then that I'm leaving now." Xander growled in response.

He stopped when Chantelle moved in front of him, between him and the door. She didn't move as fast as a Slayer normally would, her busted knee was clearly slowing her down.

"No you're not." Chantelle said again. "Buffy said you staying, so you stay."

"Why should I stay?" Xander asked. "No, lemme rephrase that. Why does Buffy want me to stay?"

Andrew started to answer, but Chantelle beat him to the punch. "Beause she doesn't want you in the way." The Slayer said with a smirk.

"NO!" Andrew shouted out. < Why did she have to use that phrase? She did it intentionally, she so wants to kick his ass. Engine Room to Captain Picard! We have a warp core breach!.> "No, you're wrong. That's not it-."

"So says the other useless person in the room." Chantelle said, without even looking at Andrew. "Look Mr. Harris, just turn around and go back upstairs and wait for the important people to return - like a good little zeppo."

Xander shuffled his feet for a second. The Zeppo crack had momentarily thrown him- where could Chantelle had heard that? Then he figured it didn't really matter. Cordelia Chase's ghost no longer held any power over him, even though he'd privately greived for her loss at the funeral a few months ago. "Okay, here hold my coat."

With a sudden movement of his arm, he tossed the coat he had been carrying into Chantelle's face. She tried to remove the garment to get a clear view of what was happening; but before she could, Xander punched her in the gut.

It didn't really hurt the slayer, after all; Supergirl versus ordinary human? Didn't take a rocket scientist to do the math. It just startled Chantelle and allowed Xander to grab her left arm and fling her into Andrew who was standing behind him

As he did so, he grabbed the coat he had thrown. But not before he nimbly kicked the French girl right where it hurt the most. The slayer and Andrew crashed to the floor, the chosen one screaming as she did from the intolerable pain from her knee.

Instantly, Xander hurried to the doors. Both Andrew and Chantelle tried to get up, but they tripped each other and both fell back down to the ground.

Chantelle started cursing in French, for someone from a cultured family, she knew an awful lot of curse words. Or so Andrew thought as he tried to get up again, only to be pushed down by Chantelle as she jumped up. "Out of my way!"

She ran to the door screaming and hobbling as she did. "Harris! Get your derriere back here!"

Andrew clambered up and followed Chantelle to the street. The geek found her standing several feet from the doors, looking up and down the street with a look of fury in her face. "Where did he go?" she muttered.

Andrew looked around at the people walking up and down the street, he didn't see Xander anywhere either.


Xander leaned back in the subway seat as he traveled the London underground.

Chantelle, although she had the strength and reflexes, clearly did not have the instincts of a Slayer. He made a note to himself to tell someone to do something about that, if he ever got the chance.

Xander, figured that Chantelle hadn't clocked enough field time, otherwise she would have realized that it was easy to double back on oneself. Not once had she thought that Xander had done anything but run away from the council headquarters.

It had simply never occurred to her or Andrew to look at one of the other entrances to the headquarters.

Xander had simply waited until they had gone back into the headquarters and then simply walked down the street to the nearest underground station.

'Well now.' Xander thought to himself. The former Sunnydalian hadn't really expected to be following up on the offer he'd recently gotten while working for the council.

THEY had come to him in Africa, after an encounter with something called the Esin-Ka. It was a giant snake that walked. At first, he had thought it was some kind of demon. It wasn't, but neither had it been easy surviving his encounter with it.

The organization had shown up right afterwards. They knew about him and made him an offer. One he had been hard pressed to refuse.

A million dollars a year for the rest of his life if he worked for them, no matter how long he worked for them. They would also hide him and give him a new start, if that was his desire.

All they'd wanted in return was him to work for them, and only for them. That had been the only stipulation; no divided loyalties. They'd wanted his services pretty badly too. Xander had made a quip about how hard it must be to find a carpenter these days. They had just smirked and explained who they were.

They collected information. The stuff that made the world strange.

"What we really do, is act as a databank of sorts. And we keep the world strange because that's the way it's suppose to be. Plus we save the people in it." That had been how it was phrased to Xander.

"But, I already do that." Xander had replied. Then he had politely refused the offer; after all the man did work for people saving the world, he didn't need a new start.

But now... Harris realized that he had been oh-so-wrong.

Xander hadn't thought he needed a new start. He knew his life here had some bumps to it, after all- Africa wasn't for the faint of heart. But he'd thought he was needed. What with the way the Council still had so damned few field watchers in the world, it was like a given.

Well anyway, the summons back to London and the current end of the world situation came almost immediately afterwards. So they had simply given him their card and said to drop by if he changed his mind.

The train came to a stop and a musing Xander made his way into the station and up onto the street.

He had gotten his wakeup call. And maybe he did need a new start, at that.

The other would miss him, at first. However as soon as another end of the world crisis arose they would get distracted.

This seemed the best way for them to figure out what was happening in his life. Namely that he'd had a bellyful upon hearing what they thought of him.

He quickly made his way down the street. He wasn't really wasn't worried that much about the Scoobies coming for him, but Chantelle was a different matter.

Because he had hurt her pride, far more than he had hurt her body. She wasn't the most rational Slayer out there and there was no telling how she would react. Xander figured the sooner he got to where he was going, the better.

He reached the building, the card had five offices listed on it; London New York, Los Angeles, Johannesburg and Cairo. They had said to drop in at any of the offices.

So he made his way to the sixth story of the building. The office looked to be smaller than he expected. Shrugging to himself, Xander opened the door and entered.

The receptionist looked up from the simple desk she was sitting behind. "May I help you?"

Xander raised an eyebrow and crossed his personal Rubicon. "Yes, I'm Xander Harris, I was..."

The receptionist instantly smiled and interrupted. "Oh yes, of course! Mr Harris, we were told you might come here. Please have a seat and someone will be with you in a minute." Behind her the company logo was painted on the wall, a picture of the earth with the word 'Planetary' painted above it curving over the planet.

Xander sat down, as his life began moving in a totally new direction.. 'I wonder if I'll have to wear a white suit.'

-fin for now-

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Man in the White Suit" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Oct 06.

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