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Winchester Family Battles

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Life After the Invasion". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Taking Sam back to Stanford for his second year of college turns into a life changing event for Dean.

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Snake Demons are Stupid

The party was in full swing with Jess sitting on Sam’s lap as he laughed his head off through the horror movie that was showing and most of the rest of the guests talking, laughing and in general having fun, although a few were listening with rapt attention to John’s lecture to Jordan about what was and what wasn’t accurate about the movie. That is it was until Sam grabbed his head and almost fell out of his chair.

“Sam!” Jess called. She had seen his visions before and knew what to do when he had one. She slipped off his lap and pulled him down to the floor.

“Sam, what is it?” John asked. He’d turned off the movie and yelled for quiet as soon as he saw his son go down.

“Kreeekk’ick demons, they’re coming here.” Sam managed to gasp out.

“How many?” John asked. He wasn’t about to waste time and he motioned Jordan to move the civilians into the kitchen. It was easily the most defensible room in the place as it was separated from the TV room (formerly the dinning room) only by a breakfast bar.

“About twenty I think, coming in through the front.” The pain from the visions was fading fast, something that he was very thankful for. He knew that some Seers didn’t recover as fast as he did, being out for hours from the pain. On the other hand, some Seers didn’t get the pain at all, which he really was jealous of.

“What are they?” Jessica asked. She hadn’t heard of these demons yet but if she was going to be the Watcher for Mary’s partner she knew she’d better start learning fast. She only had about fifteen years to get ready, and knowing this family it would mostly be on the job training.

“Snake demons, they have to have been sent. They’re fanatics, the only thing they care about are their rituals. Guns won’t work. They have to be sliced and diced to kill them.” Sam said as he stood up and accepted both the war axe and the machete that John handed to him. Slice and dice was the family term for demons that needed to be cut up into pieces rather than a simple decapitation.

Hannah had run upstairs and she and Dean came running into the TV room with yet more bladed weapons. “We blocked off the other rooms so they have to come through here to get upstairs,” Dean reported as he handed out the weapons he was carrying.

“Good, I don’t know what they’re after, but they’re relentless when it comes to getting what they want.” Sam turned to the door leading to the front foyer, where they could hear the front door shatter.

“Good thing the budget includes repairs,” Dean muttered. “What kind of demon is stupid enough to storm a Slayer house? Don’t they realize we’re gonna be waiting for them?” While he generally preferred stupid demons they were very annoying when he was trying to spend some quality brooding time. Not that he would admit that he was brooding, that was too close to chick-flick for him. Besides, it wasn’t like he did it very often, so interrupting what little time he did take out for it did not need to be interrupted.

“Kreeekk’ick, snake, slice and dice,” Sam said as the first one came through the door. That was all Dean needed to hear. It really was a good thing Sammy had an encyclopedia for a brain he decided as he took on his first demon of the night. With it he could reduce the most complex situation into a handful of words. Of course you had to be a Winchester, or Winchester trained to understand those words, he thought as he took off the demon’s head. His next blow took off the arm of the demon next to it as it swung for Hannah.

No one noticed the snake demon dressed in black as it made its way around the edges of the room. They were all occupied by the others and the civilians behind them were all staring at the battle in front of them. It had tried all of the other entrances it could see, but they were all blocked. Its brothers would keep the Slayers, Watchers and others occupied while he went for the twins that were required for the ritual.

It ran up the stairs and quickly searched the upstairs rooms until he found the twins. Gently he gathered the twins into his arms and snuck back down the stairs. He would have made it if Johnny hadn’t woken up. Being so young the only thing Johnny could do was to cry. Unfortunately for the demon this had several effects. It was the only the first one that the demon could see. Every head of every warrior in the house shot up and targeted him.

“He’s got the kids!” came the roar from John. Instantly Hannah and Jordan stepped up their attacks while the Winchesters went after the demon that had made the very big mistake of touching one of theirs. The other effect wasn’t seen immediately and wasn’t one that anyone had expected.

Down in San Francisco, the Charmed Ones were having their own Halloween party at their club P3. They hadn’t bothered to change the name after the discovery of their half sister Page, but they had accepted her into the family with open arms. After all, it wasn’t her fault that she was half White Lighter, or that she had been put up for adoption so that a certain Dark Lighter couldn’t find her.

Paige heard a baby’s cry and her first thought was that it was one of her nephews, who were sleeping in the back room. Quickly excusing herself from her dance partner, she slipped into the back room only to find that her sister Phoebe was giving Chris, the youngest Halliwell boy a bottle. “I thought I heard someone crying in here,” she whispered.

Phoebe shook her head. “Chris didn’t cry and the other two are fast asleep. They aren’t even having nightmares.”

“Then who is crying?” Paige wondered.

“It must be a new charge for you. Why don’t you orb to where ever the crying is coming from?”

“Good idea, I’ll see you later. Hopefully all he or she needs is a bottle and a change,” Paige said with a smile. She wasn’t expecting to orb into a battle. Three adult males were fighting their way through a group of demons towards a demon who was carrying two babies, one of whom was crying at the top of his or her lungs. Two girls, who had to be Slayers from the way they were wiping out the demons behind the men, were also guarding a large group of what looked like normal humans.

Well, if that baby was her charge, there was no way that she was going to let this become a hostage situation. “Babies,” she said firmly and the twins orbed into her arms. “You know guys, I have a feeling that there’s a reason I’m your White Lighter and it doesn’t have anything to do with the unavailability of anyone else.”

Dean, John and Sam’s weapons made quick work of the demon before they spun around looking for the twins. They saw them cuddled in the arms of a young woman who was smiling down at them. They also saw that Hannah, Jordan and Jess had taken care of the last of the Kreeekk’ick.

“Hi!,” Paige said brightly. “Do one of you want to introduce me to my new charge?”

The End

You have reached the end of "Winchester Family Battles". This story is complete.

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