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Winchester Family Battles

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Life After the Invasion". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Taking Sam back to Stanford for his second year of college turns into a life changing event for Dean.

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The Vision

Title: Winchester Family Battles (Or never piss off a Winchester!)
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or CSI
Summary: Taking Sam back to Stanford for his second year of college turns into a life changing event for Dean.
This follows LA Demon Riots
Warnings: Infant abuse! Swearing, alternate universe, Winchester wrath and family bonding

The dream had been very real. So real in fact, that Sam tried to stop the cops from shooting Dean, only to fall out of bed. “Vision or nightmare?” his brother asked from the bed next to his in the motel room.

“Vision,” Sam gasped as he lay on the floor. “We’re heading through Vegas today right?”

“Yep,” Dean rolled over and sat up. “We should be hitting good old Vegas by dinner time.”

“Keep your guns, in fact; keep all of your weapons in the trunk. I’ll cover you with mine. Keep your protection charms though,” Sam said as he got off the floor and headed to the bathroom.

“What? We’re headed into trouble and you want me to be unarmed?” Dean couldn’t believe what his little brother was saying.

“You only get into trouble BECAUSE you’re armed, Dean. If you don’t have a gun, you won’t be the one in trouble. The other person will be and they deserve it.” Sam yelled firmly. He wasn’t about to let the cops kill his brother for what would be some righteous anger. “This wasn’t supernatural. It was a normal, well, a non-possessed person anyway.” He ducked back into the room.

“You won’t have any trouble defending yourself without the guns and if you are armed, the cops are going to think you are the bad guy.”

“So why don’t we just skip Vegas all together?” That plan seemed reasonable to Dean.

“Someone is depending on us to be in Vegas. If we don’t go, then an innocent person will probably die. Now as long as you aren’t armed, then everything should go fine. Let’s hit the road.” Sam couldn’t tell his brother why they needed to be in Vegas. He couldn’t explain just who his brother would be rescuing. It would tear his brother apart and he would go hunting the bitch that was responsible.

“Who needs us in Vegas?” Dean asked as he threw his clothes on.

“Look Dean, if I tell you any more, this won’t go the way it’s supposed to. You just need to be yourself and not worry about it. As long as you are unarmed, things will go great.” When Dean threw a worried look at him, Sam sighed. “Look will you just trust me? I know what I’m talking about.” It was the request for trust that did the job. There was no one Dean trusted more than his father and little brother. Without a word, but with a heartfelt sigh, Dean handed over the knife he kept under his pillow.

Sam smiled as he took the knife and put it into Dean’s bag. It was three months since the Demon Riots as they were now called. Sam had his first vision just two weeks after that.

They were all celebrities now, to his family’s disgust. Sam had made it to celebrity status after one reporter managed to track him down at school during finals and got the exclusive of the year, film of Sam having his first awake vision. Sam had been having vision dreams for weeks before the Demon Riots had occurred, but hadn’t believed them to be anything more than stress related nightmares. After the Demon Riots that had changed and Sam had gotten up from where the vision had knocked him on his ass to run and save the Dean of Stanford University and several top VIPs from a demon summoned by a pissed off student.

Like in most cases where a demon was summoned, the demon had turned on the summoner, only this time Sam was the public hero for sending it back to hell afterwards. The real shocker for all three men that had come with their celebrity status was when the ’50 sexiest men in the US’ poll had come out. To their astonishment all three of them had made the poll, with Sam coming in at 37, Dean coming in at 26 and to Dean’s horror and John’s embarrassment, John had come in at number 7. It had made Sam laugh to find out that his father had beat Dean in the poll.

It was right after that when Dean had shown up at Stanford to take Sam ‘home’ for the summer. The rumors that were all over the campus (and all over the US for that matter) about the family were growing in such ridiculous leaps and bounds that Sam was actually grateful to return to the drifting lifestyle of Hunting for three months. While Jessica wasn’t pleased to not be able to see Sam for three months, she couldn’t complain either as she was heading back home to New York as well. She, however, was more than pleased to see her boyfriend on the poll.

These days all it took was the two of them showing up in a small town’s sheriff office and asking, rather than scamming as they had done for years, for the town’s cooperation to find themselves inundated with information, home cooked meals, and more girls than even Dean could handle.

While his brother had a healthy interest in the fairer sex, even he was more than a bit put off by the offers some of those girls were making. Dean may have been a poster boy for the flirt who picked up a girl in every town; he wasn’t someone who cheated on any girl he was with. When he was ‘with’ someone that was it, he might agree to a threesome with a couple of hot girls, but only if they both understood that it was just for the night and he wouldn’t be choosing either of them for anything more. He never wanted to leave someone in his father’s shoes of grief over his death, which he knew would come sooner or later at the hands of something supernatural.

All three Winchesters had hunted together for the three months of summer break. For the three of them to spend that time together was healing in more ways than one. John and Sam had both done a lot of talking, and while they still pushed each other’s buttons and yelled at each other, they now understood where a lot of their anger towards each other was coming from. (Sam personally thought his psychology courses were helping more than he’d ever imagined they would.)

Now Dean and Sam were headed back to Stanford for Sam’s second year. John was taking care of a particularly nasty haunted house and would meet them at Stanford before Sam’s classes started to hook back up with Dean and to lay out a course schedule for the students who had been pestering Sam for Hunting 101 lessons.

It was nothing more than what he’d taught himself and his sons; Latin, martial arts, gun safety courses, first aid courses, and a police course in spotting patterns of serial killers. If the students couldn’t handle this sort of basic study course then they had no business trying to become a Hunter. Or as John had told the Dean, if they can’t handle this they won’t be able to handle working a real case that had real demons, spirits and monsters much less working with anything of that nature as allies. After all, if they couldn’t stomach looking at photos of corpses how were they going to be able to handle a lunch meeting with demon informant at a demon bar where blood, entrails and other assorted disgusting things were on the menu?
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