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To Miss with love

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Wizarding Wars". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Faith is employed as the new DADA teacher. Dawn as a tutor. Alas Faith once slept with Draco thinking he was a University student. Are the Slytherins as bad as everyone thinks? How is the wizarding war affecting the home front?

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Harry Potter > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Percy Weasley(Past Donor)KiwikatipoFR181782,90199522,9616 Oct 0623 Nov 06Yes

The Big Day

The Big Day

August 5th 2006

Rupert Giles Georgian Townhouse


Dawn and Giles sat at the kitchen table in their respective bathrobe and dressing gown, having breakfast. Faith walked into the kitchen in her black silk kimono, her hair in curlers.

“How’s the bride to be this morning?” Giles inquired, spreading his toast with fish paste. “Butterflies?”

“I just puked again.” Faith replied, sitting down. “But I think that’s hormones, not nervousness. Holy Crap, my special day and I can’t get a buzz going at my own reception, what a downer huh?”

“Fetal Alcohol Syndrome’s an issue of worry definitely, but I think the danger period’s over isn’t it? Can’t you drink for the toasts?” Dawn asked, passing Giles the sugar.

“Nah.” Faith shook her head. “It’s not worth the freaking risk. It’s bad enough quitting the cancer sticks. Hey, you couldn’t do a spell huh? That would bypass the nicotine getting to the fetus?”

“You know, that idea is laden with like potential future financial success for me.” Dawn reflected. “It’s worth trying out.”

The phone rang. Giles answered. He held it out to Faith.

“Hey, Faith Lehane speaking… Whatcha mean you’ve run out of silver gauze?” Faith narrowed her eyes. “I can’t freaking believe it! No, gold is not fricking good enough! The table floral arrangements have to be wrapped in silver. I’m going for the freaking understated elegant look. I explained that Mister, in detail remember? Your Mom had to go into hospital suddenly yesterday, what kind of lame ass excuse is that? No, you don’t get it, I just don’t care! Well fucking get some in! Steal it if you have to! Are youse I mean ‘you’ guys deficient?” Faith ranted on.

Giving up cigarettes had made her a total bitch. The luckless trades people Faith had been dealing with the past week, as the final preparations for her wedding had been made, had copped the brunt of it. Faith had also decided to stop saying ‘youse’, it didn’t go with being the future First Lady of the wizarding British Isles.

12.00 pm

Faith soaked in the bath tub, cucumber slices on her eyes. Soothing, to her anyway, Rob Zombie music blaring out on the speakers of the CD player in the bathroom. Today she was going to marry the guy who was the best fuck of her life. She could hardly wait. They were gonna be rich, successful, they could have mind blowing sex every day for the rest of their lives and best of all they truly loved each other.

Percy had taken the news about Faith’s pregnancy real well. The gentleman he always was. He understood that Catholic Faith couldn’t go through with an abortion. The idea had made Percy feel uncomfortable as well. When it came down to it, Percy felt guilt, however misplaced for this pregnancy happening in the first place. And as he had pointed out, there were nannies, and they could pack the unwanted freak accident off to a boarding school when the kid turned eleven.

1.30 pm

Giles paid off the sobbing beautician. He showed her to the front door. Not long to go now. He sent a silent prayer to the heavens above that the rental limousine company didn’t make the slightest stuff up. The state Faith had got herself into, Giles could see her staking the helpless chauffeur, if the interior of the Rolls Royce was upholstered in brown leather not black.

Dawn emerged from his downstairs bathroom. Her bridesmaid dress was on, her make up and hair done.

“You look very nice Dawn, I must say. Is the Bride from Hell ready yet?” Giles checked, straightening his button hole in the hall mirror. He was acting as Father of the Bride. He could certainly hardly wait to give the little madam away today. He had never known Faith to be such a bitch, not even when she was evil.

“Her veiled highness is completely redoing her make up. Because that poor beautician used the wrong shade of foundation apparently.” Dawn told him, shaking out the folds of her dress. “I’m like hiding out down here with you untill the limo comes.”

They heard a crash from upstairs. Dawn and Giles raised their eyebrows at each other.

“Faith probably said. “Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the bitchiest bride of all?” And the mirror musta replied. “You, oh dark slayer.” And then Faith woulda said. ‘You took two freaking seconds too long to reply buster!” then smashed it.” Dawn speculated.

Giles chuckled. The telephone rang. Giles answered it.

“Hello? No, didn’t get an owl. I never receive them here for some reason. Why? Is something the matter?” He gulped.

“Good lord!” Giles gasped, clutching at his heart in horror. “Yes, I’ll tell her. No, can’t be helped. Bloody stupid of them. See you there then. Yes, later than planned.”

“What’s the deal?” Dawn asked, rechecking on the wedding bouquets standing in buckets of water in the hall. “Please don’t tell me the photographer’s gonna be late getting here.”

“No, worse than that.” Giles wore a very serious expression on his face. “Percy Weasley’s stag party went awry. Some Quidditch playing idiots put him naked on the Hogwarts express last night as a joke. He’s spent the day sleeping it off in Edinburgh. He’ll be running late for the wedding. Dawn?”

“Oh no Giles, no way, uh uh.” Dawn put her hands up in defensive protest. She shook her head. “I’m not telling her that!”

“Now there’s no need to be a wimp Dawn, nothing to fear. See here, I’ll go up with you.” Giles promised. “Slightly behind you naturally.”

Giles and Dawn walked upstairs. They knocked timidly on Faith’s bedroom door.

There was no answer. Dawn opened the door cautiously. Faith was gone. The window was wide open, the curtains blowing outside in the breeze.


Muggle Bread and Breakfast Hotel
Kings Cross

Faith opened her eyes slowly. Why was she tied up and lying on a lumpy bed? Why were her surroundings squalid? Was this her honeymoon suite? Had she drunk too much at her wedding after all? Had she had a black out? What the hell was going on? Christ, her wedding gown was getting wrinkles!

“Faith you’re awake.” Draco said relieved, coming into view. He was dressed in Bulgarian Expeditionary Force uniform. “I promise the spell I used won’t hurt the baby.”

“Draco?” Faith couldn’t believe this. “Have you completely lost it? I’m meant to be getting married in the next hour and a half! And hey, how do you know I’m pregnant?”

Draco sat beside her on the bed. “Pansy told me you haven’t been going into the back garden for a fag anymore. At your hen’s party on Thursday night, Pansy said you hadn’t had a drop to drink. You fainted at prize giving. It’s bloody obvious you’re knocked up Faith. And I’m the father! And I’m not having any poor bastard of mine raised as a cuckoo in the lunatic Weasley nest!”

“I’m not pregnant to you, Draco you moron!” Faith snapped insulted. She would have told him if that was the case. “Jesus, if you’d just asked me this week! Instead of kidnapping me for Christ’s sake! I was on the rag two days after we had our fuck marathon. The baby is Percy’s.”

“But…” Draco looked downcast. He had hoped...“Millicent Bulstrode, let drop you and Weasley used the three month testicular sterilization spell when you gave her birth control advice. And we had sex numerous times that day during midterm break. With minimum magical protection! So I presumed…”

“Yeah, well you presumed wrong Draco! Angelina, my future sister in law, she made all the Weasley guys take tests. The second she found out about me. Ya see, the Weasley men have some kind of mutated sperm that makes them eventually resist that spell. It was just a matter of time for Percy and me.” Faith informed him impatiently. “A healer at St Mungo’s wants to write an article about it for a magical medical journal.” Faith held up her hands to be untied expectantly.

“If I release you now, are you going to hit me?” Draco queried apprehensively.

“Oh course not dude. I get that you were only trying to be responsible, when you knocked me unconscious with a spell when I’m expecting my lover’s child, kidnapped me in my bridal gown and tied me up on a bed in a shithole hotel.” Faith fluttered her eyelashes innocently. “I just wanna make my wedding on time.”

Draco swiftly untied her. Faith rose from her bed and slapped Draco across the face. She couldn’t risk punching him, she’d knock him out.

“Gullible much?” Faith rolled her eyes. She rubbed her wrists. “What the hell are you doing here anyway? I thought you were in training camp?”

“We’re being shipped out early. We all got a twenty four hour pass.” Draco murmured uncomfortably. Heck his face hurt.

“So what, you’d thought you go A.W.O.L.?” Faith shot her head up, looking at him worriedly. “I think it sucks you got conscripted. That the M.O.M. wouldn’t accept the job you landed at Gringotts, as a reserved occupation. But Draco pal, you’re asking for a world of trouble if you don’t show up. They’ll track you down and you’ll rot in Azkaban. Even after Nott and Granger exposed the corruption in the Wizarding Big House with Percy’s help... I’ve been in prison Draco. It’s not some vacation by any stretch of the imagination.”

“Neither’s battle.” Draco said shakily. He was only eighteen, he didn’t want to fight and quite possibly get killed or maimed in some stupid war. He was a bloody coward for the Unholy Gods sake!

“Yeah, I’ve been in battle too and you’re right.” Faith put her hand to his face encouragingly. Shit the poor kid. Faith felt so sorry for him. “But you’re a devious bastard Draco. And hey, at least you’re gonna be an officer. Everyone knows they get better rations and conditions. If anyone’s gonna survive that magical military abortion that’s going on in Bulgaria it’s you dude. I promise. What time do you have to be there?”

“Now.” Draco confessed frightened. Azkaban was beckoning strongly now, if he failed to report in.

“Oh Jesus!” Faith shook him, frantic with worry for him. “Where?”

“Kings Cross Station, the flying troop train to Bulgaria.” Draco gulped.

“So apparate there.” Faith commanded, releasing him.

“I can’t Faith! The M.O.M. has permanent anti apparation charms going, to prevent magical terrorism in a three kilometer radius of it.” Draco explained gabbling with panic. Oh Dark Lords, he was bloody screwed for certain.

“Holy Crap!” Faith searched round for inspiration. She saw his Quidditch broomstick by his soldier’s rugsack. “We’ll fly in on that! I can hear the trains running outside and see the local landmarks. We’re right by Kings Cross aren’t we? You haven’t been able to make up your mind about going A.W.O.L. or not, have you, you freaking chicken?”

“No.” Draco admitted. To try and persuade Faith to run off with him, in order to raise their supposed child together had been a desperate escapist dream. Draco saw that now.

Faith flung open his window. “Come on then! I’ll go with you, an' I’ll pretend it’s my fault you’re late. I rock at lying.”


King’s Cross Station

Draco and Faith weaving precariously throughout startled London commuters, made their way to platform 9 ¾. Because of Faith and the rugsack’s combined weight, Draco was flying low to the ground.

Japanese and German tourists were taking photographs of them.

“Shop at Selfridges! Vacuum cleaner sale now on!” Faith was calling out. She hitched her wedding dress up. She didn’t want the white silk to trail on the ground.

“Amazing what gimmicks these big London Department Stores can come up with.” Commented a visitor from Leeds to his wife.

Draco came to the pillar that hid Platform 9 ¾. He flew straight through it.

The platform was crowded chaos. Weeping mothers, sisters, wives and girlfriends. A wizarding military band playing ‘Land of Hope and Glory’. Chanting protesters being carried away by the M.L.E. riot squad.

Draco ran over to the sergeant marking off the soldiers boarding the train. There were still three soldiers left in the queue, he had just made it.

Faith was greeted by roars of approval from the Slytherin boys in the officers’ carriage.

“Oi Miss! You came to see us off, on your wedding day? How simply bloody smashing of you, I must say Ms Lehane!” Goyle cried delightedly, leaning out a window.

Faith looked at the time on the clock on the wall. She still had ten minutes. She went over to her ex Slytherin students.

Mrs Malfoy, Pansy and Snape were there on the platform as well. Looking puzzled for Draco. They looked even more puzzled to see Faith.

“Hi Snape, can you take me to St Mark’s Church with you, after we’ve seen the soldier boys off?” Faith asked Snape casually. “You’ve hooked up a port key I take it?”

“But of course.” Snape said dryly, only raising one cynical eyebrow. As if running into a bride to be in full bridal regalia on a train platform, was nothing out of the ordinary to him.

Hermione was floating up at the carriage window, talking frantically to Nott, trying not to cry. “And I’ll be starting my training with the Magical Voluntary Aid Nursing Detachment on Monday. So I’ll be out there with you Nott. In two months I’ll be out there with you, and we can see each other during our leaves.”

Nott was clutching her hand. “And when the war’s over we’ll both go to University. Our fees paid for by the M.O.M. You’ll change the bloody world and I’ll help you Granger. There’s nothing we can’t do, nothing.’

“Nothing Nott.” Tears were starting to stream down Hermione’s face. She understood now why Nikki Nott and the kids had said good bye at the Nott townhouse. It was bloody hard to keep a stiff upper lip in these circumstances.

A cheer from the inhabitants of the carriage made them turn their heads. Leaning through the carriage window Ms Lehane was kissing Malfoy good bye on the mouth for luck, in her wedding dress no less.

“You know I always thought there was something going on between those two.” Hermione informed Nott vehemently. “I was going to look into it, but then I got involved with you.”

Nott let out a snort of laughter and ruffled her hair. “Fuck, you’re a bloody riot Granger.” He kissed her. He didn’t want to leave her, didn’t want to be going in the first place.

The train began to pull away. Snape grabbed Hermione’s summer dress hem and pulled her down to safety. “Try to avoid killing yourself Miss Granger.”

“I’ll see you Hermione! I’ll see you in two months!” Nott was calling out to her. It was his way of saying I love you. Hermione knew that.

“Look out for Mother Sir!” Draco shouted to Snape. “Parky, you and Mother look after each other!” He ordered a sobbing Pansy.

“Goody bye Mum! Don’t cry mother! See you Dad. I love you Mandy darling.” The other soldiers were calling out of the officers’ carriage as the train pulled off. Ernie Macmillan from Hufflepuff was waving out the window. Macmillan had been mysteriously conscripted as well. Seamus Finnegan was even there, waving to his crying mother. The Gryffindor noble hearted lad had volunteered.

The second carriage pulled past, full of freshly conscripted recruits from East London Magical Comprehensive. “Eastenders, Eastenders Oi! Oi! Oi!” They were chanting bravely. Although a few soft sooks were also leaning out their carriage windows, yelling personal goodbyes to their parents, siblings and girlfriends.

The Third and Fourth carriages pulled past, bearing soldiers recruited from Surrey Sorcerers’ Boys Grammar. A select few of their ex pupils were in the officers carriage.

The fifth carriage had ex Manchester Magicians' Secondary School boys. There were eight carriages in all. All bearing the cream of physically fit Wizarding Youth. But none of the sons of the people in power, it was why everyone hated conscription. It was rigged.

Hermione wished, as she dried her eyes. And god of all people, a weeping Pansy Parkinson had her arm round Hermione's shoulders comfortingly. Hermione wished bloody Harry could see all these carriages go by. So he could realize for once and for all, it was ridiculous to think with the size of the British Isles wizarding population that just Hogwarts School had existed to educate them all.

Faith was looking at Hermione speculatively. The front of Faith’s dress was now filthy from having leaned up and french kissed Malfoy through the carriage window.

“Hey Miss Granger, do you have a cell phone on you?’

“Yes.” Hermione replied, dry eyed once more.

“Great. What were you planning on doing tonight?” Faith asked chirpily. She and Hermione had never got on, but she felt a touch of basic human compassion for the chick.

“Watching telly with Mum and Dad.” Hermione answered bleakly.

“Well hey, why not come to my wedding? There’s gonna be wicked great music and food at the reception. The Weasley family all loves you except Ron, and he’s a major retard sometimes. And dancing always cheers me up.” Faith offered. Oh yeah, Ginny didn’t like Granger either for some weird reason. Ginny could go jump in a freaking lake.

“But I have nothing to wear.” Hermione said slowly. Nott would want her to do this, he would think it was hilarious.

“And you call yourself a witch Miss Granger?” Snape said unexpectedly. “Use your wand to transfigure your dress.”

Outside St Marks Catholic Church
Inner City London

Her dress, veil and hair coronet of white roses, restored to pristine condition by Mrs Malfoy’s wand. Faith sat beside Giles in the limousine parked around the corner from St Marks Catholic Church.

Dawn came up to the limo with a can of lemonade for her. “Um, the guest are doing okay. Buffy’s in the front of the altar, doing charades with the congregation. Mrs Weasley’s crying, but it’s because Percy’s late, not because he’s marrying you.”

“Well that’s a freaking relief.” Faith said, passing over her can of lemonade for Giles to open so she wouldn’t chip a polished nail. “I can’t freaking believe Perce is late. No matter can’t be helped.”

Giles and Dawn looked at Faith’s calm state in surprise.

“Yeah, I know I’ve been a freaking drama queen today. But honestly, I saw something today that put everything in perspective for me.” Faith said calmly. “Three hundred teenage boys going off to die. So Percy’s running unavoidably late, it’s no biggie.”

Dawn put her arm around her and kissed her on the cheek. “Welcome back Faith!”

“Hey, don’t crush my dress Dawnie!” Faith protested alarmed.


Very Expensive (in Percy’s Opinion) Reception Venue
Inner City London.

Faith and Percy took to the dance floor. The strains of Red Hot Chilli Peppers covering Donna Summers ‘I feel love’ filled the air.

Percy kissed his wife’s palm. “Your cut’s healed already darling.”

“Yeah.” Faith said, smiling up into her husbands grey eyes. “I thought Father MacKay was gonna pass out when you took out that knife and mingled our blood. I kinda gave him the impression Oliver Wood was just gonna tie a red ribbon around out wrists. Still jumping the broomstick the priest was prepared for at least.”

Outside Amy Madison, a hired hand hired working this evening as part of the Muggle catering company service, was emptying the trash sacks in a dumpster at the back of the reception venue.

The young American witch opened the dumpster lid. She let it fall and swung round on her guard. She had felt a presence suddenly materialize in the back lot with her. Dropping the plastic bags filled with food waste, she put her hands on her hips.

“I’m telling you once and for all D’Hoffryn! I’m not gonna become a vengeance demon. I’ve given everything up, you hear me? The magic drugs, the thirst for revenge, I’m straight. And I know I’m doing these lousy cash under the table jobs at the moment, but you still can’t tempt me. I hit rock bottom once and screwed up. I’m not gonna do it again in a hurry.”

“Well blimmin’ good for you.” Came a voice from the shadows. A tall red headed guy dressed in dragon leather, stepped out into the limited light. “What does bloody tempt you? A bloke is curious to find out.”

“Not limey assholes that creep up on you.” Amy pushed her hair back and left a trail of grime on her brow. She bent down, to start to put the spilled refuse back in the trash sacks.

“Here let me help with those rubbish bags.” Charlie Weasley squatted down beside her. He pulled out his wand.

“Oh god, you wizards with your wands. You wanna show off? Be my guest.” Amy tossed her head unimpressed. “I don’t use wands. I’m more into hexes myself, well I used to be.”


“Where are you going?” Ginny asked Harry, as he got up from their table.

“I going to ask Hermione to dance.” Harry informed her. “Deal with it would you? You used to be her best friend and you’ve been acting like a bloody bitch to her all term. Well her boyfriend just left for the Bulgarian Front today, and she needs her friends. It would be good if she could count you among them again Ginny.”

Harry walked off coldly. He went over to Hermione. Hermione smiled and went onto the dance floor with him.

Ginny thought it over. Hermione was her friend. Ginny had been indeed been behaving like a cow to her. No more. Ginny was going to make it up with Hermione tonight.

Dawn and Snape waltzed slowly together. “I won’t see you again after tonight, will I Miss Summers?” Snape asked her neutrally.

“No.” Dawn rested her face on his shoulder. “You knew it was just for the term.”

“Yes.” Snape said, gently guiding her around the dance floor. “I was aware of the fleeting nature of our affair from the very start.”

“You know what I think you should do now, after we’ve finished this dance?” Dawn held him close, saying good bye was making her feel depressed, but not heart broken. She had never been in love with him. “You should go over and ask Narcissa Malfoy to dance. Make with the putting me behind you as quick as you can.”

‘Yes, that would seem the sensible thing to do.” Snape hesitated. “And yet I find myself wanting to make love with you one last time Miss Summers.”

“Closure?” Dawn smiled sadly. “Yeah, closure would be of the good. Let’s go find a back room.”

In the end they found a cleaners cupboard. It was very reminiscent of their first encounter. Fully clothed, against a wall. But they had come a long way since then. Snape more than Dawn. He kissed her on the mouth, after adjusting his clothing.

Snape proceeded to take Dawn by the hand back out on the dance floor. He raised her hand to his lips in a farewell tribute. He dropped Dawn’s hand and walked over to Narcissa Malfoy without looking back. He was pleased that no one could tell his heart was torn in two, not by looking at him anyway.

Buffy walked over to Dawn. “That guy was way too old for you Dawn.”

“Oh my God Buffy!” Dawn sneered incredulously. “Look who’s talking? And where’s the Immortal? Here you are with Andrew as your partner to a social event again.”

“We’re talking about you.” Buffy dropped her eyes. “I’m just looking out for you. Big sister thing, kinda hard to stop. Hey, have you registered for Oxford yet?”

“I’m not going to Oxford.” Dawn said flatly.

“You’re what?” Buffy said displeased. “You’re not teaching at that Magic School again, I sincerely hope Dawnie. To be with that Dad substitute.”

“No.” Dawn said calmly, watching Snape and Narcissa jitterbug uncertainly but laughingly. “I’ve joined the Magical Voluntary Nursing Aid Detachment. I start my training on Monday. Do you have any idea the number of practical combat healing spells I’ll learn, like how useful that will be in being a Watcher?”


“Perce!” Bill came up urgently to Percy and Faith. The Bride and Groom were chatting to yet another branch of the Weasley family. “Can you cut the cake now please? Fleur’s gone into labor and the silly girl refuses to leave unless you’ve cut the cake and thrown the bloody bridal bouquet.”

“Holy Crap!” Faith gasped, looking around her. “Have her waters broken and if they have, on what chair huh?”

“No, they broke in the ladies apparently.” Bill reassured his new sister in law. “Now can you just cut that chocolate heart thingamajig now?”

Faith and Percy posed over their cake, holding a silver knife as the photographer took a photo. Andrew cam-corded the moment out of habit.

The exceedingly happy couple inserted their knife, piercing the chocolate frosting and then walked away from the cake. Leaving the caterers to slice it up for the guests.

“Hey, you’re not going to feed each other and smear it over each others faces?” Andrew asked surprised, running after them with his camcorder.

“Nah, kinda tacky when you think about it.” Faith winked up at the groom.

“There were no gnomes in costumes on the top of that cake.” Percy’s maiden aunt said disappointed, as they passed her.

“Ah yes, a charming tradition, but one Faith and I find rather barbaric in 2006.” Percy answered, winking down at the bride in turn.

Out in the kitchen Charlie Weasley was trying to unsuccessfully to chat up Amy. She was placing the sliced cake on bread plates, with folded high quality paper napkins beside them.

“So you’re a witch?” He said in a low voice, aware of her Muggle coworkers.

“Yeah.” Amy gave a nervous glance out the serving hatch into the main room. Willow was absent in Guatemala at the moment. But she didn’t want Kennedy or Buffy to recognize her. She had no idea this wedding she had been hired to work for tonight was for a slayer and a wizard. None of the Muggle staff had a clue of course. They thought the groom’s side of the guest list must have escaped from some backwards inbred village in Yorkshire or something. In this supposition the staff were not far off the mark.

“So why are you er, slumming it like this?” Charlie leaned against the wall. He could normally pick up birds quickly, but Amy seemed on edge for some reason.

“Well here’s the thing.” Amy doled the cake out deftly. “I’m the daughter of a powerful witch, but she lived as a Muggle. Her parents had refused to believe she was magical. Mom brought me up to live that way too. I had to go to her old high school. So I could join the cheer-leading squad for god’s sake, and I know you have no idea what I’m talking about. My Dad’s a Muggle, and he and I think the wizarding world is full of pretentious B.S.”

“B.S.?” Charlie tried to work out what the initials B S stood for.

“Bullshit.” Amy handed him a pile of napkins. “Hey fold these would you?” Charlie obediently folded them without using his wand. “So anyways, after my University disappeared down a Hellmouth, when I still had two years to go to finish my degree. I decided to travel instead and see Europe. I’m here in the U.K. illegally okay? I’ve overstayed my visa. So I just drift in and out of both worlds as it suits me. I guess I always kinda drifted. My parents divorced when I was twelve. I was a rat for three years. I turned into one to escape being burnt at the stake when I was seventeen. It all sort of left it’s mark on me, left me kind of bitter about stuff.”

“Blimey, you Americans are a blimmin' forthcoming lot aren’t you?” Charlie said, startled at hearing Amy’s life history in this Californian way. “My new sister in law’s American. She’s called or was called I suppose, Faith Lehane do you know her?”

“Yeah, the U.S. with a population of three hundred million people, is like a small town. Actually I did kind of run into her once. At a bridal and evening wear store I worked at, in Diagon Alley.” Amy admitted, carrying the cake out on trays.

Charlie followed her out with the pile of folded napkins. Amy was damn attractive, if slightly dark in a way. If Amy had been at Hogwarts, Charlie was sure she’d be a good Slytherin candidate.

Fleur waddled past the table Amy was working at, Bill supporting her. Fleur clutched the table with a passing contraction.

“For heaven’s sake Fleur love, move your bum! You need to go to St Mungo’s now! We’re getting married next month, don’t bleeding panic. You don’t need to catch the ruddy flowers.” Bill assured his fiancé. Helping hold her upright.

“Merde!” Fleur clutched her abdomen with pain, as another contraction hit her. She looked at Amy and Charlie wild eyed. “Do not, what ever you do, have ze sexual intercourse with Charlie tonight! Or this will ‘appen to you.” She warned Amy.

“Okay.” Amy shrugged, putting out the cake laden plates. “Actually there wasn’t a snowballs chance in hell of that happening anyhoo, even before your tip of the day.”

The waiting staff had been saying the groom’s immediate family seemed bloody mental all night. Amy now saw why.


Faith stood in the centre of the room with her bouquet. All the unmarried women in one corner of the room.

Faith swung the bouquet behind her and threw it. Because of her slayer strength, the bouquet sailed through the air, hit the ceiling and split perfectly in two.

Buffy leaped in the air and caught one half. The other half hurtled towards a startled Amy putting down a coffee urn, who instinctively caught it simultaneously.

“Well good heavens, I’ve never seen that happen before.” Mrs Weasley commented to Angelina. “I wonder what on earth that means?”


Ron came up to Hermione who was laughing with Oliver Wood. Ron stood with by his hands in his pockets until she noticed him.

“I just wanted to let you know, I’m bleeding sorry, okay?” Ron apologized to her. “I’m still your friend Hermione. Since that time we killed that troll in the girls’ toilets. I’ve been your friend, just been acting like a right git recently.”

“Yeah Ron I know. Took you long enough to realize that. You always were blimmin' slow on the uptake of course.” Hermione smirked.

“Yeah well Hermione love, you always are completely mental.” Ron replied smiling. He was going to drop Hannah Abbot next week, Ron had decided. And maybe with Nott overseas and Hermione in London, training at St Mungo’s. Ron had a chance to be more than Hermione's friend again.


Percy and Faith walked hand in hand to the waiting taxi. They were staying the night at Percy’s place. Going to Spain the next morning for their honeymoon.

Faith lay against Percy in the back of the cab, exhausted.

“Tired darling?” Percy asked her, kissing her hand. He fingered her wedding ring in disbelief. They’d done it, they were married.

“Yeah, a little.” Faith agreed. “I guess it’s being pregnant... Hey, ya know something Perce? It won’t be so bad having a kid, one kid.”

“One kid darling.” Percy agreed. “I’m going in for that Muggle operation you told me about, the second we come back to London.”

“Nah, wait till I’ve given birth and we can’t screw for six weeks. Then we’ll both be on the bench at the same time pal.” Faith disagreed. She yawned, then chuckled. “Sorry Perce, I’m real tired all of a sudden.”

Percy took his wonderful new wife in his arms. “Perfectly understandable Faith. After all darling, it’s been a big day.”

AN: And so as Mark Twain famously said, a story about adults must end here on a wedding.

Fast forwarding a year in time to revisit these characters.

I have started a sequel to this story called All Quiet on the Eastern Front. Hope you enjoy it.

The End

You have reached the end of "To Miss with love". This story is complete.

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