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To Miss with love

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Wizarding Wars". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Faith is employed as the new DADA teacher. Dawn as a tutor. Alas Faith once slept with Draco thinking he was a University student. Are the Slytherins as bad as everyone thinks? How is the wizarding war affecting the home front?

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Harry Potter > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Percy Weasley(Past Donor)KiwikatipoFR181782,90199522,9616 Oct 0623 Nov 06Yes

Seasons Greetings

Title: To Miss with love

Author: Kiwikatipo

Rating: F18

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Faith and Dawn belong to Joss Whedon, and Draco etc. belongs to JK Rowling.

Summary: Faith and Dawn get jobs at Hogwarts. Faith had sex with Draco thinking he was a university student. He's legal at seventeen in the UK okay? Faith didn't break any laws. It's not that kind of fic, it's fluffy. Percy Weasley wants to get into Faith's pants too.

AN: If some of these events depicted in this story were really happening in a school I would be appalled, but it's fantasy fiction alright?

Part One
December 20th 2005
Muggle Pub
Located on the outskirts of Azkaban

“And I would walk 1000, miles.” Devon held the speaker out to the crowd in the pub.

“And I would walk 1000, more.” The crowd on the dance floor roared back.

Faith and Dawn danced along to the music energetically, sweat pouring off them. It had been Dawn’s good idea to come here. She had read in a London music guide that an ex-Sunnydale friend of Buffy’s had his band playing here tonight.

“You had a childhood crush on that guy?” yelled Faith in Dawns ear, as they linked arms and kicked up their heels.

“Yeah, but I’m all grown up now.” Nineteen year old Dawn grinned back. “So don’t wait up on my account tonight, huh?”

“Tramp!” Faith laughed affectionately. Faith and Dawn (now that Dawn had got over the whole Faith torturing her to piss off Buffy thing when Dawn was twelve), got on very well together. They had been backpacking round Europe the past year as Dawn had a year off in between high school and university, a common European practice. Her ‘Gap year’ Giles called it.

The girls danced until the band finished. Dawn went over to throw herself at Devon packing up his equipment with his band.

Faith brought herself a pint of beer, then went outside for some fresh air and a smoke.

A young blond man was outside having his own quiet cigarette. He looked thoughtful about something.

“Great band, huh, pal?” Faith smiled at him brazenly. The guy was very cute. He glanced up at her, annoyed to have his solitude interrupted. He took one look at a flushed Faith and changed his mind. He was up for company that looked like her any day of the week.

“Yank, like you obviously, and like you not bloody bad.” The young man said. He looked her up and down coolly, admiring what he saw. He held out his hand. “Draco.”

“Faith.” She held out her own hand. Shaking hands was always a great way to start immediate body contact with a hot guy.

“So you a local?” Faith took out her cigarette packet.

Draco lit her cigarette with an ornate lighter. “My mother and I are up here visiting my father.” He shook his head.

“Oh yeah?” Faith blew her smoke upwards. “Hospital or somethin'?” Wasn’t Dartmoor prison round here? Faith remembered.

“Something.” Draco shrugged.

“Right.” Faith immediately guessed the guy’s dad was inside. Probably white collar crime judging from the guy’s upper class accent.

“So ya got any plans for Christmas?” Faith inquired politely. It was the standard seasonal question.

“My family are pagans, it’s why we visited my dad today.” Draco explained. Not expecting this attractive Muggle woman to understand what the hell he was talking about. “My mother has put herself to bed with a sedative and I find myself here.”

“Oh yeah, Yule, Winter Solstice tonight right?” Faith surprised him. She drank more beer. She had a good buzz going by this stage.

“That’s right. Why are you in this forsaken hell hole?” Draco wondered. “This place is hardly a tourist Mecca.”

“My girlfriend I’m backpacking with... she has a friend in the band.” Faith explained.

They made small talk for a few minutes more. Faith hadn’t been laid in three weeks. Faith had itches that needed to be scratched.

“No one should be alone on the most important festival of their religious year.” Faith smirked suggestively. “Why not come up to my room and have a brandy with me?”

“Beltane on Mayday is the big event on my spiritual calendar, actually.” Draco raised an eyebrow. He couldn’t believe his luck. None of his mates back at Hogwarts would believe this.

“Whatever, lover.” Faith took his hand firmly. “Come upstairs and show me your maypole moves.”

Draco followed her willingly. What had been one of the more ghastly days of his life was turning out to be a wet dream come true.

They entered Faith’s room. She got out her brandy bottle (Originally destined for Giles’s Christmas table. But Dawn and Faith had got stuck into it before they had hit the pub that evening.). She poured them both a glass, joining him on the sofa.

“Salut.” Faith toasted, touching his glass with her own. She downed it in one well practiced shot.

Draco copied her and coughed slightly. Damn, he had wanted to appear sophisticated in front of her. He thought he’d been carrying himself quite well up to that point.

Faith laughed. “I thought you’d be well used to this stuff in your student bar. Where do ya go to school? Oxford I bet?”

“Yeah... Oxford.” Draco lied. “I’m doing home economics.” That’s what Muggles studied at University wasn’t it?

“I thought you’d be into business studies or somethin'. Preparing for ripping off old ladies as a stock broker.” Faith shrugged not really interested. “I guess Oxford must be real progressive if they’re training chefs.”

Bloody hell. It was ‘economics’, he should have told her ‘economics’.

Draco put his arm round her shoulder tentatively. Faith twisted round to assault his lips with her own. Draco returned her tongue’s exploration of his mouth with confident experience. He’d been making out with Pansy for two frustrated years now. Pansy would never have sexual intercourse with him. Some spells worked better if you were still a virgin was Pansy’s reasoning, and she wanted to get high marks in her N.E.W.T.’s. Pansy should have been in ruddy Ravenclaw Draco was beginning to think.

Draco pushed his hand up her sweater and groped Faith’s breast. Vastly relieved Faith didn’t slap his hand away as was Pansy’s wont.

Faith sighed with raw need. Lowering his head and pulling her bra back, Draco began to suckle her breast in earnest. After twenty minutes of extremely enjoyable foreplay for both parties, Faith rummaged in her back pack, pulling out a condom from a side pocket.

Draco gazed at the condom alarmed. He had attended the compulsory sex talk taken by the frumpish matron at Hogwarts. As if Madame Pomfrey had had sex since the Korean War. But the wizarding world used different birth control methods. What was he meant to do with the thing? Did it go on him or inside her?

Faith looked at his puzzled glance with amusement. “Have you ever freakin' done this before?” She probed gently.

“Is it that bloody obvious?” Draco asked embarrassed.

“Not until now, pal. God, what do you do in Oxford? I woulda never of picked you for the kind of guy that was into hitting the books.” Faith laughed kindly. “It’s okay, Draco. I’ll steer you through the curves.”

Draco looked at her relieved. Madame Pomfrey eat your heart out. Faith led him to the bedroom, feeling like a twenty five year old Mrs Robinson. Deflowering a University student. Faith hadn’t seen that one coming.

Draco came too soon of course. Faith just laughed again, telling him to go down on her. Draco found the instruction in how to perform that sex act satisfactorily very useful for future reference. Faith wrapped her legs round his neck and climaxed hard.

“You’re a natural, lover.” Faith grinned encouragingly, as Draco moved up to join her head on the pillow. “I’m finding this a fucking blast, I hafta admit. I thought my cherry popping days well and truly over.”

They lay in each others arms. Faith got out her cigarettes, they shared one together in comfortable silence.

“I’m good to go again.” Draco offered. “If that’s okay, Faith?” He was sure his father would be disgusted at his respectful treatment of the woman. But look where his father’s anti Muggle prejudices had landed him.

“Help yourself.” Faith smirked. “I’m all yours, Draco, live out any depraved fantasy you want with my body. Got how to put the rubber on properly now? Expel the air at the tip remember?” This was like having her own little sex toy. Draco was way cuter than a vibrator. Faith was in for a fun, meaningless, uncomplicated night between the sheets, just how she liked things since she split up with Robin.

Part two
December 25th 2005
Rupert Giles Georgian Townhouse

Bang. The Christmas cracker exploded and Faith won the prize.

“Slayer strength, Faith. You have an unfair advantage.” Dawn protested. “But you have to wear that dweeb’s hat.”

Faith put on her paper crown. She read out the lame riddle that came inside the cracker.

Giles guessed it immediately. “I’ve had years of practice with the things.” Giles told her. “Put on the plastic ring that came inside the cracker.”

“It’s a squirter.” Faith filled the ring with white wine and sprayed it at Giles.

“Ha, bloody, ha.” Giles said, wiping his face with a napkin.

Dawn and Faith collapsed into tipsy giggles. They were aware of the Wyndam Pryces’ disapproving sniffs. They chortled harder than ever.

Wesley Wyndam Pryce had been an only child. Giles had invited Wesley’s parents to his Christmas lunch as a misplaced kindness.

Faith and Dawn had dressed as conservatively as they could for the formal festive meal, borrowing some vintage nineteen forties clothes from the attic. Giles grandmother had obviously been into fashion in a big way. They had both had cracked up laughing at the sight of one another. Deciding to go the whole nine yards, they had rolled their hair up in to Second World War styled buns after finding an old box of curlers and hairpins.

Buffy was in Africa currently helping Xander with a were leopard problem. So Dawn had been touched to be invited to Giles for Christmas lunch.

Faith had spent a previous Christmas with Giles when she had just broken up with Robin. Faith and Giles had become quite friendly over the past two years.

A sudden explosion from the fireplace made everyone at the Christmas dinner table turn round in alarm.

A handsome young man in his early twenties, stepped forth from the fireplace. He was tall, red haired and wearing a tweed suit. Faith couldn’t believe a good looking young man could be such a nerdy dresser. He was like Wesley had been seven years ago. Although look how Faith was dressed at the moment.

“Little Percy Weasley?” Mrs Wyndam Pryce breathed astonished.

“Goodness, hello, Auntie Pat. Merry Christmas. Uncle Roger.” Percy nodded to his Muggle godparents in surprise. “You still coming round on New Years, Mum’s expecting you?”

“Yes dear.” Pat Pryce confirmed. “What are you doing here?”

“Delivering an urgent message to Mr Giles from the Ministry of Magic.” Percy began.

“Hold that thought, bud.” Faith got out of her chair and slapped at Percy’s smoldering trousers. “You have a slight fire problem.”

“Shit.” He was always doing this in winter time. Flu travel could be precarious. Percy peered down at Faith crawling on her knees down on the floor. A pink paper crown atop her brown wavy hair. “Thank you, Miss…?”

“This is Faith Lehane, one of our most experienced vampire slayers.” Giles introduced her. “Get up woman, it’s out.”

Percy held out his hand to help Faith up. Surprised, as she jumped up in one rapid movement. “I was double checking there were no freakin' sparks left.” Faith said innocently

“Quite the fire warden.” Giles didn’t believe Faith for a second. He hadn’t noticed the seat of Weasley’s trousers were on fire as well as his trouser cuff.

“Yes, in any case here is the document from the M. O. M.” Percy reached into his pocket, producing a rolled piece of parchement to pass on to Giles.

Giles took the parchment reading the script covering the document rapidly. The civil war in the wizarding world had worried the supernatural community in Europe considerably. Normally the wizards a profoundly arrogant lot handled these affairs themselves. Giles was most surprised to be contacted in this way.

“You’re working on Christmas Day dude?” Faith said sympathetically, pouring Percy a glass of champagne. “Harsh.”

“No thank you Miss Lehane, I’m working.” Percy refused the glass politely.

“Your loss lover.” Faith drank it herself.

“Interesting.” Giles looked up. “They need a temporary Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts and a tutor in Muggle studies, preferably a Watcher.” Giles looked up concerned. “The Ministry does realize the Watcher’s Council was blown up in November ‘naught two? There aren’t many watchers left these days. We’re still training people like Dawn Summers here.”

Dawn waved at Percy, helping herself to more Christmas trifle. Dawn loved this desert. It was the first time she had had it.

“They’re still realizing 9/11 happened down at the ministry.” Percy said dryly.

“They want two people for the Easter term at Hogwarts Boarding school.” Giles looked over at Dawn and Faith speculatively. “You two are total lilies of the field at the moment. I’ll send you.”

“What?” Dawn complained. “This is my gap year, Giles, we were like going on to Portugal and Spain.”

“Yeah, I was gonna take out that vampire coven in Madrid remember?” Faith protested as well.

“Buffy is highly distressed at the credit card bill Dawn that you’ve run up, and Faith to be blunt, you haven’t moved your arse much these last couple of months.” Giles chastised them. “You have to earn your stipend girls. Paltry as I know you think it is.”

“Poultry? Yeah it’s chicken shit alright. So do I get a high school teachers wage too with this job?” Faith was tempted. How hard could teaching snotty boarding school brats be?

“You’ll be paid in Galleons.” Percy explained. “Five thousand for one term for you, Miss Lehane. Two thousand for you, Miss Summers. All food and lodging paid for of course.

“What... that some peso third world economy currency?” Faith was unimpressed.

“Think Euros.” Giles corrected. “One galleon is worth eight American dollars.”

“Geez, we’ll do it!” Dawn squealed excitedly. She sobered up. “I live to direct teenagers. I still am one just. We have a lot to offer young people don’t we, Faith?”

“Yeah. But I don’t even have a high school diploma you realize?” Faith pointed out.

“Not to worry.” Percy waived away her reservation. “The staff member in charge of the care of magical beasts is basically illiterate. They employed him.”

He looked at the two girls in approval. They seemed a tad over flowing with Christmas spirit as it were, but that was probably because they couldn’t hold their drink. Look how they were dressed. Miss Summers and Miss Lehane seemed very conservative young ladies.

Part three
New Years Eve Party
The Burrow

Faith held her goblet stiffly. She was wearing an evening gown that had belonged to Giles grandmother and the fabric was old. She didn’t want to rip it.

Percy came up to her and refilled her goblet with warm mulled wine. “I’m so glad you could make this party Miss Lehane.” He informed her warmly. “You’ll get to meet a lot of the magical community here tonight.”

“I am a member of the magical community pal.” Faith told him. “A slayer is a person in your neighborhood.” She quoted from the old Sesame Street song.

“Is that a popular culture reference?” Percy said puzzled. “You’d be better off talking to my dad on that one.”

Better off talking to his dad? For a hot guy Percy was clueless.

“Would you care to dance? You look divertingly lovely in that dress.” Percy held out his arm. “I’m sick of working. Tonight is meant to be my night off.”

Maybe not so clueless. Faith let herself be drawn into his arms. Faith held herself upright. She really didn’t trust this dress's seams.

Percy felt sympathetic to Faith’s tenseness. The poor Muggle girl must be shy. She might be a slayer but this was not her world.

Faith rested her head on his shoulder. The music was very pretty, a music hall tune from the late nineteenth century. Everything was so old here and out of time. People were dressed in the weirdest clothes. At first Faith had thought she misread the invite and walked into a costume party.

“I’ll be dropping into Hogwarts regularly to check that you and Miss Summers are coping with everything there.” Percy told her. “I had hoped you’d meet my little brother Ron tonight, he’s in his final year there, head boy in fact, but he’s staying at his muggle girlfriend’s place these holidays.”

“I met your kid sister Ginny. Sweet kid. Do all your family have red hair like you two?”

“All seven of us.” Percy confirmed.

“Seven? Your mom and dad must really love each other.” Faith smirked. “Are you Catholic?”

“Pagan.” Percy informed her. “Are you Catholic?”

“Yeah, Boston Irish that’s me. Like Kennedy.” Faith told him.

“Oh that other slayer. I though she was from New York.” Percy queried puzzled.

“No, Kennedy, like J.F.K. don’t worry, Perce.” Faith laughed amused. “Call me Faith huh?”

“Well Faith, may I tell you how this dress brings out the color of your eyes?” Percy twirled her confidently.

“Yeah, you don’t like the low neckline?” Faith grinned saucily as she re-entered his arms.

Percy was momentarily taken aback by her forwardness. “That compliments your natural attributes as well.” He recovered quickly.

“Thanks.” Faith smiled. God the guy could dance, and men who were good with their feet were correspondingly good with their hands, Faith had always thought. She was hoping this guy's hands would be on her natural attributes by the end of the night.

But Faith’s hopes were to be dashed. As midnight fell Faith was out in the Burrow’s snowy back garden. Trying not to trip over partying gnomes.

“They’re annoying little buggers and Mum’s too soft hearted to lay traps.” Percy told her. He held her hand. “Here, this is our old tree house.” He clicked his fingers. “Wingardium Leviosa,” levitating them upwards.

“I feel like Lois Lane.” Faith shared, as Percy held her in arms.

“Was she a Canadian Prime Minister?” Percy asked her, landing them on to the tree house platform.

“She…forget it Perce.” Faith sighed. She and Percy had been finding it hard to follow each others conversation at times tonight.

Percy opened the door to the tree house. It was bigger on the inside decorated as a Swiss family Robinson tree house.

“Oh wicked Perce!” Faith was genuinely delighted. “Youse guys must have had a freaking awesome childhood.”

“Mum and Dad are the best. I didn’t appreciate them growing up.” Percy looked at the hour glass on a rickety table. A cheer came from inside the house. “Happy New Year Faith.”

“Happy New Year Perce.” Faith raised her lips to meet his. The young man kissed her cautiously, not wanting to alarm or frighten her. Faith devoured his mouth passionately. This guy was very sexy in his own quiet way. Percy emboldened, ran his hand over her bottom and was rewarded by Faith pressing her body against his groin.

They wound their seeking tongues into each others mouths in sensory pleasure. Faith felt Percy’s erection grinding into her urgently. December had been a good month for her so far and the New Year was looking very promising as well.

A barrage of owls flew in through the windows and doors, interrupting their carnal progress with one another.

“Bugger!” Percy stepped back breathlessly, batting off an owl crossly, picking up it’s dropped missive.

He read the words anxiously, snatching up the other correspondence worriedly. “Bollocks!” he burst out.

“What’s wrong?” Faith queried.

“Been a break in at the M.O.M. war office. I have to help sort it out, this is serious.” Percy touched her face. “I’ll see you at Hogwarts next week. Care to have dinner with me then?”

“Yeah sure.” Faith replied. “I’ll see you later, good luck you look kinda pissed.”

“Bloody security breaches... the useless wankers down there can’t wipe their own arses without a bloody spell book.” Percy fumed in sexual frustration. “Hell, and we were…”

“Yeah…” Faith sighed mutually disappointed. “Hey it’s cool, I’ll go hit on your engaged brother. His French fiancé passed out drunk last hour I noticed.”

Percy laughed as soon as he realized she was kidding. “You do that.”

Part Three
January 3rd 2006

Platform 9 ¾
Kings Cross station

“Here we are girls.” Madame Hooch, their fellow staff member told Dawn and Faith, as they walked along the platform lugging their back packs. “The students should be on the train by now of course, but there are always late comers.”

Madame Hooch glared at an unfortunate second year running frantically past them. “Hurry up Smithers.” She barked impatiently.

“Fling your bags at the pillar and jump in after them, I’ll show you.” Madame Hooch wheeled her suitcase into the pillar and disappeared after it.

“Hmm.” Dawn looked dubious. “I guess it’s okay. Here goes.” She threw and jumped.

Faith mimicked her actions, finding herself on a crowded platform. Parents were kissing their children good bye and waving to them through the crowded windows.

“Cripes, is that the new D.A.D.A .teacher?” Faith heard a teenage youth call out the window to a mate boarding the train. “She’s a bit of alright.” He wolf whistled at her.

“Ten points from Hufflepuff, Jones!” Madam Hooch roared outraged. She turned to Faith and Dawn. “Don’t smile till Easter girls. Show the little oiks who’s in charge.”

Madam Hooch frowned, scrutinizing doubtfully the American women’s traveling apparel. Giles grandmother’s wardrobe had been raided once more. Faith and Dawn looked like French resistance leaders in body hugging black sweaters and leather jackets. The girls wore black stove pipe trousers. Madame Hooch shook her head. They had never had female staff members under thirty at Hogwarts before. This was asking for trouble. Still it was war time measures at present.

The women boarded the carriage where the staf compartment was. Madame Hooch introduced them to more fellow staff members: Snape a cynical prick in his forties, the jovial buxom Professor Sprout, and Professor McGonagall the acting headmistress. The girls had met McGonagall in London when they had signed their contracts two days ago.

The acting headmistress had explained the Hogwarts House point system and academic curriculum set up to the girls. Both graduates, or in Faith’s case an occasional attendee of the American public school system had been fascinated. British private schools were called public for a start. It was a lot to get their heads around although Giles had previously tried to explain it to them.

Madame Hooch explained further intricacies of the House point plan to the girls. Snape got up to wearily patrol the train. He came back half an hour later looking shattered.

“They’re even more feral than usual.” he complained.

Snape had of course been on the side of good all along when it had seemed he had deliberately murdered Dumbledore. He was back at Hogwarts with a pay increase this term to take potions once more.

“Well in at the deep end Miss Lehane.” Professor Sprout encouraged. “Walk down from one end of the train to the other and do train duty.”

“What?” Faith spluttered alarmed, choking on her gum. “You’re shittin' me? Hey, can I be called Ms Lehane please, it is the twenty first century huh? I can see how yiz guys skipped the memo on that.”

“Nothing to carriage duty Ms Lehane.” Madam Hooch yawned, pouring whiskey into her tea from a flask. “Walk slowly, if there’s any trouble they’ll call ‘Teacher! Teacher!’ in warning to each other. Stop their nonsense themselves with any blessed luck. Drag apart any pashing couple you find, take twenty house points off each hormonal snogger. Any one you catch smoking in the loos’ take off fifty. Torturing a first year take off a hundred, and give me their names. There are prefects on duty they’ll handle most of it. Oh and be nice to the first years. They can be quite soppy at being away from Mummy and Daddy again.”

“Right.” Faith stood up hesitantly. “Well I’m a vampire slayer right? I can handle teenagers.”

Snape rolled his eyes jadedly. “You tell yourself that Ms Lehane.”

“Oh Servrus behave.” Madame Sprout chided. “You’ll be fine dearie, as you said, you’re a slayer. Think of them as the living dead. A lot of the senior students look like they are I’m sure. I hate that Goth look they go for nowadays. I had to tell Pansy Parkinson to wipe off her blimmin’ black lipstick before she got on the train would you believe?”

Faith left the civilization of the teacher’s carriage and headed into the wilds of the main school train.

“Miss Miss!” a first year student grabbed her arm urgently. “Grieves has just thrown up. His Mum warned him not to sit backwards in the carriage.”

“Oh god, aren’t there cleaners?” Faith gasped revolted.

“Not their job to clean up the kids spew love.” A woman wheeling a snack laden trolley down the corridor informed her. “That’s your department dear. There’s a cleaning cupboard in that wall.”

Faith steeled herself to clean up the stinking first year compartment. She was a British school teacher now.

Faith came out satisfied with how she had handled her first crisis. Proceeding down the corridor. Suspicious smells were coming out of a girls restroom.

Faith walked aggressively into the girls toilets, they reeked of smoke. Two hard looking girls were having a cigarette, leaning against the wall.

“Right, I’ll have that packet thanks ladies.” Faith held out her hand. Thank god they all wore their house badges. “That’s fifty points off Slytherin, and fifty points off Ravenclaw.”

The blonde Slytherin girl gave a last defiant puff and flicked her butt on the floor.

“Pick it up. You’re a prefect aren’t you? Set a frickin’ good example.” Faith snapped. How rude! Faith never would have acted like that to her teachers if she had bothered to turn up to high school. Most of the time she had been so stoned on the days Faith did attend, she had been a model student behavior wise.

“I don’t see any first years.” The Slytherin girl picked the butt up with exaggerated slowness. “You the new DADA teacher?”

“Yeah, Ms Lehane.” Faith said. She pocketed the confiscated cigarette packet pleased. Faith had only two cigarettes of her own left.

“You’ll be one of us.” The Slytherin girl grinned in a suddenly friendly way. She could tell Faith was going to smoke her packet. “I’m Pansy Parkinson. This is Padma Patil I’m corrupting her.”

“Ya succeeding. Go and be freaking prefects.” Faith tried not to smile. She used to be just like those girls.

Patrolling along, Faith noticed the Slytherin kids were getting picked on a lot. The wizarding civil war seemed to be spilling out into the youth populace of Hogwarts. Slytherin held their own however, and Faith was giving out a hell of a lot of demerit points. She’d never seen such nasty curses as these little magical brats were performing on each other.

Faith heard raised voices come from the senior carriage. She past a compartment to see an intense seventh year male prefect wearing glasses, waving his wand at a seated fellow student. She couldn’t see the seated boy's face.

“Fuck you, Malfoy! That was straight out bloody banned what Goyle did to those Hufflepuff girls!” the wand bearing boy yelled hysterically.

A boy. Goyle obviously, guffawed. “Those fourth year Hufflepuff bitches were picking on our first years. Their whiskers will fall off by the time we get to school.”

“I don’t like your language kid.” Faith said sternly, leaning in the doorway to address the irate bespectacled teenager, coming up behind him unawares. As a slayer she was very good at sneaking up. “Put the magic stick away.”

“New D.A.D.A. teacher? Well, we all know whose side you’ll be bloody on!” The boy with the peculiar scar on his forehead, said heatedly to a stunned Faith.

The whole compartment gasped at Harry Potter’s insolence to the new teacher.

“That’s Ms Lehane to you, and that’s twenty points off Gryffindor for your dumb-ass attitude problem.” Faith snapped heatedly. “Now put the wand away before I confiscate it and I know how you can’t live without them by the time you get to year seven.” Christ, was she turning into a power freak? Nah, the kid was an asshole and a prefect too. Where did he get off swearing at her?

The seated boy drawled sarcastically. “You must understand Ms Lehane, that Potter here thinks he’s God.” He pushed himself up off his seat, twisting to get a look at the new D.A.D.A. teacher. Ms Lehane was being described by the fast beating Hogwarts jungle drums as completely shaggable.

Faith and Draco stared at each other in utter shock.
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