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How Not To Kill Innocent, Yet, Aggravating, Girls

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Summary: ON HOLD!!!BTVS/HP. Hermione is doing a report on Slayers. She wants to interview Buffy. Need I say more?

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsMishaFR1852,4690119,2086 Oct 0619 Dec 06No

Chapter Two

Disclaimer:I own nothing!!!

A.N. Another short chapter. I had to work today, plus still ahven't finished my writing that I need ot do that is due Monday. Bad Misha*slaps hand*. Lol, hope you enjoy and hope this chapter answers some questions.

Chapter Two

"We already knew there was a magical community," said Xander.

"Yeah, hello? Slayer here. I'm part of the magical community," said Buffy not liking the way the first girl was acting. Her hand was inching upwards."Will, take her stick thingy."

"No!" shouted the girl.

"Stop Hermione, you don't want to alert the Orangehat crankles. They come to see what all the shouting is about then eat yor left foot," said Luna.

"Your left foot?" asked Xander.

"Your right foot is to chewy," replied Luna.

"Oh, for goodness sake, Luna, they don't exist," said Hermione.

"How do you know?" asked WIllow glaring at Hermione.

"There is no proof that they exist," stated Hermione. "In 1912 Herfus Crankledangle said he had found a new species which he named Orangehat crankles. When asked to produce proof of their existence he said that only he could see them. Everyone thought him crazy. A year later he published a book all about them. Actual proof of the existence does not exist."

"Wow, she's worse than Willow was," said Xander frowning at her.

"So Miss Smarty Pants,"said Willow,"People all over the world don't believe vampires exist. When some say they do others ask for proof. The people can't produce it. So to the people who don't believe in vampires the ones who says they exist are crazy. So to them your crazy. How do you really know these Orangehat crankles doesn't exist?"

"Well, fine! I don't know. Are you happy now?" she asked glaring and stomping off.

"Don't mind her. She's always like this," said Luna dreamily.

"So Luna, why didn't she want us to know about this magical community when we already do?" asked Buffy hoping she would give them the answer. Plus what school taught about slayers?

"Oh, we are from a different magical community. Actually everything is different. England magic is different than American magic. Why do you think most Slayers are from America? You get the ocassional foriegn Slayer but even then they're muggles."

"Muggles?" asked Willow confused.

"That's what we call unmagical humans. Our magical community uses wands and we have vampires and werewolves. We also have bad guys but not nearly as bad as yours."

"You use wands?" asked Buffy.

"Yes, we can't use wandless magic. Only really powerful witches can," said Luna.

"But Willow can only do wandless magic," said Xander.

"She..."started Luna.

"Hold on," said Buffy."Let's go to my house so we can get more comfortable. I have a feeling this will take a long time."

"Let me tell Hermione," said Luna hurrying over to the glaring witch. After a few seconds of hand waving from Hermione and smiles from Luna they approached.

"Fine, we'll come. I just have to let my friends know where we are when we get to your house or they'll worry," muttered Hermione.
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