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How Not To Kill Innocent, Yet, Aggravating, Girls

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Summary: ON HOLD!!!BTVS/HP. Hermione is doing a report on Slayers. She wants to interview Buffy. Need I say more?

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsMishaFR1852,4690119,2086 Oct 0619 Dec 06No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

A.N. If this turns out good I'll write more but it will take me time to get new chapters out. I have a lot of school work *pouts*.This is going to be very short but I'm wanting to see what kind of feedback I get.


Sunnydale was not destroyed when they supposedly defeated The First. Harry, Ron, Hermione have already graduated but Hermione is taking more courses just for the fun of it. Luna, Ginny, have just graduated. No pairings of right now.

This takes place in Sunnydale. All of the potentials are now Slayers. Yeah, that should cover it.

Chapter One

"Buffy watch out!" yelled Willow.

"Got it!" Buffy yelled back. She quickly staked the vampire in front of her and turned kicking the one coming up behind her.

"Incedio!" yelled a voice coming from behind Willow. The vampire quickly caught fire and was killed instantly. Both Willow and Buffy turned trying to find the speaker. A young girl walked towards them blushing. She had straight brown hair and chocolate brown eyes.

"You're a witch?" asked Willow not sensing anything familiar from her. Her magick was weird.

"Yes, I'm sorry, I thought you were in trouble," said the girl.

"Thanks but I can handle it," said Buffy.

"You're the slayer," the girl stated awed.

"Yeah, how did you know?" asked Buffy tensing.

"We studied about slayers in school. This is amazing. Tell, me do you know Buffy Summers? I would really love to interview her. I'm doing my school report on slayers and she is the best person to do it on since she is the oldest living slayer," said the girl in one breath.

"Wow, it's another Willow. With a Giles accent," said Xander coming up from behind her, a group of younger slayers with him.

"Wow, what happened to your eye? Did ya know you you can go to Saint Mungo's and they'll give you a new one?" asked a girl coming up from behind the other girl. Buffy bit back a giggle. This girl had her hair done up with some kind of stick and a bottle-cap necklace on.

"Shh...Luna. The don't know about that kind of stuff," said the first girl.

"What kind of stuff?" asked Buffy signaling Willow to be prepared. If these girls were witches and evil they would have to be taken care of.

"The magical community," said Luna before the other girl could stop her. The other girl hit herself upside the head.

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