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Glory through the 'Gate

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Summary: Glory ends up in the Stargate universe and starts taking over. Later she will meat SG1. Answer to Challenge 235.

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Stargate > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersCrayshackFR1517340121,6486 Oct 066 Oct 06No
AN: This takes place post-Gift for Buffy and mid season 7 for Stargate.

Disclaimer- I do not own Stargate or any affiliated things. Nor do I own BTVS or any characters associated with said show. Now for my story.

“Spoken stuff”
‘Thought stuff’
*Goa’uld or Tok’ra speaking in their special way*


“…You see Buffy could never kill a human. She’s a hero. She’s not like us.” Said Giles as he knelt down to Ben’s level.

“Us?” Whispered Ben, who was barely conscious. With that Giles suffocated Ben, killing Glory with him. At least theoretically.

(Dialog from canon but may not be 100% precise)

Glory looked on as the watcher killed her former vessel. She was lucky enough to have been able to separate herself from Ben in time. Now she was ghost like and severally diminished in power but she was still sort of alive.

She then quickly made her way to the top of the tower and made it there just as Buffy jumped. ‘Damn!’ She thought ‘The portal is starting to close.’ Having no choice in the matter Glory dove into the portal before it could close completely as she would rather take her chances with an unstable portal that could land her anywhere than be stuck as a ghost in this dimension.

Her first thought upon arriving at her new destination was ‘Why the hell is the portal blue now?’ With that Glory lost consciousness.

When Glory woke up she found herself in a room that was over decorated even for her tastes, and that is saying something. What was even worse was that this was apparently a cell so this was not even decorated for who ever owns this place that she had ended up.

‘Oh well,’ Glory thought ‘I’ll just have to kill my “host” and have all of their minions redecorate the place in a better way.’ Just then the door opened and some Jaffa came in.

“Lord Baal requests your presence.” The lead Jaffa said to Glory.

Glory responded by twisting the Jaffa’s head clean off. The other Jaffa tried to shoot her with staff weapons and Zats but they did not work. ‘At least I still have some power’ Thought Glory, pleased that she was still just as strong physically as before.

Glory then spoke to the guards that were left “I am a God!” She said “And I shall be treated as such!” With this outburst she had the guards literally cowering in fear.

“O-o-of co-course, milady. Th-this way please.” One of the Jaffa stuttered as they all drop to a kneel and he indicated the direction of the throne room. Glory stomped out paying no more attention to the useless Jaffa.

Baal was sitting in his throne room when his Jaffa brought the prisoner in. Except she did not walk like a prisoner but like she was a System Lord visiting the place. Baal was intrigued by this, she had no symbiote but yet she acted like a Goa’uld. *Who are you?* He asked.

“I am Glorificus.” Glory responded “I was once a god of a hell dimension but as I got lost I am looking for a new domain and new minions.”

*I know of no Glorificus.* Baal said skeptically.

“Of course not,” Glory said as if he was an idiot, which for someone of Glory’s intelligence was quite a feat. “I have only just arrived in this dimension.” She continued.

*You are not a god!* Baal raged *And I shall kill you for speaking to your god with such audacity!* Baal raised his hand device and activated its slow and painful death function. Glory ignored this and crush the hand with the hand device. She then reached up and lifted him up by the throat.

“I am a god and now I think I shall kill you.” Glory said before she used one had to turn Baal’s head nearly 360 degrees. As Baal’s body fell to the ground Glory sat on his throne and turned to the Jaffa. “Anyone have any problems with me taking over.” All of the Jaffa shook their heads.

AN: This is all I have for the moment but I should update soon. Next chapter should have SG1 appearing. Part of the challenge was to try to create romantic interest from Glory to a member of SG1, any suggestions are welcome. However, in the meantime you can give me reviews on how you like this story so far.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Glory through the 'Gate" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Oct 06.

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