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Dark Slayers

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Summary: Crossover with Christine Feehans Carpathian series.The Prince of the Carpathian race discovers that many of his warriors have found their lifemates but the woman aren't psychic. What he doesn't know is they're Slayers.

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Literature > Fantasy > Author: Christine FeehanChosenfireFR1821,4793414,7677 Oct 0629 Dec 06No


Title: Dark Slayers
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN, Whedon has rights to BtVS and Christine Feehan rules the Dark series
Rating: FR-18 (future chapters)
Spoilers: BtVS post season 7
Pairing(s): Buffy/Eirias, Faith/ Syrian, Vi/Darian, Mikhail/Raven, Jacques/Shea, Gregori/Savannah, Traian/Joie
Summary: Prince Mikhail Dubrinsky discovers that some of his warriors closest to turning have found their life mates. Human women that don’t posses psychic abilities but were able to survive the change and remain unaffected by sunlight or bloodlust. He wants to know how. But a group of Carpathian dissenter’s lead by another male Dubrinsky might get answers first.
Meanwhile Buffy finds one of her Slayers involved with a Carpathian and she is drawn into their world when asked for help to solve the mystery that surrounds both Slayers and Carpathians.

AN: Okay so here is the next chapter finally, sorry for the LONG wait and I swear it won’t happen again. Now I have taken your suggestions and I have decided to create some original Carpathians to pair Buffy and Faith with. They will be introduced in the next couple of chapters (and maybe this one). I would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support and if you have any suggestions for this story let me know, I am all ears.

AN2: Should Willow be paired with a Carpathian too, and if so a male or female one?

They were masters of the darkness searching
for eternity for a mistress of the light

Chapter 2 Carpathians

For hundreds of years Darian had been alone. When the Prince of his people had sent his warriors out he had stepped forward and had made his home in the shadows of a civilization close to his home.

He always felt it, the soothing soil of his home so close but he had orders to follow.

He had felt it when Traian had found his lifemate. It was like the chilling hands of a ghost passing over his body, a tantalizing shadow of what he, and rest of the males of his people longed for.

The hunger had come upon him and he had distanced himself from the mountains of his birth, knowing that it wasn’t long before he would have to make the choice. To face the sun instead of monster chained inside restrained by worn out shackles and so close to breaking free.

He would rather face the light then let himself become the very thing he hunted.

As the years had passed rumors had surfaced about Prince Mikhail and his ability to lead the Carpathian people. Darain had accepted Mikhail as his Prince as all the other warriors had but doubts had surfaced, they had been reinforced when the loudest of the disbeliveers was the youngest of the Dubrinsky line.

When Eirias Dubrinsky and a small group of Carpathian had declared themselves independent from Mikhail’s rule Darain had followed suit with a troubled heart. He had once made a promise to protect the youngest son of the royal family and that promise overruled his loyalty to the throne.

Eirias had proven himself to be a capable leader of the Carpathians that had dissented and on his orders Darain was on the trail of a vampire who had killed one of their own, a female and her lifemate.

He hadn’t expected to find her.

Fiery red hair framed a pale and expressive face and there was a passion in her eyes that made him burn. Those eyes, a shade of blue he had never beheld that were locked on him in hostility.

He hadn’t seen in color in over four hundred years.

It was the curse of the males in the Carpathian race, a little before or after their second century mark had passed they would lose the ability to see colors but even more dreaded than that was the ability to feel. No one knew why it was that way but it was what caused them to give up their souls and become a vampire just to feel.

To feel anything but the never ending hopelessness and despair and the over whelming hunger that plagued them.

There was only one way to regain what was lost and that was if a Carpathian found a lifemate, the other half to his soul, and bound her to him.

“I don’t think so.” The radiant creature before him shook her head backing off her eyes wild “You’re nuts and probably evil and I kill evil things so you should back off mister.”

Vi’s eyes darted to her lost dagger and back to the strange man approaching her and her hands clenched into fists

. She had made a mistake; she had lost her weapon. She had been taught to always have a weapon cause vampires and other scary things had claws and teeth. On of her hands slipped into her jacket and she pulled out a wooden stake remembering another lesson Buffy had taught them, stakes where good for killing everything.

She felt a push at her mind and immediately threw up her shields looking apprehensively at Darain her mind going back to his little display of power with the whole lighting bolt thing.

He didn’t look or feel like a bad guy to her but Vi remembered she didn’t want to get her arm hurt.

Pulling herself together she faced him sending out a mental call for Willow thanking her lucky stars that they had been taught how to communicate with the witch in case of an emergency, this definitely qualified as an emergency right.

She felt the reassuring brush of Willow’s mind on hers and Darain’s eyes widened. Vi stared at him in fear, had he felt that?

She had her shields up, how in the hell had he felt that?

“What are you?” he asked softly his voice brushing across her skin seductively making her shiver.

She narrowed her eyes “I’m a Slayer.” Her voice was filled with confidence and pride. Because in that moment she remembered what it meant to be a Slayer, it meant she was strong, it meant she wouldn’t cower or back down. She was chosen and she was a hero.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Dark Slayers" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Dec 06.

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