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Dark Slayers

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Summary: Crossover with Christine Feehans Carpathian series.The Prince of the Carpathian race discovers that many of his warriors have found their lifemates but the woman aren't psychic. What he doesn't know is they're Slayers.

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Literature > Fantasy > Author: Christine FeehanChosenfireFR1821,4793414,7667 Oct 0629 Dec 06No

A New Kind of Vampire

Dark Slayers
By: chosenfire

Pairings: Buffy/?, Faith/?, Mikhail/Raven, Jacques/Shea, Gregori/Savannah, Traian/Joie, much more to come.

Spoilers: BtVS- Season 7 post, Carpathian Series-Dark Prince, Dark Desire, Dark Magic, Dark Descent.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the brilliant Carpathian worlds, sadly none of the men either. I do however get to play so I’m content.

Summary: Prince Mikhail Dubrinsky discovers that some of his warriors closest to turning have found their life mates. Human women that don’t posses psychic abilities but were able to survive the change and remain unaffected by sunlight or bloodlust. He wants to know how.
Meanwhile the leader of the Slayers gets a call from one of the new girls telling her that the Carpathians were asking questions. What’s a Slayer to do but get involved and stir things up a bit.

AN: For those who don’t know the Carpathian verse go to
I’m leaving this up to you, should I pair Buffy up with Spike or a Carpathian? VOTE

They were masters of the darkness searching
for eternity for a mistress of the light

Chapter 1 A New Kind of Vampire

Violet Evans, or more commonly known as Vi by her friends and well, anyone, shivered under her light jacket walking the darkened streets of England.

She had spent the past year in Africa training Slayers with Xander and had forgotten how cold it was overseas. She had gotten accustomed to record breaking temperatures and at the moment realized she should have packed a heavier jacket.

She kept walking all too aware of the rhythmic snapping from somewhere up above.

She had been a Slayer for a little over three years now and there was no way in hell that was natural.

Keeping her pace even she slipped her hand inside her jacket fingers wrapping around the handle of the enchanted silver dagger soaked in holy water that Buffy had given her when she had saved Dawn’s life.

She had given Dawn a high powered state of the art crossbow when she had saved Vi’s.

That’s what friends where for.

Vi had been called back to base to attend a demon Slayer summit with Dawn. It was supposed to be peace talks between the Slayers and the more friendly demons but a group of vampires lead by some mysterious cloaked figured had crashed it, literally, and started killing people.

Vi and two other S.I.Ts, Buffy, Faith, Dawn, and Willow had quickly put an end to it and hadn’t been able to catch whatever thing was behind it.

Vi heard the air rush around her and with inhuman reflexes honed to a razor point spun around knife drawn and aimed for the heart. As her dagger sank deep to the hilt she gazed in horror at what she saw.

It was a rotting corpse cloaked in evil blackened fangs screaming in rage.

She hurriedly took a step back unable to look at the repulsive thing in front of her.

If she didn’t know better she would say this was a vampire. It fit the bill: claws, wickedly long fangs, and very clearly not of the sunlight oxygen breathing bunch.

“You need to incinerate the heart.” a silky voice whispered behind her and Vi stumbled to the side looking at the new arrival. Long chocolate hair fanned around his shoulders and she knew over a dozen girls who would kill for his eyelashes. He stood a good foot over her and was a lot more muscular then the Watchers she was used to seeing.

He was sexy.

“Wwwhat?” Vi stuttered stunned by the perfect male specimen she had ever seen.

A slow smirk slid its way across his face as he looked at her and his voice whispered in her mind “The heart, if you don’t incinerate it then the vampire won’t die.”

Vi looked at him stunned and as the vampire began to twitch the dagger being pushed out the man stepped forward and with a lunge dug his arm into the vampire’s chest cavity, pulled out the heart flinging it on the ground, and sent a bolt of lighting shooting its way.

“Your beautiful.” He approached her and Vi got into a fighting stance starting to get extremely pissed off. She knew vampires and god dammit that wasn’t a vampire.

“Who or what in the hell are you?” she demanded harshly.

He grinned speaking out loud for her benefit “ I am Darian Trigovise, and you are my other half.”
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