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Destiny's A Witch

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Summary: Prudence Halliwell was kidnapped and brought back to the past. She was given a new life, as Buffy Summers. After she leaves Sunnydale Buffy heads to San Fransisco to search for answers with a certain bleach blond vampire along for the ride.

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Charmed > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherChosenfireFR1822,8263404,8537 Oct 0622 Apr 08No

Moving On

Title: Destiny’s a Witch
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or Charmed and am not making any money off them. I just play with Chris and Spike for fun.
Rating: PG-15
Spoilers: BtVS- seasons 1-3; Charmed- seasons 1-7
Pairing(s): Buffy/Spike, Phoebe/Cole, Piper/Leo, Paige/Kyle
Summary: Prudence Halliwell was kidnapped and brought back to the past. She was given a new life, as Buffy Summers. After she leaves Sunnydale Buffy heads to San Fransisco to search for answers with a certain bleach blond vampire along for the ride.

A/N: Rewritten, it's been a long time and when I was rereading this fic I saw so many mistakes that made me cringe. Hopefully with the editing process the muse will be inspired and there will be a lot more chapters coming your way. There are just a few small changes, mostly to make the Buffy/Spike relationship progress at a slower pace and be shown (ergo flashback). At this point they're friends of a sort. Please review and let me know what you think and of you want more of this.

Chapter 2 Moving On

Buffy Summers snuck into her house and silently began to pack a bag stuffing clothes and weapons into it as fast as she could senses stretched searching for any movement from the other room.

This wouldn’t be her room for long, this wouldn’t be her house.

Buffy grabbed her jewelry box and dumped the contents into the bag her eyes landing on the silver necklace that seemed to shine brighter than the others.

She unclasped the silver cross necklace from around her neck filling a sharp stab of pain as she stuffed it into her pocket still close to her and the Slayer reached for the necklace she had had as long as she could remember.

She had asked where she had got it a long time ago and neither her mother nor father could remember, shrugging it off as a gift from one of her relatives.

Buffy knew that wasn’t true.

When her parents had been fighting Buffy had gotten sick and had had to spend a month in the hospital. She remembered her mother telling the doctor that her and Hank weren’t her biological parents. At the time it had crushed her but she had kept silent needing to hold unto something.

Because if they didn’t know she knew then it wouldn’t be true.

She was done denying.

Buffy clasped the silver triquettra around her neck knowing that she had been given it by her biological mother. A woman with dark hair that she vaguely remembered. A woman with a warm smile and gentle hands.

A woman who had kept the monsters away, who had taught her to be strong before she had had to. Who had taught her to fight before it had become her destiny.

She also knew the symbol was important. It meant something, she wasn’t sure what but she would find out.

Grabbing the black duffel bag Buffy looked once more around her room and felt the tears prick her eyes as she left behind her old life knowing she had to leave it all behind. She loved her mother, she loved her friends but she couldn’t stay here.

She couldn’t be the person they wanted her to anymore, she was so tired.


Three Months Later

“Here are your drinks.” Buffy smiled brightly setting down the full tray on the table and before one of the men could make a rude comment she moved on to the next table to take their orders.

After four hours of this the clock hit 2 am and Buffy sighed in relief taking off her apron and changed into low slung jeans and a grey t-shirt throwing on her leather jacket and moving in to blend with the L.A crowd that was still there even as it moved to morning.

She cut through an alleyway to get to her apartment faster and felt a presence slither in from behind her.

“You’re getting really annoying.” Buffy sighed spinning around to come face to face with Spike crossing her arms defensively.

The bleached blond growled “Soddin Slayer, you can’t even pretend I’m stalking you.” He glared and she rolled her eyes letting her arms drop turning back in the direction she had been going. He settled into step besides her pulling out a cigarette from his coat pocket and placing it between his lips.

“It’s all your fault.” He growled vampire visage slipping into place “If it wasn’t for you Dru never would have left me.”

“You can’t blame me if your girlfriend’s a ho.” Buffy yelled back and it was still there, sharp stabs of pain whenever she was reminded of him, of what she done, of what she had lost.

He was just one big reminder of everything she was running away from.

“If I hadn’t helped you,” he began advancing on her.

She stood her ground her eyes flat and her voice strained “If you hadn’t helped me Acathla would have sucked the world into Hell.” She could smell the alcohol radiating off of him, enough to make even a vampire drunk and she sighed “And your girlfriend still would have left you because she’s a big ole skank, remember her sucking face with Angelus, that’s your girl alright.”

Spike stumbled towards her his human features breaking back into place as he breathed heavily through his sobs “I gave her bloody everything.”

“I know.” Buffy whispered and she did know. Weeks ago she would have laughed, she would have taken the opportunity to rid the world of one more vampire but she had been reading some of the books she had taken from Giles private collection.

The history of the Order of Aurelis. Darla, Angelus, Drusilla, and William.

William the anomaly, William who had turned himself into Spike, William who none of the Watcher’s could figure out, a Slayer of Slayers and a creature that was able to completely devote himself to another.

She had spent so much time trying to figure it out that looking into his pained filled eyes she couldn’t draw the stake that was in her back pocket. She couldn’t kill him, she didn’t think she’d ever be able to.

Buffy grabbed the cigarette from his mouth throwing it on the ground “I really don’t feel like playing games tonight William.”

“Rough night pet?” he asked concerned forgetting his cigarette turning his full attention to the small Slayer at his side.

She gave him a half smile “Not getting any better.”

Spike dug the key out of his pocket and unlocked the front door to the complex holding the door open for Buffy and they made their way into the small apartment they had been sharing.

If you would have told Buffy as she was leaving Sunnydale that in the future she would be living with the Spike she would have laughed and probably became violent, but now, three months later, it wasn’t as far fetched.

After a couple of weeks in L.A and a failed job at a diner Buffy had ran into a drunken Spike and from then on the vampire had followed her like a lost puppy. They had started talking and it wasn’t long before Spike had joined her on nightly patrols of the city and they had developed a sort of friendship. Both of them had been hurting, needing someone to talk to, someone who understood.

Spike had thrown Buffy through a loop when he had given up human blood citing boredom with the hunt and not too long after that he had moved in with the Slayer to, as he was adamant about, protect her from lowlifes other than himself.

Seems he had found himself a Slayer and he wasn’t about to let any other nasties do her in.

Buffy accepted that explanation. He wouldn't let anything else kill her because that right wa reserved for him, when he felt like himself again.

It wasn't like he went out of his way to protect innocents, when she did save someone he always took time to berate them for being stupid enough to wander alone in a dark alleyway on the streets of L.A.

Spike, strangely enough, had been a comfort to have along as she grieved Angel’s death and she believed she had been a comfort to him as he dealt with his final break-up from Drusilla.

They had a deal, if anything got to her it would be him and if he slipped up she would stake him. No one was good enough to do teh other in, it wasn't right.

Buffy looked around the apartment and sighed “So our last night here.”

“I’m going to miss the place.” Spike yawned tossing off his duster sounding unconvincing. It was a dump. She pipes were crap and the walls were thin. Plus there was a serious roach problem that she tried not to think about.

Buffy had worked her last night at the diner. Tomorrow they were moving to San Francisco to search for her birth family and move on before Giles or the Council could find her.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Destiny's A Witch" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Apr 08.

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